1861 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Martha J. Artrip      2y 6m 10d   F   11 Jul   Russell   Flux             Joseph & Martha Artrip
Mary Artrip                  6y   F    Aug     Russell   Flux             William & Mary Artrip
Caroline E. Baker         1y 4m   F    Dec     Russell   Bold Hives       John H. Baker
Female Baker                14d   F    Nov     Russell   Unknown          George A. & Julia Baker
Male Barton              1m 12d   M   02 Oct   Russell   Flux             William & Margaret Barton
Jeremiah Burk            1m 10d   M   30 Aug   Russell   Flux             William & Mary Burk
Joseph Carty                 7d   M   14 Sep   Russell   Croup            John B. & Delila Carty
Elbert Combs          6y 1m 10d   M   06 Jul   Russell   Flux             William & Ann Combs
Octava Combs             5m 25d   F   07 Aug   Russell   Flux             Cullin Jr. & Desty Combs
Henry Couch                 21y   M   19 Aug   Russell   Burnt by powder  Jeremiah & Peggy Couch
Phoebe Counts               64y   F   17 Feb   Russell   Sudden           Blank, consort of John Counts, Sr.
John Cox              5y 9m 15d   M   12 Apr   Russell   Flux             John & Mary Cox
Female Dickenson             1d   F    July    Russell   Unknown          Charles H. Dickenson
William Elliott      18y 1m 20d   M   10 Feb   Russell   Camp Fever       Wilson Elliott (died at Staunton, Va.)
Andrew F. Fields         1y 10d   M   10 Aug   Russell   Croup            Randolph & Rutha Fields
Lilbern Fletcher      19y 5m 6d   M   27 Sep   Russell   Camp Fever       Major A. & Rachel Fletcher (Died at Allegany Mtn)
William Fletcher     23y 4m 14d   M   15 Sep   Russell   Camp Fever       Major A. & Rachel Fletcher (Died at Allegany Mtn)
Thomas B. Fullen     4y 11m 10d   M   15 Oct   Russell   Flux             Fowler & Ann Fullen
Mary R. Gent           1y 1m 2d   F   17 Jun   Russell   Flux             Fielding & Jane Gent
George Gose                 75y   M   07 Jun   Wythe Co. Unknown          Stephen & Barbara Gose
Samuel W. Hackney           17y   M   06 Aug             Lightning        Thomas?/Joseph? & Milly Hackney
A. F. Hendricks      49y 7m 12d   M   12 Oct   Russell   Dropsy           Aaron Hendricks, consort of Malissa O. Hendricks
Helen Hendricks             30y   F   04 Apr   Russell   Apoplexy         John & Elizabeth Bickley, consort of George Hendricks
Sophia Herndon       91y 9m 24d   F   10 Nov   Russell   Old Age          Blank, consort of Larkin Herndon, rpt'd by daug. Elizabeth Sample
Ann Hogston          30y 2m 10d   F   31 Jan             Typhoid Fever    Blank, consort of Franklin Hogston
Margaret Honaker       3y 4m 2d   F   23 Aug   Russell   Croup            John & Lucinda Honaker
Charles Horton       23y 4m 15d   M   18 Aug   Russell   Camp Fever       Lewis & Rutha Horton (died at Greenbrier River)
Lewis Horton         33y 6m 10d   M   05 Oct   Russell   Camp Fever       Lewis & Rutha Horton, consort of Lucinda Horton
(died at Allegany in Greenbrier) Note: Lewis Horton is also listed as Lewis Hogston & is also listed in the 1862 records.
Male Horton                  1d   M   25 Dec   Russell   Blank            Thomas & Vina Horton
Male Hubbard                 1d   M   10 Dec   Russell   Blank            Eli & Jane Hubbard
John H. Hurt             8m 10d   M   01 Mar   Russell   Croup            Garland & Jane Hurt
Sally Hurt           14y 4m 10d   F   10 Dec   Russell   Consumption      Moses & Polly Hurt
Male? Jessee             1m 23d   M?  23 Dec   Russell   Bold Hives       Elihu Jessee
Martha Kates              2y 8m   F    June    Russell   Inflamed Brain   Robert B. Kates
Jesse Keith                  7y   M    July    Russell   Flux             Hugh & Phoebe Keith
Mary Keith                   1y   F    Aug     Russell   Flux             Hugh & Phoebe Keith  
Mary J. Mead         28y 6m 11d   F   22 Nov   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Henson Mead
Mary Meade           14y 8m 16d   F   12 Dec   Russell   Fever            Thomas & Matilda Meade
Floyd Musick          5y 7m 10d   M   21 Jul   Russell   Flux             Jacob & Vina Musick
Nancy Musick          1y 9m 10d   F   07 Aug   Russell   Flux             Alva & Chaney Musick
Nancy Musick             8y 10m   F   17 Nov   Russell   Flux             Elexious & Polly Musick
Samuel Musick         9y 6m 18d   M   16 Sep   Russell   Flux             Alva & Chaney Musick
Vina Musick             11m 10d   F   16 Aug   Russell   Flux             Jacob & Vina Musick
Hugh Mutter          20y 8m 10d   M   16 Sep   Russell   Camp Fever       Thomas % Margaret Mutter (Died at Greenbrier River)
Male Osborn                  5d   M   27 Sep   Russell   Bold Hives       David Osborn
Mary S. Porter               7y   F   17 Feb   Russell   Diptheria        Thomas M. Porter
Martha Puckett        8y 7m 12d   F   01 Sep   Russell   Flux             Jeremiah & Margaret Puckett
Johnson Reynolds     22y 6m 26d   M   14 Jul   Russell   Consumption      Ira Reynolds
Anna M. Richardson        2y 6d   F   24 Dec   Russell   Croup            Christopher & Maria Richardson
Elizabeth Roman      11y 9m 21d   F   07 Sep   Russell   Flux             James Roman
Female Sexton                --   F   16 Feb   Russell   Unknown          Harvey Sexton
Mary J. Shoemaker         1y 1d   F   17 Aug   Russell   Flux             Benjamin Shoemaker
Emeline (Slave)        1y 3m 5d   F   15 Aug   Russell   Flux             Slave of Wilson E. Campbell
Jennie (Slave)              17d   F   27 Apr   Russell   Unknown          Slave of William B. Aston
Jerry (Slave)               12y   M   06 Aug   Tenn.     Lightning        Slave of Joseph Hackney
Infant (Slave)               3d   -   April    Russell   Unknown          Eliza, Slave of Stephen Banner
3 Male (Slaves)              1d   M   01 Dec   Russell   Blank            Slave of Andy F. Hendricks 
Pendleton Smith             12y   M    Sep     Russell   Flux             William & Matilda Smith
Female Stapleton             2d   F    Jan     Russell   Unknown          George Stapleton
Male Steele                  1d   M   05 Mar   Russell   Unknown          Thomas P. Steele
Edward D. Stinson      2y 2m 5d   M   10 Aug   Russell   Flux             John & Nancy Stinson
Male Suit                   21d   M    Nov     Russell   Unknown          Daniel & Rebecca E. Suit
Mary Sutherland              9y   F    Jul     Russell   Flux             Alexander & Mary Sutherland
Alfred Thompson      30y 2m 28d   M   09 Sep             Flux             Thomas Thompson, consort of Jane Thompson
Female Thompson              1d   F   01 Jul   Russell   Blank            Patton & Mary Thompson
Hawkins Thompson        21y 29d   M   10 Aug   Russell   Camp Fever       Emory & Phoebe Thompson (died at Monterey, Va.)
Mary Thompson        37y 5m 10d   F   15 Jul             Consumption      Isaac & Susan Fuller, consort of Patton Thompson
Nancy J. Thompson     3y 6m 12d   F   10 Jul   Russell   Flux             Patton & Mary Thompson
Cordella Wiser        1y 1m 10d   F   10 Apr   Russell   Croup            John & Mary Wiser
James O. Witt            9m 15d   M   02 Jun   Russell   Croup            John H. & Rosina Witt

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