1860 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Flemimg Austin               6m   M   06 Jul             Irresipilus      Thomas, Jr. & Jane Austin
Henry Ball                1y 1m   M   22 Oct   Russell   Flux             Cornelius & Nancy Ball
Elizabeth Banner     70y 8m 15d   F   08 May             Inf. of Bladder  Stephen Gose, consort of John Banner
John T. Banner         5y 7m 2d   M   15 Feb             Inf. of Bladder  George Banner
Nancy Blizzard            1y 7m   F   15 Apr             Croup            Sidner Blizzard
James E. Blizzard           10d   M   25 Apr             Unknown          Sidner Blizzard
James E. Bowman             19d   M   24 Feb   Russell   Bold Hives       Peter Bowman
Almira Campbell       1y 4m 24d   F   28 Mar   Russell   Whooping Cough   James & Mahala J. Campbell
Female Castle                5d   F    May               Unknown          Ralph Castle
Floyd Clark                  5y   M   28 Jul   Russell   Flux             Patrick & Eliza Clark
Male Clark               5m 21d   M   01 Aug   Russell   Flux             Partick & Eliza Clark
Male Clark                  12d   M   23 Jul   Russell   Flux             Daniel & Leah Clark
Sarah A. J. Clark         2y 9m   F   28 Aug   Russell   Flux             J.P. & Elizabeth Clark
Frances Cockran           1y 4m   F   29 Jul   Russell   Flux             Marvell Cockran
Martha Counts               25y   F    Apr     Russell   Consumption      Rubin Finney, consort of Joshua Counts
Elbert F. Davis          4m 10d   M   22 Feb   Russell   Croup            Thomas & Jane Davis
Thomas Dickenson             1y   M    Mar               Croup            Charles Dickenson
Elizabeth Elswick         6m 5d   F   09 Aug   Tazwell   Croup            John Elswick
Mary Ann Ferguson     1y 10m 5d   F   12 Dec   Russell   Blank            Granville & Manerva Ferguson
Moses Ferrell               22y   M   22 Apr   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Slave of Elijah Ferrell
Francis M. Fields         9m 6d   M   15 Apr   Russell   Whooping Cough   A. F. & Milley Fields
Male Fields                  1d   M   10 Sep   Russell   Flux             James J. Fields
George J. Finney            19y   M    Dec     Russell   Infl. of Brain   Rubin Finney
Mary A. Finney            1y 1m   F   20 Feb   Russell   Flux             Lilburn & Malissa Finney
Martha Fletcher         10m 13d   F   10 Apr   Russell   Whooping Cough   Slave of Major A. Fletcher
James Franklin       70y 8m 19d   M   04 Sep   N. C      Unknown          Unknown
Isaac Fuller Jr.     18y 9m 27d   M   21 Oct   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Isaac & Susan Fuller
Joseph H. Gilmer      5y 7m 18d   M   04 Aug             Flux             Wesley & Martha Gilmer
Mary J. Gilmer       23y 2m 25d   F   04 Jun             Fever            Wesley & Martha Gilmer
Jemima Gray                  5y   F    May               Scrofula         John E. R. Gray
Jane Hackney                  -   F    Feb     Russell   Quinsey          Anderson Hackney
Male Hackney                20d   M    Apr               Unknown          John W. Hackney
Thomas J. Helbert            6d   M   21 Dec   Russell   Croup            Jacob Helbert
Aaron Hendricks          15y 3m   M   04 Nov   Russell   Drowned          Aaron L. Hendricks
Chaney Herndon              60y   F   25 Feb             Dropsy           Slave of Sophia Herndon
James Herndon         2y 3m 25d   M   13 Jul   Russell   Flux             John & Polly Herndon
Samuel Holland               6m   M   25 Nov   Russell   Croup            John & Elizabeth Holland
Charles Howard           42y 2m   M   10 Mar             Measles          Slave of Johnston Howard
George C. Howard            11m   M   27 Sep   Russell   Flux             Hiram & Ellen Howard
Sarah W. Hurt         14y 8m 6d   F   03 May   Russell   Blank            Burgess Hurt
Nancy J. Jackson     2y 11m 14d   F   25 Dec   Russell   Blank            A. L. & Nancy Jackson
Mary E. Jessee           1m 19d   F   23 Dec   Russell   Bold Hives       Elihu K. Jessee
Isaiah Judd                 13y   M   20 Aug   Russell   Flux             I. S. & Margaret Judd
Elizabeth Kates             17y   F    Apr     Russell   Infl. of Brain   Robert Kates
Mary C. Kelly           18m 10d   F   25 Jul   Russell   Flux             Peter & Polly Kelly
Elbert S. Kiser          4y 10m   M    Apr     Russell   Whooping Cough   Noah Kiser
Male Kiser                  15d   F   15 Mar             Unknown          Abednigo Kiser
Abram Lampkin               45y   M   13 Jun   Russell   Blank            Slave of John W. Lampkin
Nancy Lampkin               17y   F   31 Jul   Russell   Consumption      Slave of John W. Lampkin
Sarah Lampkin               53y   F   12 Nov   Russell   Dropsy           Slave of John W. Lampkin
James Lawson             11m 1d   M   01 Jul   Russell   Flux             William & Catherine Lawson
James Litton                70y   M   10 Sep   Russell   Dropsy           Slave of James F. Litton
Logan (infant)                -   -   10 Oct   Russell   Stillborn        Eusevius H. Logan
Elizabeth McNew             11m   F    Mar     Russell   Whooping Cough   Alexander McNew
Male Meade                   5d   M    Oct               Unknown          Samuel Meade
Levina Meade         16y 4m 22d   F   25 Sep             Diptheria        Thomas Meade
Ginsey Mercer               45y   F   14 Oct             Gravel           Unknown, consort of Daniel Mercer
Female Milgrom                -   F    Aug               Stillborn        John Milgrom
William Monk                17y   M   02 Apr             Typhoid Fever    James B. Monk
Stephen Osborn           10m 9d   M    May     Russell   Whooping Cough   David Osborn
Mary Purcell                12m   F    Jan               Croup            James Purcell
Sarah Reynolds              81y   F     -                Phithisic & Cold  - Pippin, consort of Henry Reynolds
Henry Richardson          4y 8d   M   21 Nov   Russell   Flux             Samuel & Mary Richardson
Henderson Robins     25y 1m 25d   M   08 Jul   Russell   Flux             Elizabeth Robins, consort of Sara J. Robins
Robert E. Robins          1y 9m   M   10 Jul   Russell   Flux             Sarah J. Robins
William B. Robins    14y 6m 21d   M   09 Jun   Russell   Flux             Elizabeth Robins
Cynthia Robinson            20y   F   28 Oct   Russell   Consumption      Celia Robinson
William F. Roman         2y 20d   M   29 Jul   Russell   Flux             Richard & Tempy Roman
Male Sexton                   -   M    Feb     Russell   Stillborn        Harvey Sexton
Jackson (Slave)              6m   M    Aug               Croup            Slave of Chloe Osborn
Jane (Slave)                 4y   F    Jun               Croup            Slave of Aaron H. Nash
Male (slave)                10m   M    Apr               Unknown          Slave of Joseph Hackney
Male (Slave)                14d   M   17 Dec             Colic            Slave of James W. Hendricks
Manda (Slave              1y 4d   F    Jul               Phthisic         Slave of Aaron H. Nash
Female Smith                15d   F   20 Apr   Russell   Blank            Slave of A. G. Smith
Henry Smith                 10m   M   29 Jun   Russell   Flux             Matison & Martha Smith
Joseph H. Smith       19y 3m 8d   M    Feb     Russell   By a Fall        John Smith
Nancy Smith                 20y   F   04 Mar   Russell   Childbed Fever   John M. Combs, consort of William H. Smith
Malvina Steele            1y 8m   F   08 Dec   Russell   Flux             Sparrell H. & Elizabeth Steele
Elizabeth Stephens           2y   F   01 Feb   Russell   Flux             Owen Stephens
Henry Stinson         10y 8m 6d   M   30 May   Russell   Drowned          Rachel Stinson
Henry P. Stinson     17y 1m 10d   M   07 Oct   Russell   Heart Disease    James & Adah Stinson
Mary Strow                   3y   F   10 Apr   Russell   Flux             Michael Strow
Female Stump (twin)          1d   F   11 Apr   Russell   Flux             Joseph & Peggy Stump
Female Stump (twin)          5m   F   10 Sep   Russell   Blank            Joseph & Peggy Stump
Phoebe Sutherland            3y   F    Apr     Russell   Fever            Jesse Sutherland
Emeline Sykes             8y 1m   F   15 Jul   Russell   Flux             Celia Sykes
William Taylor           75y 1d   M   20 Jun  Clinch Mtn Typhoid Fever    Blank, consort of Polly Taylor
Female Tigner                2m   F   30 Jul             Whooping Cough   Slave of Patrick Tigner
Rebecca J. Tigner      8y 5m 7d   F   16 Jul   Russell   Flux             Patrick & Nancy Tigner
Lucy Todd                   76y   F   03 Jun   Russell   Flux             Blank, reported by son, Joseph Todd
Anna Ward                 1m 2d   F   03 Jan   Russell   Blank            William & Polly Ward
Darthula White            3m 9d   F   12 Jul   Russell   Flux             Robert A. & Darthula White
John Whited               3m 2d   M   06 Jun   Russell   Flux             Robert & Ann Whited
Moses S. Whited        3y 5m 9d   M   09 Jul   Russell   Flux             Jos. W. & Elizabeth Whited
Margaret Williams           30y   F     -                Consumption      Stephen Gose, consort of James Williams
Sylvester A Wisor      1y 2m 3d   M   06 Jun   Russell   Croup            John & Mary Wisor

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