First Court of Russell County

The First Court of Russell County.

On 9 May, 1786, the first court of Russell County was held in the Castles Woods settlement at the home of William Roberson. Governor Patrick Henry issued commissions to Justices to preside. The Justices were Alexander Barnett, Henry Smith, Daniel Ward, Andrew Cowan, Samuel Ritchie, Thomas Carter, Henry Dickenson and John Thompson.

Andrew Cowan and Thomas Carter were chosen to represent the county in the General Assembly (House of Delegates).

Appointed as county officers were: David Ward, Sheriff; Henry Dickenson, Clerk of Court; Samuel Ritchie and Patrick Porter, Commissioners of Revenue; Harry Smith, County Surveyor; Francis Browning, Coroner.

Appointed as county militia officers were: Colonel Henry Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Cowan, Major Charles Cocke, Captains David Ward, William Thompson, William Dorton, Charles Bickley, Francis Browning, James Davidson, Samuel Ritchie, Josiah Fugate and William Martin. Lieutenants were: Alexander Barnett, John Bowen, Charles Hays, John Tate, James Osborn, Samuel Roberson, Elisha Farris, Thomas Carter, Moses Skeggs and John Van Bebber. Ensigns were: Samuel Young, John Thompson, Robert Tate, Henry Hamblin, Solomon Litton, William Byrd, Benjamin Nichalson, Joseph Johnson and William Ewing.

Soon after the first court meeting, additional Justices were added. They were: Charles Bickley, William Martin, Richard Price, Christopher Cooper, John Bowen, John Tate, James Wharton, Charles Cocke and John Frazier.

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