Chief Bengeís Attack on the House of John Wallen

Chief Bengeís Attack on the House of John Wallen

By Emory L. Hamilton

From the unpublished manuscript, Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers, page 177.

A letter written to Arthur Campbell, by John Anderson, states:

Blockhouse, May ye 17th, 1789 (1)
Dear Sir: I wrote you a few days ago, wherein I informed you respecting Mr. Wallenís being driven from home. Wallen lived at the mouth of Stock Creek...

R. M. Addington, History of Scott County, page 125, says:

Sometime in the year 1789, John Wallen built a small cabin at the mouth of Stock Creek where Clinchport is situated now. He located his cabin on the Kentucky Path, and, no doubt, helped to entertain some of the hundreds of settlers who were emigrating to Kentucky at the time over the Wilderness Road. Wallen was not left long in the peaceable enjoyment of his new home in the wilderness. Benge and his forest bloodhounds soon found his cabin. One morning just at daybreak, his wife, opening the door, was shot at by an Indian and slightly wounded. Quickly closing the door, she barred it to prevent its being forced. Wallen, who was yet in bed, then hastily arose and snatching the gun from its rack, shot and killed the Indian nearest the door. The other Indians then rushed upon the house, trying to effect an entrance, nor did they retreat until Wallen had killed three of them. After driving the Indians away, Wallen and his wife went to Carterís Fort, eight miles distant. (Thomas Carterís letter, Draper MSS)

In an old land suit in the High Court of Chancery of Augusta Co., VA, in 1811, it was stated that John Wallen had known this country, the area around Flat Lick (now Duffield) since 1761. This statement is evidence that John Wallen was one of the Long Hunters, and that is the year that some say Elisha Wallen set up his hunting camp in Powell Valley. (Augusta Court Causes Ended, McKinney vs Preston.)

(1) Virginia State Papers, Vol. IV, page 618.

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