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Rockingham County, Virginia
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Court Minutes
(From "History of Rockingham County" by John W. Wayland)


John W. Wayland, Ph.D.

CHAPTER V. (Pages 65 - 111)


The information on these "Court Minute" pages was taken from "A History of Rockingham County Virginia" by John W. Wayland which was published in 1912. The minutes are from the first county minute books and cover the period from 1777, when the county was first formed, to 1784. They include mention of many of the early residents of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, especially in relation to compensation for provisions contributed during the Revolutionary War. The minutes also give an interesting picture of life during that period.

The book itself does not have an every name index, so I hope that the following index that I prepared and the information contained in the minutes will be of help to many of you. You may want to use your "find" feature in your browser to locate your surname on the indicated page.






Argabright; P3  

Ewins; P3  

Maiden; P2  

Stone; P1; P3

Arkenbright; P2  

Fie; P3  

Mallow; P2; P3  

Stratton; P2

Armentrout; P2; P3  

Field; P3  

Marshal; P3  

Strickler; P3

Armstrong; P3  

Fitzwater; P1; P2; P3  

Marshall; P3  

Stump; P3

Baer; P3  

Floyd; P1  

Mathews; P2; P3  

Swope; P3

Bags; P3  

Fought; P3  

Matthews; P2; P3  

Sword; P3

Baird; P3  

Fowland; P3  

Mauzy; P3  

Sybert; P1

Baker; P2; P3  

Fowler; P1  

Mcbride; P1; P2  

Tate; P3

Baxter; P1; P2; P3  

Frazers; P1  

McClanahan; P2  

Thomas; P1; P2; P3

Bear; P3  

Frazier; P1  

McCoy; P2  

Thornhill; P2

Beard; P2  

Frazor; P3  

McDonald; P2  

Todhunter; P3

Beasley; P2  

Fudge; P2  

McDowell; P1; P2  

Trigg; P3

Beasly; P1  

Fulton; P1  

McDugal; P3  

Turner; P3

Beaverly; P3  

Funk; P3  

McGlahing; P3  

Vance; P3

Beazle; P3  

Fye; P3  

McKenley; P3  

Wade; P3

Beeslie; P2  

Gartner; P2  

Mcvey; P1  

Wallace; P3

Beezly; P3  

Gay; P2  

McWilliams; P3  

Warick; P3

Besselly; P3  

Gilbert; P1; P3  

Menzies; P2  

Warrin; P3

Bird; P1  

Gilmer; P3  

Miller; P3  

Wartmann; P3

Blain; P3  

Gilmore; P3  

Mills; P3  

Weatherholt; P1

Bletcher; P3  

Gist; P2  

Minnis; P2  

Weaver; P3

Blizard; P1  

Glasgow; P3  

Moffet; P2  

Weir; P3

Boggs; P1  

Glaspie; P3  

Monger; P3  

Wheton; P2

Boon; P3  

Gordon; P1  

Montgomery; P3  

Whisler; P3

Boqueter; P2  

Grace; P3  

Moore; P2  

White; P3

Boswell; P1; P2; P3  

Grattan; P2  

More; P1; P2  

Williams; P2; P3

Bourne; P3  

Gratten; P1  

Moyer; P3  

Willis; P2

Bowman; P2; P3  

Gregg; P2  

Moyers; P3  

Wilson; P1

Bowyer; P1  

Grubb; P2  

Nall; P3  

Witsell; P1

Branum; P3  

Guin; P3  

Nalle; P1; P2  

Wood; P3

Brewster; P1  

Gum; P1; P2  

Naul; P3  

Woolridge; P1

Brown; P1; P3  

Haines; P2  

Nawl; P3  

Young; P2; P3

Bruster; P2; P3  

Hamileton; P2  

Neilson; P3  

Bryan; P1; P3  

Hamilton; P1; P2; P3  

Nelson; P2  

Bullet; P3  

Hammond; P2  

Nicholas; P3  

Burk; P3  

Hamphill; P3  

Nicolas; P2  

Bush; P1  

Hankle; P2  

Oldham; P3  

Butcher; P1  

Hannah; P3  

Page; P3  

Byrd; P2  

Hansberger; P2  

Painter; P3  

Cain; P2  

Harmon; P3  

Parrot; P2  

Cairn; P2  

Harnet; P1; P2; P3  

Patton; P3  

Calhoon; P1  

Harrison; P1; P2; P3  

Peirce; P3  

Campbell; P1; P2  

Hart; P1; P2; P3  

Pence; P1; P2; P3  

Care; P3  

Harter; P3  

Peninger; P1  

Carns; P3  

Havener; P2  

Pennirey; P1  

Carpenter; P3  

Hemphill; P3  

Perkey; P3  

Carrel; P3  

Henderson; P3  

Perky; P3  

Cash; P1  

Henton; P1; P3  

Peters; P3  

Chrisman; P1; P2  

Herdman; P1; P3  

Petro; P3  

Circle; P3  

Herring; P1; P2; P3  

Pettejohn; P3  

Clough; P2  

Herron; P2  

Plumb; P1  

Coger; P1; P2  

Hershman; P3  

Polser; P3  

Collick; P3  

Hewit; P1; P2  

Price; P2; P3  

Conrad; P2  

Hewitt; P1; P3  

Rader; P1  

Conrod; P2  

Hicks; P1; P3  

Ragon; P3  

Coofman; P3  

Hill; P1  

Ralston; P3  

Coonrod; P3  

Hinckel; P1  

Ralstone; P1  

Couger; P2; P3  

Hinton; P1; P2; P3  

Reader; P1; P2

Counce; P2  

Hog; P1; P2; P3  

Reagan; P2  

Crafford; P2  

Holmes; P3  

Reagen; P1  

Craig; P3  

Hook; P2; P3  

Reeves; P2; P3

Cravens; P1; P3  

Hooke; P3  

Rhinehart; P3  

Craveors; P3  

Hoover; P3  

Rice; P1; P2; P3  

Cring; P2  

Hopkins; P1; P2; P3  

Ridgeway; P3  

Crisman; P3  

Hover; P1; P3  

Roarick; P2  

Crow; P1; P3  

Hudlow; P3  

Rob; P2  

Curry; P3  

Hulvah; P3  

Robison; P3  

Custard; P1  

Huston; P1; P2; P3  

Rodes; P3  

Davidson; P1; P2; P3  

Irvine; P3  

Rodgers; P2  

Davis; P1; P2; P3  

Johnson; P2  

Rootes; P1  

Davison; P1  

Johnston; P1; P2  

Ruddle; P1; P2; P3  

Deniston; P3  

Jones; P1; P2; P3  

Runckle; P3  

Dever; P1; P2  

Kavanaugh; P3  

Rupe; P1  

Devier; P2; P3  

Kees; P3  

Rush; P1; P3  

Devir; P2  

Keezell; P3  

Rutherford; P1; P2; P3  

Dictam; P1; P2  

Keiler; P3  

Ryder; P1  

Dictums; P1  

Kelly; P2  

Rylie; P1  

Dier; P3  

Kelsle; P3  

Samples; P3  

Diver; P2  

Kersh; P3  

Sellers; P2; P3

Donafin; P2  

Kessle; P3  

Seth; P2  

Donaphan; P3  

Kester; P1; P3  

Sevier; P1  

Dougherty; P2  

Kezle; P3  

Shanklen; P2  

Doughty; P2  

Kiblinger; P3  

Shanklin; P2; P3  

Dove; P3  

Kirtly; P1  

Shanling; P2  

Dunahoe; P3  

Kize; P3  

Shipman; P2; P3  

Dunaphans; P3  

Laird; P2; P3  

Shulenberger; P1  

Dunlap; P3  

Lanahan; P3  

Simerman; P3  

Dunlop; P2  

Leas; P1  

Simmerman; P3  

Dunn; P2  

Lewis; P1; P2; P3  

Skidmore; P1  

Dyer; P1; P2; P3  

Lincoln; P1; P2; P3  

Slaughter; P3  

Eddy; P3  

Lingal; P3  

Smith; P1; P2; P3  

Elliot; P2; P3  

Liskey; P1  

Snoding; P3  

Elliott; P3  

Lofties; P2  

Spears; P3  

Ellsworth; P1  

Loftus; P3  

Spikeard; P1  

Ervin; P2  

Long; P3  

Spykeard; P1  

Erwin; P3  

Love; P2; P3  

Stephenson; P2; P3  

Erwine; P1  

MacKalls; P3  

Stevans; P3  

Estill; P3  

Madison; P3  

Stevins; P1  

Ewin; P3  

Magart; P3  

Stewart; P2; P3  

Ewing; P1; P2  

Magill; P1; P2; P3  

Stolph; P2






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