1857 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

James Artrip                 9y   M   12 Nov             Blank            Mary & William Artrip
Elihu Blizzard            2m 9d   M   25 Aug   Russell   Fever            Sidner & Ruth Blizzard
Elizabeth Chafin          3y 1m   F   03 Jun   Russell   Blank            Oliver & Rebecca Chafin
Rachel Combs                16d   F   30 Apr   Russell   Croup            Fielding & Sarah Combs
Female Counts                1d   F   07 May   Russell   Blank            W. & Patsy Counts
Harvy Cunningham          2y 4m   M   11 Jan   Russell   Blank            Thomas & Louisa Cunningham
John Dorton              67y 9m   M   03 Dec             Dropsy           Reported by son Francis Dorton
Male Duty                 1m 3d   M   15 Apr   Russell   Croup            John & Sarah Duty
Nathaniel D. Gilmer      6m 11d   M   18 Oct   Russell   Hives            D. & Nancy Gilmer
George Gose               3y 5m   M   11 Oct   Russell   Croup            George C. & M. Gose
Henry H. Gose                1y   M   05 Nov             Aricyilaus       Aaron & Nancy Gose
John T. Gose          3y 4m 13d   M   09 Nov   Russell   Croup            Aaron & Nancy Gose
Rachel Gray              1m 14d   F   05 Jun   Russell   Blank            John & Rachel Gray
John Grizzle         83y 1m 24d   M   04 Nov   Tenn.     Dropsy           Reported  by son Jesse Grizzle
Rachel Grizzle           1y 10m   F   14 Jan   Russell   Croup            Elam & N. Grizzle
Rebecca Grizzle      75y 8m 25d   F   25 Dec   Russell   Fever            Consort of William Grizzle
Mary Harrison        26y 6m 20d   F   18 Jan             Consumption      Consort of Samuel Harrison
Ellen Hawkins            7m 20d   F   27 Nov   Russell   Fever            Thomas L. & Lidia Hawkins
Female Hendricks             5d   F   07 May   Russell   Blank            George W. & Frances Hendricks
Male Hendricks (slave)       1m   M   01 Dec             Unknown          Diley Hendricks
Peter Hendricks (slave)       -   M   15 Apr             Smothered        Dolly Hendricks
Elizabeth Jacson            80y   F   27 Nov             Unknown
Male Jessee                  1d   M   11 Dec   Russell   Blank            William F. & Mary Jesse
Nathaniel Lambert        5m 10d   M   12 Jun   Russell   Blank            William & Matilda Lambert
George W. Lee               15d   M   31 Aug   Russell   Blank            A. M. & Eliza Lee
Virginia Love       15y 11m 22d   F   25 Jan   Russell   Fever            Oscar & Mary H. Love
Female Martin                 -   F   15 Nov   Russell   Born Dead        John & Elizabeth Martin
James McCoy                 72y   M   11 Jul   Russell   Blank            Reported by son William McCoy
Charles Mutter               9y   M   23 Dec   Russell   Fever            Rodin & Lucinda Mutter
Solomon Osborn           65y 9m   M   05 Jun             Dropsy           Consort of Cloe Osborn
Mary Patrick                 1m   F   06 Feb   Russell   Blank            John & Lydia Patrick
Female Pool                 20d   F   22 Jan   Russell   Blank            Hardy & Jemima Pool
Oscar Porter             1m 15d   M   27 Apr   Russell   Blank            William & Mary C. Porter
Male Riley                   1m   M   09 Mar   Russell   Croup            Thomas & Mary Riley
Male (Slave)                 1d   M   11 Mar             Over lain        Slave of James Hendricks
George (Slave)               1y   M   12 Feb   Russell   Blank            Celia ( Slave of A. M. Lee)
Julia (Slave)               40y   F      Dec             Blank            Slave of Isaac Munsey
Sarah (Slave)                7y   F   06 Mar             Burnt            Slave of Anderson Hendricks
Female Smith                 1m   F   03 Oct             Blank            Johnson & Nancy Smith?
Louisa Snead              1y 6m   F   08 Jun   Russell   Croup            Jane Snead
Albert Weddle                3y   M   20 Mar   Russell   Blank            J. C. & Mary Weddle

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