1864 Russell County Death Index

Note: This page was listed as year unknown, however the year 1864 was listed for the death of Samuel Williams, therefore they are being listed under the 1864 deaths.

NAME                   AGE    SEX   DOD       CAUSE                      PARENTS/MISC

Sarah E. Akers     21y 5m 2d   F   22 Sep   Diptheria                    Isaac B. & Francis Fugate
Henry Baley               5y   M   10 Oct   Unknown                      John & Elizabeth Baley
Thomas Banner         11y 5m   M   27 Nov   Kings Evil                   Benjamin & Martha Banner
Frances Branson                M    Unk     Shot in Battle at Richmond   Henry & Mary Branson
James E. Breeding        21y   F   10 Apr   Fall of Tree                 George & Rebecca Breeding
Elbert R. Browning     7m 5d   M   12 Jan   Fever                        Frances A. & Elizabeth Browning
Marshall Bukley           5m   M   12 Dec   Croup                        Wm C. & Harrett Bukley
Absolam Elam             45y   M   01 Jul   Consumption                  Nemrod & Susan Elam
Emily Elam               13y   F   04 Oct   Killed By Wagon              Nemrod & Susan Elam
Ester Fugate              6y   F   01 Jan   Dibility                     Joseph & Sarah Simons
Hugh Keath               13y   M   10 Sep   Killed by tree               Wm. & Angela Keath
Archer Kiser       11y 1m 9d   F   20 Aug   Diptheria                    Elihu & Jane Kiser
Elizabeth Markum         67y   F   12 Feb   Consumption                  Unknown
Effie McFarlane           1y   F   13 Apr   Small Pox                    Jas & Thursey McFarlane
Jacob Owen               59y   M   29 Mar   Small Pox                    John & Nancy Owen
Harvey E. Percell 19y 2m 20d   M   29 Mar   Fever                        James & Elizabeth Percell
Margaret Sactorn      18y 7m   F   17 Dec   Fits                         Enoch & Louisa Sactorn
Female Staple             7m   f   10 Nov   Bold Hives                   Harvey & Elizabeth Staple
Sarah Vickers            43y   F   13 Oct   Consumption                  Nimrod & Polly Elam
Samuel Williams          23y   M    1864                                 Shadrick & Nancy Williams
Benjamin Wolf            63y   M   15 Dec                                John & Mary Wolf
Charles (b)               2m   M   10 May   Unknown                      Martha
Harrette (b)             24y   F   21 Oct   Consumption                  Unknown
Lucy (b)                 70y   F   10 Feb   Small Pox                    Unknown
Male (b)                  1y   M   03 Apr                                Elizabeth
Male (b)                  1m   M                                         Bet
Male (b)                  8m   M   08 Oct                                Arrena

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