Deed from Fielding & Rebecca Skeen & Armstrong Skeen to Jacob Castle

Deed from Fielding & Rebecca Skeen & Armstrong Skeen to Jacob Castle

Russell County, Virginia
Deed Book 28, Pages 576 - 577
Executed 22 Jan 1894, Recorded 03 Apr 1894

Fielding Skeens and Wife   )		 
      To                   )  DEED
Jacob Castle and Wife	   )
$110.00 ) This Deed made this the 22nd day of January, 1894 between Fielding Skeens and Rebecca, his wife, and Armstrong Skeens, of the first part, and Jacob Castle and Lucinda Castle his wife of the second part, Witnesseth; that for and in consideration of the sum of $110.00 one-hundred & ten dollars, in hand paid receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the said party of the first part have sold and do hereby convey unto the said party of the second part with Covenants of General Warranty their entire interest in a certain tract or parcel of Land lying and being in Russell County on Copper Ridge, being the tract of land willed to Rebecca Skeen by her father Fielding Isaacs, the said Armstrong Skeens only conveys his courtesy in the said Fielding Skeens interest. Witness the following Signatures and Seals, this day and date above written.
                                         Fielding X Skeens  (Seal)
                                         Rebecca X Skeens   (Seal)
                                         Armstrong X Skeen  (Seal)
State of Virginia, Russell County, to wit:
I, R. W. Dickenson, a Notary Public, for Russell County aforesaid, do certify that Fielding Skeens, Rebecca Skeens and Armstrong Skeens whose names are signed to the within writing bearing date of January 22nd, 1894 have acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid.
Given under my hand this January 22nd, 1894_

Virginia Russell County to wit;
In the Clerk’s Office of the County Court for the said County the 3” day of April 1894 this deed was presented and with the certificate annexed, admitted to record.

L.L. Bays Clerk C.C.

This file contributed by: John K. Isaacs

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