Rockingham County, Virginia
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A History of Rockingham County
John W. Wayland Ph.D.





A List of Books, Magazines, and Newspapers Containing Information Concerning Rockingham County and Rockingham People.


                Armstrong, J. E.:  Old Baltimore Conference; 12 mo. 543 pp.; Baltimore, 1907.

                Asbury, Francis:  Journal; 3 8vo vols; N. Bangs and T. Mason, News York, 1821.

                Acts of Assembly of Virginia:  contain much valuable material relating to Rockingham County.

                Boogher, W. F.:  Gleanings of Virginia History; 8vo. 450 pp.; Washington, 1903.

                Braun, Johannes:  Circular Schreiben; 16mo. 419 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1818

                Broadway:  Prospectus of Improvement Company; 8vo, 18 pp.; published about 1890.

                Burkholder, Peter:  Treatise on Baptism, etc.; 16mo. 60 pp.; written 1815, translated 1881; printed by Abraham Blosser, Dale Enterprise.  Contains sketch of Burkholder family.

                Burnaby, Andrew:  Travels through North America; 8vo. 265 pp.; A. Wessels Co., N.Y. 1904.

                Cartmell, T. K.:  Shenandoah Valley Pioneers; 4to, 594 pp.; Winchester, 1909.

                Census:  Heads of Families, 1790; 4to, 189 pp.; Govt. Printing Office, Washington, 1908.

                Custer, Milo:  Alexander Miller and Descendants; 8vo, 36 pp.; Bloomington, Ill., 1910.

Daily News:  Rockingham County, Its Past and Present; 4to. 52 pp.; Harrisonburg; 1909.

Denton, Benjamin:  The Separate Arminian Union Church; 32mo. 58 pp.; printed by Jos. Funk & Sons, 1849.

Dingledine, W. J.:  Harrisonburg and Rockingham County; 24 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1911.

Eckenrode, H. J.:  Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia; 8vo. 488 pp.; Richmond, 1912.

Evening News:  Harrisonburg and Rockingham County; 16mo. 24 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1900.

Foote, W. H.:  Sketches of Virginia; 8vo, 610 pp.; J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1856.

Fretz, A. J.:  Funk Family History; 12mo, 874 pp.; Mennonite Pub. Co., Elkhart, Ind. 1899.

Funk, Benjamin:  Life of John Kline; 8vo, 480 pp.; Brethren Pub. House, Elgin, Ill., 1900.

Funkhouser, Jacob:  Funkhouser Family History; 8vo, 100 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1902.

Gilmer, Geo. Rockingham:  Sketches of Some of the First Settlers of Upper Georgia; 8vo, 587 pp.; D. Appleton & Co., N. Y., 1855. Tells of Gilmers, Grattans, Lewises, and other Rockingham families.

Hale, J. P.:  Trans-Allegheny Pioneers; 12mo, 330 pp.; Charleston, W.Va., 1886.

Hardesty, H. H.:  Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia; Rockingham edition; 4to, 430 pp.; Richmond, etc. 1884.

Harris, John T.:  John Paul, 1839-1901; 8vo, 10 pp.; Harrisonburg, about 1901.

Hartzler and Kauffman:  Mennonite Church History; 8vo, 422 pp.; Scottdale, Pa., 1905.




Hays and Sanger:  The Olive Branch; 12mo, 243 pp.; Brethren Pub. House, Elgin, Ill., 1907.

Hays, Heber M.:  German Dialect in the Valley of Virginia; 8vo, 16 pp.; from Dialect Notes, Middletown, Conn., 1908.

Heatwole, Cornelius J.:  Heatwole Family History; 8vo, 274 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1907.

Heatwole, David A.:  Heatwole Family History; 16mo, 24 pp.; Dale Enterprise, 1882.

Heatwole, Brunk, and Good:  Mennonite Conference of Virginia; 8vo, 117 pp.; Mennonite Pub. House, Scottdale, Pa., 1910.

Hening, W. W.:  Statutes at Large, of Virginia; 16 8vo vols.; Richmond.  Rich sources for county history.

Henkel, Socrates:  History of Lutheran Tennessee Synod; 8vo, 275 pp.; New Market, Va., 1890.

Hoenshel, G. W.:  X-Talks and Other Addresses; 16mo, 149 pp.; New Market, Va., 1900. Contains matter of local and personal interest.

Holsinger, H. R.:  History of Tunkers and Brethren; 8vo, 826 pp.; Lathrop, Cal., 1901.

Hopkins and Harrison:  A Chapter of Hopkins Genealogy, 1735-1905; 8vo, 396 pp.; Lakeside Press, Chicago, 1905.

Howe, Henry:  Historical Collections of Virginia; 8vo, 544 pp.; Charleston, S. C., 1846

Huddle, W. P.:  Hebron Lutheran Church; 8vo, 126 pp.; Henkel & Co., New Market, Va., 1908.

Hull, Susan R.:  Boy Soldiers of the Confederacy; 12mo, 256 pp.; Neale Pub. Co., N.Y., about 1910.  Contains sketches of some Valley of Virginia men.

Johnston, F.:  Virginia Clerks; 12mo, 425 pp.; J. P. Bell Co., Lynchburg, 1888. Pages 344-354 relate to Rockingham.

Jones, Calvin:  Wier’s Cave, with map; 7 pp.; published in Johnson & Warner’s Va. Almanac for 1816.

Keagy, Franklin:  Kagey Family History; 8vo, 675 pp.; Harrisburg, Pa., 1899.

Kemper and Wright:  Kemper Family History; 8vo, 267 pp.; G. K. Hazlitt & Co., Chicago, 1899.

Kercheval, Samuel:  History of Valley of Virginia; 8vo, 403 pp.; 3d ed.; J. H. Grabill, Woodstock, Va., 1902.

Koiner:  Koiner Family History; 8vo, 171 pp.; Staunton, Va. 1893.

Lake, D. J.:  Rockingham County Atlas; folio, 72 pp.; Philadelphia, 1885. Copy loaned by Mrs. David Driver, Timberville.

Lederer, John:  Journal and Map; 8vo, 30 pp.; G. P. Humphrey, Rochester, N. Y., 1902.

Long, Chas. M.:  Virginia County Names; 12mo, 208 pp.; Neale Pub. Co., N. Y. 1908.

McDonald, W. N.:  The Laurel Brigade; 8vo, 499 pp.; Baltimore, 1907.

Martin, Joseph:  Gazetteer of Virginia, 1835; 8vo, 636 pp.; Charlottesville, Va. Pages 432-434 relate to Rockingham.

Maury, Ann:  Memoirs of a Huguenot Family; 12mo, 512 pp.; G. P. Putnam & Sons, N. Y., 1872. Pages 245-310 contain Fontaine’s journal covering Spotswood expedition.

Mauzy, Richard:  Mauzy and Kisling Families; 8vo, 127 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1911.

Meade, William:  Old Churches, Ministers, and Families; 2 8vo vols.; Philadelphia, 1872.

Morton, O. F.:  History of Pendleton County, W. Va.; 8vo, 500 pp.; printed by Ruebush-Elkins Co., Dayton, 1910.

Morton, O. F. History of Highland County, Va.; 8vo, 419 pp.; Monterey, Va., 1911.

Neff,  John H.:  Typhoid Fever as Met With in Harrisonburg and Vicinity; in Transactions of Med. Soc. Of Va., 1893.

Newcomer, Christian:  Life and Journal; 16mo, 330 pp.; F. G. W. Kopp, Hagerstown, 1834.

O’Ferrall, C. T.:  Forty Years of Active Service; 8vo, 367 pp.; Neale Pub. Co., N. Y., 1904.

Painter, F. V. N.:  Poets of Virginia; 12 mo, 336 pp.; B. F. Johnson Pub. Co., Richmond, 1907.

Paul, John:  Adress at Cornerstone-Laying, Rockingham Courthouse, 1896; 8vo, 19 pp.; Harrisonburg.

Peyton, J. L.:  History of Augusta County; 8vo, 402 pp.; S. M. Yost &  Son, Staunton, 1882.

Roller, John E.:  Michael Schlatter Memorial Address; 8vo, 24 pp.;




Daniel Miller, Reading, Pa., 1900.

                Ruffner, W. H.:  The Waterman Lands; 16mo, 35 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1859.

                Scott, W. W.,:  History of Orange County; 8vo, 292 pp.; Richmond, 1907.

                Semple, R. B.; History of Baptists in Virginia; 8vo, 454 pp.; Richmond, 1810.

                Shuey, D. B.:  Shuey Family History; 12mo, 279 pp.; Lancaster, Pa., 1876.

                Smith, C. H.:  Mennonites of America; 8vo, 484 pp.; Scottdale, Pa., 1909.

Spencer, A. C.:  Geology of the Massanutten Mountain; 8vo, 54 pp.; Washington, 1897.

Thwaites and Kellogg:  Dunmore’s War; 12mo, 500 pp.; Madison, Wis., 1905.

Travis, Joseph:  Autobiography; 12mo, 238 pp.; Nashville, 1856.  Tells of great revival in Harrisonburg, 1802.

Turner, F. M.:  Life of John Sevier; 12mo, 226 pp.; Neale Pub. Co., N. Y., 1910.

Waddell, J. A.:  Annals of Augusta; 4to, 545 pp.; Staunton, Va., 1902.

Waddell, J. A.:  Scotch-Irish of the Valley of Virginia; pp. 79-99, Proceedings of 7th Congress of Scotch-Irish Society.

Wayland, J. W.:  German Element of the Valley of Virginia; 8vo, 272 pp.; 1907.

Wayland, J. W.:  Sidney Lanier at Rockingham Springs; 8vo, 54 pp.; Ruebush-Elkins, Co., Dayton, 1912.

Wayland, J. W.:  Joseph Funk, Father of Song in Northern Virgnia; 4to, 12 pp.; Ruebush-Elkins Co., Dayton, 1912.

Wayland and Garber:  Bridgewater College, Past and Present; 8vo, 298 pp.; 1905.

Webster, Richard:  Presbyterian Church in America; 8vo, 720 pp.; Philadelphia, 1857.

Weekley and Fout:  Our Heroes, Vol. II; Otterbein Press, Dayton, Ohio, 1911.

Wenger, Jonas:  Wenger Family History; 12mo, 259 pp.; Elkhart, Ind., 1903.

Wenger, J. H.:  Descendants of Abraham Beery; 12mo, 328 pp.; South English, Iowa, 1905.

Wenger, J. H.:  Descendants of Nicholas Beery; 12mo, 496 pp.; South English, Iowa, 1911.

Wilson, B. F.:  Historical Year Book, 1911-12, Harrisonburg Presbyterian Church; 34 pp.

Wilton, Dwyer, and Conrad:  History of Rockingham Union Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; 8vo, 46 pp.; Harrisonburg, 1889.

Woods, Edgar:  History of Albermarle County; 8vo, 412 pp.; Charlottesville, Va., 1901.

Zigler, D. H.:  Brethren in Virginia; 12mo, 278 pp.; Brethren Pub. House, Elgin, Ill. 1908.


B.     Articles in Newspapers and Magazines.


American Motorist,  March, 1912; The Grottoes of the Shenandoah, by J. S. Grasty.

Baltimore Sun, Feb. 13, 1909:  The Lincolns of Virginia.

Blue and Gray, May, 1894:  The First Provost-Marshal of Harrisonburg, by C. W. Boyce.

Bridgewater Herald, Nov. 29, 1895:  Some Valley History.

                Sept. 27, 1901:  Col. E. Sipe obituary.

Century Magazine, June 1885:  Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah, by J. D. Imboden.

                March, 1887:  Lincoln’s Ancestors in Virginia, by J. T. Harris.

Gospel Messenger (Elgin, Ill.), Nov. 30, 1907:  Ministers of Long Ago, by Daniel Hays.

                Mar. 14, 1908:  Sketch of the Klein Family, by Daniel Hays.

                Dec. 25, 1909:  W. C. Thurman in the Shenandoah Valley, by J. H. Stover.

Harrisonburg Daily News, June 20, 1903:  J. W. Howe obituary.

                July 10, 1903:  First County Court

                July 13, 1903:  First Murder Case.

                April 6, 11, 22, 24, 1907:  Valley Soldiers in French and Indian War, by J. W. Wayland.

                April 23, 1908:  Famous Old Music Book, by D. Hays.




                April 16, 1909:  Normal School Cornerstone Laying.

                May 8, 1909:  Sketches of Rockingham, Harrisonburg, Normal School, etc.

                May 22, 1909:  History of Timberville.

                Dec. 1 (?), 1909:  Elkton Methodist Church

                Jan. 8, 1910:  J. S. Messerley obituary.

                Jan. 12, 1910:  Harrisonburg Church Statistics.

                March 23, 1910:  The Miller Family, by Milo Custer.

                April 2, 4, 5, 6, 1910:  The Old Church on the Hill, by James Kenney.

                Aug. 21, 1911:  Meyerhoeffer Family Reunion.

                Oct. 3, 1911:  Harrisonburg Methodist Church, by H. H. Sherman.

                Mar. 7, 1912:  Roller Military Records.

                Oct. 29, 1912:  Kiracofe Family Reunion.

Harrisonburg Daily Times, Aug. 6, 1907:  The Germans in the Valley, by D. S. Lewis.

                Jan. 12, 1910:  Harrisonburg Church Statistics.

                Sept. 29, 1911:  J. H. Ralston obituary

                June 3, 1912:  New Church at New Erection.

Harrisonburg Free Press, Feb. 14, 1900:  The Germans in Rockingham and the Valley, by C. E. Kemper.         

                May 23 to July 27, 1900:  History of Rockingham County, by J. H. Floyd

May 28, 1904:  Day-Break on the Massanutten, by J. A. M., in the Richmond News-


June 4, July 2, 1904: Harrisonburg War History, by Mrs. Emma Lyon Bryan.

                Musical Advocate (Singer’s Glen), August, Sept., Oct., Nov., 1868:  Wishtaneta, by Will S. Rohr.

                Musical Million (Dayton, Va.), August, 1908:  Aldine S. Kieffer and His Work, by W. T. Myers.

                                August, 1911:  The Ruebush-Kieffer Co., by O. F. Morton.

                Old Commonwealth (Harrisonburg), Feb. 13, 1867:  Battle of Port-Republic, by John Esten Cooke, from Old Guard.

                                Dec. 23, 1868:  Completion of the M. G. Railroad.

                                Jan. 12, 1870:  East Rockingham.

                                April 13, 1870:  Fine Rockingham Stock.

                                Oct. 5, 12, 1870:  The Great Flood.

                                Dec. 28, 1870:  Big Christmas Fire.

                                May 2, 1872:  Re-Division of County into Townships.

                                May 29, 1873:  The Great Valley of Virginia, reprinted from Staunton Spectator.

                                April 22, 1875:  Dora Coal Fields.

                                Aug. 23, 1877:  Yellow Massanutten Springs.

                                Nov. 29, 1877:  The Flood of 1877.

                                Sept. 27, 1883:  Union Veterans in Harrisonburg.

                Old Dominion Home (Dayton, Va.), November 1906:  Legend of Cook’s Creek, by L. J. Heatwole.

                Our Assistant (Mt. Crawford), May 1899:  History of Brown Memorial Church, by A. D. Wolfinger.

                Our Church Paper (New Market, Va.), August 27, 1902:  82d Annual Lutheran Tennessee Synod at Rader’s Church.

                Outing Magazine, April, 1908:  Nolichucky Jack, by L. T. Sprague.

                Page News (Luray, Va.), Dec. 13, 1907:  Milnes and the Flood of 1870.

                                Aug. 25, Sept. 1, 8, 15, 22, 1911:  Diary of John W. Mauck, Co. J, 10th Va. Inf.

                Penn-Germania (Lititz, Pa.), October 1911:  Joseph Funk, Father of Song, by John W. Wayland.

                Philadelphia Medical Museum, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1808:  The Rockingham Influenza of 1807, by Peachey Harrison.

                Philomathean Monthly (Bridgewater), Jan. 1912:  Origin of the Massanutten Mountain, by H. N. Glick.

                Presbyterian Journal (Philadelphia), June, Sept., Dec., 1903:  First German Reformed Colony in Virginia, by W. J. Hinke.

                Religious Herald (Richmond), August 15, 1912:  Baptists of Rockingham, by C. S. Dodd.

                Richmond Dispatch, July 22, 1900:  The Barn-Burners, by N. M. Burkholder.

                Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 2, 1911:  A Home Institution, by J. S. Flory.

                Rockingham Daily Record, Sept. 16, 1911:  Harrisonburg Schools, Rockingham Roads, State Normal School.




Sept. 18, 1911:  Methodism in Harrisonburg, by H. H. Sherman; Rockingham Memorial Hospital

Oct. 3, 1911:  Harrisonburg Baptist Church, by J. C. Staples.

April 8, 1912:  How Shaver Killed Meigs, by S. N. Callender.

                Rockingham Register (Harrisonburg), Jan. 2, 1863:  Joseph Funk obituary.

                                May 9, 11, 1863:  10th Regiment’s Killed and Wounded in the Battle of Chancellorsville.

                                Feb. 9, 1866:  Catholics in the Valley.

                                June 28, 1866:  Sketch of Bridgewater.

                                Oct. 11, 18, 1866;  East Rockingham.

                                April 11, 1867:  Beaver Creek People and Works.

                                Nov. 21, 1867:  Valley Musical Association.

                                Nov. 18, 1869:  The Tunkers.

                                Jan. 6, 1870:  Hedrick, Flory, and others on the Thurman Movement.

                                Oct. 6, 13, 20, 1870:  The Great Flood.

                                Dec. 12, 1873:  On Cross Keys Battle, etc.

Jan. 23, Feb. 20, Apr. 3, June 26, 1874:  Interesting Sketches of Rockingham by Roaming Invalid.

June 5, 1874:  East Rockingham; Tearing Down the Old Courthouse.

May 27, 1875:  Grange Demonstration.

Sept. 21, 1876:  Rockingham Schools, by J. Hawse.

Oct. 5, 1876:  Harrisonburg 50 Years Ago.

April 26, 1877:  St. Michael’s Church.

Nov. 29, 1877:  Terrible Flood.

Dec. 13, 1877:  Flood at River Bank.

Jan. 31, 1878:  Farming at Rosendale, from the Baltimore Sun.

Feb. 6, 1879:  Port Republic.

May 1, 1879:  Methodism in the Old Times.

Dec. 4, 1879:  New Market Cave.

Dec. 8, 1881:  New Erection; Linville Creek.

Jan. 26, 1882:  Along the Moorefield Road, by N. M. Burkholder.

March 3, 1882:  Samuel Cootes obituary

May 3, 1883:  Mt. Crawford.

July 5, 1883:  McGaheysville.

Feb. 5 to Aug. 27, 1885:  27 articles on Rockingham County, by G. F. Compton.

Dec. 22, 1887:  Col. B. H. Smith obituary.

June 14, 1888:  The Old Kline House.

Jan. 31, 1889:  First Piano in Rockingham.

March 14, 1890:  Brock’s Gap, by J. L. Campbell.

Dec. 19, 1890:  Timberville Cave.

March 27, 1891:  Shendun; Frederick A. Berlin.

Jan. 20, 1893:  W. B. Compton’s Escape from McHenry.

Feb. 17, 1893:  Kyd Douglas’s Ride.

Jan. 5, 1894:  Roller Family History.

Jan. 22, 1894:  Lead and Zinc in Rockingham.

July 20, 1894:  Who Burned the Bridges?  by Luther Coyner; from Staunton Spectator and the Galveston News.

Aug. 31, 1894:  Kagey Reunion at Dayton.

Feb. 8, March 1, 22, 29, 1895:  Friedens Church.

May 24, 1895:  Cook’s Creek Church.

June 14, July 26, 1895:  Valley Mennonites, by L. J. Heatwole.

Aug. 16, 1895:  Killing of Meigs, by N. W. Orb.

July 17, 1896:  Trumbo Family History.

Aug. 28, Sept. 4, 1896:  Roller Family Reunion.

Oct. 2, 1896:  Destructive Floods.

Nov. 20, 1896:  Friedens Church.

Feb. 19, Mar. 12, 19, 1897:  Friedens History.

April 16, 1897:  Life in Rockingham in 1865.

Sept. 24, 1897:  How Ashby Died, by E. C. Bruffey, from Atlanta Constitution.

Oct. 1, 1897:  Courthouse Opening.

Feb. 4, 1898:  Where Turner Ashby Fell.

May 13, 1898:  History of McGaheysville.

June 10, 17, 1898:  Ashby Monument Unveiling.

Sept. 30, 1898:  Harrisonburg Guards Return from Florida.

Jan. 13, 1899:  German-Virginians, by J. E. Roller.

March 10, 1899:  Rockingham Historical Society.




July 6, 1900:  Hunter’s Raid in the Valley.

July 13, 1900:  Sheridan’s Raid in the Valley.

Jan. 2, 1903:  Rockingham Revolutionary Pensioners, by C. E. Kemper.

Feb. 20, 1903:  A Tradition of War Branch.

Feb. 27, 1903:  More Traditions of War Branch.

Jan. 26, 1904:  The Old County Court, by J. E. Roller.

Dec. 30, 1904:  Myers Family History.

                Shenandoah Valley (New Market, Va.), Jan. 2, 1908:  St. John’s Lutheran Church (Rock. Co.), by T. H. Fansler.

                                March 24, 1910:  Huffman Family Reunion.

                                Sept. 25, 1910:  Valley Rangers at Lacey.

                Spirit of the Valley (Harrisonburg), Aug. 15, 1902:  J. C. Wheat obituary.

                Staunton Daily Leader, June 16, 1912:  Local Newspapers, by Newton Argenbright.

                Virginia Magazine of History and Biography (Richmond), April, July, October, 1902:  The Germans of the Valley, by J. W. Wayland.

                                July, 1902:  Adam Mueller, First White Settler, by C. E. Kemper.

October, 1903, January, April, July, October, 1904, January 1905:  Moravian Diaries of Travel through Virginia, by W. J. Hinke and C. E. Kemper.

January, 1905:  The Dunkers and the Sieben-Taeger, by J. W. Wayland.

April, July, October, 1905:  January, April, 1906:  Early Westward Movement of Virginia, by C. E. Kemper.

Washington Herald, May 15, 1912:  Sketch of Harrisonburg.

West Virginia Historical Magazine, April, 1902:  The Lawyer (Gabriel Jones), by R. T. Barton.

William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. IX:  First Settler in the Valley, by Lizzie B. Miller.

                Vols. XII, XIV:  Peaked Mountain Church, by W. J. Hinke and C. E. Kemper.

Young Virginian (Mt. Clinton), February, 1874:  History of Harrisonburg Presbyterian Church.

                November, 1875:  Cooke’s Creek Church.

                April, 1876:  Mossy Creek Church.

                September 1876:  The Old and New Side.