1862 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

John Alexander           95y 5m   M   04 Oct   Ireland   Debility         Ann Alexander, consort of Ann Alexander
Mary Aston                  57y   F      Jul   Ireland   Typhoid Fever    Robert & Elen Bailey, consort of Samuel Aston
Robert Austin             1y 5m   M   04 Nov   Russell   Croup            John & Elizabeth Austin
Frances Helen Baker          9m   F   14 Feb   Russell   Unknown          Wm C. & Edith Baker
Betsy Banner (slave)      1y 3m   F      Sep             Unknown          Queen (Slave of Stephen Banner)
Mary E. Black               31y   F      Jan             Fever            Susan
William. H. Bowman    23y 4m 7d   M   22 Jan   Tennessee Fever            John & Elizabeth Bowman
(Note: A Soldier: Died at Henry & Emory Hospital.)
Albert Boyd                 19y   M            Russell   Wound            John H. Boyd (died at Staunton, Va.)
Isaac M. Boyd         3y 8m 27d   M   17 Sep   Russell   Diptheria        Charles P. & Martha Boyd
Julia Ann Boyd            1y 6m   F   29 Oct   Russell   Croup            Robert A. Boyd
Edward Bradley               3y   M   20 Apr   Scott Co. Croup            Clary Bradley, reported by grandfather, Ephraim Bradley
Wm. H. Breeding Jr.  20y 7m 28d   M   06 Apr   Russell   Pneumonia        William & Elizabeth Breeding (died at Petersburg, Va.)
Sarah Bumgarner              5y   F   19 Sep   Wilkes NC Diptheria        William & Elizabeth Bumgarner
Valandingham Bumgarner       3m   M   11 Oct   Wilkes NC Croup            William & Elizabeth Bumgarner
Ivel Campbell        21y 11m 5d   M   28 Aug   Russell   Fever or Wound   Henry Campbell
James L. Carty              21d   M      Apr   Russell   Croup            S. G. W. & Mary Carty
William R. Candler       23y 6d   M   19 Sep   Russell   Wounded          Singleton & Adaline Candler (died in Maryland)
Male Chapman                19d   M   16 Oct   Russell   Diptheria        B. F. & Charity Chapman
Margaret A. Chapman   2y 3m 26d   F   30 Dec   Russell   Diptheria        B. F. & Charity Chapman
Charity Claypool         4y 10d   F   10 Jul   Tazwell   Diptheria        James & Charity Claypool
Jeremiah M. Claypool   7y 1m 6d   M   11 Aug   Tazwell   Fever            James & Charity Claypool
James Claypoole     87y 10m 20d   M   28 Jul             Old Age          Blank
Male Claypoole               1d   M   11 May   Russell   Unknown          James Claypoole
Nathan E. Collins            6m   M      Feb   Russell   Croup            William H. & Mary Collins
Samuel Combs                26y   M   09 Aug             Wounded in Act.  Thompson Combs
Harriet Counts              10m   F   07 Jan   Russell   Croup            John W. & Elizabeth Counts
Jane Counts                 13y   F   05 Dec   Fever                      Jane
Bolivar Cowan               27y   M            Russell   Camp Fever       George Cowan
John T. Cowan               37y   M            Russell   Wound            George Cowan
Robert E. Cowan             31y   M            Russell   Wound            George Cowan
Matty Culberson       2y 3m 10d   M   18 Jun   Russell   Diptheria        E. J. & Matty Culberson
James M. Culbertson  29y 4m 20d   M   25 Apr   Russell   Wounded/Richmond Tyre & Martha Culbertson
William R. Culbertson       23y   M   12 Aug   Russell   Wounded/Richmond Tyre & Martha Culbertson
Emily Davis           4y 9m 11d   F   19 Jul   Russell   Diptheria        Thomas & Jane F. Davis
Jane F. Davis       42y 10m 19d   M   12 May   Russell   Fever            Mildred More, consort of Thomas Davis
Emit Atwood Dickenson        3y   M   12 Mar   Russell   Unknown          John N. & Sarah Dickenson 
H. C. Dickenson        2y 6m 4d   M   28 Sep   Russell   Diptheria        H. P. & Mary J. Dickenson
Jane Dickenson (Slave)      35y   F   25 Nov             Fever            Edward & Susan, consort of Sam Boyd (Slave of Henry Dickenson)
William Dorton              14y   M   08 May   Russell   Hemorrhoids      Edward & Jemimah Dorton
Nathan Easterly             22y   M   27 Jun   Russell   Killed in Battle Christian & Nancy Easterly, consort of Elizabeth Easterly
Almeda Evans                13y   F   02 Nov             Fever            Wilson & Sarah Evans
Nancy Evans                 17y   F   11 Dec   Russell   Fever            Wilson & Sarah Evans
John Ferguson       87y 11m 11d   M   28 Dec             Old Age          Not Named, consort of Mary Ferguson
Lilburn Fields            2y 6m   M   07 Mar   Russell   Dropsy           Russell & Rachel F. Fields
Richard Fields               7y   M   07 Aug   Russell   Fever            John T. & Rosannah Fields
William Fields               6y   M      Jan   Russell   Fever            Richard & Mary Fields
Milton Fletcher             24y   M            Russell   Killed in Battle Ely & Agnes Fletcher (killed at Kernstown, Va.)
Barbary J. Fraley            7y   F   01 Feb   Russell   Cold             Ephriam & Margaret Fraley
Margaret Fraley             29y   F   28 Jul   Russell   By A Hurt        George & Sarah Plot, consort of Ephraim Fraley
Sarah Fraley                 5y   F      May   Russell   Fever            Ephriam & Margaret Fraley
Fanny Fugate         57y 8m 28d   F   03 Aug   Scott Co. Inflammation     Joseph & Mary Carter, consort of Isaac B. Fugate
Nancy C. Gilmer          28y 6m   F   17 Jan   Russell   Consumption      Nathaniel & Mary Dickenson, consort of Daughtry Gilmer
Emily Gilmore          6y 3m 7d   F   17 Nov   Russell   Unknown          Isaac & Mary Gilmore
Martha E. Gray        6y 3m 13d   F   26 Dec   Russell   Fever            N. B. & Rebecca Gray
Rebecca Gray        39y 11m 25d   F   22 Jul   Russell   Consumption      George & Elizabeth Gose, consort of N. B. Gray
James Grizzle               29y   M   01 Oct   Russell   Fever            William & Elizabeth Grizzle
James H. Grizzle      22y 4m 4d   M   13 May   Russell   Fever            Jesse & Nancy Grizzle
John Grizzle                31y   M   16 Dec   Russell   Fever            William & Elizabeth Grizzle
Malissa Grizzle      18y 3m 26d   F   18 Aug   Russell   Fever            Jesse & Nancy Grizzle
Noah Hale                   16d   M   08 Nov   Russell   Croup            William & Elizabeth Hale
William Harmon        22y 6m 5d   M   25 Dec   Russell   Unknown          Henry Harmon
Matilda Hartstock   15y 11m 28d   F   25 Mar   Russell   Measles          James & Matilda Hartstock
Sarah Hartstock             71y   F   25 May   Russell   Unknown          James & Polly Lamar, consort of John Hartsock
William D. Hartstock        24y   M   09 Jun   Russell   Killed by Shell  James & Matilda Hartstock (Killed at Port Republic)
Elizabeth Hawkins            9y   F   26 Sep   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Thomas L. & Lydia Hawkins
Henry Hawkins               14y   M   01 Dec             Typhoid Fever    Thomas L. & Lydia Hawkins
Mary Hawkins                16y   F   27 Sep   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Thomas L. & Lydia Hawkins
A. C. Helbert            1m 12d       01 Sep   Russell   Erosypilas       Jacob & Mary M. Helbert
Jacob A. Helbert     25y 1m 28d   M   04 May   Wash. Co. Pneumonia        Sally Helbert, consort of Margaret M. Helbert
Henry Hendricks          6m 10d   M   27 Mar   Russell   Unknown          Fullen & Melissa Hendricks
Elizabeth Hess        38y 4m 2d   F   08 Apr   Russell   Consumption      James Hess, consort of James Hess
Mary Hess                   14y   F   04 Aug   Russell   Fever            William & Polly Hess
Henry Horton                 5d   M   01 Jan   Russell   Unknown          Thomas & Sally Horton
Lewis Horton                35y   M            Russell   Fever            Lewis & Ruth Horton, consort of Loucinda Horton 
William Horton              18y   M   10 Aug   Russell   Fever            Lewis & Ruth Horton
William H. Howard           44y   M   31 Mar   Russell   Wounded in Act.  Johnson & Nancy Howard, consort of Polly Howard (killed at Kernstown)
Baradens Hurt                4y   M   01 Sep   Russell   Diptheria        Charles & Phebe Hurt (Possibly Hunt)
Cyrus Hurt                   7y   M   10 Aug   Russell   Measles          Moses & Polly Hurt
Wm. C. Jackson        51y 8m 5d   M   16 Dec   Sullivan  Pneunonia        Not Named, consort of Ibby Jackson
John P. Jenks, Jr.        3y 8m   M   01 Aug   Russell   Diptheria        John P. & Mary Jenks
Marietta E. Jenks      9y 3m 8d   F   13 Aug   Russell   Diptheria        John P. & Mary Jenks
Archer Jessee, Sr.          85y   M   04 Oct   N. Car.   General Debility John Jessee, consort of Mary Jessee
Stanford Jessee       27y 3m 9d   M   10 Jan   Russell   Shot in Fight    Jefferson & Nancy Jesse, consort of Sarah Jessee (killed at Middle Creek, Ky)
Velary Elizabeth Jessee 11m 21d   F   29 Dec   Russell   Croup            David & Hannah Jessee
George W. Johnson         5y 5m   M   10 Jun   Russell   Dropsy           Lemuel & Sarah Johnson
Joseph Johnson              68y   M   10 Jul   N. Car.   Fell Dead        William & Mary Johnson, consort of Mary Johnson
Male Johnson                10d   M   24 Aug   Russell   Unknown          Jacob & Nancy Johnson
Robert Keen                  7d   M   20 Aug   Russell   Croup            Patton & Polly Keen
Caroline Keeth               7y   F      Oct   Russell   Diptheria        Jessee & Vina Keeth
William Kelly               22y   M            Russell   Fever            William & Rebecca Kelly (Died in Southern Army)
Ephraim Kiser               35y   M   24 Sep   Russell   Fever            Ephraim & Mary Kiser
Dicy Laforce                48y   F   22 Jun   Russell   Childbirth       Joseph & Mary Kiser, consort of James Laforce
Betsy F. Lark          3y 6m 2d   F   13 Nov   Russell   Fever            Michael & Sarah Lark
James M. Lee                31y   M   26 Dec   Russell   Stabbed          James & Chloe Lee, consort of Mary E. Lee
Mary Lee                     2y   F      Mar             Fever            David & Mary Lee
Alice Leece (Slave)          3d   F   15 Jul   Russell   Unknown          d/o Prisser, Slave of William N. Leece
Samuel Leece         62y 1m 13d   M   01 Jun   Lexington, VA  Fever       Jacob & Nancy Leece, consort of Jane Leece
Samuel W. Leece        1y 2m 9d   M   20 Apr   Russell   Fever            James A. & Ann C. Leece
Lucinda Light               10m   F      Dec   Russell   Consumption      Lazarus & Elizabeth Light
Lydia Margaret Light      2y 6d   F      Jun   Russell   Inflam. of Brain Lazarus & Elizabeth Light
Solomon Litton              80y   M   15 Aug             Old Age          Unknown
Virginia E. Long          2y 7m   F   25 Aug   Russell   Fever            Joseph & Margaret Long
Martha Lynch         32y 3m 16d   F   15 Jul   Russell   Fever            George Cowan, consort of Thomas Lynch
Mary C. Lynch        1y 11m 19d   F   18 Jun   Russell   Diptheria        Thomas & Sarah Lynch
Sarah Lynch           4y 11m 4d   F   15 Jul   Russell   Diptheria        Thomas & Sarah Lynch
Jas Augustine Malicote 1y 11m 10d M   09 Jul   Wash. Co. Inflam of Bowels Jasper N. & Susan Malicote
John M. May                 23y   M            Russell   Wounded in Act   Jacob & Eliza May
David McClure               19y   M            Smyth Co. Dropsy           James & Catherine Mcclure (Died near Stanton Va.)
Elias McClure               21y   M            Smyth Co. Camp Fever       James & Catherine Mcclure (Died near Stanton Va.)
Geo W. McReynolds           22y   M   23 Jan   Russell   Wounded          Isaac & Susan McReynolds (killed at Middle Creek, Ky)
Daniel Mitchell              3m   M   21 Dec   Russell   Croup            Charles & Maria Mitchell
James H. Owens              18y   M   18 Jan   Russell   Fever            John W. & Elizabeth Owens
John W. Owens               47y   M   19 Nov   Russell   Fever            John & Nancy Owens, consort of Elizabeth Owens
Joseph C. Owens             22y   M   23 Nov   Russell   Fever            John W. & Elizabeth Owens, consort of Darthula Owens
Susan J. Owens              14y   F   19 Jan   Russell   Fever            John W. & Elizabeth Owens
Aaron C. Parks          11m 24d   M   05 Oct   Russell   Croup            Hezekiah Parks
Hezekiah Parks        53y 6m 2d   M   06 Sep             Consumption      Unknown
Louisa Parks         21y 6m 22d   F   28 Aug   Russell   Consumption      William Parks
Ambrose Patrick             17y   M      Dec   Wash. Co. Fever            Isham & Lydia Patrick
John Payne                  21y   M   28 Aug   Killed in Battle Manassas  Mary Payne (Widow)
Eliza Porter         28y 3m 15d   F   10 Oct   Russell   Measles          Moses & Jamima Dorton, consort of John R. Porter
George Porter                3y   M      Sep   Russell   Debility         John R. & Eliza J. Porter
Aaron Price                  7m   M   12 Dec   Russell   Croup            James & Sally Price
Hannah Price             36y 5m   F   19 Aug   Russell   Fever            Unknown
George Pruner             2y 6m   M   01 Oct   Russell   Diptheria        George & Catherine Pruner
Sally Puckett             6m 2d   F   10 Oct   Russell   Diptheria        Jeremiah & Margaret Puckett
Margaret Rasnake      30y 6m 1d   F   10 Aug   Russell   Consumption      Jacob & Lydia Rasnake
William Rasnake        3y 1m 2d   M   11 Jun   Russell   Diptheria        Fayette & Margaret Rasnake
Priscilla Redwine           45y   F   10 Feb   Wash. Co. Fever            Alderson, consort of Roling R. Redwine
Bernard Reynolds            21y   M   31 May   Russell   General Debility Bernard & Lucy Reynolds
George F. Richardson   4y 2m 5d   M   19 Mar   Russell   Diptheria        Thomas J. & Jane Richardson
James B. Richardson    7y 6m 1d   M   13 Feb   Russell   Diptheria        Thomas J. & Jane Richardson
(Note: Per 1860 RCV census it appears the ages of the above two were reversed)
Henry Rickman            3m 10d   M   01 Dec   Russell   Diptheria        Thomas R. Rickman
Catharine Routh             43y   F   03 Jun   Granger Co., Tn   Fever    Peter & Mary Kitts, consort of Asa Routh
Eliza Kate Routh             1y   F   03 Sep   Russell   Measles          Asa & Catherine Routh
Mary E. Samples           4y 1m   F   15 Feb   Russell   Croup            William & Roda Samples
James H. Shell       23y 10m 5d   M   09 Aug   Russell   Killed at Bull Run  Aaron & Roda Ann Shell
Sarah E. Shoemaker          17y   F   07 Jul   Russell   Fever            Reynolds & Rachel Shoemaker
Jane Skeen               11y 8d   F   25 Mar   Russell   Casuality        Ephraim & Alzira Skeen
Amy (Slave)                  2m   F            Russell                    Slave of Charles A. Smith
Florence (Slave)            82y   F            Russell   Diptheria        Slave of Mary D. Smith
Margaret (Slave)             7m   F      Aug   Russell   Tumor            Mary (Slave of Pleasant Horn)
Mary (Slave)         18y 1m 10d   F   30 Sep   Russell   Fever            Slave of A. G. Smith
Romulous (Slave)                  M            Russell   Diptheria        Slave of Mary D. Smith
Stanley (Slave)                   M            Russell   Diptheria        Slave of Mary D. Smith
Female Slave                10d   F   10 Sep                              Slave of Andy Ferguson
Infant Slave                                   Russell                    Slave of Elizabeth Johnson
George Smith             72y 6m   M   20 Sep   Russell   Ulcer            Ake Smith
John T. Smith               56y   M   28 Feb   Russell   Unknown          Harvey & Mary M. Smith, consort of Mary D. Smith
Mary M. Smith               82y   F   13 Dec             Old Age          Reported by Charles A. Smith
Aaron Stinson        26y 10m 1d   M   28 Feb   Russell   Fever Army of Va Rachel Stinson (Widow)
James Taylor                19y   M   25 Oct   Russell   Unknown          Isaac & Catherine Taylor
Joannah Thompson            40y   F   13 Mar   Russell   Consumption      Abram & Jemima Owens, consort of Jacob Thompson
Mary Turner                 72y   M   13 Dec   Russell   Fever            Unknown, Consort of James Turner
Nancy Turner                 7y   F   25 Dec   Russell   Fever            Hugh & Elizabeth Turner
Male Vermillion             14d   M   04 Aug   Russell   Croup            Elihu & Eliza Vermillion
Jessee Vermillion           75y   M   09 Feb   N. Car.   Dropsy           Wilson & Nancy Vermillion, consort of Nancy Vermillion
Nancy Vermillion            71y   F   05 May   Russell   Fever            Fleming & Rebecca Burk, consort of Jessee Vermillion
James H. Wheeler          1y 8m   M   17 Oct   Russell   Diptheria        James C. & Malissa Wheeler
James D. Wheeler             2y   M   24 Dec   Russell   Diptheria        Pleasant H. & Annie Wheeler
Joseph L. Wheeler           12y   M   12 Oct   Russell   Diptheria        James C. & Malissa Wheeler
Mary Wheeler          64y 4m 1d   F   18 Dec   Russell   Palsy            Not Named, consort of James Wheeler
Mary Jane Wheeler            9y   F   10 Oct   Russell   Diptheria        James C. & Malissa Wheeler
Sarah J. Wheeler             7y   F   11 Oct   Russell   Diptheria        James C. & Malissa Wheeler
Rachel White                 2y   F   25 May   Russell   Croup            John B. & Rachel White
Harvey Whited               23y   M            Russell   Exastus          R. M. Whited
Cowan Willey                 1m   M      Sep   Russell   Croup            Andrew & Elizabeth Willey
George Williams             22y   M            Russell   Wounded in Act   William Williams
Shadrick Williams           26y   M   27 Dec   Russell   Fever, Augusta Co.  George & Elizabeth Williams
Male Wise                     -   M   30 Apr   Russell   Stillborn        John & Margaret Wise

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