Cliff Overton Killed

Cliff Overton Killed

By Emory L. Hamilton

From the unpublished manuscript, Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers, page 105-A.

That Cliff Overton was killed between 1781 and 1786, (1) someplace between Abingdon and Powell's Valley, is evidenced by the court order listed below:
On motion of Edmund Smith (1), he declares on oath that he obtained a certificate from the Commissioners Court for the district of Washington and Montgomery counties for a preemption warrant for 1000 acres of land, lying in Powell's Valley between the head of Cane Creek and Sugar Run, on the main road (Kentucky Trace), and that he sent the said certificate to the Registrars Office by Cliff Overton, and it appears that the said Overton, after obtaining the warrant, was killed by the Indians, and that the said Smith never received the warrant, nor any satisfaction for it.

Nothing of a personal nature is known of Cliff Overton, or how he met his fate at the hands of the Indians. He appears on the first extant roster of militia under Captain William Russell, and is also found among the men who cut the road from Holston to Kentucky in 1780.

(1) Russell Co., VA, Order Book 1, page 7, dated June 13, 1786.
(2) Edmund Smith was then a resident of Castle's Woods.

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