Deed from Benjamin Sharp to Andrew Martin

Deed from Benjamin Sharp to Andrew Martin

Russell County, Virginia
Deed Book 1, Pages 116 - 117
Executed 8 Jun 1790, Recorded 19 Oct 1790

This Indenture made the eighth day of June one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety between Benjamin Sharp of Washington County in the Commonwealth of Virginia of the one part and Andrew Martin of the County of Russell of the said Commonwealth of the Other part. Witnesseth that the said Benj Sharp for and in consideration of the Sum of eight pounds current money of Virginia to the Said Benj. Sharp in hand paid doth Bargain and Sell unto the said Andrew Martin and his Heirs one certain Track or parcel of Land in the Said county of Russell lying on the waters of Cedar creek a branch of Clinch River containing two hundred acres by grant bearing date the twenty sixth day of June One thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty six and of the Commonwealth the Tenth, and bounded as followeth to wit Beginning at a Mulberry and Two Sugar tree saplings on the top of a ridge a corner to James Litton's land and running with the line of the Same S 48 W 39 poles to a ??? and Elm in a rich hollow N 65 W 84 poles to a white Oak dogwood and Sugar tree Sapling on the end of a ridge S 74 W 84 poles to Two Large Buckeyes near the mouth of a Sinking branch [*] N 14 E 87 poles to a large Spanish Oak white Oak and Cherry tree Sapling on a Line Alexn'r McClannahan's pattent Land and running with a line of the Same N 50 E 80 poles to a Mulberry Ash and Hiccory on a Stony bank Leaving said line Thence S 74 E 29 poles to an ash and two hiccory Saplings a corner of Tho's Price Jun'r. Land and with one of his lines S 81 E 100 poles to a Sugar tree and double Cherry Tree Saplings on a Brushy spur Leaving Said course N 80 E 77 poles along Said Spur to three white Oaks on the side of the Same S 8 W 128 poles crossing the Spur of a large ridge to the beginning together with its appertainances to have and to hold the Said two hundred acres of Land with apatinances to the Andrew Martin or and his heirs to the Sole use and behoof of him the said Andrew Martin or and his heirs forever and the said Benj'n Sharp for himself and his heirs doth covenant with the Said Andrew Martin and his heirs that he the Said Benj'n Sharp and his heirs the Said Land with all its appertanances unto the Said Andrew Martin and his heirs against all person whatsoever will forever warrant and defend In witness whereof the Said Benj'n Sharp hath hereunto Subscribed his name and offered his Seal the day and year above written

Benj. Sharp {Seal}

Signed Sealed and
delivered in presence of
John his X mark Horton
Jacob Crabtree
Simion Cockrell

At a Court held for Russell County the 19th of Oct 1790 This Indenture Bargain and Sale between Benj'n Sharp of the one part and Andrew Martin of the Other was Exhibited in Court and proven by the oaths of John Horton, Jacob Crabtree & Simion Cockrell - Subscribing Witnesses therunto and ordered to be Recorded --

Teste Henry Dickenson C R C

[*] [A segment is missing here, Russell County DB 8, p. 342 describing the same tract of land has "N 83 W, 81 poles" inserted at this point. This additional segment is needed for the survey to "close". dlh]

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