John Bromley

Revolutionary Pension Application of John Bromley

Law Order Book 6, Page 28
May 5, 1818

John Bromley, who resides in the County pf Russell in this State, wishing to become a pensioner pursuant to the provisions of an Act of the Congress of the United States, passed on the 18th day of March, 1818, entitled "An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary War". personally appeared inCourt and declared on oath, as follows: That he entered the service of the United States as a private soldier in the tenth Regiment of the Virginia line, commanded by Colo. Stephens, and in Capt. David Laird's Company, and that he continued in the said service for one year. He then enlisted as a regular soldier for three years or during the war, and was discharged at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania by Geberal Weeden, having procured agreeably to law, and able bodied man as Substitute. He was in the battles of Germanton and Brandywine Colo. Matthews was taken prisoner at the battle of Germanton and most of his regiment. - The battle began about the break of day and continued several hours - until the British were reinforced from Philadelphia. At Brandywine the battle began about ten in the morning by part of the Detachment, whose place was afterwards occupied by a reinforcement at about 12 o'clock, in which he the said John Bromley served. The Americans gave three huzzas in the field, the British did the same. A French Officer the said to the Americans, "play away with your cannons" to which the Americans replied, "We have no more ammunition". A retreat was ordered; but the British came on so fast, the Americans had to leave their cannon. And from the knowledge which some of the members of the Court themselves have, as well as from the satisfactory evidence the Court are unanimously of opinion, and do hereby certify that the said John Bromley is a person of credit as a witness; that it was generally understood in the neighborhood of the residence of the said John Bromley previous to the passage of said Act of Congress, that the said John Bromley had served as a soldier in the revolutionary war; and, that the said John Bromley is in such reduced circumstances in life as to need assistance from his country for support. All which is ordered to be certified to the secretary of the department of War.

This information was submitted by Michael A. Dye.
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