Bullard Cemetery

Bullard Cemetery - AKA Snowville Christian Church Cemetery, Cypress Grove Christian Church Cemetery, Snowville Cemetery

GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Coordinates - N37 01.786   W080 33.471

Location: Off of Route 693 (Lead Mine Road) in Snowville, on Chester's Hill - Private gated road - This cemetery had been vandalized in the past and some stones were turned over and broken. An historic cemetery for Snowville as Asiel Snow is buried here as well as Dr. Chester Bullard.

Recorded April 2005 by Pam Jones and Tami Ramsey

SSDI - Social Security Death Index
Obit - obituary
VDTR - Very Difficult to read
Seagles - Seagles Funeral Home records
Stevens - Stevens Funeral Home records
o/s/s - on same stone
GG - Glenna Garner transcription

Last Name

First Name

Birth Date

Death Date


Abell G. W. 11-Dec-1818 27-Dec-1874   Elder
Abell John D. 1-Aug-1846 8-Jan-1900    
Abell M. A., Mrs. 14-Nov-1825 24-Jun-1892   Our Mother
Bill Castillo Snow No Date 4-Aug-1893   39 Yrs Son of D B & H M Bill
Bill David Bissell No Date 3-Jun-1885   Age 65 Yrs
Bill Harriet Mary 1820 1899   w/o David Bill
Bill Mary Little 1-May-1880 7-Jun-1880   Dau of (?) & C S Bill
Bill Robbie 18-May-1885 14-Apr-1886   Youngest c/o E. L. & M. N. Bill
Bullard Bettie, Mrs. 20-Sep-1832 21-Feb-1905   No Stone found - Dau of R M & Elizabeth Craig
Bullard Chester, Dr. 12-Mar-1809 27-Feb-1893   Born in Massachusetts - Biography
Bullard Clifford Sales 8-Jun-1849 2-Jan-1900   Son of T S & J B Bullard
Bullard Ernest F. 22-Apr-1850 1851    No Stone found
Bullard Eudora J. 1-Mar-1850 Or 1853(?) 4-Feb-1854    
Bullard Juliana 7-Jun-1822 1-Aug-1877   Born in Massachusetts
Bullard T. S. (Truman S.) 22-Apr-1824 5-Nov-1874   Born in Massachusetts - Shoemaker
Bullard Willie E. 1-May-1852 1-Aug-1852    
Carroll Helen Delois 24-Jul-1927 24-Oct-1928    
Carroll Lottie Mae 3-Sep-1907 5-Oct-1928    
Craig Elizabeth Age 71 Yrs 13-Aug-1875   Relict (Wife) of Deb M Craig
Craig Ella May 8-Dec-1879 14-Nov-1882    
Elmore Ammie 6-Apr-1877 13-Dec-1882   No Stone found 
Elmore Clifton E. 28-Jan-1854 24-Apr-1928    
Elmore Elizabeth Hundley 9-Jun-1854 5-Jun-1926    
Elmore Keith   3 months   Seagle FHM
Elmore Lonnie Clifton 28-May-1905     Past Master Snowville Lodge No. 159 AF & AM (The Masonic Lodge listed above was chartered Dec. 16, 1865) Past District Deputy Grand Master - Captain Air Corps WWII - According to SSDI he died in January of 1987 in Winston Salem, Forsyth County, NC
Elmore Nannie Moseley 14-Jan-1881 10-Oct-1961   Seagle FHM
Elmore Phoebe Kate 25-Oct-1888 22-Mar-1957    
Elmore Robert Erle 5-Feb-1897 10-Jul-1947   VA PVT 126 ENGRS WWI; Hus of Vinnie Correll
Elmore Sammie Apr 6, 1877 Dec 13, 1881    
Elmore Thomas Hampton 25-Sep-1879 12-Sep-1961   Seagles FHM - Past Master Snowville Lodge No. 159 AF & AM (The Masonic Lodge listed above was chartered Dec. 16, 1865)
Hundley John T. 23-Jan-1847 25-Apr-1913   Stone turned over - Stone beside Virginia Hundley
Hundley Karey Ethel 20-Sep-1888 11-Sep-1959    
Hundley Mary Valentine 10-Feb-1857 19-May-1907    
Hundley Phoebe Bushong 18-May-1816 14-Oct-1878   No Stone found
Hundley Samuel Hensley 13-Aug-1813 12-Oct-1884    
Hundley Sarah Cornelia 19-Apr-1849 28-Sep-1919    
Hundley Virginia S. 10-Jan-1860 17-May-1944   Stone turned over - Stone beside John T. Hundley
Jones Willie Abell 25-Feb-1859 11-Dec-1934    
Meredith J. C. 22-Jun-1855 5-Aug-1914    
Meredith J. C. 1815 in VA 1855 in Snowville   Fourth son of H & A Meredith
Meredith Mary Elizabeth 1851 1854    
Meredith S. A. 18-Oct-1823 16-Jun-1891   w/o J C Meredith
Meredith Willie 1855 1855    
Reece Hellen Darrts 12-Mar-1927 21-Mar-1927    
Reece James Everett 14-Aug-1881 19-Apr-1970   oss/Lucretia Reece - DeVileiss FHM
Reece Lucretia 8-Sep-1881 22-Oct-1921   oss/James E. Reece
Shelburn Mary Snow 13-Feb-1834 29-Nov-1850    
Snow A. (Asiel) No Date 2-Oct-1884   87 Yrs 10 Mos 17 Days - Founder of Snowville - o/s/s Elizabeth Snow
Snow Elizabeth G. No Date 8-Sep-1852   41 Yrs 5 Mos - o/s/s Asiel Snow
Snow Mary       No Dates
Stalnaker M. C.       No Dates - Wrought iron enclosure only - Probably Mary Stalnaker, wife of Dr. John W. Stalnaker
Summers C.G. 1877 1936   Probably C. Glenn Summers, son of George and Salome Summers
Summers Forrest T., M.D. 1878 1938   son of George and Salome Summers
Summers George Washington 1851 1935   h/o Salome Summers - Married Aug 24, 1876
Summers Nellie S. 1883 1891    
Summers Roy L. 1886 1891    
Summers Salome Meredith 1849 1939   d/o Jerimiah Meredith & Sarah Ann Warsham - w/o Geo Washington Summers - Married Aug 24, 1876
Turpin Murle 23-Dec ---- 3-Sep-1956   No Stone found - GG - Age 18 Yrs
Unknown Mary Frances       No Dates Dau of (?) & S B - Same design of the headstones dated around 1850
Unknown Millard       No Dates - Same design of the headstones dated around 1850
Unmarked Graves           
Wilson Lucy Craig 5-Jul-1847 28-Aug-1874   Mother
Wilson Mary Louisa 20-May-1860 26-Jul-1876   Our Sister
Wilson Pattie E. 22-Aug-1850 19-Sep-1905    


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