1856 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Mary E. Blizzard            24d   F   08 Aug   Russell   Blank            Siden & Lucy Blizzard
Catherine Castle            60y   F   21 Aug   Scott     Paulsey          Joshua & Anna Pennick, consort of Zachariah Castle
Susannah Clifton         45y 7m   F   06 Jun             Blank            Blank, consort of Martin J. Clifton
Lucinda Cockran     41y 11m 24d   F   09 Nov   Franklin  Childbed Fever   Blank, consort of Marvel Cockran
Susanah Duncan              77y   F   17 Nov   Russell   Blank            Blank, Reported by daugter, Rebecca Duncan
John N. Grizzle           2y 3d   M   09 Mar   Russell   Fever            George & Elizabeth Grizzle
Malisa Hale/Hall             1d   F   20 May   Russell   Blank            Henry & Ruthy Hale
Martha Hicks                11m   F   01 Sep             Blank            George & Rebecca Hicks
Elijah Hurt               2y 8m   M   28 Nov   Russell   Blank            Josiah & Anna Hurt (see also 1855 entry)
William Jackson             45y   M   05 Jun   Russell   Dropsy           Blank, consort of Catherine Jackson
Female Mercer                5d   F   15 Jul   Russell   Hives            Daniel & Emaline Mercer
Female Musick                6m   F   11 Nov   Russell   Unknown          Lexious & Polly Musick
Henry Porter                14y   M   04 Nov   Russell   Blank            Francis & Elizabeth Porter
Margaret J Richardson        6m   F   30 Jul   Russell   Blank            Wm. & Margaret Richardson
George Robins(on)            6y   M   07 Apr   Russell   Fever            William & Celia Robinson
Millard F. Sexton            3d   M   25 Oct   Russell   Blank            Henry & Catherine Sexton
Jane (Slave)                 4y   F   08 Sep             Blank            Slave of John Dickenson
Margaret (Slave)             4m   F   02 Apr             Blank            Florence (Slave of A.H. Nash)
Elizabeth B. Sutton    6y 5m 4d   F   14 Feb             Blank            Wm. E. & Thirzel Sutton
John B. Sutton         3y 1m 6d   M   07 Feb             Blank            Blank
Beverly Wisor                6m   F   31 Jan   Russell   Unknown          William & Catherine Wisor

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