Frances Compton

Revolutionary Pension Application of Frances Compton, widow of James Compton

Will Book 4A, Page 478

In the sale bill of John Wallis' Sr., estate, James Compton is referred to as "Revolutionary Man".

Law Order Book 11, Page 499
May 5, 1846

It is ordered to be certified that satisfactory evidence has this day been exhibited in Court, that Frances Compton a resident of Russell County is the identical person she declares herself to be in a declaration made by her on the 29th day of April last past before James Fletcher, Esquire, a Justice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid, for the purpose of obtaining the benefits of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed July 7th, 1838, entitled "An Act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows"; and also, of the Act of Congress passed March 3rd, 1843, and June 17th, 1844, extending the benefits of the said Act of July 7, 1838 to five years from the 4th day of March, 1843: That the said Frances Compton was married to James Compton a Revolutionary Pensioner of the United States previous to the first day of January one thousand seven hundred and ninety four, and that the relation of man and wife did exist between said James and Frances several years previous to the 1st day of January, 1794, above mentioned; that the said James Compton died in the said County of Russell on the 10th day of March, 1832, and that since his death aforesaid, the said Frances has not remarried, and is now __ low, and that she is a competant witness.

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