2003 Additions

2003 Additions

03 Nov 2003

Added the Baldwin Cemetery near Drill.

26 Oct 2003

Added a second photo of Flemming Perkins with who is believed to be his second wife, Rachel Taylor.

18 Oct 2003

Added a land grant to Alexander Murphy and a photo of the Joseph Marshall Ferguson Home.

17 Oct 2003

Added photos of the John R. & Margaret Alice "Dye" Hughes Family, the Ephraim Kiser Jessee House and some Long Family Children Circa 1913, the death certificate of Hiram Addison, the will of George Grizzle and an image of the tax slip from the 1815 Tax Assessments concerning the property of Ambrose Hammon.

15 Oct 2003

Added photos to the William Bradshaw Cemetery.

06 Oct 2003

Made some additions to the Rose Hill Cemetery.

23 Sep 2003

Added photos of William Edmondson Gilmer and Hugh Lafayette & Josephine Bonaparte "Bradshaw" Riley, a deed from Nathan Sword to William Taylor and the marriage licenses of Nathaniel Sword & Nancy Jones and William F. Kinder & Elizabeth "Kreger" Ketron.

12 Sep 2003

Added the Russell County, Virginia Taylor Family Tax List Reasearch by Michael Dye. If you have any comments or corrections please email me.

11 Sep 2003

Added a photo of John M. & Florence A. "Hale" Dye.

03 Sep 2003

Added some more 1913 Death Records.

02 Aug 2003

Added the William Bradshaw and Witt cemeteries in the Paint Lick area, the Thomas A. Elkins Cemetery and an update to the John S. Call Cemetery.

29 Jul 2003

Added the 1772 list of tithables on the Clinch River and the Thomas & Elizabeth "Crank" Bundy family bible.

26 Jul 2003

Added a photo of Shadrack M. & Mary Margaret "Rickman" Creed.

17 Jul 2003

Added the 1869 Russell Co. Marriage Records. Note: The marriage register at the courthouse for the 1869 marriage records is a mess with most of the parents names being incorrect and alot of the ministers being matched with the wrong marriage. Therefore I used microfilm of both the marriage register as well as film from the Bureau of Vital Statistics for 1869 and checked these against census records to make these records as accurate as I could. However, there may still be mistakes. If any are found please email Michael Dye

12 Jul 2003

Added a text version of the latest edition of the 1850 Annotated Russell County Virginia Census for those who cannot access the Excel file below.

10 Jul 2003

Added the latest edition of the 1850 Annotated Russell County Virginia Census as an Excel file.

09 Jul 2003

Added photos of Garland & Lavisa "Fletcher" Hurt and William Wilson.

06 Jul 2003

Added the 1868 Russell Co. Marriage Records.

29 Jun 2003

Added the will of Richard Ferrell.

02 Jun 2003

Added the will of Doctor Hawkins and Ancestors and Descendants of Benjamin Snead and Felicia Oliver: Supplement Number 1 by Jack Hockett. This is a 33 page Word document and anyone with ties to the Snead family will find this of interest. Thanks to Jack for submitting this for publication on the website.

31 May 2003

Added the will of Caleb Hawkinsand Vol. 8 of the Birth Records of Dr. James Noah Greear.

02 Mar 2003

Added the will of William Horton Bradshaw White.

08 Feb 2003

Added the will of Meshack White and a deed from John & Isabel Horton to John & Sarah Bradshaw.

31 Jan 2003

Added the Will Byrd Cemetery and the Revolutionary Pension file of John McLaughlin.

22 Jan 2003

Added the Haywood Brown and Glenn Family cemeteries and a photo of the Cummins Balfred & Alice Fletcher "McCloud" Yates family.

19 Jan 2003

Added scanned images of the Wythe Co. Chancery Case concerning the estate of Richard Thompson. Links to the images are located at the bottom of the Russell Co. court case. Also added the Wilson / Drill Cemetery.

16 Jan 2003

Added the 1867 Russell Co. Marriage Records.

11 Jan 2003

Added the Mack Hess Cemetery.

10 Jan 2003

Added the Davis Cemetery in Clark's Valley.

07 Jan 2003

Added a Ball Cemetery near Raven and the Brown, John R. Tuggle, Mathew S. Tuggle and Ward cemeteries.

02 Jan 2003

Added Renee Dauven's Romine Research which includes partial transcriptions of Law Order Books 1 - 12.

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