Jessee Duncan Pension Appl


Law Order Book 6, Page 31
May 5, 1818

Jessee Duncan who resides in the County of Russell in the State of Virginia, wishing to become a pensioner pursuant to the Provisions of an Act of Congress of the United States, passed on the 18th day of March, 1818, entitled "An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War," personally appeared in Court, and declared on oath that he enlisted with the Troops of the State of North Carolina as a private soldier in the Inited States service about the year 1778 under Colo. James Sanders and Captain Robert Moore, he was enlisted for nine months, but served about eleven. He was in the service and at the battle fought on Briar Creek, Geberal Ash commanded. He was at the seige of Charleston where General Rutherford sometimes commanded. He was discharged in the state of South Carolina, but, by what officer he did not recollect.

The said Jessee Duncan also produced in Court, and which was read as evidence to his claim for a pension under the act aforesaid an affidavit of an aged and infirm person, who was unable personally to come into Court, in the following words and figures, to-wit: "Russell County, Virginia, May the 5, 1818, came William Paskel before me Francis Browning a justice for said County, and made oath that Jessee Duncan enlisted in the service of the United States in the Troops of North Carolina for the term of nine months, and was in the service the year that the battle was at Briar Creek in Georgia, and did serve his time out, and that said Duncan is in low circumstances and has no living to support him, abd further saith not. Given under my hand this 5, day of May, 1818, Francis Browning", which said affiant the Court believes to be a person of truth. And from the knowledge which some of the members of the Court themselves have, as well as from the satisfactory evidence, the Court are unanimously of opinion, and do hereby certify, that the said Jessee Duncan is a person of credit as a witness; that it was generally understood in the neighbourhood of the residence of the said Jessee Duncan previous to the passage of the said Act of Congress that the said Jessee Duncan had served in the Revolutionary War, and that the said Jessee Duncan is in such reduced circumstances in life, as to need assistance from his country for support. All which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of the Department of War.

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