Edward Kelly Cemetery

Edward Kelly Cemetery

Located on Rt. 645 near Nash's Ford. From Rt. 80, entering Honaker from Rosedale, turn left on Coxtown Rd. (Rt. 716). This turns into Rt. 645 when you cross the Lewis Creek Bridge. Stay on Rt. 645, past Nash's Ford Bridge toward Cleveland. The cemetery is 9.9 miles from the Rt. 80 intersection. It is located behind a white frame house on the right. A lane leading toward the cemetery passes between the house and barn. The cemetery is visible from the road.

This file submitted by Otis Kelly and Janice Busic

Ross Kelly
August 24, 1905 - Jul 11, 1962

Otis B. Kelly
March 22, 1899 - Jul 13, 1958

Alice Thompson Kelly
June 20, 1870 - Jan 13, 1954

Charles L. Kelly
Feb. 11, 1865 - March 13, 1948

Guy Kelly
August 20, 1910 - December 13, 1939

Beside Guy Kelly is a small unmarked grave. Otis Kelly found a metal tag marker left by Finney Funeral Home. The card was almost gone, but he was able to read the age as 7 years. The family says the child was the son of Guy Kelly.

Pearl Kelly
June 20, 1901 - August 28, 1902

Nola Kelly
August 20, 1912 - Jan 9, 1914

Edward Kelly
1752 - 1834

There is another grave in the center of the cemetery marked by an unlettered fieldstone. This, according to the Kelly family, is the grave of Edward Kelly's wife Bridget (Biddy) Nugent. There are other sunken places where graves seem to be but no markers are visible.

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