1858 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Lilburn H. Bundy      1y 9m 12d   M   09 Jul   Russell   Diarrhea         Daniel & Rebecca Bundy
William Bundy             3y 7m   M   10 Jan   Russell   Croup            Sampson & Sarah Bundy
Elbert Carty              4y 6m   M   13 Dec   Russell   Croup            Thomas & Caroline Carty
Susan B. Cooper              4m   F      Dec   Russell   Hives            William & R. Cooper
David Cross            2y 2m 3d   M   19 Jun   Russell   Flux             Modecai & Jane Cross
Felix Cross              7y 17d   M   19 Jun   Russell   Flux             Modecai & Jane Cross
VirginiaBelle Eakin         18d   F   05 Oct   Russell   Blank            William & Cemantha Eakin
Elbert Fickle               28d   M   30 Apr   Russell   Unknown          Isaac B. Fickle
James Fields         50y 6m 10d   M   26 Oct             Breast Complaint Reported by brother Joel Fields
Nancy Franklin                -   F   06 Feb   Unknown   Dropsy           Consort of James Franklin
Helen Gibson              1y 8m   F   10 Feb   Russell   Flux             Henry & Melvina Gibson
Male Gilbert                15d   M   15 Dec   Russell   Unknown          William & Mary Gilbert
Martha J. Hendricks         25d   F   25 Dec   Russell   Blank            Thomas & M. J. Hendricks
Levina Jackson              19y   F   04 Dec   Russell   Consumption      Andrew L. & Nancy Jackson
Male Jessee                 21d   M   30 Dec   Russell   Croup            Chas B. & Eliza Jessee
Phillip Jessee             116y   M   26 Dec             Old age          Reported by Andrew L. Jackson
Nancy A. Jones           1m 11d   F      Jun   Russell   Blank            Green B. & Parthena Jones
Hopkins Kelly            2m 10d   M      Jul   Russell   Blank            Joseph Kelly
James Lynch               4m 5d   M   27 Aug   Russell   Unknown          Richard H. & S. K. Lynch
Margaret McCoy           5y 23d   F   11 Feb   Russell   Burn             Harvey G. & Malinda McCoy
(Child) McGlothlin            -       20 Dec   Russell   Unknown          Harvey & S. McGlothlin
Jane Minton           3y 9m 14d   F   19 Jul   Russell   Flux             Elizabeth Minton
Cummings Musick             21d   M   10 Dec   Russell   Unknown          William & Issabella Musick
Eliza Owens                  5y   F      Jun   Russell   Flux             Jacob & H. F. Owens
Margaret J Pippin    12y 4m 22d   F   04 Jul   Russell   Flux             Zachariah & Nancy Pippin
Jemima Pool                   -   F   15 Oct             Diabetes         Piety Pool, consort of Hardy Pool
Sarah C. Powers               -   F                      Dropsy           James & Sarah E. Powers
Sarah E. Powers               -   F                      Consumption      Consort of James Powers
Ira Reynolds             4m 22d   M   08 Jul   Russell   Croup            Bernard & C. Reynolds
Lorenzo D. Roman             3y   M   15 Sep   Russell   Flux             Richard & Tempe Roman
Hugh Sargent                  -   M   26 Dec   Russell   Fever            Isaac & Mary Sargent
Caroline (Slave)            11m   F   01 Jun   Russell   Blank            Temperance (Slave of Jefferson Jessee)
Isaac (Slave)               33y   M   20 Oct   Unknown   Consumption      Slave of Abel Alderson
Moses (Slave)               73y   M   20 Jul             Chronic Dirrare  Slave of Thomas Dickenson
Nelson (Slave)           70y 8m   M   18 Dec             Quinsey          Slave of A. C. Ferguson
William (Slave)       2y 10m 5d   M   04 Nov   Russell   Hives            Mary (Slave of Pleasant Horn)
Matilda Smith                5m   F      Dec             Blank            William & Matilda Smith
Elisha Tate           57y 2m 5d   F   19 Jun   Unknown   Consumption      Unknown, consort of Eliza Tate
Sarah Wallis                85y   F   07 Jan             Old Age          CFonsort of Andrew L. Jackson

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