John Ferrall

Revolutionary Pension Application of John Ferrall

Law Order Book 6, Page 45
June 2, 1818

The following persons who reside in the county of Russell wishing to become pensioners under the act of Congress of the 18th of March last, entitled "An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval services of the United States", declared on oath as follows:

John Ferrall stated that he enlisted as a private soldier in the service of the United States in the Revolutionary War in the 7th Pennsyl. Regiment under the command of Colo. Wm. Ervin, & Samuel Hays, Lieut. Colo. and in the company commanded by Capt. William Miller; that he served at the battle of Monmouth, was marched to Philadelphia to protect the men wounded at the Paoli; He also assisted in guarding the prisoners taken from Burgoine, he was discharged by Colo. Wm. Ervan in the Jerseys having served two years. He also stated that he is in indigent circumstances.

The said John Ferral also proved by the testimony of Christopher Olinger that he served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War against Great Britain.

It also appears to the satisfaction of the court that the afforesaid applicants are persons of good credit as witnesses, and that they served in the Revolutionary War against the common enemy; and it was also satisfactorily proven to the court that the said John Ferral, Leonard Pigman, Carlton Keeling, John Sykes, Abraham Childers, James Berry, Charles Sexton and Jacob Hess according to the report of their neighbors previous to the passage of the said Act of Congress had served as soldiers in the Revolutionary War; All which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of the Department of War.

Law Order Book 6, Page 131
July 6, 1819

This day came into court John Ferral, who at a court held for this county the 2d day of June 1818, made a declaration on oath for the purpose of obtaining the pension allowed by the Act of Congress of teh 18th of March, 1818, and further declared on oath that he entered the service about the last of February or first of March, in the year 1776 as well as he recollects, and served in the 7th Regt. Pennsylvania line till the last of March, 1779, being the term of threee years services; and being interrogated by the court in relation to the facts stated in his first declaration, the judge is of opinion that the declaration of the said John Ferral are true; which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of the Department of War.

This information was submitted by Michael A. Dye.
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