1853 Russell County Death Index

NAME                     AGE     SEX   DOD       POB     CAUSE            PARENTS/MISC

Frederick Artrip             5m   M   06 May   Russell   Flux             James & Sarah Artrip
Susan Artrip          2y 6m 10d   F   01 Sep   Russell   Flux             James & Sarah Artrip
George J. Baker         6y 28d   M   06 Apr   Russell   Fever            James & Highly Baker
James Banner                 3m   M   08 Jul   Russell   Flux             Eliza Ann Banner
Margaret E. Banner       2y 11m   F   05 Jul   Russell   Flux             Stephen & Sarah Banner
Andrew Bartley        16y 7m 8d   M   19 Dec   Russell   Unknown          Jesse & Jemima Bartley
James H. Baugh              11m   M   01 Jul   Russell   Flux             John J. & Louisa Baugh
Erastus Belcher              4y   M   02 Dec   Russell   Measles          Lucy Belcher
Mary Beverly              3y 3m   F   02 Jul   Russell   Quincy           Elijah & Nancy Beverly
Fletcher Bickley (b)        11y   M    July    Russell   Flux             Isaac & Virginia, slave of Marion T. Bickley 
George A. Bickley         6y 1m   M   20 Nov   Russell   Scarlet Fever    William C. & Harriet B. Bickley
Henry D. Bickley             6m   M  01/21 Aug Russell   Flux             Marion T. & Martha Bickley (Double entry)
John R. Bickley        1y 1m 6d   M   22 Oct   Russell   Croup            William C. & Harriet Bickley
Martha B. Bickley    26y 8m 14d   F   09 Apr   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Henry & Elizabeth Dickenson, consort of Marion T. Bickley
Ceason Bickley (b)          65y   F   03 Nov   N. Car.   Flux             Slave of John Bickley
Male Blessing                1d   M   20 Apr   Russell   Unknown          Crockett & Mary Blessing
William Boggs            30y 2m   M   18 Jul   Lee, VA   Measles & Flux   Eli & Mary Boggs, consort of Rebecca Boggs
Abel Boggs               1m 21d   M   22 Jan   Lee, VA   Hives            William & Rebecca Boggs
Hellen Bowman            1y 11m   F   28 Dec   Russell   Measles          Thomas Bowman
John Bowman          55y 1m 20d   M   05 Oct   Wash., Tn Consumption      Peter & Nancy Bowman
Male Boyd                    1d   M   05 Jul   Russell   Unknown          Jonathan & Mary Boyd
Mary M. Bradshaw            10y   F   05 May   Russell   Unknown          William & Jane Bradshaw
Fairman P. Browning  4y 11m 25d   M   13 Aug   Russell   Fever            William McR & Susan Browning
Delphia Buchanan     45y 4m 13d   F   25 Jan   N. Car.   Unknown          Andrew & Elizabeth Davis, consort of John V. Buchanan
Thomas Bundy                11m   M   09 Jul   Russell   Blank            Sampson & Sarah Bundy
Henry Burdine            1y 10d   M   06 Sep   Russell   Colery Infantium Slave of N. E. Burdine
Isaac Burk               9m 21d   M   24 Jul   Russell   Quincy           John & Nancy Burk
George L. Burk           14y 3d   M   11 Aug   Russell   Flux             Isaiah & Martha Burk
Mary Ann Carrell             2y   F   11 Aug   Russell   Flux             Thomas & Jane Carrell
Robert H. J. Carrell  13y 2m 7d   M   07 Nov   Russell   Flux             James & Lila?/Sarah Carrell
Henry C. Carty           10y 8m   M   15 Sep   Russell   Flux             John P. & Nancy Carty
George C. Carvin      6y 2m 14d   M   03 Aug   Wythe, VA Flux             John & Melvina Carvin
Male Castle                  1d   M   07 Mar   Russell   Unknown          Ralph & Sarah Castle
Sarah Castle                49y   F   28 Jun   Blank     Consumption      Ralph & Nancy Suit, consort of Elijah Castle
Joseph C. Chatron         7y 4m   M   15 Jul   Russell   Flux             Wm. & Lucinda Chatron
Joshua Coleman                -   M   30 Nov   Russell   Scarlet Fever    James & Mary Coleman
Hugh Harry Colley            2y   M   26 Feb   Russell   Unknown          John & Ann Colley
(Note there's also a double entry for Hugh Colley on 26 Feb 1854. Age on that date is 3y 4m 2d)
John Colley                  2y   M   01 Sep   Russell   Unknown          Joshua & Didama Colley
Sarah Compton                5y   F   12 Oct   Russell   Sore Throat      Jerry & Martha Compton
David Couch               8y 2m   M   11 Aug   Russell   Flux             John & Fanny Couch
Hezekiah Couch          13y 11m   M   14 Jul   Russell   Flux             John & Fanny Couch
John Couch                   1y   M   22 Aug   Russell   Flux             Jeremiah & Margaret Couch
John C. Couch           11y 10m   M   14 Jul   Russell   Flux             John & Fanny Couch
Mary Couch              21y 11m   F   15 Aug   Russell   Flux             John & Fanny Couch
Mary Eliz. Couch        11m 20d   F   29 Apr   Russell   Croup            John & Elizabeth Couch
Susan Couch               5y 2m   F   09 Jul   Russell   Flux             Jeremiah & Margaret Couch
Solomon Counts               3y   M   01 Nov   Russell   Fever            Canaan & Ann Counts
John J. Crismon           3m 2d   M   30 Dec   Russell   Measles          Thomas & Artaminta Banion
Rhoda A. Crook              27y   M   31 Aug   Russell   Cold             David & Nancy Crook
Elizabeth Cross             45y   F   18 Mar   Shenan.   wound on knee    Abel & Mary Cross, Reported by son-in-law Thomas Carrell
Mary Cunningham       7y 11m 3d   F   03 Mar   Russell   Eracipolas       Thomas & Louisa Cunningham
Doctor Dale                 10d   M   05 Feb   Russell   Unknown          Haymond & Elizabeth D. Dale
Morgan Darnold               9m   M   01 Jun   Russell   Unknown          Mary Darnold
Charles M. Davis            14y   M   24 Oct   Russell   Pleurisy         Jesse Davis
William Davis                2m   M   16 Sep   Russell   Inflam. of Lungs Thomas & Jane Davis
Celia Deal                   4y   F   11 Oct   Russell   Scarlet Fever    Harvey & Louisa Deal
Jacob Deal                6y 8m   M   04 Apr   Russell   Unknown          Harvey & Louisa Deal
Charles C. Dickinson         5y   M   03 Aug   Russell   Flux             Charles C. & Catherine Dickinson
Elizabeth Dickinson         53y   F   07 Jul   Russell   Dyspepsia        Charles & Mary Bickley, consort of Henry Dickenson
John Dickenson           11m 9d   M   17 Sep   Russell   Flux             Berry & Ferraba Dickenson
Peter Dills          9y 10m 25d   M   03 Oct   Tenn.     Flux             James & Sarah Dills
Edith Dorton                56y   F   27 Jul   Russell   Flux             Colbert & Hannah Fugate, consort of Jacob Dorton
Robert Dorton         7y 3m 14d   M   15 Aug   Russell   Flux             Slave of Moses Dorton
Charles C. J. Dotson     17y 4m   M   15 Jun   Russell   Unknown          James & Elizabeth Dotson
George C. Dotson          3y 5m   M   13 Jul   Russell   Flux             James & Elizabeth Dotson
Berry Evans                 93y   M   30 Jun   N. Car.   Old Age          Walter & Dicy/Lucy? Evans
Male Farmer                  4d   M   01 Aug   Russell   Unknown          John & Sarah Farmer
Female Farmer               10m   F   26 Jul   Russell   Unknown          John & Sarah Farmer
Mary Elizabeth Farris    1m 21d   F   26 Aug   Russell   Flux             John & Nancy Farris
Eliza C. Fletcher            3m   F   10 Jun   Russell   Flux             James H. & Ellen Fletcher
Fullen Fletcher      23y 4m 27d   M     --     Russell   Pneumonia        James & Celia Fletcher
James Fletcher       61y 5m 25d   M   20 Feb     --      Pneumonia        Wm. & Mary Fletcher, consort of Celia Fletcher
Jane Fletcher               64y   F   04 Apr   N. Car.   Pneumonia        John & Mary Wallis, consort of William Fletcher
Isabel Fraley             1y 6m   F   09 Aug   Russell   Flux             George & Nancy Fraley
Mary Fraley                 63y   F   22 Mar   Russell   Typhoid Fever    James & Mary Turner, consort of Henry Fraley
Elbert C. Fugate         1m 14d   M   07 Sep   Russell   Hives & Fever    Joseph C. & Elizabeth E. Fugate
Elizbeth E. Fugate  33y 11m 13d   F   09 Aug   Wash. Va. Childbed Fever   John & Mary Sutton, consort of Joseph C. Fugate
Samuel Fugate           20y 20d   M   30 Nov   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Slave of Isaac Fugate
Fleming G. Fuller        24y 1m   M   01 Feb   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Isaiah & Polly Fuller, consort of Martha Fuller
Julia Fuller                 6y   F   08 Mar   Russell   Unknown          James H. & Polly Fuller
Henry F. Fuller         11m 24d   M   13 Nov   Russell   Measles          Noah & Cynthia Fuller
Male Fuller                  3d   M   03 Sep   Russell   Unknown          Jonas & Rhoda Fuller
William Ferguson             3d   M   31 Dec   Russell   Unknown          Slave of Anthony M. Ferguson
Samuel P. Gardner         1y 5m   M   21 Jul   Russell   Croup            Wm. H. & Sally/Seny Gardner
David Gentry             51y 5m   M   20 May   Surry NC  Fever            Unknown, consort of Dorothy Gentry
George W. Ghost       9y 2m 15d   M   20 Jul   Russell   Flux             Aaron & Nancy Ghost
Nergiva Ghost          1y 5m 5d   F   25 Jul   Russell   Flux             Aaron & Nancy Ghost
Ira A. Gibson          4y 2m 3d   M   26 Jul   Russell   Flux             Harvy/Henry? P. & Maria Gibson
Samuel E. Gilmer            12y   M   18 Mar   Russell   Flux             Samuel & Anna Gilmer
Female Gray               1y 1m   F   07 Aug   Russell   Unknown          Harvey & Nancy Gray
John Green                  60y   M   03 Nov   Russell   Unknown          Shadrick & Martha Green 
Jesse Grizzle             7y 2m   M   17 Jul   Russell   Flux             Wm. & Elizabeth Grizzle
Elizabeth Guinn             44y   F   17 Jun   Russell   Unknown          Not Listed, Reported by Wiley Guinn
Nancy Hale                  27y   F   01 Jul   Russell   Cancer           Unknown, consort of James Hale
Lucy Hanson (b)             20y   F   29 Jun   Russell   Typhoid Fever    Slave of Sidney Hanson
Axley G. Harrison     3y 1m 11d   M   09 Dec   Russell   Dropsy in head   James & Mary Ann Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison          50y   F   24 Mar   Russell   Consuption       James & Susan Hale, consort of Samuel Harrison
Emily M. Hartsock    2y 11m 12d   F   28 May   Russell   Bold Hives       James & Matilda Hartsock
Elisha Hawkins              11y   M   16 Sep   Russell   Flux             Elisha & Isabel Hawkins
Sarah Hawkins                1d   F   10 May   Russell   Unknown          Bluford & Sidney Hawkins
Pleasant Helton              9m   M   06 Sep   Russell   Quinsey          John & Martha Helton
Elizabeth Hendricks         20y   F   01 Sep   Russell   Blank            Col. Robt. & Eliz. Boyd, Consort of Aaron L. Hendricks
Male Hess                    1d   M   16 Oct   Russell   Unknown          Isaac & Susan Hess
Melissa Hess                13y   F   30 Nov   Russell   Inflam. of brain Henry & Amelia Hess
James Horton                13m   M   18 Oct   Russell   Inflamation      Lewis & Lucinda Horton
James C. Hubbard          1y 8m   M   08 Jan   Russell   Unknown          Jesse & Matilda Hubbard
Philip Irvin(b)            100y   M    July    N. Car.   Blank            Slave of Benjamin Chapman
Marian Jackson       79y 1m 14d   F   01 Sep   Hampshire VA  Pneumonia    Blank, Consort of Richard Jackson
Sampson W. Johnson    7y 2m 22d   M   02 Nov   Russell   Paralysis        Robert & Margaret E. Johnson
Whitley Jordan            2y 8m   M   14 Feb   Russell   Flux             Christopher & Margaret Jordan
Isaac Kesnor           8y 7m 4d   M   02 Aug   Wash. Va. Inflam. of Brain William Kesnor
Frances Kiser          4y 6m 8d   F   14 Aug   Russell   Flux             Elihue & Jane Kiser
Emery Kiser                  9y   M   05 Mar   Russell   Pneumonia        Mayfield & Mary Kiser
Malinda Kiser               11y   F   16 Mar   Russell   Pneumonia        Mayfield & Mary Kiser
Mary Kiser               1y 11m   F   24 Jul   Russell   Flux             James & Susan Kiser
Ira Lewis                    2d   M   06 Feb   Russell   Croup            John & Norissa Lewis
Male Lesgo                   1d   M   15 Jun   Scott     Unknown          James W. & Margaret Lesgo
Dorinda Low                 25y   F   17 May   Russell   Pleurisy         John & Sarah McGraw, consort of John B. Low
Nancy McCoy               6y 9m   F   01 Jul   Russell   Flux             Wm. W. & Eliz. McCoy
Silpha McCoy                 7y   F   20 Jun   Russell   Flux             Wm. W. & Eliz. McCoy
Rebecca McReynolds       87y 6m   F   11 Sep   Russell   Old Age          Joseph & Susannah Boring, consort of Joseph McReynolds
Alexander Mitchell    21y 5m 3d   M   30 Aug   Russell   Flux             Elisha & Henrietta Mitchell
Henrietta Mitchell          47y   F   12 Sep   Grnbro NC Flux             John & Rachel Lewis, consort of Elisha Mitchell
Male Monroe                  1d   M   03 Aug   Hawk. Tn  Unknown          Mordeca & Milly Monroe
Willmirth Moore         26y 11m   F   04 Mar   Tenn.     Consumption      John & Elizabeth Teter, consort of William Moore
Female Mullins             14 d   F   15 May   Russell   Hives            Andrew & Polly Mullins
Rebecca Mullins             27y   F   14 Jul   Harlan Ky Cold             David & Susan Maggard, consort of Wilson Mullins
Neel Nash                   36y   M   28 Dec   Russell   Hung Himself     Slave of Aaron Nash
Mary Neuman               2y 4m   F   17 Jul   Russell   Flux             James & Mary Neuman
John C. Osborne           5y 6m   M   27 Jul   Russell   Flux             Samuel & Unity Osborn
Elisha M. Owens           1m 8d   M   26 Dec   Russell   Croup            Rufus & Nancy Owens
John M. Painter           4m 4d   M   13 Jan   Russell   Unknown          James & Sarah A. Painter
Polly Perry                  8y   F   19 Jan   Russell   Unknown          Nathan & Mary Perry
Senah Perry                 43y   F   25 May   Russell   Unknown          Unknown
John Peters                 85y   M   11 Apr   Blank     Cold             John Peters of Penn.
Unnamed Pinion               4d   M   06 Aug   Russell   Unknown          William & Amelia Pinion
Lucy Powers               4y 3m   F   15 Jan   Russell   Bold Hives       Reuben & Catherine Powers
Phoebe H. Price       32y 7m 2d   F   02 Jul   Russell   Consumption      James & Rachel Lee, Consort of Oliver H. Price
Elizabeth Quinn             44y   F   17 Jun   Russell   Unknown          Blank
Joseph B. Reynolds    23y 5m 4d   M   27 Nov   Wythe Va  Consumption      Abram & Nancy Reynolds
Mary A. Richardson           4y   F   01 Sep   Russell   Flux             Christopher & Amanda Richardson
Samuel Right         24y 4m 12d   M   21 Dec   Wash. Va  Unknown          Slave of John W. Litton
Celia Riley           33y 2m 2d   F   15 Jun   Russell   Consumption      John & Eliza Johnson, consort of Thomas J. Riley
Susan Riley                 80y   F   10 Oct   Blank     Pneumonia        Blank
George W. Robinson    5y 9m 22d   M   12 Dec   Russell   Fever            James & Celia Robinson
Hiram C. F. Russell    4y 1m 1d   M   12 Feb   Wash Co   Pneumonia        William & Ann Russell
James Samples            53y 9m   M   23 Aug   Russell   Flux             Wm. & Nancy Samples, consort of Elizabeth Samples
Philis Samples (b)          60y   F   14 Aug   Blank     Dropsey          Slave of Nancy Samples
Jane Sanders                70y   F   15 Nov   Unknown   Unknown          Unknown, consort of John Sanders
William Sanders             30y   M   26 Dec   Russell   Measles          John & Jane Sanders
Mary E. Senter        5y 8m 12d   F   25 Oct   Russell   Scarlet Fever    Stephen & Sarah Senter
Wiley W. Senter       3y 7m 16d   M   27 Sep   Russell   Scarlet Fever    Stephen & Sarah Senter
Male Shell                   1d   M   05 Jul   Russell   Unknown          Aaron & Rhody Shell
Slave (unnamed)             10m   -   18 Jun   Russell   Croup            Slave of Zadock N. Gardner
Slave (unnamed)              8y   F   18 Feb   Blank     Inflam. of Brain Slave of John W. Smith
David (Slave)                4y   M   05 Aug   Russell   Flux             Slave of Dale Carter
Andrew Smith (b)            19y   M   10 May   Blank     Typhoid Fever    Slave of Charles A. Smith
Cheshire Smith (b)          10y   M   29 May   Blank     Typhoid Fever    Slave of Charles A. Smith
Emeline Smith (b)           17y   F   29 May   Blank     Typhoid Fever    Slave of Charles A. Smith
Iseril Smith (b)            50y   M   17 Apr   Blank     Typhoid Fever    Slave of Charles A. Smith
James Smith (b)              5y   M   26 May   Blank     Typhoid Fever    Slave of Charles A. Smith
John H. Smith               12y   M   21 Nov   Russell   Measles          John & Nancy Smith
Lydia Smith (b)             67y   F   26 May   Blank     Typhoid Fever    Slave of Charles A. Smith
Lucy Snapp                  46y   F   22 May   Russell   Parlysis?        Daniel & Judith Price, Consort of John Snapp
Catherine Spurgeon          59y   F   23 Feb   Penn.     Stom. Inflam.    Christopher & Eliza Lark, consort of Samuel Spurgeon
John Stanley              1y 1m   M   13 Oct   Russell   Unknown          William & Anna Stanley
Henly Stanley             2y 7m   M   23 Oct   Russell   Scarlet Fever    William & Anna Stanley
Shade Stump                 20d   M   01 Oct   Russell   Croup            Joseph & Margaret Stump
Polly Sutherland             4y   F   01 Mar   Russell   Pneumonia        Henry & Martha Sutherland
Female Taylor                3m   F   05 Dec   Russell   Croup            Michael & Mary Taylor
Margaret Taylor          4y 10m   F   11 Nov   Russell   Scarlet Fever    Benjamin & Polly Taylor
Rosanah Thomas            3y 2m   F   27 Oct   Sandy     Unknown          Eli C. & Ellen Thomas
John Thompson            6m 11d   M   08 Aug   Russell   Flux             George & Eliz. Thompson
Female Thompson       3y 10m 4d   F     --     Russell   Measles          Patton & Mary Thompson
(See note below, may be an eroneous double entry.)
Male Thompson         3y 10m 4d   M   29 Mar   Russell   Measles          Patton & Mary Thompson
(Note: 1850 Russell County census lists a Matilda C. Thompson, age 10/12. 
She does not appear in the 1860 census.  Age indicates a twin, but there 
is no male present in the 1850 census.)
Nancy Turner              7y 4m   F   13 Aug   Russell   Flux             Charles & Eliz. Turner
Martha J. Vanover      1y 1m 2d   F   29 Dec   Russell   Scarlet Fever    John & Keziah Vanover
Christopher Wallis    6y 6m 22d   M   17 Aug   Russell   Flux             James & Jane Wallis
Enoch Ward               6y 11m   M   27 Jul   Russell   Flux             William & Mary Ward
Solomon Ward              9y 9m   M   27 Jul   Russell   Flux             William & Mary Ward
John Whitt Sr.              76y   M   28 Dec   N. Car.   Unknown          Blank, consort of Mary Whitt
Male Williams                1d   M   19 Apr   Russell   Measles          John & Elizabeth Williams
Male Williams             1y 6m   M   15 Aug   Russell   Blank            George & Charity Williams
Female Williams              3y   F   18 Mar   Russell   Unknown          Andrew & Nancy Williams
Elizabeth Williams   26y 2m 18d   F   29 Apr   Russell   Measles          Jeremiah & Anna Fields, consort of John D. Williams
Nancy J. Williams        21y 5m   F   04 Aug   Russell   Flux             Charity Williams
Catherine Wilson            13y   F   17 May   Russell   Cholic           Samuel & Sarah Wilson
Male Wright                  --   M   16 Nov   Russell   Unknown          Paris & Mary Wright
Fanny Wright                 3y   F   01 Jul   Russell   Flux             Robert & Sarah Wright
Margaret Wright              1y   F   01 Jul   Russell   Flux             John & Sucky Wright
Viney E. Wright              1y   F   01 Aug   Russell   Flux             Wm. & Caroline Wright

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