1860 Census of Russell County, VA
1860 Census of Russell County, VA
transcribed by Gloria Skeens

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000, 000
Aburgy, Aisey
Aburgy, Eliza
Aburgy, Jahiel
Aburgy, John
Aburgy, John
Aburgy, Martha
Aburgy, Martin
Aburgy, Nancy
Aburgy, Noah
Aburgy, Syntha
Aburgy, William
Aburgy, Wm.
Adams, Andrew P.
Adams, Elistenatly
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, James
Adams, James
Adams, Joel
Adams, Julia Ann
Adams, Loueasy J.
Adams, Mary
Adams, Mary
Adams, Not Named
Adams, Rebecca
Adams, Rebecca E.
Adams, Sarah
Addenson, Armelda J.
Addenson, Elbert S.
Addenson, Emily
Addenson, G. Crisman
Addenson, Henry
Addenson, Hiram
Addenson, James M
Addenson, Lucenda
Addenson, Margaret
Addenson, Neoma E.
Addenson, Silas
Adderson, Armelda
Adderson, Mary A.
Adderson, Redden
Addeson, Ellen F.
Addeson, Hiram
Addeson, William
Addison, Ellan
Addison, Hiram L.
Addison, James B.
Addison, James W.
Addison, Leah
Addison, Loueasy
Addison, Mary Jane
Addison, Melinda
Addison, Michael t.
Addison, Milia Jane
Addison, Oscar J.
Addison, Polly
Addison, Susan V.
Addison, William
Addison, Wm. P.
Adkins, James
Akers, Cieasy A.
Akers, Eloisa R.
Akers, James
Akers, James
Akers, James
Akers, James A.
Akers, John H.
Akers, John S.
Akers, Margaret
Akers, Mary
Akers, Mary J.
Akers, Nathan W.
Akers, Ransin H
Akers, Safrona C.
Akers, Sarah E.
Akers, Sarah E.
Akers, Susan
Akers, Susan
Akers, Thomas
Akers, Thomas C.
Akers, William
Akers, William R.
Akers, Wm. P.
Albert, Mary
Albert, Sylvester
Alderson, Abel
Alderson, Charles C.
Alderson, Charles W.
Alderson, Christopher
Alderson, Davis C.
Alderson, Elizabeth D.
Alderson, Frank M.
Alderson, George
Alderson, Henry G.
Alderson, Isabel C. G.
Alderson, James D.
Alderson, John D.
Alderson, Joseph D.
Alderson, Martha
Alderson, Martha A.
Alderson, Mary C.
Alderson, Mary E.
Alderson, Mary J.
Alderson, Mary P.
Alderson, Nancy J.
Alderson, Nannie J.
Alderson, Sally M.
Alderson, Thomas
Alderson, Thomas C. M.
Alderson, Thomas M.
Alderson, William C.
Alderson, William G.
Alderson, William H.
Alexander, Ann
Alexander, David
Alexander, Hannah
Alexander, Hannah
Alexander, James
Alexander, John
Alexander, John
Alexander, John Jr.
Alexander, Margaret
Alexander, Mary
Alexander, Nancy E.
Alexander, Rachail
Alexander, Richard P.
Alexander, William
Andersen, Almeda
Andersen, Cenio
Andersen, Charles
Andersen, Elias
Andersen, George
Andersen, Harvey
Andersen, Henry
Andersen, Isaac Q.
Andersen, James M.
Andersen, John W.
Andersen, Louisa M.
Andersen, Mahalia
Andersen, Nancy
Andersen, Nichodemus
Andersen, Rebecca B.
Andersen, Thomas G.
Anderson, Amos
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Betsey
Anderson, Causby
Anderson, David
Anderson, Ellan
Anderson, Eveline
Anderson, George
Anderson, George W.
Anderson, Isaac D.
Anderson, James C.
Anderson, Lucy
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary J.
Anderson, McCoy
Anderson, Melina
Anderson, Melinda
Anderson, Melvin
Anderson, Mitchell
Anderson, Mitilda
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Orville
Anderson, Rebecca A.
Anderson, Richard L.
Anderson, Samuel J.
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, Suny
Anderson, Susan
Anderson, William
Apperson, Jane
Apperson, Reuben
Arnold, Luzana
Artrip, Anderson
Artrip, Elijah
Artrip, Elizabeth
Artrip, Elizabeth
Artrip, Ellen
Artrip, Frances L.
Artrip, Fullen
Artrip, Harvey
Artrip, James H.
Artrip, James Jr.
Artrip, James Sr.
Artrip, Jasper
Artrip, John W.
Artrip, Joseph
Artrip, Joseph R.
Artrip, Josephus
Artrip, Margaret
Artrip, Martha
Artrip, Martha
Artrip, Martha J.
Artrip, Mary
Artrip, Mary
Artrip, Mary
Artrip, Mary J.
Artrip, Nancy
Artrip, Nancy Jane
Artrip, Noah
Artrip, Polly Ann
Artrip, Rachael
Artrip, Rachael
Artrip, Sally
Artrip, Samuel
Artrip, William
Artrip, William
Artrip, Winny
Ashbey, Floyd
Ashbey, Lavisa
Ashbey, Melissa
Ashbey, Polly
Ashbey, Sydney
Ashley, Chal. M.
Ashley, Conley F.
Ashley, Eliza
Ashley, Henry
Ashley, John H.
Ashley, Joseph
Ashley, Logan
Ashley, Martha
Ashley, Oliver F.
Ashley, Vailey
Astap, Josephine
Astap, Leonidas
Astap, Mary M.
Astap, Morceissa
Astap, nancy
Astap, Oliver
Astap, Salina T.
Astap, Sarah
Astap, Vannansular
Astap, Willington
Aston, Alfonza A.
Aston, Eliza
Aston, Henry D.
Aston, Margaret C.
Aston, Marhat T.
Aston, Mary
Aston, Mary A.
Aston, Rachael W.
Aston, Robert
Aston, Sally A.
Aston, Samuel W.
Aston, Thomas C.
Aston, William B.
Athey, Anna
Athey, David
Athey, John
Athey, Mary
Athey, Melinda
Austin, Alberta S.
Austin, Elijah
Austin, Eliza
Austin, Elizabeth
Austin, Elizaeth
Austin, Flemming
Austin, James A.
Austin, James F.
Austin, John
Austin, Mary
Austin, Mary E.
Austin, Mary E.
Austin, Mary J.
Austin, Nancy
Austin, Nancy
Austin, Rebecca J.
Austin, Sarah
Austin, Stephen
Austin, Thomas E.
Austin, Thomas G.
Austin, Thomas Jr.
Austin, Thomas Sr.
Avines, Armida C.
Avines, Elias
Avines, George W.
Avines, Lilburn A. O.
Avines, Sally
Ayers, Daniel J.
Ayers, George W. J.
Ayers, Susan
Babb, Delila
Babb, John
Bailey, Catharine
Bailey, Cristena
Bailey, Eliza
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Florence R.
Bailey, George
Bailey, George W.
Bailey, Henry P.
Bailey, James J.
Bailey, Jefferson
Bailey, John
Bailey, John H.
Bailey, Margaret E.
Bailey, Martha E.
Bailey, Mary C.
Bailey, Nancy
Bailey, Sarah J.
Bailey, William
Baker, Caroline E.
Baker, Cowan
Baker, Edith
Baker, Geo. A.
Baker, Highley
Baker, Isaac B.
Baker, James
Baker, James H.
Baker, John
Baker, John G.
Baker, John H.
Baker, John S.
Baker, Joseph C.
Baker, Julia A.
Baker, Mary E.
Baker, Mary E. C.
Baker, Melissa
Baker, Nathaniel
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Tabitha
Baker, Thomas J.
Baker, William J.
Ball, A. Bunyan
Ball, Alford
Ball, Almeda
Ball, Andrew
Ball, Andrew
Ball, Anjeline
Ball, Anna
Ball, Ansley
Ball, Caroline
Ball, Catharine
Ball, Catharine
Ball, Catharine J.
Ball, Catherine
Ball, Causby
Ball, Charles C.
Ball, Cornelius
Ball, Cyntha
Ball, Cynthia C.
Ball, Daniel
Ball, Delia
Ball, Drucilla
Ball, Elihu ?.
Ball, Eliza
Ball, Eliza
Ball, Eliza M
Ball, Elizabeth
Ball, Elizabeth
Ball, Elizabeth
Ball, Emeline
Ball, Emily
Ball, Emsley
Ball, Evaline
Ball, Floyd
Ball, Francis M.
Ball, Fullen
Ball, George
Ball, George
Ball, George W.
Ball, George W.
Ball, George W.
Ball, Hascew
Ball, Henry
Ball, Isaac V.
Ball, Isaish
Ball, Jacob
Ball, Jame H.
Ball, James
Ball, James
Ball, James H.
Ball, James W.
Ball, Jane
Ball, Jesse
Ball, Jessee N.
Ball, John
Ball, John
Ball, John
Ball, John
Ball, John M.
Ball, John T.
Ball, John W.
Ball, John W.
Ball, Joshua
Ball, Leah P.
Ball, Lilbern
Ball, Lorenza D.
Ball, Loueasy
Ball, Louisa
Ball, Louisa
Ball, Lousey
Ball, Lucinda
Ball, Major
Ball, Major T.
Ball, Manirva E.
Ball, Margaret
Ball, Margaret
Ball, Margaret J.
Ball, Martha J
Ball, Martha V.
Ball, Martin
Ball, Mary
Ball, Mary
Ball, Mary A.
Ball, Mary E.
Ball, Mary E.
Ball, Mary J.
Ball, Mary Jane
Ball, Mary L.
Ball, Melassia
Ball, Melia
Ball, Melissa A.
Ball, Melissa J.
Ball, Moses
Ball, Moses
Ball, Nancy
Ball, Nancy
Ball, Patton C.
Ball, Patton G.
Ball, Rachael
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Robert S.
Ball, Robert S. A.
Ball, Sally
Ball, Sally
Ball, Sally
Ball, Sarah
Ball, Susan C.
Ball, Susannah
Ball, Sydney J.
Ball, Thomas J.
Ball, William H.
Ball, William J.
Ball, William L.
Ball, William L.
Ball, William M.
Ball, Wilson
Ball, Wilson
Ball, Wm. M.
Banister, Polly
Banner, Berry R.
Banner, Daniel E.
Banner, David K.
Banner, Edward K.
Banner, George W.
Banner, Geroge
Banner, James N
Banner, John
Banner, Leah
Banner, Leah E.
Banner, Martha
Banner, Martha C.
Banner, Mary E.
Banner, Nancy C.
Banner, Priscilla A.
Banner, Samuel H.
Banner, Stephen
Banner, Thomas P.
Banner, William N.
Barger, Charles
Barger, Frances
Barger, Gideon
Barger, Horton
Barger, Jerome
Barger, Mary
Barger, Mary
Barger, Sobrina
Barger, William
Barker, David W.
Barker, Henry
Barker, John
Barker, Joseph
Barker, Lucinda M.
Barker, Nancy
Barker, Nancy
Barker, Polly
Barker, Robert
Barker, Sarah
Barker, Sarah P.
Barker, Thomas
Barker, William
Barker, William R.
Barmell, Geroge C.
Barnett, William
Barrett, Cyntha A.
Barrett, James H.
Barrett, John C.
Barrett, Martin G.
Barrett, Mary A.
Barrett, Moses ?
Barrett, Rebecca
Barrett, Rebecca C
Barrett, Thomas G.
Bartee, David
Bartee, George C.
Bartee, James J.
Bartee, Nancy
Bartee, Nancy
Bartee, Pate Ray
Bartee, Robert
Bartee, William T.
Barton, Angeline
Barton, Ann
Barton, Creede
Barton, Cumfort
Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, George W.
Barton, Harvey
Barton, Jacob
Barton, James
Barton, Louisa
Barton, Margaret
Barton, Mary
Barton, Mitilda
Barton, Mitlilda
Barton, Nancy
Barton, Peggy Ann
Barton, Ruth
Barton, Sally
Barton, Susan
Barton, Washington
Barton, William
Baugh, Absalom
Baugh, Elixabeth
Baugh, Elizabeth J.
Baugh, John J.
Baugh, Loueasy
Baugh, Mary A.
Baugh, Nancy W.
Baugh, Sarah C.
Baugh, William A.
Baumet, Elizabeth
Baumet, Polly Ann
Baumet, William
Baylor, Edwin R.
Baylor, Eliza W.
Baylor, Florence E.
Baylor, John G.
Baylor, Virginia
Bays, Beverly F.
Bays, Cyntha
Bays, David P.
Bays, Edward
Bays, Elizabeth
Bays, George B.
Bays, Hezekiah
Bays, Isaac
Bays, james H.
Bays, James H.
Bays, James J.
Bays, James K. P.
Bays, Jane
Bays, Jeremiah
Bays, John C.
Bays, John E.
Bays, John T.
Bays, Joseph
Bays, Josephine
Bays, Julia Ann
Bays, Lorenze F.
Bays, Mary
Bays, Mary J.
Bays, Nancy C.
Bays, Nancy V.
Bays, Rachael
Bays, Ruth
Bays, Silas J.
Bays, William
Belcher, Betsey
Belcher, Catharine A.
Belcher, Cyntha
Belcher, Elizabeth
Belcher, Elsey
Belcher, Erashis
Belcher, Francis L. V.
Belcher, George
Belcher, George H.
Belcher, Isael
Belcher, John
Belcher, John
Belcher, John
Belcher, John C.
Belcher, John T.
Belcher, Joseph H.
Belcher, Judith
Belcher, Lucy C.
Belcher, Martha
Belcher, Mary
Belcher, Mary Ann
Belcher, Mary Ann
Belcher, Mary E.
Belcher, Nancy
Belcher, Nancy C.
Belcher, Rebecca Jane
Belcher, Saml. H.
Belcher, Sarah
Belcher, Sarah Jane
Belcher, Wesley C.
Belcher, William P.
Beverly, Biddy A.
Beverly, Erl W.
Beverly, John
Beverly, Margaret A.
Beverly, Mary Jane
Beverly, William
Bickley, America
Bickley, Andrew
Bickley, Charles
Bickley, Eliza
Bickley, Eliza A.
Bickley, Elizabeth
Bickley, Eveline
Bickley, Ganoray
Bickley, Georgia E.
Bickley, Hariet
Bickley, Harriet
Bickley, James M.
Bickley, James O.
Bickley, John
Bickley, John F.
Bickley, John F.
Bickley, John F.
Bickley, Marcus S.
Bickley, Marion T.
Bickley, Martha M.
Bickley, Mary
Bickley, Mary J.
Bickley, Peter
Bickley, Rosan
Bickley, Thomas C.
Bickley, William
Bickley, William
Bickley, William C.
Bickley, William P.
Birchfield, Charles
Black, George
Black, Helin
Black, Peter
Black, Rebecca
Black, Thomas
Black, Tives
Black, William
Blackwell, Benjamin F.
Blackwell, Darcus
Blackwell, Harriet C.
Blackwell, James F.
Blackwell, Leonidas
Blackwell, Lucinda
Blackwell, Martha
Blackwell, Nancy
Blackwell, not named
Blackwell, Samuel D.
Blackwell, William W.
Blankenship, Loueasy
Blevens, Sarah
Blevins, Ellander
Blevins, Emily
Blevins, Frances
Blevins, Hannah
Blevins, James M.
Blevins, John
Blevins, John P.
Blevins, Margaret J.
Blevins, Nathan F.
Blizzard, Clark
Blizzard, Eliza
Blizzard, Eliza J.
Blizzard, Eliza J.
Blizzard, Hannah M.
Blizzard, James
Blizzard, James
Blizzard, Jane
Blizzard, John
Blizzard, Lydia
Blizzard, Margaret
Blizzard, Mary E.
Blizzard, Nancy
Blizzard, Robert
Blizzard, Russell F.
Blizzard, Ruthe
Blizzard, Stephen
Blizzard, Sydna
Blizzard, William
Blizzard, William
Blizzard, William
Boardwine, Andrew
Boardwine, Charles
Boardwine, David
Boardwine, Eliazbeth
Boardwine, Henry
Boardwine, James
Boardwine, Joseph
Booker, Jesse
Booker, Mariah M.
Booker, Nancy M.
Booker, Robert
Booker, Thomas P.
Booker, William
Booth, Joseph
Booth, Miles
Boothe, Alfred
Boothe, Alfred
Boothe, Casuby S.
Boothe, Hezekiah
Boothe, Jane
Boothe, Jane
Boothe, John
Boothe, John
Boothe, John W.
Boothe, Lousina P.
Boothe, Lucretia
Boothe, Lucretia
Boothe, Mary J.
Boothe, Miles A.
Boothe, Polly
Boothe, Polly
Boothe, Rebecca J.
Boothe, Selena A.
Boothe, Stephen
Boothe, Susan
Boothe, Susan
Boothe, William W.
Bostick, John
Boswell, Charles
Boswell, Cyntha
Boswell, Eliza B.
Boswell, Elizabeth
Boswell, Fanny
Boswell, Hannah
Boswell, James W.
Boswell, John
Boswell, Joseph
Boswell, Margaret
Boswell, Martha
Boswell, Mary
Boswell, Mary
Boswell, Nancy
Boswell, Sally E.
Boswell, Sally J.
Boswell, Thomas
Boswell, William T.
Bowen, Abraham
Bowen, Louisa
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, Esaias
Bowman, George W.
Bowman, John
Bowman, Lucinda
Bowman, Mary Ann
Bowman, Mary J.
Bowman, nancy J.
Bowman, Peter
Bowman, William
Bowman, William J.
Boyd, Albert
Boyd, Barbara
Boyd, Catharine
Boyd, Celia E.
Boyd, Charles D.
Boyd, Charles H.
Boyd, Elijah F.
Boyd, Elisha
Boyd, Elizabeth
Boyd, Isaac L.
Boyd, Isaac M.
Boyd, James S.
Boyd, Jane
Boyd, John H.
Boyd, John L.
Boyd, Jonathan
Boyd, Jonathan
Boyd, Joseph
Boyd, Julia Ann
Boyd, Lucinda
Boyd, Lucinda
Boyd, Malissa A.
Boyd, Martha
Boyd, Mary
Boyd, Mary
Boyd, Mary C.
Boyd, Mary E.
Boyd, Mary J.
Boyd, Melinda
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, Nancy J.
Boyd, Nathan E.
Boyd, Priscilla
Boyd, Rachael R.
Boyd, Robert
Boyd, Robert
Boyd, Robert A.
Boyd, Samuel
Boyd, Sarah E.
Boyd, Silas
Boyd, Sparrel
Boyd, William
Bradley, Burgess
Bradley, Christopher
Bradley, Elizabeth
Bradley, Fielding
Bradley, James P.
Bradley, John H.
Bradley, Lewis
Bradley, Lydia
Bradley, Martha A.
Bradley, Rachael
Bradley, William
Bradshaw, Allis L.
Bradshaw, An infant not named
Bradshaw, Charles
Bradshaw, Florance B.
Bradshaw, Isabel H.
Bradshaw, James H.
Bradshaw, Jane
Bradshaw, John
Bradshaw, Josephine
Bradshaw, Loueasy
Bradshaw, Sarah
Bradshaw, Sarah A.
Bradshaw, Wade
Bradshaw, William
Bradshaw, William
Bradshaw, Wm.
Bransen, David A.
Bransen, Lucinda Charlotte
Bransen, Lucindda
Bransen, Teany
Bransen, William S.
Branson, Francis
Branson, Lucinda
Branson, Rebecca
Bratton, Alex S.
Bratton, Charles Wm.
Bratton, George H.
Bratton, J. Thomas
Bratton, James A.
Bratton, Margaret C.
Bratton, Susan
Bray, John M
Bray, Mary
Bray, Michael
Bray, Sary A.
Breeding, Albert S.
Breeding, Betsey
Breeding, Bryant
Breeding, Elijah
Breeding, Elijah
Breeding, Elijah H.
Breeding, Eliza beth
Breeding, Elizabeth
Breeding, Elizabeth
Breeding, Elizabeth
Breeding, Elizah
Breeding, Elizha
Breeding, George
Breeding, George W.
Breeding, Hannah
Breeding, Hannah
Breeding, Harrison
Breeding, Henderson
Breeding, James
Breeding, James M.
Breeding, John
Breeding, Joseph A.
Breeding, Louisa
Breeding, Margaret
Breeding, Margaret M.
Breeding, Nancy
Breeding, Nancy
Breeding, Nancy Jane
Breeding, Noah
Breeding, Phebe
Breeding, Samuel G.
Breeding, Spencer
Breeding, Susanah
Breeding, Susannah
Breeding, Virginia C.
Breeding, William
Breeding, William J.
Breeding, Winney
Breedlove, Ann
Breedlove, Charles
Breedlove, Elizabeth
Breedlove, Elizabeth
Breedlove, Geroge
Breedlove, Jackson
Breedlove, Jas. M.
Breedlove, John J.
Breedlove, Samuel P.
Breedlove, Wm.
Browing, Beneja
Browing, Biddy
Browing, Charles
Browing, Elizabeth M.
Browing, George W.
Browing, James M.
Browing, Jesse
Browing, John
Browing, John
Browing, John C.
Browing, Margaret
Browing, Martha Jane
Browing, Mary
Browing, Nancy J.
Browing, Rachael
Browing, Rebecca
Brown, Jacob
Browning, Alford P.
Browning, Arminta
Browning, Caleb
Browning, Charles S.
Browning, Elizabeth
Browning, Francis A.
Browning, Frank
Browning, Isabel
Browning, Jacob
Browning, James
Browning, James
Browning, James H.
Browning, James S.
Browning, Jane
Browning, John P.
Browning, Josiah
Browning, Leah
Browning, Loueasy
Browning, Loueasy
Browning, Margaret
Browning, Margaret A.
Browning, Martha
Browning, Mary
Browning, Mary
Browning, Mary
Browning, Nancy
Browning, Nancy
Browning, Phillis
Browning, Sally
Browning, Sally
Browning, Sarah A.
Browning, Sarah E.
Browning, Taylor S.
Browning, Vincent
Browning, William
Browning, Wilson
Brunett, Elizabeth
Brunett, John
Brunett, John
Brunett, Mary
Brunett, Melinda
Brunett, Rebecca j.
Bryant, Ailey S.
Bryant, Andrew B.
Bryant, Arthur T.
Bryant, Elizabeth J.
Bryant, Isaac W.
Bryant, James
Bryant, Lydia A. M.
Bryant, Peggy
Bryant, Priscilla R.
Bryant, William
Bryant, William S.
Buckles, Abraham
Buckles, Charles
Buckles, Edward
Buckles, Edward L.
Buckles, Eli
Buckles, Elizabeth C.
Buckles, Ellan C.A.
Buckles, Emmit
Buckles, Francis V.
Buckles, George
Buckles, James
Buckles, James A.
Buckles, John C.
Buckles, Louisa N.
Buckles, Lucy
Buckles, Margaret L.
Buckles, Martha C.
Buckles, Mary J.
Buckles, Mary J.
Buckles, Nathaniel D.
Buckles, Rebecca
Buckles, Sabrina
Buckles, William
Buckley, Ann
Bull, Beverly K.
Bull, Mary Ann
Bull, Moses
Bull, Robert S.
Bull, Virginia F.
Bundy, Benj. C.
Bundy, Benjamin F.
Bundy, Daniel
Bundy, Elizabeth
Bundy, Elizabeth
Bundy, Elizabeth E.
Bundy, Henry C.
Bundy, John G.
Bundy, Julia
Bundy, Nancy
Bundy, Patsey Ellen
Bundy, Polly
Bundy, Priscilla
Bundy, Rebecca
Bundy, Rebecca
Bundy, Rebecca
Bundy, Sally
Bundy, Samuel
Bundy, Stephen J.
Bundy, Susan
Bundy, Thomas
Bundy, Thomas W.
Burdine, Edith C.
Burdine, Elizabeth
Burdine, Emeline
Burdine, Ezekiel
Burdine, Henry D.
Burdine, Henry D.
Burdine, James P. W.
Burdine, John W.
Burdine, Martha E.
Burdine, Nathan E.
Burdine, Nathan E.
Burdine, Robert D.
Burdine, Stella C.
Burdine, Thomas J.
Burgoss, Eliza A.
Burgoss, Ellan H.
Burgoss, James H.
Burgoss, James M
Burgoss, Julia A. F.
Burgoss, Louisa
Burgoss, Margaret
Burgoss, Margaret A
Burgoss, Margaret J.
Burgoss, Robert
Burgoss, Susannah
Burgoss, Thomas
Burgoss, William
Burgoss, William
Burgoss, Wm.
Burk, Archer
Burk, Ballard M.
Burk, Clella
Burk, David
Burk, Eliza
Burk, Flemming
Burk, Henry L
Burk, Henry L.
Burk, Isaiah
Burk, Isaiah
Burk, Isaiah J.
Burk, James
Burk, John
Burk, John B. F.
Burk, John G.
Burk, Joseph
Burk, Leah
Burk, Margaret
Burk, Margaret L.
Burk, Martha
Burk, Martha A.
Burk, Martha J.
Burk, Mary C.
Burk, Mary C.
Burk, Mary E.
Burk, Nancy
Burk, Nancy
Burk, Nancy
Burk, Nancy M
Burk, Rebeca J.
Burk, Rebecca
Burk, Robert
Burk, Sally P.
Burk, Samuel
Burk, Sarah
Burk, Stephen
Burk, Susan A.
Burk, Thadus P. T.
Burk, Wesley W.
Burk, William
Burnett, Allis
Burnett, John B.
Burnett, Louisa C
Burnett, Nancy
Burnett, Nancy Jane
Burnett, Rebecca A.
Burnett, Samuel B.
Burnette, Emily
Burnette, John
Burnette, John D.
Burnette, Melville
Burnette, Nancy
Burnette, Robert
Burnette, William M.
Burris, Henry
Burris, Jane
Burris, Patsey
Burris, Sidney
Bush, Anderson P.
Bush, Firman
Bush, Geroge G.
Bush, James
Bush, Margaret
Bush, Mary E.
Bush, Nancy
Bush, Nancy
Bush, Nancy
Bush, Stephen
Bush, Tivis
Bush, Valentine
Bush, William
Busse, Alexander
Busse, Cicilla J.
Busse, Cornelius
Busse, Edgar C.
Busse, Hamman
Busse, Henry T.
Busse, James O.
Busse, Jane A.
Busse, John W.
Busse, Sally B.
Caldwell, Alexander
Caldwell, Margaret
Caldwell, Martha A.
Caldwell, Susannah
Caldwell, Wm. R.
Calhon, Betsey
Calhon, Mary
Campbell, Andrew W.
Campbell, Andw. J.
Campbell, Caroline
Campbell, Charles B.
Campbell, Clarinda
Campbell, Cyntha
Campbell, Cythia
Campbell, David W.
Campbell, Edward L.
Campbell, Eliza A.
Campbell, Eliza A.
Campbell, Elizabeth J.
Campbell, Elizabeth J.
Campbell, Floranzo J.
Campbell, Fountain
Campbell, George W.
Campbell, Geroge A.
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, Ira R.
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, James C.
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, Jasper N.
Campbell, Joel
Campbell, Joel J.
Campbell, Joel R.
Campbell, John C.
Campbell, John F.
Campbell, John F.
Campbell, John M.
Campbell, John W. C,
Campbell, Leah C.
Campbell, Mahalah C.
Campbell, Mahalia
Campbell, Margaret A.
Campbell, Margaret A.
Campbell, Margaret C.
Campbell, Martha E.
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Mary A.
Campbell, Mary Annn
Campbell, Mary E.
Campbell, Mary J.
Campbell, Mary W.
Campbell, Matildia
Campbell, Melinda J.
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Nancy E.
Campbell, Rachael P.
Campbell, Rachael P.
Campbell, Richard
Campbell, Sarah
Campbell, Susanah
Campbell, Sydney E.
Campbell, Thomas F.
Campbell, William
Campbell, William J.
Campbell, William P.
Campbell, Wilson
Campbell, Wilson E,
Campbell, Wilson W.
Campbell, Winney
Campbells, Anna
Campbells, William
Campton, Anjeline
Campton, Elizabeth
Campton, Emily
Campton, Margaret
Campton, William
Candler, Archer J.
Candler, Charles C.
Candler, Dicy
Candler, Dortothy Jane
Candler, Elbert S.
Candler, Elizabeth G.
Candler, George W.
Candler, Geroge N.
Candler, Harriet L.
Candler, Martha
Candler, Nancy
Candler, Williiam J.
Canida, Fletcher
Canida, John
Canida, Mary
Canida, Wiley
Carico, Elleanor
Carico, Florence
Carico, Isabel
Carico, John F.
Carico, Joseph
Carico, Memmeran
Carico, S. L Fayette
Carico, William A.
Carothers, Mary
Carothers, Mary F.
Carrell, Benjamin
Carrell, Celia
Carrell, Celia
Carrell, Charles
Carrell, Charles
Carrell, Charles
Carrell, Charles F.
Carrell, Christopher T.
Carrell, Elizabeth
Carrell, George
Carrell, Hariet
Carrell, Isaiah
Carrell, James
Carrell, James
Carrell, James P.
Carrell, Jane
Carrell, Jane
Carrell, Leah
Carrell, Margaret
Carrell, Margaret J.
Carrell, Martha A.
Carrell, Martha G.
Carrell, Mary
Carrell, Mary
Carrell, Mary
Carrell, Nancy
Carrell, Nancy T.
Carrell, Polly
Carrell, Polly
Carrell, Priscilla
Carrell, Rebecca
Carrell, S.D.
Carrell, Sally
Carrell, Samuel
Carrell, Samuel
Carrell, Stephen
Carrell, Susan
Carrell, Susan
Carrell, Thomas
Carrell, William
Carrell, Winfield S.
Carson, Joseph H.
Carson, Maria E.
Carson, Robert P.
Carson, William
Carson, William
Carter, America
Carter, Archer
Carter, Celia
Carter, Charles D.
Carter, Dale
Carter, Davis
Carter, Elixabeth
Carter, Eliza
Carter, Eliza C.
Carter, Eliza C.
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, Emer
Carter, Henry
Carter, James O.
Carter, John L.
Carter, Margaret C.
Carter, Mary A.
Carter, Peter
Carter, Pinkney
Carter, Sallly L.
Carter, Thomas
Carter, Walter W.
Carty, Caroline
Carty, Christopher A.
Carty, Dilila
Carty, Esther
Carty, Isaac V.
Carty, James C.
Carty, John D.
Carty, John M.
Carty, John P.
Carty, John W.
Carty, Joseph C. F.
Carty, Joseph F.
Carty, Lemuel G. W.
Carty, Martha S.
Carty, Mary E.
Carty, Mary N.
Carty, Melinda E.
Carty, Nancy
Carty, Nancy
Carty, Nancy
Carty, Nancy A. A.
Carty, Nancy E.
Carty, Rebecca J.
Carty, Robert D.
Carty, Sarah E.
Carty, Thomas J.
Casey, Cleophus
Casey, Hannah
Casey, Henry
Casey, Henry
Casey, Mary Ann
Casey, Mathias
Casey, Nancy
Casey, Napoleon B.
Casey, Patton
Casey, Sally
Castle, Abraham W.
Castle, Alexander
Castle, Anna
Castle, Betsey
Castle, Charlotte T.
Castle, Dorthula C.
Castle, Drsia A.
Castle, Elijah
Castle, Elizabeth
Castle, Eunice
Castle, Hannah
Castle, Jacob
Castle, Jacob E.
Castle, James M.
Castle, James W.
Castle, Jerusia
Castle, John
Castle, John
Castle, John W.
Castle, Jonas
Castle, Lucinda
Castle, Lucy
Castle, Mahatha H.
Castle, Major A.
Castle, Martha A.
Castle, Martha J.
Castle, Mary
Castle, Ralph
Castle, Ralph
Castle, Robert R.
Castle, Sadelia
Castle, Sarah
Castle, Sarah E.
Castle, Sarah F.
Castle, Sarah J.
Castle, Silas
Castle, Thursey
Castle, Tyler H.
Castle, Virginia
Castle, William
Castle, William A.
Castle, William G.
Castle, William R.
Castle Jr., Zach
Castle Sr., Zach
Cate, Willliam
Cates, Ann
Cates, Catherine
Cates, Charles B.
Cates, Elijah
Cates, Ellan
Cates, Frances
Cates, Hariet
Cates, Robert B.
Cates, Thomas
Cates, Wesley
Cates, William G.
Catson, Elizabeth
Catson, Fanny
Catson, Felix G.
Catson, Jams
Catson, John W.
Catson, Victoria
Cazed, Albert
Cazed, an infant not named
Cazed, Jane
Cazed, John
Cazed, John
Cazed, Victoria
Cazed, Victoria
Chafin, Andrew
Chafin, Andrew J.
Chafin, Catherine
Chafin, Charles
Chafin, Charles
Chafin, Clora
Chafin, David
Chafin, Elihu
Chafin, Emeline
Chafin, Floyd
Chafin, Frances J.
Chafin, George
Chafin, James
Chafin, James
Chafin, John
Chafin, John
Chafin, John I.
Chafin, Levi
Chafin, Margaret
Chafin, Meredith E.
Chafin, Oliver
Chafin, Polly
Chafin, Rolson B.
Chafin, Sally
Chafin, Sarah
Chafin, Sousanah
Chafin, Thomas K.
Chandler, Adaline H.
Chandler, Cusaway L.
Chandler, Dortothy J.
Chandler, James J.
Chandler, John H.
Chandler, John T.
Chandler, Rebecca J.
Chandler, Sarah A.
Chandler, Singleton
Chandler, Thomas
Chandler, William R.
Chapman, Benjamin
Chapman, Benjamin F.
Chapman, Beverly J.
Chapman, Carmel
Chapman, Catherine
Chapman, Catherine
Chapman, Charles C.
Chapman, Charles C.
Chapman, Elva
Chapman, George M.
Chapman, Henry C.
Chapman, James H.
Chapman, Jasen
Chapman, John B.
Chapman, John C.
Chapman, John W.
Chapman, Joseph
Chapman, Joseph
Chapman, Lucinda
Chapman, Manerva
Chapman, Maneva J.
Chapman, Margaret
Chapman, Margaret
Chapman, Margret E. J.
Chapman, Martha F.
Chapman, Martha J.
Chapman, Martha M
Chapman, Mary
Chapman, Mary E.
Chapman, Mary E.
Chapman, Mary Jane
Chapman, Rebecca
Chapman, Ruby
Chapman, Theophetus
Chapman, Virginia C.
Chapman, William
Chapman, William
Chapman, William O.
Chapman, Wilson
Chapman, Wm. H.
Childess, Archie J.
Childess, James R.
Childess, John H
Childess, Mary L.
Childess, Rebecca
Childress, Abraham
Childress, Catherine
Childress, Elizabeth
Childress, Elizabeth F.
Childress, Francis
Childress, James B.
Clark, Abram
Clark, an infant not named
Clark, Andrew F.
Clark, Bartley
Clark, Charles W.
Clark, Daniel O.
Clark, Eliza
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth V.
Clark, Ellan
Clark, Fredrick
Clark, George F.
Clark, James
Clark, John
Clark, John P.
Clark, Leah
Clark, Louisa
Clark, Louisa A.
Clark, Lucy
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary E.
Clark, Mitchel C.
Clark, Montaville
Clark, Moses
Clark, Patrick
Clark, Rachael
Clark, Salina
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah S.
Clark, William
Clark, William E.
Clay, Charles
Clay, Elbert S.
Clay, Emily
Clay, George H.
Clay, George H.
Clay, Harman
Clay, Harman
Clay, Jackson
Cleman, Hannah
Clifton, Adeline
Clifton, Andrew D.
Clifton, Barbara A.
Clifton, Delila M.
Clifton, Elam A.
Clifton, Elias
Clifton, Emanuel A.
Clifton, Emory L.
Clifton, Ervin
Clifton, George A.
Clifton, George W.
Clifton, Isaac
Clifton, Jackson M.
Clifton, James E.
Clifton, John M.
Clifton, John M.
Clifton, Martha A.
Clifton, Martin G.
Clifton, Mary A.
Clifton, Nancy E.
Clifton, Sarah C.
Clifton, Susan J.
Clifton, Thomas S.
Clifton, William C.
Cloud, Henry
Cloud, John M.
Cloud, Louisa
Cockram, Edward
Cockram, Elizabeth
Cockram, Frances
Cockram, Jackson
Cockram, James M.
Cockram, Lilburn
Cockram, Lucinda
Cockram, Lybird
Cockram, Marvel
Cockram, Melinda
Cockram, Nancy
Cockram, Nancy A.
Cockram, Nathan
Cockram, Octave
Cockram, Peter
Cockram, Ruth
Cockram, Sarah J.
Cockram, Seward
Coekran, Robet M.
Coldwell, Alexander
Coldwell, Sarah A.
Collins, Betsey A.
Collins, Burgess
Collins, Cerrin?
Collins, Jane
Collins, John A.
Collins, John H.
Collins, Lavina
Collins, Margaret M
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary C.
Collins, Mary J.
Collins, Nancy A. L.
Collins, Rebecca
Collins, Samuel
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Susan E.
Collins, WIlliam
Collins, William F.
Combs, Alexander
Combs, Alexander
Combs, Angeline
Combs, Ann
Combs, Ann Eliza
Combs, Anna
Combs, Anna
Combs, Asa A.
Combs, Benson
Combs, Beverly T.
Combs, Celia E.
Combs, Colbert
Combs, Cullen
Combs, Cullen Jr.
Combs, Eliza
Combs, Elizabeth D.
Combs, Esther C.
Combs, Eunice F.
Combs, Fielding
Combs, Fielding
Combs, Fredrick G.
Combs, Hannah
Combs, Henry C.
Combs, Jacob
Combs, James S. B.
Combs, Jane
Combs, John
Combs, John
Combs, John M.
Combs, John M.
Combs, Joseph
Combs, Julia Ann
Combs, Lodisa
Combs, Margaret
Combs, Margaret
Combs, Margaret Jane
Combs, Martha J.
Combs, Martha M A. ?.
Combs, Mary E.
Combs, Melissa C.
Combs, Nancy
Combs, Nancy A.
Combs, Peggy
Combs, Rachael
Combs, Rebecca
Combs, Rebecca
Combs, Robert
Combs, Sally
Combs, Sally
Combs, Samuel
Combs, Samuel
Combs, Sarah C.
Combs, Sarah C.
Combs, Shadrick W.
Combs, Simeon F.
Combs, Susan
Combs, Thomas
Combs, Thompson
Combs, Thompson Jr.
Combs, Timothy
Combs, Victoria
Combs, Vincent
Combs, Virginia
Combs, William
Combs, William
Combs, William
Combs, William
Combs, William
Combs, William D.
Combs, William L.
Compton, Alva
Compton, Amy
Compton, Amy L. E.
Compton, an infant not named
Compton, Ann Eliza
Compton, Catharine
Compton, Celia
Compton, Charity
Compton, David
Compton, Eliza A.
Compton, Elizabeth
Compton, Emeline
Compton, Frances
Compton, Fullen
Compton, George W.
Compton, James
Compton, James F.
Compton, Jeremiah G.
Compton, John D.
Compton, John P.
Compton, Manerva
Compton, Manerva
Compton, Martha
Compton, Mary
Compton, Mary
Compton, Mary Jane
Compton, Mary M.
Compton, Melinda
Compton, Nancy
Compton, Patton
Compton, Prissa
Compton, Sabina
Compton, Sally
Compton, Samuel G.
Compton, Sarah A. M.
Compton, Starling
Compton, Stephen
Compton, William
Compton, William A.
Compton, William T.
Comton, Beverly
Comton, David
Comton, Elizabeth
Comton, Gilmer
Comton, Martha A. V.
Comton, Mary
Comton, Peyton
Comton, Sterling
Conaway, Nancy
Conaway, Priscilla
Cook, Anna
Cook, Anna
Cook, Buchanan
Cook, Catherine
Cook, Creegh
Cook, Cummings
Cook, Cyntha A.
Cook, Dicy
Cook, Doctor Kennan
Cook, Douglass
Cook, Eliza
Cook, Eliza A.
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Evan K.
Cook, George W
Cook, George W.
Cook, Hannah
Cook, Hannah
Cook, Henry
Cook, Henry
Cook, Jacob
Cook, Jacob H.
Cook, James
Cook, James
Cook, James H.
Cook, Jane
Cook, Jasper
Cook, Jemima
Cook, John
Cook, John
Cook, John
Cook, Julia Ann
Cook, Leah
Cook, Leah
Cook, Lorenzo
Cook, Mary Jane
Cook, Nancy
Cook, Newton
Cook, Patsey
Cook, Polly
Cook, PollyHannah
Cook, Rachael
Cook, Rachael
Cook, Samuel H.
Cook, Sarah A.
Cook, Simeon E.
Cook, Tivis
Cook, Thomasn
Cook, William
Cook, William
Cooper, Andrew
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Edward D. K.
Cooper, Jacob
Cooper, John
Cooper, Lewis
Cooper, Margaret
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Nathan
Cooper, Nathan
Cooper, Rosannah
Cooper, Sarah
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, William
Cordell, Mary
Couch, Andrew J.
Couch, Archabald
Couch, Charles
Couch, Eliza
Couch, Elizabeth
Couch, Fanny
Couch, Frances C.
Couch, Franklin G.
Couch, George
Couch, Henry
Couch, Jeremiah
Couch, Jeremiah
Couch, John
Couch, Margaret
Couch, Mary
Couch, Mary J.
Couch, Nancy
Couch, Noah
Couch, Patsey H.
Couch, Thomas
Couch, Thomas Louisa
Counts, Abigail
Counts, Aley
Counts, Anna
Counts, Canann
Counts, Caroline
Counts, Charles W.
Counts, Cristina
Counts, David
Counts, David C.
Counts, Elihu K
Counts, Eliza J.
Counts, Elizabeth
Counts, Elizabeth
Counts, Elizabeth
Counts, Elizabeth J.
Counts, Ethen A.
Counts, Eve
Counts, Ezekeil
Counts, Ezekiel
Counts, Ezekiel
Counts, Floyd
Counts, Goolsby B.
Counts, Henry
Counts, James
Counts, James J.
Counts, James J.
Counts, James M.
Counts, John
Counts, John
Counts, John
Counts, John
Counts, John B.
Counts, John J.
Counts, John W.
Counts, Joseph
Counts, Joshua
Counts, Lott
Counts, Louisa
Counts, Margaret
Counts, Margaret E.
Counts, Mary C.
Counts, Metilda
Counts, Nancy
Counts, Nancy E.
Counts, Nancy Jane
Counts, Phebe
Counts, Polate
Counts, Rebecca
Counts, Sallie
Counts, Sameul S.
Counts, Shadrick W.
Counts, Silas H.
Counts, Squire
Counts, Susan
Counts, Susan
Counts, William G.
Counts, William T.
Counts, Wilson ?
Cousins, Leonadas A.
Cousins, Mary
Cowan, Bolivar
Cowan, Charles H.
Cowan, David
Cowan, David
Cowan, George
Cowan, John T.
Cowan, M. Elizabeth
Cowan, Mary
Cowan, Mary T.
Cowan, Nancy
Cowan, Robert G.
Cowan, Tabitha
Cowan, Thomas B.
Cowan, William G.
Cox, Alfred
Cox, Eliza
Cox, Eliza Ann
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Elizabeth J.
Cox, Eveline
Cox, George
Cox, Jesse
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Lilbern
Cox, Louisa
Cox, Lowis
Cox, Lowry
Cox, Maneria
Cox, Martha
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Sarah
Cox, Thomas
Cox, William
Cox, Wilson
Cox, Wilson
Crabtree, Celia
Crabtree, Elihu
Crabtree, Eliza
Crabtree, George M
Crabtree, Jane
Crabtree, Mary Ann
Crabtree, Sally
Crabtree, Sindesta
Crabtree, William
Crawford, Polly
Crawford, Virginia A.
Cressenhill, Andrew
Cressenhill, Elizabeth
Cressenhill, Jacob
Cressenhill, Julian
Cressenhill, William G.
Crockett, David
Cromwell, Jane
Cromwell, William
Cross, Asa
Cross, Asa
Cross, Benson
Cross, Catherine
Cross, Elisha
Cross, Elizabeth
Cross, Ellan
Cross, Emeline
Cross, Henry
Cross, Henry
Cross, Jane
Cross, John
Cross, John B.
Cross, Lydia
Cross, Margaret
Cross, Martha J.
Cross, Mary J.
Cross, Mordica
Cross, Robert
Crowden, Hannah
Crowden, John P.
Crowden, Permelia A. F.
Crowden, Wm
Crud, Bennet
Crud, Mary
Crud, Nancy
Crud, Phebe
Crud, Shadrick
Crud, Susan
Culbertson, Edward J.
Culbertson, Elizabeth
Culbertson, Elizabeth A.
Culbertson, Ellan V.
Culbertson, Martha
Culbertson, Martha
Culbertson, Martha C.
Culbertson, Martha C.
Culbertson, Mary
Culbertson, Mary
Culbertson, Permilia J.
Culbertson, Thos.
Culbertson, Tyre
Culbertson, Wm.
Cumbo, Aaron
Cumbo, Anderson H.
Cumbo, Andrew F.
Cumbo, Charles
Cumbo, Charles C.
Cumbo, Eliza A.
Cumbo, Ellen
Cumbo, George
Cumbo, George
Cumbo, Isaiah
Cumbo, James W.
Cumbo, James W.
Cumbo, James W.
Cumbo, John
Cumbo, Joseph N.
Cumbo, Mary A.
Cumbo, Nancy J.
Cumbo, Not Named
Cumbo, Polly
Cumbo, Polly
Cumbo, Samuel
Cumbo, Sarah F.
Cumbo, Thomas
Cumbo, Thomas L.
Cumbo, William
Cumbo, William H.
Cumbo, William Henry
Cunningham, Benjamin
Cunningham, Catherine
Cunningham, Christopher
Cunningham, Drewry
Cunningham, Elber?b? F.
Cunningham, Elijah
Cunningham, Lavisa
Cunningham, Margaret
Cunningham, Oliver
Cunningham, Thos.
Dale, David F.
Dale, Eliza
Dale, Elizabeth
Dale, Elizabeth
Dale, Fanny
Dale, Hardin W.
Dale, Hilton
Dale, Hiram
Dale, Hiram
Dale, James M
Dale, Margaret
Dale, Patsey E.
Danner, Elizabeth
Darnold, Emily A.
Darnold, George
Darnold, John B
Darnold, Lydia C.
Darnold, Margaret A.
Darnold, Margaret E.
Darnold, Mary C.
Darnold, Nancy
Darnold, Peggy
Darnold, Powel A.
Darnold, Rebecca
Darnold, Ruth
Darnold, Sarah J
Darnold, William
Darnold, William H.
Daugherty, Andrew
Daugherty, Ezekiel L.
Daugherty, James
Daugherty, Martha
Daugherty, Mary
Daugherty, Mary A.
Daugherty, Polly
Daugherty, Ruth
Daugherty, Rutha
Daugherty, Susan
Daugherty Jr., E. F.
Davinport, Charles W.
Davinport, Elizabeth
Davinport, Frances
Davinport, Isham
Davinport, Jackson
Davinport, Martha A.
Davinport, Melinda
Davinport, Robert
Davis, Alonzo W.
Davis, Andrew
Davis, Betsey A.
Davis, Caleb
Davis, Caleb
Davis, Calhoun
Davis, Celia
Davis, Charles H.
Davis, Dale C.
Davis, Edward D.K.
Davis, Elbert F.
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth L.
Davis, Emily P.
Davis, Florence E.
Davis, Hannah
Davis, Holden
Davis, Ida
Davis, Isaac Wm.
Davis, Isabel
Davis, Jane F.
Davis, Jesse
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John C.
Davis, John G.
Davis, John H.
Davis, L. Catherine
Davis, Louisa
Davis, Louisa P.
Davis, Malvina
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Margaret H.
Davis, Martha L.
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary C.
Davis, Milton F.
Davis, Rachael
Davis, Richard L.
Davis, Robert
Davis, Rubert B.
Davis, Russell V.
Davis, Sarah A.
Davis, Susan
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas P.
Davis, Thomas W.
Davis, Thos J.
Davis, Virginia
Davis, Virginia
Davis, William D.
Davis, William P.
Denison, Hannah
Denison, Hannah
Denison, Healen E.
Denison, Scott
Dennison, Anna L.
Dennison, James W.
Dennison, John
Dennison, Judith
Dennison, Sarah jane
Denniston, Christopher C.
Denniston, George W.
Denniston, Lowry V.
Denniston, Martha V.
Denniston, Phillip J.
Derifield, Fammy
Dickenson, Amanda
Dickenson, Betsey
Dickenson, Caroline J.
Dickenson, Catherin
Dickenson, Catherine
Dickenson, Charles
Dickenson, Charles
Dickenson, Charles C.
Dickenson, Charles C.
Dickenson, Chars. H.
Dickenson, Edmond
Dickenson, Eliza A.
Dickenson, Elizabeth
Dickenson, Elizabeth
Dickenson, Elizabeth
Dickenson, Ellan J.
Dickenson, Emit A.
Dickenson, Fanney
Dickenson, Fanny
Dickenson, Frances
Dickenson, George W.
Dickenson, Griffith
Dickenson, Henry
Dickenson, Henry
Dickenson, Henry B.
Dickenson, Henry C.
Dickenson, Henry C.
Dickenson, Henry H.
Dickenson, Henry J.
Dickenson, Henry N.
Dickenson, Henry P.
Dickenson, Henry P.
Dickenson, Henry S.
Dickenson, James
Dickenson, James A.
Dickenson, James H.
Dickenson, James H.
Dickenson, James H.
Dickenson, James M.
Dickenson, James M.
Dickenson, James O.
Dickenson, Jesse
Dickenson, John
Dickenson, John C.
Dickenson, John D.
Dickenson, John F.
Dickenson, John F.
Dickenson, John N.
Dickenson, John W.
Dickenson, Joseph W.J.
Dickenson, Josephine B
Dickenson, Lewis
Dickenson, Lewis C. F.
Dickenson, M. Elizabeth
Dickenson, Margaret
Dickenson, Margaret
Dickenson, Margaret A.
Dickenson, Margret J.
Dickenson, Martha C.
Dickenson, Martha C.
Dickenson, Martha E.
Dickenson, Mary
Dickenson, Mary
Dickenson, Mary E.
Dickenson, Mary E.
Dickenson, Mary J.
Dickenson, Mary V.
Dickenson, Milia
Dickenson, Nancy
Dickenson, Nancy
Dickenson, Nancy
Dickenson, Nancy G.
Dickenson, Nathan E.
Dickenson, Nathan E.
Dickenson, Nathaniel
Dickenson, Nathaniel S.
Dickenson, Noah C.
Dickenson, Oscar
Dickenson, Patsey B.
Dickenson, Polly
Dickenson, Polly
Dickenson, Rebeca J.
Dickenson, Rebecca
Dickenson, Robert
Dickenson, Robert
Dickenson, Robert B.
Dickenson, Robert P.
Dickenson, Robert W.
Dickenson, Sally T.
Dickenson, Saml. C.
Dickenson, Saml. E. G.
Dickenson, Samuel
Dickenson, Sarah J.
Dickenson, Susan M
Dickenson, Tabitha E.
Dickenson, Temperance Va.
Dickenson, Thomas
Dickenson, Thomas F.
Dickenson, Thomas M.
Dickenson, Thomas T.
Dickenson, Thos. D. P.
Dickenson, Virginia C.
Dickenson, Virginia J.
Dickenson, William J.
Dickenson, William N
Dickenson, William P.
Dickenson, William T. B.
Dickenson, Wm. L.
Dickinson, Charles
Dickinson, Cynthia
Dickinson, Henry
Dickinson, Martha
Dickinson, Nancy E.
Dickinson, Polly
Dickinson, Powel
Dickinson, William
Dill, Charles M.
Dill, John W.
Dill, Martha
Dills, Billy
Dills, George
Dills, Henry
Dills, James
Dills, James
Dills, Judith
Dills, Lucinda
Dills, Noah
Dills, Rosanah
Dills, William
Dinkins, Ellan
Dinkins, Highly C.
Dinkins, James
Dinkins, John
Dinkins, Lydia
Dinkins, Margaret E.
Dinkins, Mary A.
Dinkins, Nancy J.
Dorton, Causby
Dorton, Edith
Dorton, Edward
Dorton, Elbert G. H.
Dorton, Elizabeth
Dorton, Elizabeth
Dorton, Elkanah B.
Dorton, Frances M.
Dorton, Jacob
Dorton, James
Dorton, Jemima
Dorton, John
Dorton, John C.
Dorton, John W.
Dorton, Joseph C.
Dorton, Margaret
Dorton, Margaret R.
Dorton, Martha
Dorton, Martha
Dorton, Martha A. E.
Dorton, Mary E. R.
Dorton, Mary M.
Dorton, Moses
Dorton, Nancy
Dorton, Nancy
Dorton, Oliver V.
Dorton, Osker
Dorton, Polly
Dorton, Priscella
Dorton, Priscilla
Dorton, Robert C.
Dorton, Samuel B.
Dorton, Samuel J.
Dorton, Sarah
Dorton, William
Dorton, William F.
Dorton, Wm. B.
Dorton, Zach. F.
Dotson, Austin
Dotson, Dicy
Dotson, Elizabeth
Dotson, Harriet
Dotson, James O.
Dotson, Mary
Dotson, Mary
Dotson, Sarah
Dotson, Stephen
Draper, Canain
Draper, Elizabeth
Draper, George
Draper, Isaac
Draper, Jonathan
Draper, William
Drewry, Kelvey
Duff, Causby J.
Duff, James A.
Duff, John
Duff, Joseph W.
Duff, Lilly H.
Duff, Mary F. A.
Duff, Oscar C.
Duff, Rees B.
Duff, Rees B. Jr.
Duff, Samuel
Duncan, Alexander N.
Duncan, Archer J.
Duncan, David C.
Duncan, Elihu M.
Duncan, Henry H.
Duncan, Jackson
Duncan, James P.
Duncan, John
Duncan, John T.
Duncan, Joseph Wm.
Duncan, Lucinda
Duncan, Thomas J.
Duncan, Willam
Duncan, William
Dunford, Martha
Dunford, William F.
Dunn, Anna
Dunn, George
Dunn, Louisa
Dunn, Mary J.
Duty, Elizabeth
Duty, Joel F.
Duty, John
Duty, John H.
Duty, Julina
Duty, Leah
Duty, Lemuel
Duty, Polly H.
Duty, Russell
Duty, Sarah
Dye, Absalom
Dye, Alferd
Dye, An infant not named
Dye, an infant unnamed
Dye, Archey
Dye, Austin
Dye, Branson
Dye, Caroline
Dye, Catherine
Dye, Causby A.
Dye, Charles
Dye, Charles M
Dye, Charles Wm.
Dye, Cread
Dye, Crismon
Dye, Cyntha
Dye, Elihu
Dye, Eliza
Dye, Eliza A.
Dye, Elizabeth J.
Dye, Ellen
Dye, Emily
Dye, Fountain
Dye, Franklin P.
Dye, George
Dye, Harvey
Dye, Henderson
Dye, Henry
Dye, Henry
Dye, Henry
Dye, Henry
Dye, Isaiah
Dye, James
Dye, James
Dye, James E.
Dye, James M.
Dye, James S.
Dye, Jefferson
Dye, John
Dye, John
Dye, JOhn
Dye, John M.
Dye, Josephine
Dye, Joshua
Dye, King
Dye, Lilbern
Dye, Lucy C.
Dye, Margaret
Dye, Margaret
Dye, Maria
Dye, Maria
Dye, Martha
Dye, Martha
Dye, Martha
Dye, Martha
Dye, Martha V,
Dye, Mary
Dye, Mary
Dye, Mary
Dye, Mary A.
Dye, Mary Ann
Dye, Matilda
Dye, Melissa
Dye, Nancy
Dye, Nancy
Dye, Nancy
Dye, Nancy
Dye, Nancy A.
Dye, Patton
Dye, Polly
Dye, Polly
Dye, Price
Dye, Prier
Dye, Rachael
Dye, Rachael
Dye, Rachel
Dye, Rebecca
Dye, Rebecca J.
Dye, Rebecca J.
Dye, Richard
Dye, Richardson
Dye, Rosanna
Dye, Sally
Dye, Sarah
Dye, Sarah
Dye, Sarah
Dye, Sarah
Dye, Silas
Dye, Tabitha
Dye, Thomas
Dye, Thomas
Dye, Thomas C.
Dye, Thos.
Dye, William
Dye, William
Dye, William
Dye, William P.
Dye, Zerilda
Dyer, Mary T.
Eakin, Lucy
Eastep, Alford
Eastep, Elvira
Eastep, Isabel
Eastep, Maria
Eastep, Mary
Easterly, Christian
Easterly, George B.
Easterly, J.EC.
Easterly, Margaret A.
Easterly, Nathan W.
Eaton, Jane
Eaton, Lucy A.
Eaton, Mary Jane
Eaton, Nancy
Eaton, Thomas
Edwards, Emily J.
Edwards, Henry S.
Elam, Absolom
Elam, Emily E.
Elam, Enoch B.
Elam, Esther M.
Elam, Henry
Elam, James M.
Elam, Jane
Elam, Lydia
Elam, Mary
Elam, Nimrod
Elam, Robert W.
Elam, Samuel
Elam, Susannah
Elam, William W.
Elkins, Albert S.
Elkins, Amanda
Elkins, Clerinda C.
Elkins, Creed F.
Elkins, David
Elkins, Delila
Elkins, James B.
Elkins, Jerusia A.
Elkins, John P.
Elkins, John W.
Elkins, Joseph E. D. K
Elkins, Melissa E.
Elkins, Nancy
Elkins, Sarah A.
Elkins, Thomas
Elkins, Thomas A.
Elkins, William A.
Elkins, William O.
Elliott, Amelia
Elliott, Emily C.
Elliott, George
Elliott, Ira R.
Elliott, Jackson
Elliott, James H.
Elliott, Jane
Elliott, Jesse
Elliott, Montague
Elliott, Rosanah
Elliott, Samuel P.
Elliott, Susan
Elliott, Thomas
Elliott, Thomas A.
Elliott, Virginia
Elliott, William W.
Elliott, Wilson
Ellis, Cyntha E.
Ellis, John
Ellis, Sarah M.
Elswick, Amanda
Elswick, Bashaba
Elswick, Elizabeth
Elswick, George
Elswick, George W.
Elswick, James
Elswick, John
Elswick, John
Elswick, John
Elswick, Nancy
Elswick, Polly
Elswick, Sarah
Elswick, William
Evans, Almeda
Evans, Andrew
Evans, Louisa
Evans, Mary
Evans, Nancy
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Wilson
Evans, Wison
Farlow, Alfred
Farmer, Birdine
Farmer, Burdine
Farmer, Granville G.
Farmer, Henry
Farmer, James W.
Farmer, John F.
Farmer, John W.
Farmer, Martha
Farmer, Martha Jane
Farmer, Mary Jane
Farmer, Rufus M.
Farmer, Sarah
Farmer, William J.
Fergerson, Granville H.
Fergerson, James H.
Fergerson, John J.
Fergerson, Manenoq
Fergerson, Mary A.
Fergerson, William S.
Fergusen, Aaron B.
Fergusen, Alexander
Fergusen, Andrew
Fergusen, David C.
Fergusen, Jackson
Fergusen, Margaret
Fergusen, Mary E.
Fergusen, Melissa
Fergusen, Rebecca
Fergusen, Sarah A.
Ferguson, Aaron A.
Ferguson, Aaron M.
Ferguson, Andrew C.
Ferguson, Andrew C.
Ferguson, Anthony M.
Ferguson, Anthony M.
Ferguson, Barbary E.
Ferguson, Benjamine H
Ferguson, Catharine
Ferguson, Charles W.
Ferguson, Charles W.
Ferguson, Corali
Ferguson, Elihu D.
Ferguson, Eliza F.
Ferguson, Fanny A.
Ferguson, George A.
Ferguson, George B.
Ferguson, Henry B.
Ferguson, Hugh D.
Ferguson, James H.
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, John B.
Ferguson, John C.
Ferguson, John C.
Ferguson, John L.
Ferguson, Joseph M.
Ferguson, Leah R.
Ferguson, Margaret
Ferguson, Martha W.
Ferguson, Mary
Ferguson, Mary A.
Ferguson, Mary A.
Ferguson, Rebecca
Ferguson, Rebecca C.
Ferguson, Susan
Ferguson, Susan C.
Ferguson, Wilson H.
Ferrell, an infant not named
Ferrell, Andrew
Ferrell, Barbary
Ferrell, Elijah
Ferrell, James S.
Ferrell, Jilina O.
Ferrell, Larkin
Ferrell, Louisa
Ferrell, Mary E.
Ferrell, Mary Jane
Ferrell, Nancy
Ferrell, Oscar M.
Ferrell, Osker
Ferrell, Richard
Ferrell, William
Ferrell, William M.
Ferrell, William S. H.
Ferrell Jr., Richard
Ferris, John H.
Ferris, Nancy
Ferris, Sarah F.
Fickle, Allis E.
Fickle, Elizabeth
Fickle, Hiram
Fickle, Isaac B.
Fickle, John
Fickle, John B.
Fickle, Margaret C.
Fickle, Martha
Fickle, Nancy
Fickle, Polly
Fickle, Robert
Fickle, Sarah
Fieilds, Mary
Fields, Andrew
Fields, Andrew C.
Fields, Andy F.
Fields, Anna
Fields, Basil
Fields, Biddy J.
Fields, Calvin T.
Fields, Catharine
Fields, Catharine
Fields, Catharine J.
Fields, Catherine
Fields, Celia
Fields, Charles
Fields, Charles
Fields, Cumming
Fields, David B.
Fields, David C.
Fields, Doctor
Fields, Edwinson W.
Fields, Elihu
Fields, Eliza
Fields, Eliza Jane
Fields, Elizabeth
Fields, Elizabeth
Fields, Elizabeth
Fields, Elizabeth
Fields, Ellen
Fields, Fayette M.
Fields, Frances
Fields, Francis
Fields, Garrett
Fields, George
Fields, Green
Fields, James
Fields, James C.
Fields, James J.
Fields, Joel
Fields, John
Fields, John
Fields, John H.
Fields, John W.
Fields, Joseph
Fields, Joseph
Fields, Joseph
Fields, Joseph
Fields, Julia Ann
Fields, Lafayette M. ?
Fields, Louisa
Fields, Lucinda
Fields, Mahalia
Fields, Margaret A.
Fields, Margaret C.
Fields, Martha
Fields, Martha
Fields, Martha A.
Fields, Martha J.
Fields, Martha J.
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary A.
Fields, Melia
Fields, Melissa
Fields, Mitchel
Fields, Nancy
Fields, Nancy
Fields, Polly
Fields, Rachael
Fields, Rachael
Fields, Randolph
Fields, Randolph
Fields, Rebecca
Fields, Rebecca
Fields, Rebecca
Fields, Rebecca
Fields, Reese
Fields, Reina
Fields, Richard
Fields, Richard T.
Fields, Ries B.
Fields, Robert
Fields, Rosanna
Fields, Rosanna
Fields, Rosannah
Fields, Russell
Fields, Sally
Fields, Sarah
Fields, Sarah
Fields, Susanah
Fields, Thomas
Fields, William
Fields, William
Fields, Wilson C.
Finney, Causby A.
Finney, Celia E.
Finney, Charles
Finney, Darcus
Finney, Elbert
Finney, Eliza
Finney, Elizabeth
Finney, Elizabeth
Finney, George
Finney, James
Finney, James M.
Finney, James M.
Finney, Lilbern
Finney, Margaret
Finney, Mary
Finney, Mary
Finney, Mary A.
Finney, Mary C.
Finney, Melissa
Finney, Nancy
Finney, Rubin
Finney, Sally
Finny, Nancy
Finny Jr., George
Finny Sr., George
Fletcher, Abel
Fletcher, Abraham
Fletcher, Agness
Fletcher, Arminda
Fletcher, Beverly ?
Fletcher, Catharine
Fletcher, Catharine
Fletcher, Celia
Fletcher, Celia
Fletcher, Charles W.
Fletcher, Charles L.
Fletcher, Cummings G.
Fletcher, Dicy
Fletcher, Eli
Fletcher, Elizabeth
Fletcher, Elizabeth
Fletcher, Emeline
Fletcher, Emily J.
Fletcher, Henry Lewis
Fletcher, Isaac
Fletcher, Jahiel
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, James B.
Fletcher, James H.
Fletcher, Jane
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, John A.
Fletcher, John B.
Fletcher, John L.
Fletcher, John W.
Fletcher, Julia F.
Fletcher, Leah Jane
Fletcher, Leannis
Fletcher, Lilbern G.
Fletcher, Lorenzo D.
Fletcher, Major
Fletcher, Major A.
Fletcher, Major A.
Fletcher, Margaret
Fletcher, Margaret J.
Fletcher, Mary
Fletcher, Mary M
Fletcher, Mary R.
Fletcher, Melissa
Fletcher, Metilda
Fletcher, Milton J.
Fletcher, Nancy
Fletcher, Patton
Fletcher, Penelope E.
Fletcher, Polly
Fletcher, Rachael
Fletcher, Rachael
Fletcher, Rubin .
Fletcher, Sarah
Fletcher, Silas H.
Fletcher, Sunelda J.
Fletcher, Thamas
Fletcher, Thomas
Fletcher, Thomas D.
Fletcher, Thomas S.
Fletcher, Thompson
Fletcher, Vanburen
Fletcher, Virginia
Fletcher, Virginia C.
Fletcher, William
Fletcher, William
Fletcher, William ?
Fletcher, William C.
Fletcher, William N.
Floyd, Benj R.
Fogleman, Charles W.
Fogleman, David N.
Fogleman, Elizabeth
Fogleman, Eunice
Fogleman, George H.
Fogleman, Henry
Fogleman, Lucy Jane
Fogleman, Mary
Fogleman, Melissa E.
Fogleman, not named
Fogleman, Saml. P.
Fogleman, Sarah
Fogleman, Sarah E.
Fogleman, William J.
Fraley, Andrew
Fraley, Ann
Fraley, Ann
Fraley, Babara
Fraley, Basell
Fraley, Celia
Fraley, Duff
Fraley, Eliza A.
Fraley, Elizabeth
Fraley, Elizabeth L.
Fraley, Ellan
Fraley, Ellan
Fraley, Franklin K.
Fraley, Fulton
Fraley, George H.
Fraley, Harvey D.
Fraley, Isaac
Fraley, Isabel
Fraley, James O.
Fraley, Judith
Fraley, Margaret
Fraley, Martha M.
Fraley, Mary
Fraley, Melissa
Fraley, Nancy R.
Fraley, Nancy W.
Fraley, Nelson H.
Fraley, Rebecca J.
Fraley, Sarah E.
Fraley, Sarah J.
Fraley, Solomon
Fraley, Susannah
Fraley, Thomas
Fraley, Wm.
Franklin, Charles
Franklin, Cummings
Franklin, Eliza
Franklin, Elizabeth
Franklin, James
Franklin, Jane
Franklin, John
Franklin, Margaret
Franklin, Nancy
Franklin, Nancy
Franklin, Nancy
Franklin, Nicy
Franklin, Sallie
Franklin, Shadrick P.
Franklin, William S.
Frick, Ellan K.
Frick, Emma
Frick, James
Frick, Margaret
Frick, Mary
Frick, Mary J.
Frick, Newton
Frick, Oliver H.
Frick, Sarah J.
Frick, William A.
Frock, Catharine
Frock, Charles C.
Frock, Oliver H.
Frock, William E.
Fry, John
Fugate, Charles B.
Fugate, Elbert S.
Fugate, Elizabeth
Fugate, Elizabeth
Fugate, Elizabeth
Fugate, Elizabeth
Fugate, Elizabeth
Fugate, Elizabeth E.
Fugate, Esther
Fugate, Esther S.
Fugate, Fanny L.
Fugate, Foriba
Fugate, Isaac B.
Fugate, Jacob E.
Fugate, James B.
Fugate, James C.
Fugate, John C.
Fugate, John E.
Fugate, John H. S.
Fugate, John K.
Fugate, Joseph C.
Fugate, Manerva
Fugate, Martha E.
Fugate, Martin D.
Fugate, Mary E.
Fugate, Mary E.
Fugate, Mary P.
Fugate, Nancy
Fugate, Nathan C.
Fugate, Robert
Fugate, Robert
Fugate, Robert B.
Fugate, Robert C.
Fugate, Robert E.
Fugate, Robert H.
Fugate, Rufus C.
Fugate, Samuel B.
Fugate, Sarah
Fugate, Sarah E.
Fugate, Sarah J.
Fugate, Tivis
Fugate, William P.
Fugate, Zachariah
Fugate Sr., Isaac B.
Fulkerson, Catherin A.
Fulkerson, Emma R.
Fulkerson, Jacob J.
Fulkerson, Jacob V.
Fulkerson, James P.
Fulkerson, Lorenzo D.
Fulkerson, Nathaniel R.
Fullen, Amilda
Fullen, Arminta
Fullen, Eliza Ann
Fullen, Elizabeth
Fullen, Forster
Fullen, Hannah
Fullen, Hiram
Fullen, Hiram
Fullen, James
Fullen, James
Fullen, John
Fullen, Lilbern
Fullen, Louesa
Fullen, Nancy
Fullen, Sarah
Fullen, Thomas K.
Fuller, Abraham
Fuller, Beverly J.
Fuller, Beverly J.
Fuller, Calvin B.
Fuller, Charles
Fuller, Elizabeth
Fuller, Emily C.
Fuller, Flemming G.
Fuller, George
Fuller, George
Fuller, Goerge S.
Fuller, Herrett M.
Fuller, Ira R.
Fuller, Isaac
Fuller, Isaac B.
Fuller, Jacob
Fuller, James M.
Fuller, Jesse
Fuller, Jesse B.
Fuller, John H.
Fuller, Lucy E.
Fuller, Maria
Fuller, Martha
Fuller, Mary
Fuller, Mary
Fuller, Mary J.
Fuller, Mary Jane
Fuller, Mry
Fuller, Nancy
Fuller, Samuel ?
Fuller, Sarah E.
Fuller, Stephen
Fuller, Stephen
Fuller, Stephen
Fuller, Susannah
Fuller, William
Fuller, William H.