Dr. Chester Bullard Biography

Dr. Chester Bullard 1809 - 1893

Dr. Chester Bullard was born March 12, 1809, at Framingham, Mass., a community twenty-one miles west of Boston. At nine years of age he was removed to Staunton, Va., and at about seventeen to Montgomery County, Va.,.
During 1831, he began the study of medicine with Dr. D. J. Chapman of Giles County, Va., later practicing for a living, while preaching a great deal. Chester Bullard, being a clear thinker, avoided the speculative doctrines of the day. His preaching presented in a clear, simple way the gospel truths. So new were they, and so foreign to the religious thought of the time, that it was two years before Dr. Bullard had a convert. By 1836 be had planted six churches. Among these were Alleghany in Montgomery County, and Shiloh in Pulaski County.
At what time in his life he moved to Snowville, Va., is not known. At that place was a church known as Cypress Grove, which Bullard soon won over to the Restoration Plea. He built his home, "Humility," on the opposite hill near the church. This church was the second that Bullard established. For many years Snowville was known as "The Jerusalem" of Southwest Virginia.
Doctor Bullard was married four times. His first wife was Eley K. Pierce, of Montgomery County; his second, Adeline Stone, of Lunenburg County; his third, Mary Dunkum, of Albemarle, the mother of William S. Bullard, and his last wife was Elizabeth Craig, of Pulaski County. He had only three children.
After a long and useful ministry, he died February 27, 1893, lacking fourteen days of reaching the age of eighty-four. He was buried at noontime, March 1st, on Chester's Hill, overlooking the town of Snowville, and his old home, "Humility."



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