Nathan Sword to William Taylor

Nathan Sword to William Taylor

Russell County Virginia
Deed Book 9, part 2, pages 469 - 471
Executed 26 January 1835, Recorded 24 March 1835

Nathan Sword to William Taylor 175 acres.

This indenture made the 26th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty five between Nathan Sword of Harlan County and the state of Kentucky of the one part, &William Taylor of Russell County and state of Virginia of the other part witnesseth that the said Nathan Sword for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to have in hand paid by the said William Taylor at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged have bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell unto the said William Taylor his heirs and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and seventy five acres be the same more or less if being a part of a survey bearing date the twelfth day of May one thousand eight hundred and four lying and being in the County of Russell on the North side of Little Rye Grass Mountain and bounded as followeth to wit. Beginning at a white oak and sugar tree on the west side of a spur of said mountain and on the north side of a hollow thence S. 28* E. 74 poles along the side of a spur to two sugar tree saplings, in a line of William Kings thence with his line N 66* E 84 poles to a large large Spanish oak and two buckeye saplings corner to said King thence with another of his lines S. 24* E 67 poles to a bunch of Lysms (?) Corner to said King on a line of John Ervins thence with said Ervin's line N. 68* E 45 poles to six Lysms N 25 * E 154 poles to three sugar trees by the side of a sinkhole N 55* W 58 poles to a buckeye and wh……x walnut on a branch conditional corner between said William Taylor and Michael Sword Junior thence with the meander of said branch to two Lysms on the banks of said branch another conditional corner thence S. 40* w 94 poles to the beginning. Together with all appurtenances privileges and advantages to the same belonging to have and to hold the said tract of land with all its appurtenances unto the said William Taylor his heirs and assigns for eve the said tract of land being a part of a tract granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia unto John Ervin and from the said John Ervin unto the said Nathan Sword and the said Nathan Sword for himself and his heirs doth covenant and grant to and with the said William Taylor his heirs and assigns the tract of land afore said free from the claim or claims of him the said Nathan Sword or his heirs and of all or every person or persons what so ever and shall well and do for ever warrant and defend the said tract of land unto the said William Taylor his heirs and assigns forever. In witness where of the said Nathan Sword hath here unto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Nathan Sword Seal

Lee County to wit
We Benjamin Davis and John Horton justices of the peace in the county afore said in the state of Virginia do here by certify that Nathan Sword party to a certain deed bearing date the 26 day of January 1835 and here to annexed personally appeared before us in our county afore said and acknowledged the same to be his act and deed and desired us to certify the said acknowledgment to the Clerk of the County court of Russell and order that the said deed may be recorded. Given under our hands and seals this 29 day of January 1835.

Benjamin Davis Seal

John Horton Seal

This indenture of bargain and sale from Nathan Sword to William Taylor certified to have been acknowledged before two justices of the peace was produced to One in the clerk's office of Russell County on the 24 day of March 1835 and admitted to record.

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