Rockingham County, Virginia
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A History of Rockingham County
John W. Wayland Ph.D.





     The best conclusion to any book is doubtless the one that the intelligent reader draws for himself after reading the book.  Accordingly, not many words by the author are deemed necessary in this place.  It is hoped that the resources of the County, together with the versatility of the people, have been effectively indicated, if not adequately detailed.  The wealth and scope of both have been a growing wonder from the beginning of this study to the end.  Our county has great resources, and our people have great powers:  both facts have been proved sufficiently to be a stirring prophecy for the future, and to set a call of duty and responsibility ringing in the soul of every man and woman, every boy and girl, within these wide borders.

     Not merely our flocks and farms, but our churches, our schools, and our homes have made Rockingham a goodly land in which to dwell.  These are the bulwarks of our safety and happiness, and the towers of our strength to help Virginia and the world.  It was free manhood and true womanhood that enabled Rockingham to rise so quickly in new strength from “wild war’s desolation”; it is free manhood and true womanhood that must ever be our best resource, either in the fact of external foes or in the midst of internal dangers.