Alexander McFarlane

Court Orders Relating to the Pension of Alexander McFarlane

Law Order Book 2, Page 325
October Court 1796

Ordered that it be certified to the Auditor of Public acct. that Alexander McFarlane served his country as a soldier in the war against the Cherokee Indians in the year 1776, under the Command of Colo. William Christie, that during his being on the service he was disabled and deprived of the sight of one of his eyes, and that it appears to this Court that the said McFarlane on account of his meretorious services in defence of his country and his misfortune while in the services is entitled to compensation.

Law Order Book 2, Page 430
February Court 1798

A Certificate was produced in Court signed by James Wood Esqu., Governor of this Commonwealth purporting the pension of Alexander McFarlane, allowing him ten pounds annually in consequence of wounds received by him at the Battle of Point Pleasant, in the year 1774, commencing the first day of January, 1795.

Law Order Book 2, Page 540
March Court 1799

Ordered that the Sheriff pay Alexander McFarlane ten pounds his pension allowed him in consequence of wounds he received at the Battle of Point Pleasant in the year 1774, out of the revenue of the year 1798.

Law Order Book 3, Page 45
January Court 1800

Ordered that the Sheriff of this county pay unto Alexander McFarlane ten pounds a pension allowed him for wounds he received at the Battle of Point Pleasant.

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