1855 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Sarah E. Beverly         2y 11m   F   01 May             Croup            William R. Beverly
Male Bond                    4d   M   03 Dec   Russell   Blank            Charles F. & Mary J. Bond
Eliza J. Bradshaw            1y   F   01 Apr   Russell   Unknown          John Bradshaw
Cristiner Colly     61y 11m 25d   F   06 Dec             Blank            John & Margaret Counts, consort of Richard Colley
Nancy R. Dickenson           1y   F   02 Oct   Russell   Blank            Samuel & Elizabeth Dickenson
Sarah Frick              9y 10m   F   07 Apr   Russell   Sore Throat      Christopher C. Frick
Phoebe Gibson                     F   01 Jun             Blank            Reported by grandson, Jefferson Baian?
Jane Gilbert             29y 5m   F   26 Jun   Russell   Kings Evil       Wife of Jas A. Gilbert
Infant Gilmer                                  Russell   Blank            Samuel E. & Ann Gilmer
Mary Hess                 2y 3d   F   25 Dec   Russell   Unknown          Mathias Hess
Daniel E. Hill            6m 8d   M   15 Aug   Russell   Hives            Samuel & Hulda Hill
Nancy C. Hill                2y   F   09 Nov   Russell   Fever            William & M. Hill
Reubin Howell            3m 15d   M   01 Aug   Russell   Croup            George & Elizabeth Howell
Elijah Hurt                  3y   M   25 Nov   Russell   Croup            Josiah & Any Hurt (see double entry in 1856)
Male Hutchinson              1d   M   02 Apr   Russell   Blank            Francis & Matilda Hutchinson
Visa Jackson                 1d   F   15 May   Russell   Unknown          Michael & Visa Jackson
Mary E. Johnson              1y   F   08 May   Russell   Eresipolas       Hugh Johnson
Sarah Johnson            1m 18d   F   15 Aug   Russell   Whooping Cough   Lemuel & Comely  Johnson
Manerva Keel              1y 8m   F   08 Dec   Russell   Croup            Kelly & M. Keel
John Keeth                6y 9d   M   02 Jan   Russell   Fever            Jesse & Vina Keeth
Lila Keeth                   4y   F   01 Jan   Russell   Fever            Jesse & Vina Keeth
William S. Litton            3m   M   02 Apr   Russell   Unknown          John W. Litton
Henry McCloud            54y 8m   M   18 Oct   Russell   Fever            Daniel & Elizabeth McCloud
Catherine McFadden          32y   F   15 Nov   Russell   Unknown          Wife of David McFadden
Robert McFadden              8d   M   15 Oct   Russell   Unknown          David McFadden
Visa E. McFadden          2y 4m   F   08 Oct   Russell   Unknown          David McFadden
Wylsan Mullins           2m 20d   M   04 Jan   Russell   Blank            Isham & Mary Mullins
Eliza Mutter             3m 10d   F   16 Mar   Russell   Blank            Harvey Mutter
Christopher A. Necessary  5y 5m   M   25 Sep   Russell   Flux             Thomas & E. Necessary
James Pruner                15y   M   01 Apr   Russell   Unknown          George A. Pruner
Isaac Ramey                 18y   M   07 Aug   Russell   Blank            John & Emily Ramey
Crocket Redwine             16y   M   15 Jun   Russell   Unknown          Solomon Redwine
Elizabeth Reynolds   21y 5m 21d   F   18 Dec   Russell   Blank            Consort of Phillip J. Reynolds
Rashal Ring                82 y   F   17 Jun             Fits
Emory Robinson               2y   M   20 Apr   Russell   Unknown          John W. Robinson
George W. Shoemaker         19y   M   03 Sep   Russell   Consumption      James C. Shoemaker
Edmond (Slave)              80y   M   12 Jul             Old Age          Slave of Caleb Hawkins
Mary (Slave)                27y   F   01 Oct             Blank            Slave of Caleb Hawkins
Rebecca (Slave)             70y   F   07 Apr             Old Age          Unknown, Slave of John Dickenson
Richard Stiltner         8y 10d   M   10 Jun   Russell   Unknown          James Stiltner
Mary Strough              1y 5m   F   12 May   Russell   Unknown          Michial Strough
Ranson Suit                  6y   M   02 Nov   Russell   Unknown          Pleasant Suit
James Sykes              72y 4m   M   10 Feb   Old VA    Dropsey          John Sykes, consort of Mary Sykes
James Vicars                67y   M   16 Dec   Russell   Dropsey          Reported by son, Samuel Vicars
Mary Vicars          5y 10m 21d   F   03 Dec   Russell   Fever            Robert & Phoebe Vicars
Paul Vicars                 68y   M   28 Aug   Russell   Fever            Robert & Sidda Vicars
Male Williams                3y   M   27 Aug   Russell   Unknown          George W. & Charity Williams

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