William FLANARY (bef 1755 - aft 1811).

Flanary, Wm, bef 1755-aft 1811

William Flanary lived in Washington Co, NC (now Johnson and Carter Cos, TN) between 1775-1792, in Knox Co, KY, in 1799, and in Russell Co, VA between 1805-1811.

Very little is known of William Flanary. He owned land in Washington Co, NC, but no deed for his purchase or sale of land has been found. Evidence suggests that he was well educated and rather prosperous. There is no proof of his wife or children, although circumstantial evidence suggests that his wife was Elizabeth, possibly Mauldin, and that Ruth and Jacob were two of his children. There are other Flanary's that do not fit into known families that could be children of William Flanary.

William Flanary owned property on Roan Creek, which is an arm of Watauga Lake, as proven by deeds of other property transfers between 1775 and 1792. We can suspect that he did not actually live on the site, but lived nearer Elizabethton. He was on the 1778 Washington Co tax list in the district of James Mauldin. (This is the only tax list of that time period that I have seen. There are several references in "Washington County, Tennessee Deeds 1775-1800," by Loraine Rae, as follows:

Land grant of 640 acres to Thomas Farrer on Sinking Creek, adjacent to Flannery. (18 Nov 1775).
Land Grant of 465 acres on Roans Creek to Ritchard White adjacent to Will Flaney. (24 Oct 1782).
Land Grand of 260 acres on the south fork of Roans Creek to James Coward adjacent to "White or Will Flanerys line." (24 Oct 1782).
Deed from Richard White to Daniel Wagoner/Waggoner, on both sides of Roans Creek adjacent to Wm Flannary. (12 Oct 1789).
Deed from Jesse Hoskins of Greene Co, planter to Joseph Ford, on the east side of Roans Creek, witnessed by (W?) Flanary and Jesse Hoskins, Jr. (22 Apr 1790).
Deed from James Quinn to Cutliff (Harmon/Normer?), Randolph Co, NC on cove creek "below the rock house," witnessed by Rich'd White, Joseph Ford, John Tate, W.(?) Flanary. (6 Aug 1791).
Land Grants to Thomas Payne. (1) #625 - 450 acres on Rones Creek. ADJ: William Smith, Reuben Stringer, Richard White. (2) #621 - 500 acres on Flanary's fork of Rone Creek, next to his other land. (10 Nov 1784).
Deed from Thomas Payne to John Vaught, 400 acres on Flanerys fork of Roans Creek. (17 Jul 1792).
By 1799, William Flanary was in Knox Co, Ky, and by 1805, he was in Russell Co, Va. These facts are supported by two deeds in Deed Book A, Carter Co, TN. On 8/24/1799, William Flanary of Knox Co, Ky, was appointed as "trusty friend" to recover 100 acres of land on a branch on the north side of Watauga River in Carter Co, Tenn, "where Julius Dugger now lives." He was appointed power of attorney by the heirs of Phillip Shelly of Christian Co, Ky, and the deed was signed by Elizabeth Shelly, wife of the desc, John Shelly, Absolom Shelly, Reuben Shelly, Mary Shelly, David Shelly and William Shelly. The land was in possession of William or Julius Dugger. (Carter Co, Tenn, Deed Book A-545.) On 11/18/1805, William Flanary of Russell Co, Va, as Attorney for the heirs of Phillip Shelly, sold 100 acres of land in Carter Co, Tenn, to William Dugger and Julius Dugger of Carter Co, Tenn, for $217.50. (Carter Co, Tenn, Deed Book A-547).

His name appeared on the Russell Co, Va, personal property tax lists in 1810 and 1811, but was absent in 1812, 1813 and 1814. William Flanary appeared on the Washington Co, Tenn (NC) List of Taxables, 1778, assested by James Mauldin, Josiah Hoskins & John Higgans. (Alderman, "The Overmountain Men," p. 58.) The names A__on Mauldin and James Mauldin were on the same list. James and Ambrose Mauldin went to middle Tennessee about 1780 where they build Mauldings Fort and were instrumental in the founding of Tennessee as a state. James Mauldin was elected to the committee of men that met at Nashborough on 7 Jan 1783 to form a government.

Elizabeth may have been the name of William Flanary's wife. An Elizabeth Flanary was a defendant in a jury trial in Washington Co in 1795, and no other Flanary's have been identified as being in that area at that time. The charge was not recorded, and she was found not guilty. Jury members were James Gains, William Evans, Charles McCrea, John Strain, John Waddle, William Medlock, John Cunner, Elisha Wallin, George Vincent, Touph Crouck, Robert Rutledge, and John Morris. (Washington Co, Tenn, Superior Court Minutes of Law and Equity 1793-1795, p. 83 (1795).) Isaac and Ruth (Flanary) Kite of Carter Co, TN, had a son named Maldon Kite and Jacob Flanary of Scott Co, Va, had a grandson named Maldon Jennings. The coincidence of this name is strong enough to suggest that William Flanary's wife was a Mauldin. The Mauldin's early removal to middle Tennessee seems to rule out the possiblilty of using the name of a friend who became well known. Only a family relationship seems reasonable.

Ruth Flanary was surely a daughter of William Flanary since she married at Carter Co, TN, and no other Flanary's were in that area. Ruth Flanary (1775 - 1850/60) married Isaac Kite (1760/70 - 1840/50) on 3 Aug 1797 at Carter Co, TN. They lived in Carter and Johnson Cos, TN. They were in censuses of those counties in 1830, 1840 and 1850 (1850 without Isaac.) I have not found proof of their children, those listed below were thought to be their children.

1. Jacob Kite (1798) married Elizabeth Millsaps and moved to Blount Co, TN.
2. Elizabeth Kite (1802 - bef 1863) married Joshua Perkins.
3. Isaac Kite Jr (1803 - 1860/1870) married Elizabeth Donathan.
4. Anderson Kite (1805 - ) married Margaret "Peggy" Lansdown.
5. Claiborne Kite (1807 - ) married Margaret "Patsy" Blevins.
6. Granville Kite (1809 - ) married Ann Owens.
7. William B. Kite (1810/15 - ) married Mary Filyaw.
8. Maldon Kite (1814 - ) married (1) NotKnown and (2) Tempa Potter.
9. John Kite (1815 - aft 1880) was mentally disabled.
10. James W. Kite (1815/20 - 1849/50 married Mary Eveline Gourley.
11. Nancy Kite (1817 - ) married Joshua Perkins after Elizabeth died.
12. Alfred K./C. KITE (1819 - ) married (1) Martha Nelson and (2) Anna Malinda Cable.
Jacob Flanary (1780/85 - 1833) was surely a son of William Flanary because he first married Rebecca Boyd in 1804 at Carter Co, TN. Rebecca apparently died and he married Sarah ____ shortly later because the first son was born in 1807. It is possible that Rebecca and Sarah was the same person, but all records in Scott Co refer to Sarah. Jacob was on the Russell Co, Va, personal property tax lists in 1810, 1811, and 1812. He was not on the Russell Co, Va, tax list in 1813 or 1814, or on the Scott Co, Va, tax list in 1815. His location at that time has not been determined. He is thought to be the Job Flanary who signed the petition to form Scott Co, Va, in 1814. Jacob Flanary was on the personal property tax lists in Scott Co, Va, for the years 1816, 1817, 1818 and 1819. He was listed in the Scott Co censuses in 1820 (41001-3101) and 1830 (1121111-0111001); his widow Sarah was in the Scott Co census of 1840 (00201-0000001), 1850 and 1860. Jacob Flanary's estate settlement is filed in Scott Co, Va, Will Book 2, but it does not name the children. His son, William B. Flanary, was the administrator of the estate. Various deeds, some proofs, and circumstantial evidence have indicated the following children of Jacob and Sarah Flanary.

1. William B. Flanary (1807 - 17 Dec 1882) married Jane Bays.
2. Elizabeth C. Flanary (1809 - 13 May 1861) married Basil Graves Jennings.
3. Thomas B. Flannery (1815 - ) married Nancy Lock. He moved to Owsley Co, KY.
4. Unknown Male Flanary (1810/20 - ).
5. Unknown Female Flanary (1810/20 - bef 1830).
6. Martha "Patty" Flanary (1814 - 24 Aug 1889) married George M. Jennings.
7. Green M. Flanary (1819 - ) married Elizabeth Brooner.
8. Bluford J. Flanary (1820 - ) married Mary E. Bivens.
9. Levina (Melvina) Flanary (1822 - ) married Lewis Horton.
10. Whiteman H. Flanary (1822/24 - bef Oct 1872) married Sarah A.
11. Blackman L./S. Flanary (1824 - ) married Lydia Pridemore. He moved to Owsley Co, Ky.
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