"Cedar Creek" Charlie Fields

"Cedar Creek" Charlie Fields

This file submitted by Susan Lloyd and Chris Stallard

Note from Susan Lloyd:

These are a few photo's of my grandfather Charlie Fields and his house which was painted in polka dots and red white and blue stripes. The house was located on Big Cedar Creek which is now owned by the Fergusons. Charlie Fields was born in 1883 and died in 21 Dec 1966. He is buried at Russell Memorial Cemetery in Lebanon. His parents were William Fields and Sarah "Dealie" Warrick. Charlie was a very popluar man. Many of his items are currently in the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, Tenn.

An Additional Note From Chris Stallard:

We went to the Ferguson/Fields reunion and stopped to visited Charlie around 1950 and took this photo of his house in black and white (Note: Both Chris & Susan sent copies of the second black & white photo of the house). I have one in color after the house is deteriorating and about gone, but I wanted to send the one which showed the ferris wheel and things outside. He greeted us at the swinging bridge in his polka-dotted clothes and shoes and took us inside the house and showed us around. He had beehives outside and had drilled holes so the bees could come inside, where he had them covered with glass, and he could watch them at work. He told us he never took the honey because they worked too hard to make it. Soon after his mother died was when he began painting the house in mostly red, white and blue with polka-dotted designs. He painted the tin roof, the window frames and the chimney. Inside he painted the walls, floors, ceilings, doors. There were bright stripes and squiggles and wavy lines and squares filled with mostly polka-dotted designs. He truly was an "American Folk Artist". You wouldn't understand unless you had seen the house inside and outside. If anyone has other photo's would love to have copies, also of the rest of the family.

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