Killing of Matthew Rowbottom

Killing of Matthew Rowbottom

By Emory L. Hamilton

From the unpublished manuscript, Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers, page 39.

Matthew Rowbottom was killed by the Indians between July 20th and 27th, 1776, near the present South Holston Dam, near Bristol.

In relation to this killing Captain William Russell wrote to Colonel William Preston saying: The Indians have got up as far as Captain Montgomery's and burned all waste houses before them. They killed Matt Rowbottom and another man got wounded since the battle. The battle Captain Russell is here referring to was the Battle of Long Island Flats fought by the settlers and the Cherokee Indians on July 20, 1776, near the present site of Kingsport, Tennessee. (1)

At a court held for Washington Co., VA, on April 30, 1777, Isaac Lindsay was appointed administrator of the estate of Matthew Rowbottom, deceased, with William Poage and Isaac Bledsoe as securities. At a court held on the 17th of March, 1778, Thomas Ramsey, Amos Eaton (builder of Eaton's Fort), David Rounceval and William Mithcell were appointed appraisers of the estate.

Matthew Rowbottom must have moved toward the southwest at a very early date as he was listed to be "no inhabitant" of Augusta Co., VA, on March 23, 1767.

(1) Draper Mss 4 QQ 60

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