1865 Russell County Death Index

NAME                  AGE    SEX    DOD    POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Adison, Male        5m 15d    M   15 Jul  Russell  Blank            Rodden & Arminda Adison
Ayers, Female       1m 25d    F   05 Oct  Russell  Blank            George & Elizabeth Ayers
Browning, Rachel       72y    F   12 Aug  Russell  Flux             Blank, Reported by J. J. Bays
Burk, William          15d    M   15 Oct  Russell  Blank            Winton & Dorcas Burk
Cloud, Male         1m 10d    M   20 Apr           Blank            John Cloud
Duff, Lillie           70y    F   11 Dec  Tazwell  Fever            Blank, Consort of Rees Duff
Dye, Mary M.         1y 8m    F   31 Oct  Russell  Croup            George & Elizabeth Ayers
Farmer, Mallissa       12y    F   22 Jul  Russell  Flux             Solomon J. Farmer & Wife
Ferguson, Sarah S.      6y    F   10 Aug  Russell  Flux             E.M. Ferguson
Garrett, Francis       38y    ?   29 Aug           Flux
Garrett, Sarah S.       1y    F   01 Aug  Russell  Flux             W.L. & Sarah Garrett
Hurt, Moses            66y    M   31 Jul  Russell  Paulsey          Garland & Martisha Hurt, consort of Polly Hurt
Prophet, David         15y    M   09 Oct  Russell  Shot by accident Edward Prophet & Wife  
Sample, Male            1m    M   24 Jul  Russell  Blank            William Sample
Shoemaker, Lenanna 10/70y?    ?   02 Oct           Gravel           Reported by Francis Shoemaker
Taylor, James C.       10y    M   12 Oct  Russell  Flux             Emby & Nancy Taylor
Taylor, Nancy          37y    F   05 Nov  Russell  Flux             James & Clersy Kendrick, consort of Emby Taylor
Taylor, Paris          17y    M   20 Nov  Russell  Flux             Emby & Nancy Taylor
Taylor, Robert         15y    M   05 Oct  Russell  Flux             Emby & Nancy Taylor
Taylor, Wade           13y    M   10 Oct  Russell  Flux             Emby & Nancy Taylor
Vermillion, Mary       38y    F   18 May  Russell  Childbed Fever   John Browning & Wife   
Vermillion, Rachel            F   23 Feb  Russell  Blank            Lihugh & Rebecca Vermillion
Vermillion, Rachel      1y    F   11 Aug  Russell  Flux             Elihu Vermillion & Wife
Vincell, Catherine     30y    F   11 Nov  Russell  Flux             John & Nancy Vincell
Vincell, Sallie        35y    F   27 Oct  Russell  Flux             John & Nancy Vincell
Williams, Emmet F.      4y    M   02 Jan  Russell  Heart Disease    Samuel D. & Elizabeth Williams

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