Will of James P. Carrell


Russell County, Virginia
Will Book 6 PG 534
Executed 08 Nov 1854

I James P. Carrell, of Russell County and State of Virginia, do hereby make this my last will and testament as follows:

1st, I give and bequeath to the missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, the sum of one thousand dollars.

2nd, I give and bequeath to the Methodist Book concern to be located at Nashvile Tenn, the sum of one thousand dollars to be appropriated in the in the publication of the book.

The above sums to be paid within two years from my decease.

3rd, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Martha George the sum of one thousand dollars in cash, to be paid her, by my Executor in installments as she may have need, and if not all used before her death, the balance is to be at her own disposal. I also give and bequeath to my said wife all my stock, my household and kitchen furniture and instruments of husbandry, with permission to her, if so inclined to distribute at any time among her blood relations one third of the household and kitchen furniture, or so much thereof as she may choose to spare, the residue to be at her disposal at the time of her death. I also give and bequeath to her during her life, the use ocupancy and profit of all the real estate to which I may entitled at the time of my death, during her life , with the use of my slaves during the same period.

4th, I give and bequeath to my son Charles Carrell at the time of my wife's death, all my real and personal estate then remaining (and also my slaves) not here before or herein after disposed of, and it is my will and desire that he take control and management of my farm and slaves, treating the slaves with all the formanance that circumstances may permit, and if any of them should become immanageble, that they be sold to some master they may select, provided he will pay a fair price for them.

5th, All the debts owing to me at the time of my death, I desire may be immediately collected by my Executor, if at all collectable, except where he may think proper to give indulgence in cases where there is no doubt of the solvency of the person owing- renewing their obligations inclusive of interest yearly.

6th, I give to my Nephew Henry S. Gibson my silver watch.

7th, I give to Dr. C. Alderson my armchair.

8th, I give and bequeath to the trustees of the Female department of Lebanon Academy the sum of three hundred dollars and its interest which they borrowed of me and yet owe: Provided they shall in reasonable time after my decease appropriate so much of it as may be be necessary to enclose the present building with a substantial plank fence eight poles wide in front and extending sixteen poles back, south, with suitable conveniences for the retirement of females, without going outside the enclosure, and applying the balance to the furnishing of the lower room of the academy with suitable seats, desks., But if they should not, in reasonable time, make these applications of the money then my executor is to collect it and apply it to my estate.

9th, Such books in my library as my wife and son may desire to keep, may be kept by them ultimately for the use of my son. All the rest that are at all suitable may be sold, publicately or privately, and amoung my books some might be sold in parcels, at a mear trifle, or may be given away, as my executor may choose.

10th, I desire that none of my estate be appraised but only inventory thereof taken by my executors who may render before a commisonioner of the court yearly or biannually an account of his receipts and disbursements, and it is my wish that he make no change on the estate for his personal services, except in such case, if may that require of him extraordinary trouble.

Lastly, I hereby constitute and appoint my Son Charles Carrell of this my last will and testament, and as I have not heretofore made any written will, it is unnecessary to revoke such. Witness my hand and seal this __ day of September 1854.

James P. Carrell (Seal)

Signed, sealed, and published as and for the last will and testament of the above named James P. Carrell in the presence of us.

Samuel W. Aston
Wm. B. Aston

At a Court of quarterly session held for Russell County at the courthouse on Wednesday the 8th day of November 1854. The last will and testament of James P. Carrell deceased was exhibited in Court and proven by the oath of Samuel W. Aston and William B. Aston , the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Charles Carrell executor therein named, who made oath thereto and with Henry Dickenson, James Dickenson, William B. Aston, and Samuel Aston as his securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $75000.00 conditioned according to law, certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form.

G.J. Culbertson Clerk

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