David Carty Pension Appl


Law Order Book 9, Page 413
Dec 4, 1832

State of Virginia, County of Russell, SS:

On this 4th day of December, 1832, personally appeared before the County Court of Russell, David Carty, a resident of Russell County and State of Virginia, aged about seventy nine or eighty years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832, That he enlisted in the Army of the United States in the year he thinks of 1776 under Captain ____ Combs in the county of Loudon in the State of Virginia for a tour of Eighteen months; that he rendezvoused at Leesburg in the County of Loudon, Va., and marched from thence with the Virginia regiment commanded by Cols. Payton and Clapham, and were commanded by Gen'l Stephens and marched from Leesburg to Williamsburg in Virginia; and after remaining there a while, marched to George Town in the State of Maryland, and from thence to Elkton in the State of Pennsylvania, from thence by the way of Little York with a parcel of British prisoners which they had recently taken in two small skirmishes in that vicinity, - to Leesburg in Virginia, where they continued to guard the said prisoners until the term of his enlistment expired, when the said prisoners were placed under guard of malitia, and the said David Carty discharged. That some time afterwards, but how long he cannot now say, he was drafted under Capt ____Jones, Lieutenant Powles (or Pauldis) Cooper for a tour of eighteen, and marched to Fredrick Town in the State of Maryland, where they remained a while and then marched through the country lying between that point and Elkton and Germantown in the State of Pennsylvania, and had a small skirmish with the British red coats, near Elkton, and took some prisoners and after marching to and fro, in the State of Maryland and Pennsylvania, but chiefly in the latter State, the term for which they had been drafted being nearly expired, they were marched back to Leesburg in the State of Virginia, bringing the prisoners aforesaid, who were delivered up to the Malitia ath that place, and the said David Carty and the company to which he belonged commanded by Captain Jmes as aforesaid, were discharged and returned to their respective homes, after having served out the timeof eighteen months for which they had been last drafted; that during the tour of eighteen months which he served under Capt. Jones as aforesaid the said company belonged to the State Regiment commanded by Cols. Clapham, who resided on the Potomac River in Loudon County and Peyton of the same county, who were under the command of General Staphens. That he returned home where he remained some time, when when some of his relations removed to the Red Stone river a tributary stream of the Ohio in the state of Pennsylvania, and that he the said David Carty accompanied them for the purpose of aiding his relatives, and that whilst he was there he volunteered under Captain ____ Cross, Lieutenant Triplett he thinks, and that the said company as well as he now recollects, formed a part of the Regiment of the Pennsylvania State Line commanded by Cols. William Craford and John Crawford and they were designed to form a part of Genl. McIntosh's army in his intended expedition against Fort Detroit rendezvoued at Pittsburg and marched from thence to the mouth of Big Beaver and built Fort McIntosh so named in honor of their General, and from thence marched to Tuscaraway river, when the cold weather forced them into winter quarters and they set about building a fort, which was called Fort Lawrence, and which he supposes retains its name to the present day. That they remained at Fort Lawrence until about Christmas - at Tuscaraway river they were met by a body of Indians of about six or seven hundred, with whom General McIntosh made a treaty of peace, and the company to which the said David Carty belonged was marched back to Fort McIntosh and discharged after having been in the service about four months, lacking five or six days to the time they were discharged, but rather more than four months including the time occupied in travelling home to the County of Loudon in the State of Virginia. That he the said David Carty remained at home a short time and was attached to a company of Militia then commanded by Capt. Daniel Fagan, Lieutenant ____ Combs, and that the said company was ordered to take under guard a small number of red coat prisoners, which some of the American boys had taken and brought to Leesburg for safe keeping which employed the said company commanded by Captain Fagan, sometime, but cannot now remember how long. That when he was discharged from that service he removed to Culpepper County in Virginia where he was again drafted under Captain James Tutt, and belonged to the Regiment of Virginia Militia commanded by Col. John Slaughter and were marched from Culpepper by the way of Richmond and New Castle in Virginia and after joining the army under the command of General Stephens at Mobbin hills, were marched down upon the lines of Little York where they joined the Main Army under the command of General Washington a very few days before the battle at that place commenced, which resulted in the capture of Lord Cornwallis; that he took part in that remorable engagement and was an eye witness in the achievement of that day. That the company to which he belonged in common with all the Militia as he now thinks, were discharged and he returned home to his family after having been that time in the service about eight or nine weeks. That in the whole to the best of his present recollection he was in the service of the United States in the War of the revolution, fully four years. That he has always been in humble circumstances, and removed to Bedford County in Virginia where he resided some ten or fifteen years, when he removed to Carter County in the State of Tennessee, and after living there some years he removed to the County of Russell in the State of Virginia, where he has resided ever since. That he had several discharges which from the great lapse of time have either been lost or mislaid so that he cannot now produce them. That it has been many years since he has visited that part of the country in which he lived when called, into the war of the Revolution, and not having a very extensive acquaintance, and what he had being with those who like himself were poor, some of whom removed to other parts of the world, and others less favored than himself with a long life, have died, so that he is now deprived so far as he knows, of the tetimony of any human being who can testify to his service in the War of the Revolution - He hereby relinquished every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

David X Carty

Witnesses: Samuel Gibson, a Clegyman

This information was submitted by Michael Dye.
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