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Pittsylvania County, Virginia
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The following marriage bonds were transcribed by Carol Adams

Joel Stoe and Hannah Morrice, Dec 17 1799, bondsman William Morrice

William Morrice and Sally Stoe, Nov 6 1799, James Morrice bondsman

Samuel Morris and Vicey Chaney, surety James Donilson, June 12 1792

William Morris and Nancy Inman, Mar 29 1805, surety Jesse Inman

James Williams and Elizabeth Morrice, surety William Morrice, Feb 12 1806

Coleman Morris and Ony Slate, Mar 7 1812, signs her own consent, surety Wm Tait

Elijah Morris and Jincey Haymore, Nov 2 1818, surety Jesse Inman

Henry Morris and Catharine C Trotter, Feb 12 1825, dau of James Trotter, who consents

Jesse Morris and Lidia Inman, dau of Wm Inman, Nov 1 1815, surety Elijah Morris

Richard Morris and Patsy Tate, June 22 1817, surety Holland Hedgpeth

Samuel Morris and Susan Pierce, Mar 17 1817, surety Jeffrey Astin

John Stow and Susan Thomas, dau of Henson Thomas, Dec 15 1823

William Robinson and Esther Stowe, surety Joseph Akin, signs her own consent, Oct 2 1781

William H. Inman and Ruth Stow, surety James M. Stowe. Feb 7 1829. Wm Beck signs cert. as Ruth being one of his wards.

Nathanial Gardner and Elizabeth Dotson, Aug 21 1787, surety Nancy Chilton, mother of the bride, bondsman Nat. Gardner

Heath Gardner and Susanna Weldon, Apr 23 1783

Mary Gardner and Lemuel Oakes, Sep 1 1838, signs for self, bondsman Wm F Gardner

Mary A. Gardner and George Hammock, Dec 8 1845, John Gardner father, bondsman Wm H. Gardner

Mary A. Gardner and James L. Oakes, Jan 31 18

Jacob Shelhorse and Polley Haynes, Sep 22 1817, bondsman James Bailey

Jacob Shelhorse and Polly Woodson, daughter of Murray Woodson, Aug 14 1812

Elizabeth Shelhorse and James Moore, Jan 7 1803, surety John Robertson

Catherine Shelhorse and John Haynes, dau Bernette Shelhorse, surety Jacob Shelhorse, Jan 7 1822, page 75

Jane Shelhorse and Daniel Motley Jr, Nov 26 1823, page 70

Polly Shelhorse and Wm Yeatts, dau Barnett Shelhorse, bondsman Jacob Shelhorse Nov 30 1812

Susan Shelhorse and Crispin Payne, surety Henry Shelhorse, Nov 29 1830, page 96

William H Shelhorse and Parthena A Hall, Oct 2 1851

Abraham Thomas, age 38, and Fannie Withers, age 25, Dec 17 1867

Nancy Thomas and William Blair, surety Benjamin Thomas, May 18 1801

Lucy Thomas and Morris Inman, surety Ben Thomas, Nov 23 1819

Margaret Thomas, daughter of William Thomas, surety Abraham Thomas and David Collins, Oct 31 1826

Molly Campbell, and Francis Worsham, 1799, no month or day. Married by Rev. Richard Elliott. p28

Agness Campbell, daughter of Abram Campbell, who consents, and Nathan Adams, July 19 1790. Surety George Watson. Married by Rev. Richard Elliott, p12. .

Milly Campbell and Boling Kirby, Dec 13 1789

Anne Campbell and William Thomas, Nov 21, 1795, daughter of Abraham Campbell who consents. Surety Richard Elliott, p21

Barnett Burnett and Elizabeth Campbell, who writes her own consent, Oct 17 1808. Surety Benjamin Burnett. p44

Jesse Richards and Sally Campbell, Nov 7 1796, surety Abraham Campbell. Married by Rev. Richard Elliott. p23

Boling Kirby and Milley Campbell, daughter of Abraham Campbell, Dec 13 1789. Consent of John Kerby for Boling. Suety Joel Thacker. p11

Henry Campbell and Elizabeth Burgess, March (no day) 1784

Thomas Watson and Frances Campbell. Nov 21 1791, surety William Watson. Married by Rev. Richard Elliott. p14

Putram Worsham and Lucy Campbell, Oct 16 1797. Surety Jesse Richards. p24

Benjamin Thomas and Susan Aron. Sep 21 1818, Surety Jacob Aron. p67

Susan Shelhorse and Crispin Payne, Nov 29 1830, surety Henry Shelhorse

John B. Shelhorse and Mary Jane Hodnett, Dec 2 1854

Carroll Shelhorse and Elizabeth Ann Hutson, parents of groom, Jacob and Mary Shelhorse; parents of bride, Thomas and Frances Hutson, Dec 18 1854

James M. Shelhorse and Susan C. Crider, July 14 1857

Jacob Shelhorse and Mary Parker, Nov 16 1857

Mary Shelhorse and Wilford G. Rowles, parents of bride Jacob and Mary Shelhorse; parents of groom Elisha and Margaret Rowles, Nov 24 1857

Henry Shelhorse and Elizabeth Bates, Dec 20 1830, bondsman Isaac Bates

Elizabeth Shelhorse and George Payne, Feb 15 1836, bondsman Jacob Shelhorse

Nancy Shelhorse and James M. Hall, Oct 29 1846, bondsman Wm H. Shelhorse, signed by Mary Shelhorse and Nancy Shelhorse.

Elijah Adams and Elizabeth Maneas, Apr 15 1785

George Adams and Esebell Wilson, Nov 21 1780, surety Sylvester Adams

John Adams and Nancy Burton, Feb 9 1796, Nancy is daughter of Elijah Burton who consents, surety Thomas Prosize.

Lewis Adams and Molley Meade, daughter of James Meade who consents, Nov 15 1804. Surety William Williams, Married by Rev. David Nowlin.

Jacob Aron and Judith Kearby, Dec 20 1790, consent of John Bartee stepfather of Judith, and of Dicey Bartee, her mother. Surety George Thurman.

Abraham Arnn, Jr and Nelly Perdue, Sep 20 1802, surety George Arnn. Signs her own consents.

Rice Beadles and Salley Adams, dau of Nathaniel Adams who consents, Mar 14 1786, surety Benjamin Davis. Married by Rev. Samuel Harris

James Blair and Polley Dickinson, dau of Frances Dickinson who consents, Apr 1 1796. Surety George Blair

William Blair and Nancy Thomas, daughter of Benjamin Thomas who consents, May 18 1801, surety William Thomas.

John Campbell and Catharine LePrade, daughter of Benjamin LePrade who consents, surety Joseph Akin. June 23 1787. Married by Rev. David Barr

Moses Hubbard and Elizabeth Hodges, dau of John Hodges who consents and is surety, Dec 30 1798

James Martin and Nancy Ferguson, dau of Alexander and Margaret Ferguson who consent. 1802, no month or day. Surety Evins Echols. Married by Rev Richard Elliott.

Drury Woodson and Nanny Adams, Jan 4 1800, surety William Williams, Cain Adams consents for Nancy

Reubin Haymes and Sally Bailey, Jan 17 1818, surety James Bailey

John B. Turpin and Elizabeth M. Ross, daughter of John Ross who consents, Dec 1 1838, surety William P. Johns

The following marriages were copied by Gayle Austin

Nancy J. Blankenship and Edward L. Pugh February 6, 1852

William M. Blankenship and Ann W. Morris July 1, 1852, page 184

Ann Eliza Blankenship and Lafayette Womack April 3, 1858 page 173, parents were Charles W. and Mary L. Womack and Braxton and Orentha Blankenship, married by Silvany Gardner

Jns Blankenship and Elizabeth Corbin bond December 17, 1859, married December 20, 1860 by John H. Forbes

Rebecca Blankenship and Arch Pravett February 22, 1790, Bondsman Charles Kendrick

Laura E. Blankenship and Daniel P. Hodnett December 15, 1845, Bond by Braxton Blankenship, married by Henry Finch

Amanda Blankenship, from Charlotte Co., age 48 and C. M. George, age 82, a mechanic, January 2, 1879 page 98

Almeyda H. Blankenship, age 17, and Stanhope Shelton, age 18, farmer, April 27, 1896. Parents were John Blankenship, dec and Veleria Blankenship and Jams D. and Virginia T. Shelton, page 226

Aurelia Blankenship, age 18, and James E. Henderson, age 21, farmer, August 24, 1871. Parents were Ann Blankenship and Hayborne and Sarah A. Henderson, page 46

Charlotte W. Blankenship, age 16, born in Franklin Co, lived in Pittsylvania Co and James L. Ferguson, age 20, born in Franklin Cnty, lived in Franklin Cnty, Farmer, December 12, 1867, Parents were Jns W. and Mary Ferguerson and Lewis M. and Elizabeth Blankenship, page 24

Bettie Lee Blankenship, age 24, and Eugene Barker, age 24, Farmer, February 12, 1895, parents were J. W. (dec) and Bettie M. Blankenship and William H. and Mary B. Barker, page 224

Charles Blankenship, age 22, Farmer. born in Buckingham Cnty and Jennie D. Milam, age 26, born in Pittsylvania Cnty, December 18, 1872, parents were William and Sarah Blankenship and Jas P. and Delana Milam, page 55

James W. Blankenship, age 30, Farmer and Nannie T. Wilkinson, age 25, January 1, 1900, parents were John T. and Bettie M. Blankenship and Robert and Elizabeth Wilkinson, page 253

J.S. Blankenship, age 22, born in Cumberland Cnty, and Valeria B. Hoskins, age 16, February 8, 1877, parents were Richard S and Meary J. Blankenship and Harrison and Nancy Hoskins, page 84

William J. Blankenship, age 18, Farmer, born in Pittsylvania Cnty and Sallie A. Brown , age 18, born in Halifax Cnty, April 28, 1886, parents were Archer and Kate Blankenship and Wm J. and Sarah E. Brown, page 153

W. W. Blankenship, age 56, Farmer, Widowed from Franklin Cnty,, lives in Pittsylvania Cnty and Virginia F. Arthur, age 32, April 6, 1890, parents Lewis Blankenship and Lindsey and Charlotte Arthur

R. B. Blankenship, age 31, minister,lived in Halifax Co married Lucy K. Easley, age 26, lived in Pittsylvania Co, October 15, 1885, parents were J.A. and H.A. Blankenship and John and Lucy Easley, page 147

Powell S. Blankenship, section master in Richmond-Danville Railroad, from Chesterfield County married Mary E. Scruggs,, Parent unknown

Louise Blankenship , age 21, married William Terry, age 21, farmer, December 30, 1869, parents were Frank and Rebecca Blankenship and Wiliiam D. and Mary Terry.

Mary P. Blankenship, age 27, of Halifaxz County married William H. Barker, age 24, of Pittsylvania , farmer, parents were Braxton and Levintha Blankenship and Talbert and Elizabeth Barker, page 10

Pattie Blankenship, age 20, of Pittsylvania Co married C. C. Franklin, age 19, farmer of Halifax County, October 18, 1888, parents were Archer T. and Catherine Blankenship and B.P. and Emily E. Franklin

Jeremiah Blankenship, age 21, teamstry, married Edney Chumbly, age 16, April 2, 1876, parents were Richard and Amand Blankenship and Coleman and Elizabeth Chumbly, page 78

Lucy L. Blankenship, age 18, married Charlie Lea, age 21, farmer, ecember 21, 1898, parents were John W. and Alaice Blankenship and J. W. and Sarah T. Lea, page 243

Pink Blankenship, age 24, married Charles T. Hodnett, age 21, farmer, parents were John and Bettie Blankenship and John D. Hodnett, page 198

Sallie L. Blankenship, age 18, married J.E. Dodson, age 27, farmer, November 25, 1880, parents were Jn and B. Blankenship and William A. and S.H. Dodson, page 110

Mary Emma Blankenship, age 24, married Jno Dallas Womack, age 22, of Halifax, February 15, 1893, parents were J.T. and Bettie B. Blankenship, page 203

These marriage bonds were contributed by Gail Adkins

Pittsylvania County Marriage Bonds for April 1861

1861 April 7 John L. Baker, 25 yrs old single, born in Clemmonsville, NC, son of John L and Lorenza Baker, occupation-farmer to Nancy A. Galloway 19 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va, dau of Walter Jr & Elizabeth Galloway, married by: Joseph H. Eanes.

1861 April 11 Winborn R. Tosh, 28 yrs old, single born in Bedford Co., Va, son of George & Lucy Tosh, occupation-farmer to Lucy Jane Crider 20 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co, Va dauof David & Nancy I Crider married by: A.H. Johnson

1861 April 18 Creed I. Tucker, 32 yrs od single born in Halifax Co., Va, son of William & Nancy Tucker, occupation-farmer to Nancy Hodnett 23 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of James & Mary Hodnett married by: Asa Hodnett

1861 April 23 Wilson P. Myers, 27 yrs old single, born in Pittsylvania Co., Va, son of Jacob & Betsy Myers, occupation-farmer to Frances W. Bryant 21 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of William & Christina Bryant married by William H. Plunkett

1861 April 23 William Moore, 31 yrs old single, born in Patrick Co., Va, son of Harden H. & Ann Moore, occupation-farmer to Paulina A. Clement 18 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of John S. & Susan A. Clement married by A.H. Johnson

1861 April 25 George K. Griggs, 22 yrs old single born Henry Co., Va. son of Wesley & Susan Griggs, occupation-merchant to Sallie E. Boyd 20 yrs old single born Halifax Co., Va dau of H.A. & Amanda Boyd married by W.M. Ferguson

1861 April 28 Thornton E. Wilkinson 24 yrs old single, born Halifax Co., Va, son of David T. & Betsy Wilkinson, occupation-farmer to Letty Vaden 16 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of Henry & Lucy Vaden married by W.R. McDonald

1861 April 30 Francis A. Swanson, 24 yrs old single, born in Pittsylvania Co., Va, son of John & Julia Swanson, occupation-Tobacconist to Sarah Ann Payne 20 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of William H.Payne married by Jacob Though

Pittsylvania County Marriage Bonds May 1861 - July 1861

1861 May 8 Pashal F. Gafford, 42 yrs old widowed, born Cumberland Co., Va, son of John and Polly Gafford, occupation- Brick Mason to Mary F. Wooding 38 yrs old singleborn Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of Robert & Mary Wooding married by: W.S. Penick

1861 May 9 Samuel H. Stowe,19 yrs old single, born Pittsylvania Co., Va., son of John & Susan Stowe, occupation-farmer to Martha A. Giles 16 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of John A. & Nancy Giles married by: Asa Hodnett

1861 May 14 William A. Calhoon, 28 yrs old single, born Charlotte, NC, son of Adam & Henrietta Calhoon, occupation-farmer to Betty J. Carter 18 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of Alex & Martha A. Carter married by: John H. Forbes

1861 June 20 John T. Shelton, 42 yrs old single, born in Pittsylvania co., Va., son of William C. & Christina Shelton, occupation-Lawyer to Margaret F. Wooding 38 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va, dau of William D. & Mary Yeatts married by: A.H. Johnson

1861 June 20 William H. Shelton, 20 yrs old single, born in Pitsylvania Co., Va., son of Littleberry & Elizabeth Shelton, occupation-Farmer to Rebecca J. Yeatts 16 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of William D. & Mary Yeatts married by: A.H. Johnson

1861 June 24 James Cophill, 39 yrs old widowed, born Genoa, Italty, son of McCane & Catherine Cophill, occupation-Plaster to Martha H. Benton 23 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of David & Sarah Benton married by: George T. Wilmer

1861 June 24 Abner Adkins, 33 yrs old single, born Pittsylvania Co., Va., son of Owen & Fanny Adkins, occupation-Farmer to Matilda Gibson 37 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., VA dau of Sally Gibson married by: Asa Hodnett

1861 June 24 Armistead C. Crews, 47 yrs old widowed, born Halifax Co., Va., son of Richard & Sarah Crews, occupation-farmer to America Ann Johnson 20 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of Sally Johnson married by: William H. Matthews

1861 June 27 John E. Hodges 17 yrs old single, born Pittsylvania Co., Va., son of William & Susan Hodges, occupation-farmer to Julia Ann Hedricks 18 yrs old single born Pittslyvania Co., Va dau of John & Susan Hedrick married by: William S. McDowell

1861 July 3 Thomas Richardson, 44 yrs old single, born Carwells, NC, son of Thoimas & Bady Richardson, occupation-Shoemaker to Lucinda G. James 35 yrs old widowed born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau David & Patsy Richardson married by: John Forbes

1861 July 3 William G. Bradner, 32 yrs old widowed, born Pittsylvania Co., Va., son of John C. & Henrietta Bradner, occupation-Farmer to Elizabeth Parker 21 yrs old single born Pittsylvania Co., Va dau of Elijah & Permelia Parker married by William S. McDowell

29 January 1817 John Woodall and Elizabeth Gauldin. Sur. Auda Gauldin, who makes oath before Wm. Holt, D.C., that he believes his father, Wm. Gauldin, has no objection to the above marriage. Married 30 January by the Rev. James Beck.

9 Sept 1829. John Walker and Susannah Uhles. Sur. John Elliott. Pegy Gaulden, guardian of John Walker, and Eve Uhles, mother of Susanna, write consents. Married 8 Sept. by the Rev Richard B. Beck, p. 95

21 August 1815. Daniel H. Woodall and Sally Woodall, whose consent says she is over 21. Sur. George Hall. Married 15 Sept. by the Rev. James Beck, p. 59.

15 June 1835. Wm. T. Gaulden to Malesa Burnett. Sur. Benj. Burnett by Rev Richard B. Beck.

4 March 1838. Samuel Gauldin to Mary J. Nance. Sur. Hiram McDaniel. Mary Nance signs for self. Married by Rev. Nathan Anderson.

13 September 1838. Thomas Gauldin to Mahala Woodall.

6 December 1814. William Gauldin and Isbell McDaniel, dau of Randolph McDaniel. Randolph McDaniel and Isbell sign the certificate. Sur. Samuel Gauldin, p. 56.

8 February 1813. Samuel Gauldin and Chloe McDaniel. Sur. Moses McDaniel, p.54.

30 June 1810. James Elliott and Nancy Galding. Sur. Andy Galding. Maried 4 July by the Rev. Thomas Boaz p. 48. On the back of the bond: "Andy Galding the security to the within bond and Brother to the within named Nancy Galding this day made oath before me Deputy Clerk for the Court of said County, that the said Nancy Galding is above the age of Twenty one years" Signed E--Rawlings.

Submitted by Linda Lewis Lepow

Rigney,John and Irena Donley 6 Mar 1839

Rigney,Henry and Rebecca Hodges 21 Dec 1865

Rigney,John and Sallie Casey 7 Nov 1867

Rigney,John and Cornelius Jefferson 16 Dec 1875

Rigney,John and Joanna Collins 11 Nov 1874

Submitted by Roger Rigney

Frances Wright married Abner Shackleford on Dec. 9, 1795. John Bennett signed the surety bond.

Frances Shackleford married John T. Brock on December 24, 1799. Rev. William Wright officiated, and Henry T. Wright signed the surety bond

Rosamond Wright married Peter Falling on March 11, 1799. William Wright signed the surety bond.

Submitted by Jim Faulconer

Zachariah Brooks m. Eliza A. Fletcher 12-26-1865, Chatham Virginia, Pittsylvania County. Zachariah born 5-7-1845, son of Zachariah Brooks and Sarah Younger. Sarah daughter of John Younger anfd Martha Newbill of Halifax County.

Submitted by Joy Miller

Rice Beadles m. Sally Adams on March 14, 1778

Seaton Beadles m. Sarah Pendleton on June 6, 1789

Submitted by Morgan Winters

William DAY and Polley FORMBY married 17 Ausgust 1801, daughter of Nathan FORMBY, who consents. Surety Martin Farmer. Found on page 31

Submitted by Joyce Austin

Pittsylvania Co. Va Marriage Bonds -1767 -1864 (GS call no 975.5665 V25g) p 101. Goad, James and Peggy Shockley - 13 Oct 1806. Thomas Shockley, bond.

Submitted by Mike Goad

James H. MALLICOAT & Rhoda WITCHER Jan. 02, 1792 Pittsylvania Co. Have lage file of family. they are my g-g-g-g-grandparents

Submitted by Jean Brand

Margaret Oakes Kirby marr. to Moses Kirby; she was born 1786 in Pittsylvania Co VA and died 20 Nov 1858; married 8 Aug 1820 to Moses.

Submitted by Ermine Payne

Submitted by Patricia C. Denney"

17 Oct 1835 Armstead D. Custard age 20 md Sarah McClannahan age 15.

Sur.-John McClannahan. Md by Rev. Abner Anthony

 23 Oct 1834 John Custard age 29 md Susan. Sur.-Abram Rorer

 20 Feb 1839 Ezekiel East md Mary Balis. Mary signed for self. Sur.-James

Bates. Md by Rev. Ebin Angel

19 Jul 1841 Ezekiel age 68 md Mary Thurman age 41. Mary signed for self.

Sur.-William T. Lea

19 Jul 1860 James D. East md Nancy C. Hodnett. Md by Rev. John S. Glass

27 Jan 1853 John East md Nancy Owen. Md by Rev. Beverly A. Davis.

08 Mar 1841 Henry East age 24 md Susan Lea age 18. P/B-Byron Lea.

Sur.-William Lea

16 May 1832 James East age 19 md Judah Burchfield age 19. S/C Sally

(mother) & Judith Burchfield. Sur.-Obadiah Chumbley.

09 Jan 1836 Jackson East age 21 md Mary Barber age 22. Mary signed for

self. Sur.-Ezekiel East. Md by Ebin Angel.

01 Nov 1859 Nathaniel East age 22 md W. F. Wison. P/G Wesley East. P/B

James P. Wilson.

02 Dec 1839 Thomas East age 24 md Martha Lane age 15. P/B Plesant Lane

Sur.-Christopher Lane. Md by Rev. Wm H. Plunkett

04 Sep 1837 Thomas East age 28 md Matilda Shackleford age 27. Matilda

signed for self. Sur.-William Watson. Md by Rev. James H. Stone.

13 Mar 1832 George West md Polly Crews. Polly signed for self.

Sur.-Rawley S. Craddock.

20 Oct 1858 Willim T. West md Sarah Wilson. P/G Carey W & Mary T West.

P/B John & Nancy Wilson. Md by Rev. James Fisher.

26 May 1855 Joseph Turner md Caroline East. Md by Rev. John Hardwick.

14 Nov 1855 James Yates md Mary Francis East. P/G Wm & Polly Yates. P/B

James & Judith East. Md by Wm H. Plunkett.

08 Feb 1840 Wm G. Bailey age 26 md Elizabeth Rorer age 20. P/B John D.

Rorer. Sur.-Richard Whitehead Jr. Md by Rev. Joel Adams.

03 Mar 1840 Henry Balis age 34 md Elizabeth East age 25. Elizabeth

signed for self.

14 Jan 1839 Wm Burnett JR age 22 md Louisa East age 22. Louisa signed

for self. Sur.-Wm Finch. Md by Rev. J. Hubbard.

23 Sep 1852 John P. Lewis md Sarah J. East. Md by Rev. Joel Hubbard.

09 Nov 1831 Daniel Martin md Sally East. Joseph Martin consents for

Sally saying the groom is from Halifax Co. Sur.-Thomas East JR.

21 Oct 1873 Jackson East age 52 md Ann Dove age 33. P/G Thomas & ----

East. P/B Mildred Dove. Groom is a widower.

03 Jan 1868 Jas. Mitchell East age 19 md Mary F. Worsham age 22. P/G

Ezekiel & Mary East. P/B Samuel & Frances Worsham.

29 Apr 1868 John W. East age 21 md Martha A. Worsham age 28. P/G Ezekiel

& Mary A. East. P/B Samuel & Frances Worsham. Bride is a widow


23 Nov 1871 L. T. East age 22 md Nancy E. Walton age 19. P/G Thomas &

Matilda East. P/B James M. & Letitia Walton.

20 Dec 1870 Richard East age 22 md Isabella Anderson age 22. P/G Thomas

& Matilda East. P/B Demarcus & Mary Anderson.

14 Oct 1867 William T. East age 27 md Mary L. Burch age 24. P/G Thomas &

Elizabeth East. P/B Peter & Maartha A. Burch. Groom was born in

Campbell Co.

23 Dec 1828 Thomas East md Elizabeth West. Sur.-James Templeton. Md by

Rev. Griffith Dickinson.

Submitted by Susan Gammon Thurman

24 Feb 1788 John Gammon and Mary Dixon Signer & Father William Dixon

15 Dec 1792 James Gammon and Rhody Horner married by Clement Nance, father Joseph Horner

15 Oct 1807 Drury Gammon and Nancy Smith, Bondsman Taleffero Carter, Father Thomas Smith, married by William Blair

11 Nov 1811 James Gammon and Elizabeth Harper, Bondsman Drury Gammon, Signer James Harper, married by Thomas Sparks

21 Mar 1814 William Gammon and Polly Pierce signer Zadock Pearce, Bondsman, Jeffrey Astin

16 Jul 1829 John B. Gammon and Catherine Pearce guardian George Mays gives consent

1 Jan 1831 Levi Gammon and Lucinda Baggerly, Bondsman Thomas Baggerly

2 Jan 1843 William Gammon and Nancy Scarce, Bondsman John W. Vaughn, Father James Scarce, married by Arthur Eanes

24 Dec 1847 William D. Gammon, Jr. and Mary Ann Collins , Bondsman John D. Gammon married by Hezekiah Smith

21 Oct 1848 John D. Gammon and Sarah B. Robertson, Bondsman eddock Gammon, Signer and Father John Gammon and Joab Robertson

21 Oct 1848 Zeddock W.Gammon and Penina S. Robertson, Bondsman John and Joab Robertson

14 Feb 1854 Henry J. Gammon and Sarah Jane Williams, parents are William and Mary Gammon and David and Sarah Williams, married by Thomas Lovelace.

18 Oct 1854 James Gammon and Catherine A. Baggerly married by Arthur W. Eanes, parents are Presley and Polly Gammon and Thomas and Livicy Baggerly

3 Apr 1860 John B. Gammon and Elizabeth K. Collins married by William L. McDowell

2 Sep 1866 Joseph Gray and Mary M. Gammon married by Hezekiah Smith parents are William and Polly Gray and W illiam and Polly A. Gammon

30 Jan 1867 John Gammon and Mary Jane Gammon married by Hezekiah Smith, parents are Levi and Lucinda Gammon and John B. and Catherine Gammon

7 Dec 1870 Levi J. Gammon and Sally Ann Burton married by W.B. McGilva parents are Levi and LKucinda Gammon and William H. and Mary Burton

27 Feb 1871 Levy H. Gammon and Elizabeth Scarce, married by Hezekiah Smith, parents are William and Polly Gammon and Joel and Lucy Scarce

26 Dec 1872 Joel Henry Gammon and Matilda B. Wills married by E.W. Wood parents are Levi and Lucinda Gammon and John D. and Polly Wills

23 March 1873 William T. Gammon and Dolly A.V. Wilson, married by Silvang Gardner. parents are Leonard and Rosa Gammon and Miller and Sally Wilson.

24 Dec 1873 Samuel M. Willis and Elizabeth L. Gammon, married by J.W. Tucker, parents are Joel L. and Sophia A. Willis and Levi and Lucinda Gammon

23 Dec 1874 Silas Mint Gammon and Emma Wimbush Scarce married by James S. Dameron, parents are John and Catherine Gammon and George W. and Elizabeth Scarce


Joshua D. Pritchett, Jr. (1795 - 1847)

Joshua Pritchett was born 1795 Brunswick co., Virginia, son of Joshua Pritchett and Elizabeth Cousins; married 8 November 1817 Elizabeth M. Inge, Brunswick co., Virginia, daughter of John M. Inge and Frances Dance; removed to Pittsylvania co, after marriage 1817 and lived there until his death prior to 18 January 1847. Elizabeth "Eliza" lived in Pittsylvania co., until she sold her plantation 5 Sept. 1857, and moved to Grayson/Fannin counties Texas with 9 of her 14 children. There were 11-12 families on her wagon train. Two years later the Blair/Keen/Williams/Witcher families came to the same area in Texas arriving in a snow storm. They split into three groups and went to Eliza's home, Rev. Spotts home, and the Col. Bradford's home in Old Warren. The Pritchett wagon train consisted of Trotter, Payne, Inge, Fitzgerald, Spotts, Haley, and other families yet to be identified.

Joshua D. PRITCHETT, Jr., (b. 1795 d. bef. 18 Jan 1847)

+ Elizabeth M. Inge (b. 1798 d. 11 May 1876 Bells, Grayson co., Tx)

Children (14 in all):

Francis D. "Fannie" Pritchett (1818 - 1897)

+ (1) George S. Fitzgerald (1825 - 1891)

Rebecca J. Pritchett (1821 - 1903)

+ Dr. Hugh A. Henry (1828 - 1903)

Julie E. Pritchett (1822 - 1889)

+ Samuel J. Spotts (1814 - 1876)

William W. Pritchett (1824 - 1878)

+ Mildred Robertson (?)

Robert H. Pritchett (1827 - 1862)

+ Martha Thompson

Sara "Sallie" Pritchett (1829 - 1859)

(1) George S. Fitzgerald (1824 - 1891)

Harriett E. Pritchett (1831 -

+ Thomas A. Trotter

Martha "Pattie" Pritchett (1832 - 1915)

+ George H. Montgomery (1827 - 1907)

James J. Pritchett (1841 -

Edward S. Pritchett (1835 -

Elvira A. "Ellen" Pritchett (1837 -

+ Robert E. Hunter (1833 -

Joshua D. Pritchett, III (1838 - 1902)

+ Elizabeth Martin (1850 - 1891)

Joseph Anderson "Uncle Ad" Pritchett (1843 - 1928)

+ Elizabeth Ann Mallory (1848 - 1920)

Anna E. Pritchett (1845 - 1921)

+ William Newton Youree (1830 - 1910)



The sources of this information are numerous from deed, wills, gravestones, family bibles. If you want me to provide it I will do so. Rusty Williams has encouraged me to submit to you all the Pittsylvania information I can. I will gladly do so. Perhaps it will get some other Pritchett's involved and contact me. I will work on submitting more to you. The deeds & wills, etc. will provide the exact source. Thanks, Jan Pritchett-Litvin.

From: "Sharon Cahoon"

Mial Goodwin DANGERFIELD and Mary OWEN December 15, 1846, bondsman Edward DANGERFIELD

. Some Virginia Marriages 1700-1759 Volume One, compiled 1972 by
Cecil D. McDonald, Jr.

James Allen and CLOEY VAUGHAN 8/25/1785 Pitt MB
Joseph Ferguson and PATSEY VAUGHAN 12/26/1788 Pitt MB
DREWRY VAUGHAN and Sally Johns 12/31/1794 Pitt Co. MR
Patrick VAUGHAN and Mary Smith 4/21/1793 Goochland Co.
Reubin VAUGHN and Mary McKenny 6/18/1785 Henry Co. MR
Peter Vest and PUGNANCE VAUGHN 11/24/1785 Henry Co. MR
William Nance and ELIZABETH THORNTON 11/9/1792 Pitt MR
Isaac Oakes and FRANCES THORNTON 1796 Pitt MR
PRESLEY THORNTON and Mary Growley 12/1/1784 Pitt MR
WILLIAM THORNTON and Elizabeth Cahall 9/4/1796 Pitt MR

Book 2 1861-1900 Pittsylvania Co., VA

9/14/1865 Lucy E. Burton to George W. Powell 27/20
     Parents: James and Nancy Burton
11/8/1850 Amanda M. P. Burton to John Walne
12/19/1852 Mary E. Burton to John R. Rice
10/9/1854 Eliza H. Burton to William R. Farmer

. Some Virginia Marriages 1700-1799 Volume One, compiled 1972 by
Cecil D. McDonald, Jr.

John Crouch and SUSANNAH WILLIAMS 10/20/1794 Pitt MR
William Elliott and SIBBE WILLIAMS 10/28/1794 Pitt MR
Edmund Irby and REBECCAH WILLIAMS 12/18/1792 Pitt MR
William Jameson and ELIZABETH MCWILLIAMS 10/1/1781 Henry Co. MR
Joseph McCoy and NANCY WILLIAMS 3/9/1787 Fauquier Co.
CHARLES WILLIAMS and Ann Wilson 3/3/1770 PITT MB
DAVID WILLIAMS and Lucy Terry 1/26/1792 Pitt MR
JAMES WILLIAMS and Salley Crews 9/18/1799 Halifax Co.
JAMES WILLIAMS and Wilmoth Walker 11/15/1785 Pitt MB
JOHN WILLIAMS and Nancy Barker 8/1/1795 Augusta Co. MR
THOMAS WILLIAMS and Tabitha Walker 5/24/1787 Pitt MR
THOMAS WILLIAMS and ____ McGraw 9/22/1785 Halifax Co.
WILLIAM WILLIAMS and Dorothea Traynham 11/17/1791 Halifax Co.
WILLIAM M. WILLIAMS and Elizabeth Adams 7/11/1789 Pitt MB
ZACHARIAH WILLIAMS and Frances Haygood 3/17/1795 Halifax Co.
JOSHUA GRAY and Elizabeth Elliott 10/16/1799 Pitt Co. MB
HEZEKIAH HARNESS and Elizabeth Gray 8/251797 Pitt MB
John Williams and BETSY GRAY 12/15/1798 Pitt MB
Zachariah Thornton b. 1763 m. 1/6/1795 Pittsylvania Co., VA Mary
Elizabeth Thornton m. 11/9/1782 Pittsylvania Co. VA William Nance
Jane "Jenny" Thornton m. 3/11/1800 Pittsylvania Co. VA William
William Thornton m. 9/4/1796 Pittsylvania Co., VA Elizabeth
Frances Thornton m. 11/10/1796 Pittsylvania Co. VA Isaac Oakes

Pittsylvania Co. Marriage Book 1, p. 114

12/8/1837 Martha Ann Gray to Wlliam D. Fuller  by Arthur E. Eanes
3/12/1865 Lucy Gray to Anthony Davis 27/26 Parents: Ben and
Elizabeth Gray
4/21/1881 John Gray to Eliza Eans 26/25 He was a widower.
Parents: John and
  Martha Gray
12/15/1885 Virginia Gray to William C. Dillard 30/18
   Parents: J. C. and Maggie Gray and Henry and MAV Dillard
12/20/1886 Lucy Gray to Bennett Haden 35/23 Parents: W. W. and
Frances Gray
12/22/1891 John T. Gray and Lucy E. Goodson 22/19
  Parents: W. R. and Mary S. Gray

Marriage: from Marriages of Pittsylvania Co., VA by Kathleen
Booth Williams

12/1/1815 - Warner Beasley and Elizabeth Burton, daughter of
Nancy Burton who    consents.  Surety: James Nance. Married
12/11/1815 by Thomas Sparks
12/15/1828 - William Harvey and Mary Burton.  Surety: Isham
11/14/1806 - John Harris, Jr. and Polly Burton, daughter of
Elisha Burton who is surety.  Married 11/20. by Joseph Hatchett

Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns of Pittsylvania Co., VA.
1767-1805 by Catherine Lindsey Knorr

12/6/1771      SPILAHY COLEMAN and JUDITH BURTON, daughter of
                    ROBERT BURDEN who consents.  Surety:
                    Benjamin Terry
3/26/1778      JOHN WEIR and SALLY BURTON, daughter of CHARLES
                    BURTON who consents.  Surety: James Akin
2/2/1779       THOMAS DUDLEY and SAVANNAH BURTON.  Surety:
                    Dudley Gatewood.  She signs her own consent.
7/10/1787      JAMES BLACKBURN and FEBE (Phoebe) BURTON.
               Married by Samuel Harris

12/20/1790     BENJAMIN PARSONS and SARAH BURTON.  Surety:
                    Peter Thacker.  ELISHA BURTON consents for
                    Sarah.  Married by Rev. Richard Elliott
2/9/1796       JOHN ADAMS and NANCY BURTON, daughter of
                    ELIJAH BURTON who consents.  Surety: Thomas
1/3/1797       THOMAS BURTON and ZERIAH McDANIEL, daughter of
                    James McDaniel who consents.  Surety:
                    William Brock
11/15/1798     ROBERT BURTON and ELIZABETH BURNETT, daughter of
                    THOMAS BURNETT who consents.  Surety:
                    Thomas Stewart.  Married by Rev. Wm. Wright
12/19/1801     ISHAM BURTON and ANNICE BYER. Surety: Harmon Dyer
12/19/1803     JOHN BURTON and EDAH ALLEN.  Sure: James Allen
3/9/1803       LEVI BURTON and ELIZABETH LANSFORD who consents.
                    POLLY LANSFORD also signed consent.  Surety:
                    Richard Quinty. Married by Rev. Clement Nance
1/18/1804      JOHN HUTCHISON and SUSANNA BURTON, daughter of
                    ELISHA BURTON.  Married by Rev. Richard

Pittsylvania Co., VA marriages 1806-1830 No race given

10/23/1806     WILLIAM BURTON and ANNA HARRIS, daughter of John
                    Harris, Sr.  Surety: John Harris, Jr.
                    M. 11/4 by rev. Joseph Hatchett
11/14/1806     JOHN HARRIS and POLLY BURTON, daughter of ELISHA
                    BURTON who is surety.  M. 11/20 by Rev.
                    Joseph Hatchett
12/1/1815      WARNER BEASLEY and ELIZABETH BURTON, daughter of
                    NANCY BURTON, who consents.  Surety: James
                    Nance.  M. 12/11 by Rev. Thomas Sparks
5/17/1826      EDMOND BURTON and SUSANNA PEERMAN. M. by  Rev.
                    William Blair, Minister's return.
12/15/1828     WILLIAM HARVEY and MARY BURTON.  Surety: ISHAM
1/19/1829      JAMES BURTON and NANCY THOMAS, daughter of Henson
                    THOMAS who consents.  Surety: Samuel Beck
2/18/1830      JOHN BURTON and LUCY PASS.  M. by Rev. A. D.
                    Montgomery - minister's returns

Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns of Pittsylvania Co., VA
1767-1805 By Catherine Lindsey Knorr

8/28/1777      JOHN THORNTON and SUVANNAH PACE, daughter of
                    W. Pace who consents.  Surety:  Stephen
11/9/1782      WILLIAM NANCY and ELIZABETH THORNTON. Married by
                    Samuel Harris
12/1/1784      PRESLEY THORNTON and MARY GRAWLEY. Married by
                    Rev. David Barr
1/6/1795       ZACHARIAH THORNTON and MARY OAKES.  Surety:
                    George Reynolds
                    by Clement Nance
?/10/1796      ISAAC OAKES and FRANCES THORNTON.  Surety:
                    ROWLAND THORNTON.  Married by Clement Nance
12/16/1796     RICHARD THORNTON and SARAH PERKINS, daughter of
                    Mary Perkins who consents.  Surety: Isaac
                    Potter.  Married by Rev. Clement Nance
3/11/1800      WILLIAM WILSON and JENNY THORNTON, daughter of
                    PRESLEY THORNTON who consents.  Surety:
                    MOSES THORNTON.  Married by Clement Nance

Pittsylvania Co., VA marriages 1806-1830  No race given

10/28/1815     WILLIAM CLANT and POLLY THORNTON daughter of
                    ROWLAND THORNTON who consents.  Surety:
                    Jesse Wills.
3/17/1823      MATTHEW McDANIEL and MILDRED THORNTON.  Surety:
                    ZACHARIAH THORNTON.  By Rev. Richard B. Beck
2/17/1825      JACOB L. KING and JANE THORNTON. M. by Rev.
                    Arnold Walker, who says Jacob is of Henry
                    County, VA and JANE is of Pittsylvania Co.,
                    Va. and minister's return
12/24/1829     TURNER GOSNEY and SUSAN THORNTON, daughter of
                    MOSES THORNTON who consents.  Surety:
                    LEONARD H. THORNTON by Rev. Richard Beck

Marriages of Pittsylvania Co., VA by Kathleen Booth Williams publ
Genealogical Publishing Co.

5/29/1820 - Isaac Gardner and Nancy W. Williams, daughter of
Charles Williams who
     consents.  Surety: Joel Harville
12/17/1809 - Thomas B. Fontaine and Nancy Williams, daughter of
Sally Williams who
     consents.  Surety: T. Wilkerson, Jr.
There are about 50 more Williams in this book

Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns of Pittsylvania Co., VA
1767-1805 by Catherine Lindsey Knorr

3/3/1770       CHARLES WILLIAMS and ANN WILSON, Surety: Peter
                    Wilson.  She signs her own consent.
4/21/1783      CHARLES WILLIAMS and SARAH DIX.  Surety: Peter
                    Wilson.  Consent of James Dix for Sarah.
7/2/1784       WILLIAM WILLIAMS and MARY LEWIS, daughter of
                    John Lewis who consents.  Surety: Robert
11/15/1784     JAMES M. WILLIAMS and WILMOTH WALKER.  Surety:
                    William White and John Crobin
5/24/1787      THOMAS T. WILLIAMS and TABITHA WALKER. Consent
                    of STEPHEN COLEMAN (for which one?).  Surety:
                    JAMES M. WILLIAMS.  Married by Rev. Lazarus
9/3/1788      MATTHEW CLAY and MARY WILLIAMS.  Surety: Walter
                    Samuel. Married by Rev. James Hilton.  Signs
                    her own consent.
7/11/1789      WILLIAM M. WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH ADAMS, daughter
                    of John Adams who consents.  Surety: Caen
10/18/1790     JOHN CALL and LUNCINDER WILLIAMS.  Surety:
                    RICHARD VENABLE. Married by Rev. Lazarus
1/26/1792      DAVID C. WILLIAMS and LUCY TERRY, daughter of
                    David Terry who consents.  Surety: JAMES
                    M. WILLIAMS. Married by Rev. Lazarus Dodson
7/16/1792      JOHN WILLIAMS and ELIZABERTH WILLIAMS.  Surety:
                    William Tunstall, Jr.  R. WILLIAMS father
                    of (which one?). Married by Lazarus Dodson
11/21/1792     PETER WILLIAMS and SALLY HILL daughter of Isaac
                    Hill who consents.  Abner Parrott, guardian
                    of PETER.  Surety: Edwin Hammonds
2/17/1794      DOCTOR C. WILLIAMS and NANCY WISDOM, grandaughter
                    of Francis Wisham who consents.  Married
                    by Lazarus Dodson
10/20/1794     JOHN CROUCH and SUSANNAH WILLIAMS daughter of
                    CHARLES WILLIAMS who consents.  Surety:
                    WILLIAM AUSTIN. Married by Thomas Sparks
4/15/1793      JEREMIAH GRAY and NANCY WILLIAMS, daughter of
                    BEN WILLIAMS who consents.  Surety: JOHN
3/2/1796       THOMAS ALLSUP and ALICE WILLIAMS.  Surety: John
3/4/1798       WILLIAM WILLIAMS and SARAH CHATTIN daughter of
                    John Chattin who consents and is surety.
12/15/1798     JOHN WILLIAMS and BETSEY GRAY, daughter of
                    JEREMIAH GRAY who consents.  Surety: JOSHUA
                    GRAY. Married by Clement Nance.
9/3/1799       STEPHEN COLEMAN and POLLEY WILLIAMS, daughter of
                    FERMENEAS WILLIAMS who consents.  Surety:
                   DANIEL COLEMAN
7/25/1801      THOMAS and NANCEY R. WILLIAMS.  Surety: WILLIAM
                    WILLIAMS.  Married by Thomas Payne (RW)
                    Surety: ABRAHAM WILLIAMS, SR. Married by
                    Rev. Clement Nance
8/23/1803      JOHN WILLIAMS and TABITHA HARDEY.  Surety:
                    Bannister Hardy.  Married by Rev. Griffith
4/23/1803      SIMON ELLIOTT and CONSTANCE WILLIAMS.  Surety:
                    Thomas Allsup
12/21/1803     JOHN ELLIOTT and JUDITH WILLIAMS.  Surety:
                    Thomas Allsup.
1/16/1804      ROBERT HURT and POLLEY W. WILLIAMS.  Surety:
                    JAMES M. WILLIAMS.  Married by Rev. John
4/14/1804      WILLIAM WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH MAY.  Surety:
                    James May. Married by Rev. Thomas Sparks
                    JOHN WILLIAMS. Married by Rev. Thomas Payne
12/23/1805     JOHN HENRY and MARTHA WILLIAMS.  Surety: JOHN
                    WILLIAMS.  Married by Rev. John Atkinson

Pittsylvania Co., VA marriages 1806-1830 No race given

1/16/1806      JOHN WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH LEWIS. M. By Rev.
                    Griffith Dickinson
                   Surety: William Marrice.
2/6/1807      NATHAN WILLIAMS and MARY MARRIS.  Surety:
                    Wm. Marris, no relationship given.
                    M. 2/17 by Rev. William Blair
1/11/1808      WILLIAM WILLIAMS and ANN BAILY, daughter of
                    Charles Baily who consents.  Surety:
                    Washington Shelton.  By Thomas Payne
                    daughter of JAMES WILLIAMS.  Surety:
                    JAMES M. WILLIAMS.  M. 7/14 by Rev.
                    Robert Hurt
                    daughter of SALLY WILLIAMS who consents.
                    Surety: T. Wilkenson, Jr.
10/18/1810     JOHN PREWIT and DOLLY WILLIAMS, daughter
                    of SARAH LOVELL.  Surety: John Lovell
                    M. by Rev. Joseph Hatchett (John Lovell was
                    Dolly's stepfather).  He married SARAH
                    WILLIAMS, a widow.
2/18/1811      THOMAS H. NEAL and WILMOTH M. WILLIAMS, daughter
                    of JAMES M. WILLIAMS.  Surety: William T.
                    Tunstall. M. 2/21 by rev. Griffith Dickerson
3/18/1811      COLEMAN LEWIS and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, daughter of
                    DAVID WILLIAMS who is surety.  M. 4/4 by
                    Griffith Dickenson
5/2/1811       BARZILLA GRAVES and FRANCES WILLIAMS, daughter
                    of SARAH WILLIAMS.  Surety: John Henry
11/16/1811     JOHN HUTCHING and ANNY B. WILLIAMS, daughter of
                    THOMAS WILLIAMS.  Surety: DOCTOR C. WILLIAMS,
                    JAMES M. WILLIAMS, son of ANNY WILLIAMS who
                    consents.  Signed: William Tunstall
12/24/1812     FONTAIN WILLIAMS and NANCEY HAMRICK.  Surety:
                    Elisha Barbara, who says Nancy (of age) and
                    Fontain Williams signed the certificate.
                    Surety: Nathan Adams - MOLLY WILLIAMS signs
                    the certificate. No relationship given.  By
                    Rev. William Blair
                    daughter of J. M. WILLIAMS who signs
                    the certificate, STEPHEN COLEMAN
11/13/1815     JOHN WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH WOODING, daughter of
                    Thomas H. Wooding who was surety.
                    By Rev. Griffith Dickinson
                    Surety: SAMUEL ORICE.  WILLIAM PRICE grand-
                    father of SALLY consents.
2/11/1818      CORNELIUS WILLIAMS and NANCY SHELTON.  Surety:
                    NOAH SHELTON. M. Feb. 13 by Rev. Wm. Blair
11/16/1818     EDWARD P. WILLIAMS and PHEBE H. WHITE, Surety:
                    John White. M. by Rev. David Nowlin
               (Note: Dr Edward Pierpast Williams and Phebe
               Hawson White had their home in Halifax Co., VA. -
8/30/1819      BEVERLY FERGUSSON and ANN WILLIAMS, Surety:
                    DAVID C. WILLIAMS.   M. by Rev. David Nowlin
12/6/1819      THOMAS WILLIAMS and HARRIETT BOYD.  Surety: Thomas
                    G. Tunstall.  George Boy requests that this
                    license be issued saying "because he is about
                    to marry into my family".
4/20/1820      PHILLIP G. WILLIAMS and NANCY CHANEY, daughter of
                    Thomas Chaney who consents.  Surety:
                    Frederick Wilkinson
5/3/1820       JAMES M. WILLIAMS, JR. and ANN ELSA B. MOTLEY.
                    Surety: Wm. Motley.  J. M. WILLIAMS, father
                    of JAMES consents.  Henry Motley - guardian
                    and brother of ELSA consents.
                    M. by John W. Curley
5/29/1820      ISAAC GORDON and NANCY W. WILLIAMS, daughter of
                    CHARLES WILLIAMS who consents.  Surety: Joel
11/22/1820     WILLIAM LEFTWICH and SARAH C. WILLIAMS. Surety:
                    Robert Cook.  Dar(sp?) of J. W. WILLIAMS
                    signs certificate (no relationship given)
4/5/1822       JOHN WILLIAMS and SALLY HAYNES.  Surety: James
                    Witcher. M. 4/1822 by Rev. Ira Ellis
                    (Witness to consent: MARTHA & R. W. WILLIAMS)
8/19/1822      JOHNSON ADAMS & LUCY S. WILLIAMS.  Surety: DAVID
                    C. WILLIAMS.  M. 8/27 by Rev. Griffith
                    Dickenson say LUCY WILLIAMS
11/11/1824     JOHN McALLISTER and MARTHA W. WILLIAMS.  Surety:
                    JAMES M> WILLIAMS
10/25/1825     JOHN B. PONSENLY and ELIZA M. WILLIAMS, Surety:
                    Micholas Lewis. M. Nov. 5 by A. D. Montgomery
11/13/1827     JAMES M. WILLIAMS and SARAH G. DAVIS.  Surety:
                    Wm. Evans.  SAMUEL WILLIAMS, father of JAMES
                    signs the certificate.  By John W. Curley
                    Surety: JAMES WILLIAMS
                    daughter of W. M. WILLIAMS who consents says
                    Wm. H. Shelton.  Surety: Frs. L. Royal
                    By William Blair
1/28/1830      MARTIN WILLIAMS and NANCEY PASS M. by Rev. A. D.
                    Montgomery, who says MARTIN WILLIAMS
                    (Minister's Return) (Register has MARTIN

Pittsylvania Co., VA marriagse 1806-1830  No race given

1808       STEPHEN FARRIS and MAY WHITEHEAD whose consent says
                 she is widow of CARY WHITEHEAD.  Surety: John
                 Patterson (day and month left blank)
7/20/1829    HENRY W. FARIS and PRUDENCE STONE who gives her
                 own consent.  Surety: Joseph Stone.  M. 7/30
                 by Rev. Griffith Dickerson, Sr.
4/12/1830   AMOS FARIS, JR. and JANE FARIS. Surety: JAMES B.
               FARIS.  Daniel Johns guardian of Jane, consents.
                 M. 4/15 by Rev. Griffith Dickerson, Sr.
5/17/1830   JAMES B. FARIS and NANCY SCRUGGS, daughter of DRURY
               SCRUGGS, who consents.  Surety: WM. B. Seamore
(There were no FERRIS marriages)

The above information was contributed by Molly Shumate

Elisha Dunbar and Rachel Parsons, surety Daniel Dunbar. Married 30 Dec. 1818 By rev. William Blair

William Dunbar and Elizabeth Giles daughter of Tomas Giles who is surety. Married by rev. Ira Ellis Feb. 4, 1823

William Ferguson and Rose Ann Dunbar Surety by Daniel Dunbar, were married Oct. 9, 1827.

John Giles and Louisa Dunbar surety by Elisha Dunbar, married May 13, 1830 by rev. Crispen Dickerson.

Samuel Dunbar and Mary ann Love surety by James K. Love married Nov. 20, 1823

William Riddle and Patsy Giles, surety by Daniel Dunbar, married Aug. 25, 1820 by the rev. Ira Ellis.

Nathan Hutcherson and Nancy Dunbar, surety Elijah Hutcherson were married Sept. 8, 1830 by the rev. William Blair.

Contributed by J. T. Dunbar

 Sylvang Gardner married Elizabeth Weldon by Lazame Dodson January 25,

Edward Gardner married Patsy Shelton in 1807,

William Mitchell married Lucinda Gardner 23 Dec 1813

David Gardner married Mary Shields in 1814.

Contributed by Donna Carpenter

        Pittsylvania Co.,VA Index to Marriage Bonds, Book I, Page 101

        Micajah G. MORRIS to Lively SCOTT, 20 December 1832.  James Moore,
Bondsman.  Mother - Sally Scott signed permission as Lively was evidently
underage.  Married by Charles Calloway.

Contributed by James C. Morris

James H. Mallicoat m. Rhoda Witcher Jan 2, 1792 Pittsylvania, Va. James
spelling was if I remember Mellicoat. James moved his family to Grainger Co,
Tn before 1795.
Have large data base for this line.

Submitted by Jean

John Gammon married Mary Dixon 24 Feb 1789.  John signed the bond and
permission was given by Mary's parents --  William and Mary Dixon

James Gammon married Rhody Horner 15 Dec 1792.  James Gammon and Joshua
Horner signed the bond witnessed by Jos. Akin

Contributed by Pat

Phillip Penn born March 5, 1792 in Patrick County, Va married Louise/Louisa Briscoe, daughter of John Briscoe, September 22, 1813 in Pittsylvania County.

Submitted by Louise Martin

Mary Ogilvie Williams daughter of John Green Williams and Mary Ann Cringan married Hubert Pierre Lefebvre in Richmond, Va on December 12, 1844.  She died at Pittsylvania Court House on April 11, 1864

Submitted by Rose Lefebvre


07 Apr 1787 - William DUPEE & Sarah BLAIR.  Sarah
DUPEE mother of William consents.  Surety W. Wright.
Married by Rev. Lazarus Dodson.

02 Oct 1799 - William MACK & Mary BLAIR.  Surety
George Blair

26 Dec 1804 - Alexander SHAW & Elizabeth BLAIR.  Surety
William James.  Signs her own consent.  Married by Rev.
Robert Hurt.

16 Dec 1822 - James SLAYDON & Elizabeth BLAIR, duaghter
of William Blair who consents.  Surety Johnson E. Atkins.
Married Dec. 19 by Rev James Beck.

02 Oct 1829 - Abihu AARON & Margaret R. BLAIR, daughter
of Samuel Blair who consents.  Surety Israel Fuller.

21 Mar 1814 - William REYNOLDS & Nancy BLAIR.  Surety
James Blair.  Married 29 Mar by Rev. William Blair.

17 Mar 1817 - Merideth DALLIS & Sally BLAIR.  Surety
James Blair.  Married Apr 01 by Rev. William Blair.

20 Sep 1830 - Silvany GARDNER, Jr. & Sarah S. BLAIR,
daughter of William Blair who consents.  Surety Josiah
Blair.  Married 23 Sep by Rev. Griffith Dickinson, who
says Silvan Gardner

14 Aug 1810 - John BLAIR & Sally Wade

18 Apr 1796 - George BLAIR & Martha FULTON. Surety
George Hankins.

01 Apr 1796 - James BLAIR & Polly DICKINSON daughter of
Frances Dickinson who consents.  Surety George Blair.

18 May 1801 - William BLAIR & Nancy THOMAS daughter of
Benjamin Thomas who consents.  Surety William Thomas.

16 Jul 1810 - Samuel BLAIR & Polly RAYNDOLS (REYNOLDS).
Surety James Blair.  Consent of Hugh Randols brother of
Polly Randols, she is over age 21.

Submitted by Mark Powell

 Pittsylvania Marriage Bonds in my possession

18 Dec 1831  Thomas D. SIMPSON (son of William Simpson and Violet
Barker) to. Matilda HINES (d/o of John Hines)  (no consent) sur appears
Joseph Floyd?

2 Dec 1870 Robert SCRUGGS to Vidella Jane SIMPSON 23/18 years  P/G
Coleman A. & Annie Scruggs; p/B Thomas & Matilda E. Simpson Occupation
of husband sindle, place of residence and birth for both Pittsylvania
Co, VA
Minister's return   _day December 1870 at Matilda E. Simspon by  Rev/
John R. Roark.

15 day of Sept 1870 at brides home. Rev. John R. ROARK & Ann SCRUGGS.
Time of Marriage 16 Sep 1870
Full names of Parties JOhn R. Roark and Ann Scruggs
Age of Husband 65
Age of Wife 55
Condition of Husband widowed
Condition of Wife Widowed
Place of Husbands birth Campbell VA
Place of Wife birth Pittsylvania Co, VA
Place of Husbands Residence Pittsylvania VA
Place of Wife Residence Pittyslvania Co
Names of Husband's Parents not known
Names of Wife's Parents  Wm & Nancy An Lewis
ocupation of husband  PREACHER

minister's return 15 day of Sept 1870 at Brides home by Mordecai Hagood

22 Feb 1855
Place Thomas Franklin's
Full names of Parties married, John W. ADAMS & Ann M. FRANKLIN
age of husband 21 years
age of Wife 18 years
Condition of husband  single
Condition of wife  single
Place of Husband's birth  Pittsylvana  Co
Place of Wife's birth Pittsylvania Co VA
Names of Husband's parents Joel T. Adams and Sarah L.
Names of Wife's Parents Thomas and Judith
Occupation of Husband Farmer
Minister's return 14th day of July 1855

(John Adams wrote Will 1859, and died before 1965 when Ann Adams married
Raliegh Vaughn in Pitts. Co.  John W. Adams will not admitted to probate
until 1887 when eldest daughter was to marry- will send wills)

24 Dec 1878
Place of Marriage Pittsylvania Co Va
Full Names of Parties Married  Rawley T. (Raleigh) JACKSON and Sarah J.
age of Husband 21 years
age of wife 19 years
condition of Husband  single
Conditon of Wife single
Place of Husband's birth Pittsylvania Co Va (incorrect- Campbell)
Place of Wife's birth Pitts.
Place of Husband's residence Cambpell
Place of wife's residence Pittsylvania
Names of Husband's Parents F.H. (Francis) & Sarah A.(*Hamlett) JACKSON
Name of Wife's Parents JOhn & Ann M. ADAMS
Occupation of husband; farmer
Minister's return 24 Dec 1878 E.A. Lee

May 29 1907 R.T.JACKSON and Cassie BOLLING (sarah catherine Adams
Place of Marriage Pitts Co VA
Full names of Parties married R.T. Jackson and Cassie Bolling
Color White
Age of Husband 47 years
age of wife 21 years
condition of husband widowed
condition of wife divorced
Place of husband's birth Pittsylvania  (Cambpell)
place of wife's birth Pittsylvania
Place of Husband's residence Pittsylvania
Place of wife's residence Pittsylvania
Names of wife's Parents Thomas T. and E. M. Adams
Names of Husband's Parents; F.....(cannot read but his F.H. and Sarah
Occcupation of husband Farmer
Cannot read minister's return

21 Feb 1814 Bond of Booker Keesee and George Dove for marriage of Booker
Keesee and Jane Dove

27 Dec 1847 Bond of Thomas Colert and Jarroth P. Daltong for marriage of
Thoams Colbert and Sarah Keesee of Pittsylvania Co.

5 Dec 1831 Bond of Thomas Colbert and Samuel Shelton for marriage of
Thomas Colbert and Stacey F. Rowland

marriage Certificate of A.(Auville) Thomas COLBERT and Mollie B.(Bet)
SCRUGGS 17 Dec 1894 Pittsylvania Co, Va
Time of marriage 20 Dec 1894
Place ___
Full Names of Parties Married A. thomas COLBERT  and Mollie B. SCRUGGS,
color white
Age of husband 36
age of wife 22
condition of husband single
condition of wife single
Husband's place of birth Pitts. Co
Wife Place of birth Pitts. Co
Husband's place of residence Pitts Co
Wife's place of residence Pitts. Co
Names of Husband's Parents Thomas & Sallie COLBERT
Names of Wife's Parents Robert C. and V. SCURGGS
occupation of husband farmer
Minister return 21 Dec 1894 at Brides Parence by Rev. J. W. Barber

27 Dec 1834   Bond of Coleman SCRUGGS and William E. LEWIS
for marriage of Colemand SCRUGGS and Ann LEWIS.  Consent note attached
from father William S. Lewis in his hand for marirage of daughter.

12 Jan 1924
Ernest C. COLBERT and Annie Doris JACKSON
age of husband 23
age of wife 17
both single
both white
Husband's place of birth Pittsylvania Co, Mailing address Gretna VA
Wife's Place of birth Campbell Co VA Mailing adderess Gretna VA
Names of Wife's Parent's: P.(Patrick) H. Jackson and Nona R. Jackson
Names of Husband's Parents: A.T. COLBERT and Mollie B. (Scruggs) COLBERT
occupation of husband mechanic
 MInister's return John R. Till, minister of the Methodist Church 12 day
Jan 1924 in Gretna Va

Submitted by Karen Wood

        Pittsylvania Co.
Joshua Williamson m - Lockey Bailiss 21 Dec, 1846. Bond posted by William Doss.
Elisha Bailiss m - Mildred Wright 15 Nov, 1826. Bond posted by Robert
Submitted by Ann Heerman

Robert H. Pritchett (son of Joshua and Eliza Inge Pritchett) married Martha
Thompson in 1853.  Her mother, Ann Thompson, was a widow ane had three other
children.  As was the custom of the time, a male figure in the family often
assumed the guardianship of children who were orphaned by their fathers (even
though the mother was still living).  Abiding by this custom, Robert H.
Pritchett assumed this duty by the following document:

7 June 1855
Pittsylvania county, Virginia
(Source:  Pittsylvania county, Virginia, Probate Circuit Court, Mixed Records,
1809-1865, LDS Film #33291)

KNOW ALL MEN  by these presents, that we, Robert H. Pritchett, David Barber,
and William Davis, are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia
in the sum of $16,000 to the payment of which well and truly to be made, we
bind ourselves and each of us our heirs, executors, and administrators jointly
and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this
date 7th of June 1855.  the condition of the above obligation is such that
whereas the above bond Robert H. Pritchett is appointed by the Circuit of
Pittsylvania county, guardian of Catharine S, Sarah F., and Rawley Thompson
orphans of Rawley Thompson deceased in the place of William Rison who hath
this day resigned his guardianship of said orphans, if therefore, the said
Robert H. Pritchett shall faithfully execute the duties of said office or

Duely recorded in the county of Pittsylvania Circuit Court the 29th May 1856.

Contributed by JAN PRITCHETT-GOOD <>

 Submitted by Jan Pritchett-Good

PRITCHETT       Albert G.               CARTER, Lucy L.         20 Jan 1817
PRITCHETT       Bartlett           DURHAM, Rachael         2 Mar. 1845
PRITCHETT       Claudius A.,  38        BEAVERS, Pattie M.,  22 26 May 1869
PRITCHETT       Charles W., 28  ROBERTSON, Lydia Ann    Dec. 1853
PRITCHETT       Edward H.       SWANSON, Frances A.     30 Nov. 1844
PRITCHETT       Elizabeth C., 21        WELLS, Francis P.,  25  14 Dec. 1839
PRITCHETT       Frances E. C.   PAYNE, William H.               9 Mar. 1840
PRITCHETT       Harriett                TROTTER, Thomas A.      8 Sept. 1852
PRITCHETT       Jeremiah                LEWIS, Polly            21 Mar. 1807
PRITCHETT       Jeremiah                ALLEY, Ann              23 Jul. 1840
PRITCHETT       Jeremiah           MATHEWS, Maria          5 Aug. 1844
PRITCHETT       John            INGE, Sarah             20 Oct. 1813
PRITCHETT       John            Newell, Jane            22 Dec. 1856
PRITCHETT       John            WILES, Ann              8 Sept, 1858
PRITCHETT       John M.         MATTOCK, Salley         19 Dec. 1816
PRITCHETT       Joseph          CROWDER, Sally          19 Dec. 1822
PRITCHETT       Joshua          INGE, Elise             8 Nov. 1817
PRITCHETT       Julia,  34              KING, Jesse,  33                19 Dec. 1836
PRITCHETT       Julia           SPOTTS, Samuel J.               21 Nov. 1842
PRITCHETT       Lucy A.                 PAYNE, William H.               Aug. 1852
PRITCHETT       Mathew          THOMAS, Elizabeth               22 Dec. 1857
PRITCHETT       Martha          TROTTER, Dr. Wesley A.  1 Dec. 1853
PRITCHETT       Martha M.               HARRIS, Samuel          6 Dec. 1824
PRITCHETT       Mary A.                 BREWER, Samuel          28 Nov. 1825
PRITCHETT       Nancy           DAVIS, Thomas           28 Nov. 1799
PRITCHETT       Oliver,  25     ADAMS, Matilda,  17     21 Feb. 1869
PRITCHETT       Patrick,  22    WILSON, Elizabeth,  19  30 Jan. 1869
PRITCHETT       Robert          FITZGERALD, Sarah       21 Jan. 1828
PRITCHETT       Robert H, 26.   THOMPSON, Martha Ann    23 Nov. 1853
PRITCHETT      Sallie H., 25   GUERRANT, Thom D.F.,  22        8 Dec. 1851
PRITCHETT       Sarah B.                FITZGERALD, George S.   11 Dec. 1849
PRITCHETT       Susan D.                HUNTER, John A.                 Nov. 1852
PRITCHETT       Thomas H.       BRANN, Amelia           23 Mar. 1845
PRITCHETT       William         DAVIS, Susan            25 Dec. 1805
PRITCHETT       William,  19    FULTON, Mary, 15                20 Sept. 1832
PRITCHETT       William         FARGIS, Francis         7 Dec. 1868
PRITCHETT       William E.              ROBERTSON, Mildred,  28 29 Dec. 1851
PRITCHETT       William J.,  22 BROOKS, Margret H.,  21 22 Aug. 1869

      Contributed by Jan Pritchett-Good

Here are a bunch including the Fitzgerald's and Payne's:

BLAIR   Mary S.         GARDNER, Berry C.       10 June 1837

COUSINS Ann C.,  22     BOUSMAN, Lorenzo,  23   27 Nov. 1847
COUSINS Elizabeth               FULLER, James or Jesse  14 Jan. 1839
COUSINS CMary Caroline   OLIVER, Charles L.              18 Feb. 1858

COUSINS Peter           STEPHENS, Mahala M.     4 Apr. 1854
COUSINS Peter G.                STONE, Edna             17 Dec. 1827
COUSINS Phebe H. , 27   MARSHALL, Francis, 37   28 Sept. 1859
COUSINS Richard H.      FULLER, Mary R.         1 Oct. 1849
COUSINS Robert          SMITH, Mariah           13 Dec 1830
COUSINS Willis G.               ROYAL, Elizabeth                18 Nov. 1825

FITZGERALD Abbygie    STONE, Samuel           30 Jan 1783
FITZGERALD Alfred B.   FITZGERALD, Harriett Lee        22 Sept. 1851
FITZGERALD Cathrine     CREED, Seller           18 Dec 1818
FITZGERALD David                TERRY, Lucy             21 Oct. 1811
FITZGERALD Edmund       DODSON, Sarah           28 Dec. 1790
FITZGERALD Edmund,  23  SMITH, Emily G., 17             30 Oct. 1846
FITZGERALD Elizabeth    KIRBY, Benjamin         16 Dec 1816
FITZGERALD Elizabeth   MAYS, Reuben            16 Aug 1813
FITZGERALD Elizabeth    RICE, Leroy             20 Apr 1835
FITZGERALD Elizabeth   STONE, James H.         3 Feb 1803
FITZGERALD Elizabeth   STONE, John T.          18 Dec 1835
FITZGERALD Frances    DODSON, David           19 Dec. 1782
FITZGERALD Garrett    TERRY, Susanna          19 Aug. 1811
FITZGERALD George S.,  24       PRITCHETT, Sarah B., 20 11 Dec. 1849
FITZGERALD Harriett     FITZGERALD, Alfred B.   22 Sept. 1851
FITZGERALD Leghtee      HARDY, Jesse            18 July 1797
FITZGERALD James    DODSON, Fanny           18 Nov. 1803
FITZGERALD James    ANDERSON, Harriett      7 Jan. 1830
FITZGERALD James M. ,  33  GRAVES, Fanny W.,  17   17 June 1850
FITZGERALD Jesse                LEWIS, Frances          17 Aug. 1818
FITZGERALD John    HOLLOWAY, Jane          17 Sept. 1792
FITZGERALD John         DODSON, Nelly           8 Mar. 1799
FITZGERALD John    PRATLEY, Jane           19 Nov. 1811
FITZGERALD John    WILSON, Elizabeth               21 Jan. 1831
FITZGERALD John W., 23  GREGORY, Martha S.,  23 15 Dec. 1857
FITZGERALD Martha       INGE, James M.          9 Mar. 1833
FITZGERALD Mary         GRANT, Diskin           16 June 1852
FITZGERALD Nancy        WILSON, Harden          13 Oct 1806
FITZGERALD Nancy        MOTLEY, John A.         24 Oct 1842
FITZGERALD Pleasant     STIMSON, Lucinda J.     11 Feb. 1837
FITZGERALD Rebecca      WHITE, Richard, 23              3l Aug. 1853
FITZGERALD Robert C.    TRIGG, Theodotia A.     10 Sept. 1838
FITZGERALD Sarah A.     VADEN, I, Cornelius             16 Aug. 1860
FITZGERALD Sarah                PRITCHETT, Robert               21 Jan 1828
FITZGERALD Samuel       ANDERSON, Nancy         20 Oct. 1817
FITZGERALD Samuel       ANDERSON, Emily         18 Sept. 1826
FITZGERALD Thomas       VAUGHAN, Nancy          18 Dec. 1806
FITZGERALD Thomas,  20  THOMPSON, Jane,  14     16 Dec. 1839
FITZGERALD  William     SMITH, Martha Virginia,  17     5 Jan. 1855
FITZGERALD  William H.  CALLAND, Jane S.                17 Sept 1832

HALEY   Ambrose, Jr.  OGLETREE, Nancy         13 Sept. 1788
HALEY   Charles L., 30 MC Clannahan, Elizabeth,  25    9 Jan. 1833
HALEY   David. F.,  30  SIMPSON, Gillie W.,  22 14 July 1863
HALEY   James M.,  21 JENKINS, Margaret, 17   2 Apr 1863)
HALEY   John,  33  WHITE, Maria C.,   25   19 Sept. 1831
HALEY   John J.,  29    BOOTHE, M. F.,  23              26 Jul. 1859
HALEY   Lovelace   PHILLIPS, Sally         24 Apr 1811
HALEY   Peter,  26              HUNT, Emaline,  18              6 Mar. 1848
HALEY   Phebe C.                WITCHER, James A.       28 Dec 1858
HALEY   Temple          HAILY, Elizabeth                1 Sept. 1814

HALL    Bird J.                 ANDERSON, Lucy          19 Oct. 1840

INGE    Anna M.,  19 DAVIS, John G.,  20     8 Nov. 1847
INGE    Edward H.       SUTHERLIN, Sara         16 Jan. 1815
INGE    Elise           PRITCHETT, Joshua               8 Nov. 1817
INGE    Elizabeth       Francis ROYALL, John C.                 30 Oct. 1855
INGE    George          HOLLAND,  Polly         19 Nov. 1806
INGE    James M.                FITZGERALD, Martha      9 Mar. 1833
INGE    John, Sr.  HARRIS, Nancy   18 Jan. 1819
INGE    Nancy B.,  23   PACE, Nicholas P.,  17  17 Jan. 1831
INGE    Sarah           PRITCHETT, John         20 Oct. 1813

LIGON   Mary J.         GRANT, Beverly          14 Apr. 1841

PAYNE   Ann J.          SMITH, James B.         23 Mar. 1840
PAYNE   Baldwin         COLES, Cathrine         24 Aug. 1827
PAYNE   Benjamin                SHELTON, Martha L.      18 June 1827
PAYNE   Benjamin                PAYNE, Laburtha         14 Jan. 1845
PAYNE   Charles         FEARN, Leahhan          16 June 1880
PAYNE   Cornelius  WALTON, Louisa Ann      30 Aug 1877
PAYNE   Crispin         SHELHORSE, Susan        29 Nov 1830
PAYNE   Elizabeth W.  HUGHES, William         16 Jan 1826
PAYNE   Fullington, J.  FARTHING, Nancy         5 June 1844
PAYNE   George   SHELHORSE, Elizabeth    15 Feb. 1836
PAYNE   Henry           TOSH, Cathrine          19 Nov 1827
PAYNE   James           ELLIOTT, Sally          10 Mar 1800
PAYNE   John            FEARN, Lucy             6 Dec. 17934
PAYNE   John   RICHARDS, Milley                20 Feb 1795
PAYNE   John A.    PAYNE, Partenia C.              27 Sept. 1860
PAYNE   John R.  HENDERSON, Holly                10 Sept. 1850
PAYNE   Joseph T        .       BRIGGS, Frances W.      2 Feb. 1850
PAYNE   Leroy   HILL, Rachel            19 Dec 1825
PAYNE   Mary P.,  20 GUERRANT, John W.,  22  6 Sept. 1831
PAYNE   Phillmon                WILSON, Rachel          24 May 1787
PAYNE   Reuben          HODGES, Tabitha         1 Jan. 1833
PAYNE   Reuben          MITCHELL, Parthina              4 Apr 1829
PAYNE   Robert          FEARN, Elizabeth Lee    17 June 1793
PAYNE   Robert C.,  26  LYLES, Martha F.,  18   8 Apr 1862
PAYNE   Robert G.               MILLER, Sarah Pannill   4 Dec. 1839
PAYNE   Thomas          SHELTON, Sally          15 Oct 1795
PAYNE   William         DIX, Martha             17 June 1783
PAYNE   William         GARRETT, Sally          16 Feb 1807
PAYNE   William  GRIGGORY, Maryan P.     1 Mar 1802
PAYNE   William                 SHELTON, Clara          12 Mar. 1851
PAYNE   William G.              PICKERALL, Nancy                16 Dec. 1836
PAYNE   William H.  PRITCHETT, Frances E. C.        9 Mar. 1840
PAYNE   William H.      PRITCHETT, Lucy A.      Aug. 1852

SPOTTS  Samuel J.,  27 PRITCHETT, Julia, 21    21 Nov. 1842

SWANSON  Bettie M.,  27 PRITCHETT, Ed H.,  48   3 Feb. 1869
SWANSON  Clary   HUTCHERSON              3 Dec. 1815
SWANSON  Frances A.   PRITCHETT, Edward H.    30 Nov. 1844
SWANSON   J.W.C.                TROTTER, Julia A.               12 Nov 1863
SWANSON  Julia G.,  19  FRANCIS, Joseph,  38    19 --- 1852
SWANSON  Mary Ann       FINNEY, Sanford         16 Dec. 1850
SWANSON  Nancy   WITCHER, James          28 Nov 1823

TOLER   Daniel          MC DANIEL, Elizabeth    22 Mar. 1821
TOLER   John W.                 BRUMFIELD, Susan                8 Jan. 1857
TOLER   William         HARRISON, Emily         29 Dec. 1857
TOLER   William B  CARROLL, Tabitha                24 Fec. 1821

TOLLER  Thomas          RICHARDSON, Ann         29 June 1795

TOWLER  Absalom,  16    FOSTER, Mary,  16               20 Feb. 1838
TOWLER  Agness          TOWLER, William         26 Dec. 1794
TOWLER  Anny,  20               BOBBITT, Terry,  21     19 Jan. 1835
TOWLER  Benjamin,  22   HARRIS, Mary,  19               30 Dec. 1846
TOWLER  Christopher 21  BARKER, Polly,  22              2 Dec. 1835
TOWLER  Cornelius               GOAD (Gord), Catharine  25 March. 1819
TOWLER  Elizabeth               TOWLER, Peyton          3 Aug. 1825
TOWLER  Elijah          RORER, Polley           13 Oct. 1807
TOWLER  Elijah         HUDSON, Lucy            9 Nov. 1832
TOWLER  Griffith, 17    FOSTER, Nancy, 18               12 Feb 1839
TOWLER  Henry           CRIDER, Sarah           29 Jan. 1833
TOWLER  Henry           HOGANS, Editha Ann      12 Jan. 1850
TOWLER  Jonathon,  27 ARTHUR, Elizabeth,  26  29 Jan. 1849
TOWLER  John    DALTON, Sarah           22 Jan. 1808
TOWLER  John W.,  22    BRUMFIELD, Susan                8 Jan. 1857
TOWLER  Joshua, 20      DUNCAN, Sally, 16               12 Jan. 1848
TOWLER  Josiah          JACOBS, Elizabeth,  25  19 Nov. 1834

TOWLER  Mary Ann        PARKER, David   15 Dec. 1849
TOWLER  Mourning (p 216)
TOWLER  Nancy,  18  FOSTER, Sharod,  24     23 June 1847
TOWLER  Nancy S. (p 167)
TOWLER  Peyton  TOWLER, Elizabeth       6 Aug. 1825
TOWLER  Polly ( 21)
TOWLER  Sally (p 101)
TOWLER  Sally (p 127)
TOWLER  Sarah,  43  BRUMFIELD, Thos. K.,  42        22 Feb. 1847
TOWLER  William TOWLER, Agness  26 Dec. 1794
TOWLER  William BARKER, France  8 Jan. 1833
TOWLER  William HARRISON, Emily 29 Dec 1857

TROTTER Eliza A.                MILLNER, John R.                15 Dec 1832
TROTTER James           PRITCHETT, Ann W.       22 Jan. 1817
TROTTER Julia A.                SWANSON, J. W. C.       12 Nov 1863
TROTTER Joseph H.,  28  CARTER, Mary W.,  23    9 Mar 1840
TROTTER Peter D.,  23   MILLNER, Mary E.,  17   2 Oc. 1856
TROTTER Thomas    WITCHER, Harriett               Sept. 1853
TROTTER Thomas A.    PRITCHETT, Harriett             8 Sept. 1852
TROTTER Dr. Wesley A.   PRITCHETT, Martha               1 Dec. 1853

WITCHER Caleb     WATSON, Giddy           10 Dec 1799
WITCHER Caleb           JAMES, Fanny            11 May 1816
WITCHER Caleb, Sr.      DANGERFIELD, Dolly      27 Oct 1820
WITCHER Daniel          WARD, Sally             22 Dec 1785
WITCHER Edward D.    WILSON, Elizabeth T.    2 Oct 1850
WITCHER Elizabeth C.   Owen, Pleasant W.       4 Dec. 1843
WITCHER Ephraim         ROWDEN, Jensey Adams    11 Feb 1798
WITCHER Ephraim         HAILEY, Winifred                20 Mar 1819
WITCHER Harriett                TROTTER, Thomas         Sept. 1853
WITCHER James           BEAVERS, Elizabeth      1 June 1821
WITCHER James           COLLEY, Mary            1 Nov 1782
WITCHER James    EDWARDS, Gilly          13 Sept 1813
WITCHER James    SWANSON, Nancy          28 Nov. 1823
WITCHER James           WATSON, Massey          -1800
WITCHER James          WITCHER, Tempy          28 Dec 1811
WITCHER James A.                HALEY, Phebe C.         28 Dec. 1858
WITCHER Joab            MC NEALY, Janey         13 Feb 1816
WITCHER  John    WITCHER, Polly          3 Dec. 1811
WITCHER John G.                 WRIGHT, Exey C.         15 Dec 1859
WITCHER Julia Ann    OWEN, Pleasant          17 Oct. 1842
WITCHER Julia           WITCHER, Wllington              4 Mar 1845
WITCHER Nathanial    ADAMS, Paulina W.               21 Jan 1835
WITCHER Mary B.,  18    QUARLES, John B.,  26   12 Feb. 1844
WITCHER Mary C.         PARKER, William         7 Dec. 1852
WITCHER Phoebe C.,  24  PRICE, Nathaniel C., 28 21 Nov. 1865
WITCHER Polly    WITCHER,John            3 Dec 1811
WITCHER Rachel    RAMSEY, Noton           11 Feb 1808
WITCHER Reuben          EDWARDS, Judah          16 June 1806
WITCHER Vincent O.    CLEMENT, Jane A.                17 June 1842
WITCHER William    DALTON, Molley          1 Apr 1782
WITCHER William         GILBERT, Elizabeth              15 Dec 1834
WITCHER Willington              WITCHER, Julia          4 Mar 1845

WORSHAM  Archibald   HAGOOD, Nancy G.        27 Jan 1836
WORSHAM  Archibald D.   BRUCE, Dolley M.                1 Sept 1828
WORSHAM  Daniel         GUNNELL, Elizabeth      26 Sept 1792
WORSHAM  Elizabeth   HARPER, Jacob           17 Oct. 1816
WORSHAM  Elizabeth,  25    SMITH, William,  25             7 Oct. 1835
WORSHAM  Frances   CAMPBELL, Molly         -1799
WORSHAM  George   PREWITT, Susanna                14 Dec. 1827
WORSHAM  Harold         DULY, Nancy            20 Dec. 1810
WORSHAM  Jeremiah   MC DOWELL, Ann          19 Mar 1782
WORSHAM  John           BENNETT, Mourning               8 July 1785
WORSHAM  John, Jr.      WORSHAM, Patsy          00 Mar 1801
WORSHAM  Miles   MOON, Martha Ann                25 Jan 1855
WORSHAM  Patsy   WORSHAM, John, Jr.      00 Mar 1801
WORSHAM  Patrick                OAKES, Bathsheba                27 Oct 1832
 WORSHAM  Putram  CAMPBELL, Lucy          16 Oct 1797
WORSHAM Samuel       EAST, Frances           10 May 1832
WORSHAM  Stephen   WALDEN, Mary J.         19 Feb 1844
WORSHAM  Thomas   RAGSDALE, Louisa                19 Mar 1821
WORSHAM  Thomas   AYERS, Elizabeth                1 June 1840
WORSHAM  William                GILES, Frances          13 Jan 1826

 I got all of these off various
microfilm and books in the Salt Lake City Family Center in Feb. 1997.
Jan Pritchett-Litvin

Contributed by Susan Smith

Pittsylvania County Marriage Register, - 1767

p. 7. 1791,  March 10,  Thomas Ball with Ellener Dyer by Richard Elliott
p.11. 1796,  Oct. 13,   William Dyer with Nancy Ward, by James Tompkins
p.12.  1797,  Feb. 2,   John Jennings with Peggy Collis by Richard Elliott
p.15. 1800,  April 1,   Alexander Mahan with Katherine Ball, by Thomas Douglass.
p.16. 1800,  April 1,   Jacob Hedrick with Molly Rider by Thomas Douglass
p.21. 1806,  Feby 27,   Thomas Jefferson with Elizabeth Ball, by Joseph  Hatchett.
p.22. 1803,  Dec. 5,    David Cole with Elizabeth Cornwall, by Elias Dodson
p.22. 1806,  Jan. 30,   SebrialPoindexter with Micha White, by Richard Debbs
p. 24. 1808             Foushee Cornwall with Betsey Cheatham, by Elias Dodson.
p. 27. 1810,  Feb. 17,          Wm. Campbell with Sarah Ball by Joseph Hatchett
p.27.  1810,  July 4,           James Elliott with Nancy Golding, by Thos. Boaz
p.29.  1811,  Dec.?             Samuel Cornwell with Rhoda A. Moore, by George   Dodson.
p.29.  1812,  March 26,         Thompson Cornwell with Jane Neaman, by Wm. Blair
p.31.  1813,  Feb. 16,          Giles C. Cornwell with Jane Shields, by Wm. Blair
p.33.  1815,            Henry Dejarnette with Lucinda Buckley, by Nathaniel  Lovelace
p.34.  1815,  Sept. 26, John Mahan with Jane A. Parrish, by Wm. Blair
p.34.  1816,  May 30,           George Lumpkin with Nancy Pistole, by Wm. Blair
p.40.  1818,  May 14,   John Sutherland with Sally E. Conway, by Wm. Blair
p.53   1830,  Feb. 18,  James M. Sutherland with Martha Wills, by A.D.

1787 July 12,   John Dyer Jr. with Veney, Morton                by David Barr
1789            Nathan Dyer with Nancy Dalton           by Richard Elliott
1795 March 5,   James Mahan with Mary Nowlin            by Richard Elliott
1800            Alexander Mahan with Katherine Ball     by Thomas Douglass
1803 Nov. 4,    William Dyer with Polly Alexander               by Thomas Payne
1806 Feb. 27,           Thomas Jefferson with Elizabeth Ball    by Joseph Hatchet
1808 Feb. 20,   Alexander Jefferson with Elizabeth Smith by Joseph Hatchet
1811 Nov. 7,    Drury Mahan with Celia Thacker          by Griffith Dickenson
1813 Feb. 6,    Samuel Ball with Polly Headrick         by Joseph Hatchett
1814 Jan. 18,   William Mahan with Peggy Wright         by Thomas Boaz
1818 Mar. 24,   Jonathan Dyer with Peggy Bryant         by William Blair
1822 Dec. 12,   Coleman Dyerwith Louisa Shelton                by James Beck

Contributed by Aleita

KING, Edmund             marr.           THOMAS, Mary on 23-AUG-1770

KING, Elijah             marr.            TERRY, Tabitha on 05-MAR-1801

KING, John               marr.            TERRY, Anna on 10-AUG-1796

KING, Mary West          marr.             WEST, John on 16-FEB-1789

KING, Nancy              marr.        TEMPLETON, Martin on 19-MAR-1792

KING, Polley             marr.           DODSON, Samuel  on 16-DEC-1799

KING, Royall             marr.           CORBIN, Milley on 07-FEB-1799

 Submitted by  Rebecca R. Sisk


22 Dec. 1802 Allen BARBER/ Isbell McDaniel d/o Sally McDaniel Surety: William

18 Jan. 1793 Hezekiah Barber/Elizabeth Smith William Smith consents. Surety
Samuel Dalton

7 Feb. 1789 Joseph Barber/Jean Goad d/o Charles Goad. Surety Thomas Dalton

19 Jan. 1795 Joseph Barber/Nancy Goad d/o Charles Goad. Surety Samuel Dalton

20 Mar. 1801 Stephen Barber/Patsey Reynolds d/o Jesse Reynolds Surety John

11 Aug. 1785 William Barber/Nancy Turley

20 Dec. 1791 William Barber/Elizabeth Thomas Surety David Tompkins

26 Oct. 1818 Matthew Barber/Susanna Thurman d/o Molly Thurman who consents.
Surety Thomas Irby by Shadrick Mustain.

15 July 1794 Elisha Barber/Druscilla Thurman d/o Nathan Thurman Surety
Hezekiah Barber

17 Feb. 1816 Coleman Barber/Anna Eades d/o John Edds who consents Surety
Preston G. Edds

4 Nov. 1816 Coleman Barber/Anna Waggoner Surety George Craft

19 Nov. 1814 David Barber/Nancy McBride Surety William Simpson

6 Nov. 1806 Elisha Barber/Jane Mitchell

13 Nov. 1815 Elisha Barber/Sarah Edds d/o John Edds

12 Sept. 1820 James Barber/Francis Irby Surety William Irby

1807 Jeremiah Barber/Phebe McCullock

28 July 1830 Jeremiah Barber/Nancy Worsham

6 Jan. 1820 Joel Barber/Rebecca Markham Surety James Whitehead

7 Sept. 1811 John Barber/Mourning Hudson d/o Sally Hudson Surety William

1 Oct, 1829 John Barber/Martha Ragland

12 May 1820 Joseph Barber/Anna Dalton Surety William Doss

12 Apr. 1824 Shadrick Barber/Polly Farmer d/o Laban Farmer Surety Robert

27 Mar. 1818 William Barber/Elizabeth Goad d/o Jeminia Goad Surety Elijah

5 Dec. 1827 William Barber/Mary Jenkins

17 June 1816 Caleb Barber/Betsey Custard Surety Joseph Barber

26 Mar. 1832 Alexander Barber/Annetta E. Stokes Surety William H. Tunstall

30 Mar. 1840 Allen Barber 23/Polly Waggoner 22 Surety George D. Waggoner

2 Sept. 1843 Caleb Barber 33/Tabitha A. Robertson 15

14 Oct. 1844 Coleman Barber/Elizabeth Palmer

9 Aug. 1847 Daniel Barber 23/Elizabeth Moon 24 Surety Pleasant Moon

9 Nov. 1840 Ellis Barber/Mary Compton Surety Shadrack Barber

12 Nov. 1849 James Barber/Mary T. Roberts

24 Apr. 1835 Jeremiah Barber/Nancy Worsham

15 Jan. 1857 Jesse Barber/Frances Arnold

Rebecca R. Sisk

Submitted by Rebecca Sisk  

Dalton Marriages

 Samuel Dalton and Charlotte Gallihue d/o William/Anne Kenner 22 Sept. 1767
James Dalton and Agness Dyer 18 1782
John Dalton and Luvinia Pickeral Sur. John Dalton 15 July 1788
James Dalton and Agatha Patterson Sur. Ambrose Dalton 19 Jan. 1791
Isham Dalton and Mary Goad d/o Charles/Rachel Goad Signs her own consent 19
Jan. 1795
Lewis Dalton and Mary Kezee 12 Nov.1797
Winston Dalton and Sarah Pullin Sur. Alexander Bennett
Thomas Dalton and Elizabeth Patterson 1788
Benjamin Dalton and Caty Mayhew Sur. Drury Owen 11 Nov. 1803
Eligy Dalton and Nancy Brogin Sur. Lewis Dalton 10 Mar.1804

Submitted by

Beckwith LYELL to Peggy (Margaret) Owen 18 Sept. 1815.

Submitted by Rebecca Sisk

EARLES Marriages Pittslyvania Co.

Samuel EARLES/Sally MULLINS 24 Aug. 1802

Nancy EARLES/William DRAINE 3 Apr. 1802

Judea EARLES/Henry BURGESS 11 Jan. 1829 Thomas Earles, father

John EARLES 32 mother Mary EARLES/Elizabeth DALTON 33 d/o Martha DALTON
14 Jan. 1833 Surety: Nathan Curry by Richard B. Beck

Isaac EARLES 30/Milley SHUMATE 17 father H.L. SHUMATE Surety: Samuel GRIGGS 1
Dec. 1845

William EARLES 22/Martha STACY 19 Surety: Daniel TAYLOR 14 Dec. 1837

Uriah EARLES 28/Tabitha MCBride 21 Nov. 1858
mother-Mary EARLES

James G. EARLES/Mariah Jane MARSHALL 19 7 Apr. 1851

Pleasant EARLES 45 farmer,single b. Pitts.Co. Lives Henry Co.,Va.
Mary BRAY 21 b. Henry Co. Lives Pitts. Co.,Va. 16 Sept. 1863
Parents of Groom Mary EARLES Parents of bride Mary BRAY

Mary EARLES 17/Samuel GRIGGS 22 16 Dec. 1844 Surety: Isaac EARLES
Parents of bride Mary EARLES

Rebecca R. Sisk

   Marriage Bonds Minister' Returns - Pittsylvania County, Virginia 1767-1805

Madding, Alice - Dec 1801 married Chas McLaughlin by Rev Geo Dodson d/o
Thomas Madding, surety Elisha Dodson

Madding, Mary - 2 Feb 1793 married Jonas Walker, surety William Madding

Madding, Mary - 28 Mar 1803 married John Walters by Rev Lazarus Dodson

Madding, Nancy - 23 Jan 1798 married John Dodson by Lazarus Dodson d/o
John Madding, surety Robert Madding

Madding, Rachel - 15 Apr 1805 married Jesse Atkinson by Rev John Atkinson
(Rev John Atkinson) d/o Sally Madding, surety Sam Atkinson

Madding, Tabitha - 1796 married William Thomas by George Dodson

*Mary Madding married Jonas Waller - 2 Feb 1793, surety William Madding
Orange County, VA 1747-1810

*Mary Madding married John Walters - 28 Mar 1782, Pittsylvania, Co VA.
Compiled from information by: Catherine Lindsey Knorr

Contributed by Barbara Dempsey          

      Contributed by Lance Fallin (Lance Fallin)

From a trip I took to Salt Lake City, Utah at the Family History Center.
back in 1992 or 93  I discovered a book there and copied only a few pages.

The top of the page says "Pittsylvania County Marriage Bonds" page 84

Groom                        Bride                        Date                         Bondsman

Evans, Edward        Elizabeth High    25 sep 1850        William R. Boon

Evans, Griffith         Jane King         18 Dec 1848           Henry Evans

Evans, Henry         Susen Evans       18 Dec 1848          Robert & Griffith

Evans, Henry                        Elizabeth Jane Myers                   11 Mar 1858
 David & Sally Evans pts.        Jacob &Elizabeth Myers pts

Evans, Jackson                Virginia Armistead  Barksdale                                 26 Jan 1858   Robert & Polly Evans pts     Richard & Mary Barksdale pts

Evans, Jacob         Bashaba Davis     5 July 1819                Robert Evans

Evans, James                              Ann Sally Cole                                        19 Dec 1854
 Robert & Polly Evans pts             Eli & Mary Cole pts.

Evans, Joseph        Seeney Slaydon    21 Oct. 1822            Thomas slaydon

Evans, Robert        Polley King       15 Nov 1819          Royal King

Evans, Robertson     Martha A.R. Wilkinson        7 Dec. 1846
                                  Elizabeth Wilkinson Mo.

Evans, William       Sarah Shelton     18 Mar 1805   Langston Brown

Evans, William       Martha Mahan       7 Oct. 1816  Thomas Mahan

Evans, William       Sarah Richards    23 Nov 1850   Martha Richards Mo.

Evans, William                                Penelope C. Farthing                                  15 Jan 1857
Benjamin & Sally Evans pts.             Stokely & Mildred Farthing-pts

Evens, Champness                         Vena Bryant                                               29 Nov 1858
Champ & Elizabeth  Evens-pts          Jesse Bryant-F

Everett, Eppy        Catherine Everett     8 Aprl 1793                             William Everett

Everett, Eppy        Casey Bucey       20 Dec 1798                                 Edward Bucy

Fackler, George      Polly white       4 Sept 1810                        Jerry White-F.

Fackler, George S.      Elizabeth H. Carter     6 Nov 1839    Gnd. Mo. Elizabeth

Fackler, Jeremiah W.       Sarah E. Emerson  12 Nov 1850   Henry Emerson

*Fallen, Littlebury   Ann E. Townes     17 Dec 1829      Robert Townes-F.

Fallen, Peter    Gilley A.E. Edwards   2 Dec 1841     Daniel C. Edwards - F.

Fallen, William     Elizabeth E. Phillips   /26 Feb 1827 Mathew Haley

Fallin, Hugh     Leannah Walters      31 Jan 1825   Arthur Walters - F.

Falling, Peter   Rosemond Wright      11 Mar 1799 William Wright

Falling, William/Lucy Mills           18 Mar 1816 Martin & Anthony Mills

Fallon, Redmond     Elizabeth Gwin       23 Feb 1793 George H. Gwin - F.

Fargus, Joseph T./Sally Elliott       13 Feb 1838 William Elliott - F.

Faris, Amos Jr.  Jane Faris           30 Apr 1830 James B. Faris

Faris, Coleman R./Julia Smith         25 Jul 1838 Elizabeth Smith - Mo.

Faris, Henry W.  Prudence Stone       20 Jul 1829 Joseph Stone

Faris, James     Nancy Scruggs        17 May 1830 Drury Scruggs - F.

Faris, John      Polly Dawson         -- --- 1804 (reg.)

Faris, Joseph M./Mary A. Adkerson     31 Oct 1860 Edward Adkerson - F.

Farley, George   Ann M. Farley         3 Mar 1829 James Farley - F.

Farmer, Abner T./Louisa C. Edmunds    15 Dec 1863 William W. & Martha C.Farmer-pts
   (25)             (21)                         Joseph & Charlotte Edmunds-pts

Farmer, Arthur   Elizabeth Arnold     27 Dec 1827 Elisha Bales

Farmer, Benjamin/Ermin Herring         1 Dec 1780 William Herring - F.

Farmer, Clement S./Elizabeth Garrett  15 Apr 1827 Thomas Garrett - F.

Farmer, David Gideon/Mary Penelope Farmer/9 apr 1857 John & Sarah Farmer -pts of Da Meredith & Sarah  Farmer - pts. of Mary

Farmer, George   Sally Hall            8 Oct 1833    Reuben Hall

Farmer, Hartwell/Mary Dodson          19 Oct 1840    Stephen Dodson

Farmer, Hartwell/Jane C. Simpson       4 Mar 1850   William simpson - F.

Farmer, Hubbard  Mary Jenkins          8 Jan 1802     John Jenkins - F.

Farmer, James    Betsy Hubbard        15 Feb 1780 Samuel Hubbard - F.

The letters in the Bondsman column refer to the Mother or father or Parents
of the Bride unless otherwise stated.

I copied this exactly as it appears type written on those papers that I
xeroxed from that book in Salt Lake City.

As far as I know...I am only related to Littlebury and Ann (Townes) Fallen.
But I wanted to give you any info that I had...even if they are not related
because I know how hard it can be to find stuff like this.

Submitted by  Tammy Hoffman

John Hoffman and Nancy Townley Dangerfield, daughter  of John and Elizabeth
Dangerfield who consent.  Dec 15 1807 surety William Dangerfield.   Married
17 Dec by the Rev. Joseph Hatchett.

Michael Hoffman and Nancy Dangerfield, July 18, 1931 daughter of Hearion H.
Dangerfield who consents.  Surety Wm. T. Dangerfield married by Crispin

Polly Dangerfield (Caleb Witcher, Jr. & Polly Dangerfield Octo 27, 1820 Sur
Ephriam Witcher p. 72.  ) and George Million, dau. Of Henerham Dangerfield
who requests that the license be issued Oct 24, 1828.  Surety William
Dangerfield.  Married 24 Oct by the Rev Abner Anthony.

Elizabeth Dangerfield (Charles Smith and Elizabeth Dangerfield. Sept 25,
1820. Surity John Watson, Sr. Married Oct. 5 by the Rev Shadrack Mustain. P
71) and John Watson May 17, 1821.  Surety John Dangerfield.  Married May 1821
by Rev Ira Ellis who says: John Watson, Sr., AC.

John Dangefield and Sally Cook. Feb. 1821.  Surety Harmon Cook.  Married by
the Rev. John W. Kelly.  Minister says 14 Feb.

Marriage Bond for William Dangerfield and Dorothy Henry, dau of Frances Henry
who consents Jan 4, 1808.  Surety John Hoffman.  Married by the Rev. David

Haston Thomas and Jane Dangerfield dau of Herinham Dangerfield who request
that this license be issued.  Dec 10, 1821, Surety John T. Hammock.

Submitted by Kay Ashcroft       <>

        Polly S. Black m. Lemuel Birthright 26 Dec 1816, Polly dtr. of Susannah
Black.  Bond states that Polly was without parent or guardian.  Ruebin G.
Dews was surety on bond.

 Contributed by Pat             Pat48084 <>

John Gammon married Mary Dixon 14 Feb 1789    John signed bond and Mary's parents gave permission  William and Mary Dixon

James Gammon married Rhody Horner 15 Dec 1792  James Gammon and Joshua Horner signed the bond   Jos Akin witnessed.

Submitted by Gayle Austin

4 Sep 1801 Abraham Walters and Polly Mann dau of Jesse Mann who consents, Sur. Joel Mann, page 29

15 May 1826 .  Alexander Walters and Louisa Wilson, dau. of John Wilson who requests that this license be issued.  Sur. Champness Terry.  Married  25 May by the Rev. William Blair. p. 87

12 November 1815., Ezra Walters and Lydia Nelson.  Sur. Evan Shaw.  Married 15 Nov. by the Rev. William Blair, p.59

27 August 1803  Jackson Walters and Polly West Herring dau of William Herring who consents.  Sur. Thomas Walters by Rev. John Atkinson

March 1782 John Walters and Marry Madding by Rev. Lazarus Dodson, a Baptist.

7 July 1799.  John Walters and Rhoda Walters, dau of John Walters, Sur. Ezra Walters

26 December 1778 Keziah Walters dau of John Walters and Charles Ewell Carter by Rev. John Atkinson

29 December 1807. Lemuel Walters and Elizabeth Dodson, dau. of Joshua Dodson.  Sur. Laban Walters.  Married by the Rev. Elias Dodson. p. 44

20 December 1790 Obediah Walters and Aby Magby.  Sur. Robert Madding by Rev. John Atkinson

January 1813 Robert Walters and Elizabeth Atkinson.  Sur. John Dodson.  Consent of Josiah Atkinson for daughter Elizabeth.  She also  signs the certificate.  Married 21 January by the Rev. William Blair.  p. 55

29 December 1812. Spicer Walters and Lydia Stamps, dau. of Leyanner Stamps who consents.  Sur. William Burgiss.  Married 12 January 1813 by the Rev. William Blair.  p.53

December 1805 Thomas Walters and Betsy Tanner, granddaughter of Matthew Tanner.  Sur. Edmund Halloway by Rev. John Atkinson

10 December 1804 William Walters and Elizabeth Ball dau of John Ball, Sur. Carter Ball

Walters, Alexander J. to Sarah E. Paschall on 13 Aug. 1846.  Sarah signed for self, Sur. Joel Motley

Walters, Azariah G., 35, to Martha Coleman, 31 on 24 Oct. 1845.  dau. of Daniel Coleman.  Sur. Thompson Coleman by Rev. Jno Pritchard

Walters, James B. to Louisa C. Gardner, 23, on  18 Oct 1860, dau of Nathaniel Gardner by Rev. Wm H. Plunkett

Walters, John C. to Sarah D. Morriss on 19 Feb 1850 dau of Spicefield Morris, Sur. German H. Williams by Rev. Jno Pritchard

Walters, Joel B. to Catharine R. Coleman, 7 Dec 1838, dau of Ste. Coleman, Sur. Thomas E. Coleman

Walters, Joel H. to Martha P. Dodson on 12 Oct. 1846.  Martha signed for herself, Surl John B. Jennings, Wit: Frances Dodson by Rev Wm H. Plunkett

Walters, Lovel to Tabitha A. Wilkerson on 23 Oct 1848.  Tabitha signs for self, Sur. John Wells, by Rev Wm H. Plunkett

Walters, Pickney B., 26, to Elender Chaney, 21, on 6 Nov. 1843,  Sur. Wm Chaney by Rev. Thomas Lovelace.

Walters, Richard, 26, to Rebecca Rice, 21, on 2 Dec 1845 dau of Martha Rice, Sur. Joel C. Walters

Contributed by Pauline Clark         Envafsmgt <>

I have my great grandfather's marriage license
L Scruggs was the Clerk of the County Court.
Dated 21 December 1867.

Time of Marriage:  26 Dec 1867
Place of Marriage:  Pittsylvania
Full Names of Parties Married:  John Calland   Harriet Pannill
Age of Husband:  25 yrs old
Age of Wife:  15 years old
Condition of Husband:  Single
Condition of Wife:  Single
Place of Husband's Birth:  Bedford County VA
Place of Wife's Birth:  Pittsylvania County
Place of Husband's Residence:  Same
Place of Wife's Residence:  Same
Names of Husband's Parents:  Robert  Sally (Lacey) Calland
Namesof Wife's Parents:  Clem Mary Pannill
Occupation of  Husband:  Farmer

Give under my hand this 21 day of Dec 1867

I Certify that on the 26th day of December, 1867, at (Blank), I united in
marriage the above named and described parties, under authority of the annexed
 Jno H. Sacy (?)  Can't hardly decipher.

Pauline C. Clark
Akron, OH

William Terry Bobbitt and Nannie C. Towler, January 16, 1894 by Rev. George R. Haley at the home of Judy Toler, the bride's mother
Submitted by Danny Bobbitt

Barksdale Marriages:

03 Oct 1835 Beverly Barksdale/Nancy Easley; Robert Easley father
15 Dec 1823 Beverly I. Barksdale/Christiana W. Faris; Amos Faris Bondsman
05 Nov 1832 Brice Barksdale/Matilda Farmer; Newton Farmer Bondsman
22 Nov 1823 Claiborne Barksdale/Harriett T. White; John White father
02 Aug 1782 Henry H. Barksdale/Molley Bayne; J.M. Williams bondsman;
Richard Bayne, father
06 Jul 1837 Henry W. Barksdale/Jane W. Anderson; Banister Anderson, father
05 Aug 1862 Dr. M. S. Barksdale/Margaret A. Thompson; ages 24 & 16; E. &
R.F. Barksdale; J.C. & P.L. Thompson, parents.

Barksdale females in the marriage records – no additional information:

Virginia Armstead
Submitted by Virginia Baxter

28, August 1777. John Thornton and Suvannah Pace. dau, of
W.[illiam] Pace who consents. Sur. Stephen Coleman p.2
Submitted by Jack Pace

Submitted by John Hollaway

Davis Marriages in Pittsylvania County:

William DAVIS to Lucille MEADE 8 May 1804 married by
Richard Elliot Meredith MEADE listed as brother

Mary DAVIS Aug 31 1837 John J. STEPHEN

Christopher DAVIS Feb 18, 1833 to Martha Elizabeth
EDWARDS, parent George Edwards

Rosa DAVIS Jan 7 1834 to Richmond L. PLARSON

William S. DAVIS Aug 31 1848 to Eglentine RAMSEY

Amanda DAVIS Oct 5, 1937 to William HERNDON

James M. DAVIS Dec 16, 1859 to Mary A. CHANEY

Lucy Jane DAVIS Feb 15, 1875 to James ANDERSON

Submitted by Debbie Pitezel
Debbie Pitezel
St. Louis, MO

Isaac C. Arnn to Many A.L. Hubbard Dec. 10, 1867
Wallen A. Law to Lizzie H. Arnn Feb. 17, 1904
Richard Clay Hundley to A. Laura Woodall Nov. 24, 1904
Howard L. Hundley to Annie Harefield Dec. 12, 1909
Hugh W. Arnn to Gevena Aron July 23, 1911
Henry C. Hundley to A. Perla Arnn Oct. 21, 1886
Ashby L. Arnn to Millie A Hundley Dec. 25, 1892
Wm Otey Allen to Gracie L. Arnn May 19, 1897
John I. Arnn to Ida M. Fuller April 11, 1900
J.P. Hubbard to Alva M. Arnn June 21, 1900
Horace Price to Mary Stella Arnn Jan. 15, 1921
This information is from the old Family Bible of my grandparents Richard C.
and Laura Woodall Hundley.
I also found the birth of eight children born to my Great Grandparents
Perla and Henry C. Hundley they are:
Howard Hundley Sept. 25, 1887
Chesley Hundley July 11, 1889
Richard Hundley Nov. 30, 1890
Belt Hundley May 6, 1892
Nellie Hundley Aug. 5, 1893
Ressue Hundley July 21, 1896
Paul Hundley July 21, 1899
Clarice Hundley June 21, 1908
Submitted by Brenda Hundley-Pobol


 On the back there is a date but the very top is
chopped off.  It is probably August 29, 1907? Or 1901?

The top of the headline is also chopped off and I think this is the
second line:

Afternoon at the Bride's home

Miss Mabel Hines, daughter of Councilman and Mrs. W.A. Hines of this
city and Mr. Pleasant J. Carlton a prominent young tobacconist of
Greenville, NC, were united in marriage yesterday at 3 o'clock at the
home of the bride's parents on Grove street.  Rev. E.H. Rawlings, pastor
of the Main Street Methodist church and the bride's pastor officiating.

The wedding was a quiet affair and the ceremony was performed in the
presence of only the immediate family and relatives of the contracting
parties.  The parlor was tastefully decorated in ferns and potted
flowers, the color scheme being green.  The bride becomingly gowned in a
traveling suit of brown broadcloth with hat and gloves to match, entered
the parlor on the arm  of her father, Mr. W. A. Hines, who gave her
away, while Miss Nannie Carlton, of Pace's, a sister of the groom,
rendered Lohengrin's wedding march.  During the ceremony, which was
performed according to the ritual of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
Miss Carlton played "Constancy."

The only attendants were Miss Alma Hines, sister of the bride and maid
of honor, who was attired in a dress of blue crepe de chine with hat and
gloves to match, and Mr. Herbert Carlton, of Philadelphia, the best man
and brother of the groom.

Shortly after the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton were driven to the
Southern Railway Station, where they boarded a train for Asheville,
N.C.  They will visit during their honeymoon "Lake Toxaway" and other
Southern resorts and points of interest, after which they will go to
Greenville, N.C. to make their future home.

The bride is an attractive and accomplished young lady, endowed with all
the lovely traits of character which go to make a good woman and a good
wife.  She will be much missed in the social circles of this city and
also has a large number of friends who wish her and her husband a
perpetual honeymoon of happiness.

Mr. Carlton is a young businessman who stands high in the estimation of
his employers and all with whom he is acquainted.  For several years he
was a buyer here on the Danville tobacco market for the Imperial Tobacco
Company and was very popular.  He was recently promoted to take charge
of the plant of the Imperial Tobacco Company at Greenville, N.C.

While no cards had been issued to the wedding the young couple were the
recipients of many handsome presents of silverware, cut glass and
bric-a-brac.  Among the presents may be mentioned a suit of fine library
furniture, a gift from Imperial Tobacco Company, and a substantial check
from the father of the bride.

Among the out-of-town guests at the wedding today were: Mr. Herbert
Carlton, of Philadelphia; Mr. Luther Carlton, of Smithfield, N.C., Miss
Jennie Carlton, of Missouri; Miss Claudie Transberger, of Missouri; Miss
Nannie Carlton of Pace's; Mr. Charles Hines, of Norfolk, and Mr. Joe
Hines of Vandola.

submitted by Susan Clanton Simpson

 Marriage Bonds & Minister's Returns of Pittsyl. Co. Va by C. Knorr lists
Joseph Polley and Viney Midkiff 13 June 1785 Married by Rev. David Barr
David Polley & Elizabeth Justice 21 MARCH, 1785 by Rev. David Barr
Lidia Polley & David Seinney m 1796
Submitted by Rick McCallister

These are transcribed by Gail Blankenau from the book "Marriage Bonds and
Ministers' Returns of Pittsylvania Co. Virginia, 1767-1805," compiled and
published by Catherine Lindsay Knorr, 1956.

George WARD and Elizabeth McMILLION, 21 July 1789  Sur. Absolom Tiley. p. 12

George WARD and Rebecca BLEAKLEY, 28 Feb 1793.  Married by Rev. Richard
Elliott.  p. 18

John WARD and Fanny COLLINS, dau. of Wiliam and Mary Collins who consent.
Surety Joseph Akin. p 28

John WARD and Betsey NELSON 7 Nov 1803, Married by Rev. David Nowlin, surety
John Nelson.  p. 36

Charles BLAKELEY and Sally TURTLE, 18 Jan 1797 Surety John Saffel. p 23

John BLAKELY and Jean SHIELDS, dau. of Samuel Shields, who consents.  Surety
Joseph Akin.  p 5

James BLEAKLEY and Elizabeth SMITH.  Surety Robert Devin.  Signs her own
consent.  Married by Rev. Richard Ellito p. 14

Thomas BLEAKLEY and Rebecca WARD, 6 Dec 1796, Surety David Frizzell, p. 22

---1800 Thomas BLEAKLEY and Rebeckah WARD, married by Reb. Thomas Douglas p.

Contributed by "Gail Blankenau" <"Gail Blankenau" <>>

Contribued by
        Vaughan and Cole

Married in Laurel Grove, Virginia on Nov 21, 1888
Thomas Edwin Vaughan   Farmer  age 28
Susan Elma (Elmer?) Cole      age 17
daughter of A. F. and Lucy Cole at their residence
by James Dameron (?)  Baptist minister

I have photo-copies

Submitted by    Audrey Althaus <>

Date of my ggrandparents marriage.

Mary Leigh ARCHER and Littleberry W. Melton, March 5, 1838 in
Pittsylvania Cty, VA
(from Virginia Marriage Index, 1740-1850.)

 Contributed by Christi Malone" <

The following were transcribed from "Pittsylvania, VA Marriages
from 1767-1805" and "Pittsylvania, VA Marriages from
1806-1830".  The page number refers to the the original county
books, not the pages of the transcription.

SHAW, Jesse and  Lucinda LANG. 2 February 1807. Sur. Jeffry
Astin. p. 44.

Shaw, Alexander and  Elizabeth BLAIR. 26 Dec. 1804.  Sur.
William James.  Signs by her own consent. Married by Rev.
Robert  Hurt. pg. 38.

SHAW, Evan and Rhoda NELSON.  25 Aug. 1801.  Sur. Robert
Wright. pg. 32

SHAW, Francis and Nancy STEWARD. 8 May, 1789. Married
by Rev. Lazurus Dodson. pg. 11.

SHAW, Robert and Anne NASH. 4 Dec. 1801. Sur. Sam Guyer.
Dau of John Nash, who consents. pg. 32.

SHAW, William and Susanna NANCE.  (date is missing--I don't
know if I missed it or if it wasn't there).  Sur. Mosias Nance.
Dau of Clement Nance, who consents. pg. 21.

BURNETT, Thomas and Elizabeth SHAW. 22 Jan. 1800.  Sur.
Jeremiah Burnett. Signs her own consent. pg. 28

GILPIN, Roddham and  Martha SHAW.  30 Sept. 1803. Sur.
Robert Shaw.  Dau of Thomas Shaw, who consents. pg. 34.

HARP, James and Mary SHAW. 23 Jan. 1794. Sur. John Watts.
pg. 19.

TERRY, John and Mary SHAW. 20 April 1789.  Sur. John King.
Signs her own consent.  Married by Rev. Lazurus Dodson. pg.

COX,  Lewis and  Nancy SHAW. 11 Jan. 1800. Sur. Robert
Shaw.  Dau of Thomas Shaw and Jean, who consent. pg. 28.

TURLEY,  Nathan and Polly SHAW. 1 Apr. 1801.  Sur. Henry
Polley.  Married by Rev. Thomas Payne. pg. 32.

SHAW, Angish and Milly FREE.  7 Nov. 1810. Dau of Nicholas
Free, who consents and is surety.  Married 8 Nov. by Rev
William Blair.  pg. 49.

CARTER, Thomas and Bathina SHAW.  26 Sept. 1827.  Sur
Jessee Shaw.  Married 28 Sept. by Rev. Clement McDonald.
pg.  88.

HALL, William and Lucy C. SHAW.  7 Dec. 1826. Sur. Richard I.
Shelton.  Gives own consent.  Married 14 Dec. by Rev. John G.
Mills. pg. 86.

PEARCE, Walker and Martha SHAW. 6 Apr. 1826.  Sur. Jesse
Shaw.  Married 9 Apr. by  Rev. Clement McDonald. pg. 86.

HOLDER, Peter and Susanna SHAW. 4 Feb. 1824. Sur.
Willilam Nelson.  Dau of Evan Shaw, who consents. Married 5
Feb. by Rev. William Blair.  pg. 80.

SHAW, Charles and Prisilla  STANLEY. 22 Nov. 1826.  Sur.
Ezra Walters. Luke Stanley requests  this license be issued.
No relationship given. pg. 87.

The following is transribed from a photocopy of pg 138 of
1806-1830 marriages:

SHACKLEFORD, Henry and Matilda WATSON. 16 Apr. 1828.
Sur.  Levi Watson.  Married  17 April by the Rev. Clement
McDonald. pg. 92.
(The register has Minister, Clement Dickenson.  This marriage is
reported by the Rev. Clement McDonald--returned 1 Sept. 1829.)

SHACKLEFORD, John and  Sarah CHESENHALL.  19 Dec.
1816. Sur. John Chesenhall. pg. 62.

SHACKLEFORD, John and Malinda H. WITCHER.  12 Dec.
1820.  Sur. James Woodall. Caleb Witcher signs the certificate.
No relationship given.  Married 14 Dec. by the Rev. Shadrack
Mustain. pg. 71.

SHACKLEFORD, John and  Nancy SHELTON, dau of  Margaret
Shelton who consents.  12 Jan. 1830.  Sur. Jesse Drain. pg. 97.

SHACKLEFORD, Richard D. and Susan H. MEDLOCK.  27 Dec.
1814. Sur. William H. Glassock. pg. 57.

SHACKLEFORD, William and Anne REYNOLDS.  16 Mar.
1812.  Sur. Jesse Reynolds. pg. 53.

SHANKS, William and Judith CALLAWAY, who writes her own
consent. 16 Feb. 1807. Sur. Francis Callaway. pg. 44

SHARP, Edward and Lydia NEAL. 26 June 1818.  Sur. (not given
on bond). Married by the Rev. Griffith Dickinson. pg. 67.

SHEALS, Anderson P. and Barbary HILL.  28 Dec. 1830.  Dau of
Ann Hill who consents.  Sur. Isham Bradley.  Married  29 Dec.
by the Rev. William Blair, who says Anderson P. SHIELDS. pg.

SHELHORSE, Henry and Elizabeth  BATES.   20 Dec. 1830.
Sur. Isaac Bates.  Married 23 Dec. by the Rev. Crispin
Dickenson.  pg. 97.

SHELHORSE, Jacob and Polly WOODSON. 14 Aug. 1812. Dau
of Murry Woodson.  Sur. John Woodson.  Married by the Rev.
David Nowlin. pg. 53.
Christi P. Malone

        Littleberry W. Melton to Mary Leigh Archer, March 5, 1838

Submitted by Audrey Melton Althaus

David M. Wallace to Judith V.  Eades December 22, 1822. Marriages of Pittsylvania Co.VA.
1806-1830 Kathleen Booth Willams.
Submitted by Kathy Koepp" <

        Marriage of Mallicoat and Love

My Mallicoats came from York, Isle of Wright,
Spotsylvania (sp) to Goochland and into Pittsylvania
VA then on into TN, KY.

   Descendants of William M. Mallicoat

1 William M. Mallicoat b: 1780 VA d: no exact date but bef.
Aug. 8, 1840 Polk county f: 1840 Polk co., MO census f:
Polk co. land deeds f 1: MO adjutant General f 3: he was
bondsman in 03/11/1828 pg 57 mrg bk

.. +Elizabeth Love b: Abt. 1787 VA m: December 16, 1805
Pittsylvania county, VA Marriage Father: James Love Mother:
Nancy d: Polk County MO after William
Submitted by Sandy" <


Sources-C.L.Knorr, "Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns
                                      Of Pittsylvania, Co. Va.  1767-1805"
                Williams,   "Marriages of Pittsylvania Co. Va. 1806-1830"
                Dove, D.L. "Courthouse Marriage Records at Chatham, Va. and
Unpublished Manuscripts"

YEAR    DATE     COUPLE UNITED                               SURETY           DAUGHTER OF:

1787           ?           William Sanders-Ann Dove              Thomas Lester                          ?

1788       7 Apr. James Hamilton-Amily Dove            Wm. Todd         Joseph & Mary Dove

1789     27 Apr.  Elijah Dove-Massey Kendrick          Joseph Akin       Thomas&Sarah Kendrick

1804       6 Sept.      Hezekiah Ripley-Polley Dove            Leonard Dove          Levi&Sarah Bow Sign.

              17Dec.       Christopher Bailey-Winifred Dove               Leonard Dove                 William Dove Sr.

              17Dec.       George Dove-Caty Bruce                   James Bruce                      James Bruce

1805     22 Mar.  Vincent Walker-Eliz. Dove                None Named                          William Dove Sr.

1807     19 Jan.  Sandford Dove-Nancy Towler              John Towler                          Judith & Joshua(?)Towler

1811       1 Apr.       William Dove II-Mary P. Mustain         Avery Mustain                              Avery Mustain

1812       5 Jan.  Littleberry Dalton-Fanny Dove       Drury Mustain                  William Dove signs as brother

               9 Jan.         Daniel Sanders-Sally Dove              Leonard Dove                   Leonard Dove

1813      22 Jan. William Roach-Peggy Dove            George Dove                 George Dove signs as brother

1814      21 Feb. Booker Keesee-Jane Dove               George Dove               William Dove Sr.

1815      20 Mar.      Cornelius M. George-Ann Dove     Dudley Shelton                 William Dove Sr.

1816      15 Jan.        William Dove II-Oney Saunders        Jesse Saunders              Jessie Saunders (?)

1817      17 Sept. Walden Bennett-Tabitha Dove       Jarrett B. Dalton              not named on original

1824      22 Jan. William Dove II-Peggy Barrett        John Barrett                   John Barrett (?)

1826        5 May       William Abston-Sarah Dove           Frederick Bruce                George Dove

1827      18 June Booker Dove-Francis Vaughn         E.Y. Wimbish                   Francis signs own certificate

1828      18 Dec.       Coleman Dove-Eliz. Warsham         Patrick Warsham               William Warsham

1829      21 Dec. Amos Saunders-Margaret Dove     William Dove Sr.             William Dove Sr.

1831      20 Sept. Dabney Biby-Lockey Dove            William B. Dove             Stephen Dove

1832      16 Feb.       James Dove-Sally Walker                  William Walker                  not named on original

              16 Apr.       John Barber-Matilda Dove               George Dove                      not named on original

1833      21 Dec. Ryal Walk(?)-Polly Dove                  Dabney Bybee                      Stephen Dove

1835      13 Oct. Nathan Irby-Coley Dove                  Dabney Bybee                   Stephen Dove

              1 Dec.       William Dove Jr.-Pamela Irby           Henry Thurman               Anna Irby

1836        2 Jan.        George Dove-Polly Nowell               David All                       not named on original

12 Feb.       Steven Dove-Nancy Bybee              Dabney Bybe                                   William Bybee

1837        9 Jan.       Thomas Midkiff-Rachel B. Dove      William Dove                     not named on original

                11 Jan.       James R. Dove-Martha Markham     George Dove             Belinda Markham

1839      28 Sept. James M. Walden-Peggy Dove         Herbert C. Watlington     George Dove

               31 Dec.      Thomas Dove-Mary Markham         James Dove             Belinda Markham

1840      30 May James Dove-Almira Murphy            Joseph Barber               Stephen Murphy

1841      17 May Thomas Eans-Betheny Dove           Sherwood B. Dove     William Dove Jr.

             21 June      Shirwood B. Dove-Sally Wetherford   Wm.H.Mustain             Charles Wetherford

1842      18 Oct.       George A.P. Dove-Mary H. Short      Henry Finch          William Short

            18 Sept.     Edward Webb-Elizabeth Dove        William Dove                   William Dove Jr.

1848      16 Oct. Nathaniel F. Shelton-Lavisa Ann Dove    John G. Adkerson    William & Margaret Dove

              16 Oct.       William A. Dove-Mary E. Doss      Gabriel Roach   Mary signs own certificate

1849        4 Jan.        Ashford Dove-Eliza S. Noell           Langhorn Scruggs     L.P. Noell "brother of Arthur Eaves".

1850      10 June Thomas H. Dove-Martha Rowland   Nathaniel B.Adkinson     Martha signs own certificate

1851        5 July      Booker Dove-Nancy Wilson            John Wilson       John Wilson (?)

1852      16 Sept. Elisha Dove-Sarah Ann Broomfield           ?

1853        9 Feb.     William Ridgey-Jane Dove                           ?      James&Posia Ridgey
                                                                            Peggy Dove

            30 June    William Dove-Elizabeth Irby                        ?

1854      14 Oct Ferdinand W. Dove-Jane Patterson           ?

              20 Dec.    Avery Dove-Mary J. Barber                        ?

1855        2 June    David Baep(?)-Martha Francis Dove         ?
1858        9 Sept.   Marion H. Dove-Henrietta Drury-certificate lists parents of the couple as "Wm. Dove Jr.

            Father-Pernelia Dove Mother""Daniel Drury Father

             Catherine Drury Mother"(name spelled as both

             Drury and Drewry)

1859      13 Jan. Alexander Dove-Harriett Hancock-certificate say "married by Rev.W.J. Witherington

1861      30 Jan. William I. Neal-Mary I. Dove                          ?

1862      30 Nov. Allen B. Debo-Kate T. Dove            Jno & Jane Debo and Jas & Martha Dove

1865      30 Apr. Jackson East-Ann Dove                   Thomas East and Mildred Dove

               13 Nov.   Joseph T. Yates-Harriett J. Dove                   Landford & Sallie Yates

                15 Nov.   Thos.J. Hogans-Lucy B. Dove         Charles & Mourning Hogan-Jas R. & Almira Dove
Researched by:
David L. Dove
289 Crescent Lake Rd.
St. Clair, Mo. 63077

Another Dove marriage.  Belinda Lee Dove dau. of Thomas and Mary Markham Dove
married William Henry Taylor Aug. 01, 1867.

Submitted by Brenda Taylor Babcock

Some 1899 Marriages(CLICK HERE) submitted by April Kelley

William Floyd BURKS born 1849, July 10; died 1916, January
20; married Lucy Williams VADEN (born 1840, September 12,
died 1920, September 14) 1876, April 11 in Pittsylvania County,
 Submitted by:  Mary B Moore

Pittsylvania County Marriages:

October 26, 1825
Marriage bond by Isaac Owen and David Glenn
Marriage of:
Isaac Owen
Phebe Hilliard (Hilard)
To William Tunstall, Esq. Clerk of Pittsylvania Court.  Sir you will
please to Grant Isaac Owen, license to marry me he the said Owen having
obtained my consent and I being of age has first set my hand to this
certificate, October 26th 1825 signed Phebe Hilard
Witness David Glenn

December 25, 1845
Marriage bond Isaac Owen and Nathaniel Shield
Marriage of Isaac Owen
Mary Shields
This is to certify that I have given my consent to a marriage intended
between my daughter Mary and Isaac Owen, and wish a licence to be
issued to celebrate the same signed Pleasant Shields to the clerk
of Pittsylvania County his mark

December 19, 1826
Marriage bond by Thomas Owen and Henry Blanks
Marriage of:
Thomas Owen
Oney Ham
The Clerk of Pittsylvania will please to issue a License to Thomas Owen
to marry me.  Being of full age and this shall idemnify you given under
my hand this 19th day of December 1826.  Signed Oney Ham
Henry Blanks witness under oath that Oney is 21 years of age this 19
day of December 1826.

April 20, 1840
Marriage bond by Edward Owen and Nathaniel Washington Bass
Marriage of:
Edward Owen
Elizabeth Ferguson
Be it known April 10, 1840 that I William Furgerson and my wife Sarah
Furgerson has given Edward Owen leaf to obtain licence from the Clerk
of this County to be law fully married to our Dauter Elizabeth
Furgerson given under our hands and sealed the day and date above
written - signed William and Sarah Ferguson

Know all men by these presents that we Thomas Owen and Zach A. Seamore
are held and forever bound unto Wm A. Cabell Pittsylvania of the
Commonwealth of Virginia in the sum of One hundred and fifty Dollars
to the payment whereof will and surely to be made to the said Governor
and his successers we bind ourselves and heirs __  __ and assigns
jointly and siverally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals
and dated this 13th Day of February 1806.  The condition of the above
obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage and intended to
be solemnized between the above bound Thomas Owen and Caty Seamore
if therefore there is no lawful course to obstruct the said Marriage
then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force and

Sealed & Delivered                               Thomas Owen
in presence of                   sealed         Zachariah Seamore
Tho. B. Tunstall
--- The above was sent to be a marriage between Thomas Owen and
Catherine Seamster but it's clear on certificate the name Caty
Seamore and the only certificate Pittsylvania Court has for the name
Thomas Owen on that date----

Submitted by

   My 5th great grandparents were married in Pittsylvania Co., VA  on Jan. 6,
They are Joseph ROWDEN and Susannah ADAMS.
He is the son of John ROWDEN & Sarah ECHOLS
She is the daughter of Robert ADAMS & Mourning PIGG
Contributed by Janice Rowden

           Parsons/Thompson Marriage Bond

Know all men by these presents, That we Joseph Parsons Sr. and William Holt
are held and firmly bound unto James Pleasants Jr. Governor of the
Commonwealth of Virginia, and his successor, in the just and full sum of one
hundred and fifty Dollars;  to which payment well and truly to be made, we
find ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these
presents.  Sealed with our seals and dated the 26th day of Augt 1824.

The condition of the above Obligation is such, That whereas the above bound
Joseph Parsons Sr. hath this day obtained a license for his intermarriage
with Sally Thompson of Pittsylvania County.  Now if there be no lawful cause
to obstruct the said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, else to
remain in full force.

Joseph (X) his mark, Parsons (Seal)
Wm Holt {Seal}
Marriage Bonds, Pittsylvania County, Copied by Richard M. Price, May 6, 2000

Joseph Parsons was married first to Margaret Griffith, daughter of William
and Rachel Griffith.  In the 1830 Pittsylvania Census, Joseph was 80-90
years of age.  Sally was 40-50.  There was also another female in the
household, age 40-30.  Does anyone have any information on Sally?  Was she
married before her marriage to Joseph, and did she have a daughter?

Contributed by Donna Price" <

William Floyd BURKS born 1849, July 10; died 1916, January 20; married Lucy Williams VADEN (born 1840, September 12, died
1920, September 14) 1876, April 11 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

Submitted by:  Mary B Moore

Booth(e)  Marriage Bonds- Pittsylvania County

January 19, 1795 Charles Booth and Mary Barker, Bondsman:  Mathew Sparks, Signer of Certificate:  Mary Barker, Married by James Kinney  (p 20)

June 16, 1799  Morris Booth and Susanna Billings  Bondsman: Richard Ramsey, Married by Richard Elliott,  (p 26)

June 6, 1801  Eppa Booth and Amy Tucker, Bondsman: Lewis Tucker (p 31)

May 24, 1807 Sarah Booth and Jonathan Hawkins, Daughter of William Booth, Bondsman: William Booth, Signer: William Booth, Father (p 43)

March 16, 1812 Samuel M Boothe and Rachael Harp Sur: Adams Sutherlin by Rev Thomas Sparks who says Merady Boothe 9 p 52)

July 5, 1813 Thomas Booth and Elizabeth K Geesling, Sur:  William Spencer, Signers:  Sarah Geesling and Epaphroditus Booth (p 54)

July 3, 1816 Berry Boothe and Nancy Booth, Bondsman: William Atkinson, John Booth, Grandfather, Nancy signs for herself. John Booth, Jr and Mary Booth say Nancy is in her 23rd year.  (p60)

May 18, 1818  John Booth and Mary O Deneal  Bondsman: Philip Harp (p 65)

May 3, 1820 John Booth and Elizabeth Brown, Bondsman: Winston Brown, Signer: Elizabeth Brown, Married by William Blair (p 70)

December 24, 1822  William Booth and Jemima Lane, Bondsman: William Hall, Married by Ira Ellis  ( p 74)

July 21, 1828  Lawson Boothe and Mary Jones, Bondsman:  Phillip Elliott, Signer: James Elliott as “acting for Miss Mary Jones, her parents not being alive” (p 90)

March 2, 1859 William I Booth and Mary White by Jesse Woodson (p 173)

March 2, 1859 William T Boothe and Mary White Signers of Certificate:  Willis Boothe, Father, Tabitha Boothe, Mother, Abram White, Father, Martha White, Mother (p 173)

November 16, 1829  Mary Ann Booth and Thomas Sparks, Bondsman: Thomas S Drain, Signer:  Nancy Booth (p 94)

December 6, 1854  Mary A.M.F. Booth and William Turner, Joseph Turner, Father, Sarah Turner, Mother, Solomon Booth, Father, Nancy Booth, Mother ( p 158)

November 5, 1857 Mary Booth and Charles H Wommack, Charles Wommuck, Father, Marthy Wommuck, Mother, Willis Boothe, Father, Tabitha Boolthe, Mother ( p 169)

April 16, 1862  Judith Booth, 44, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co and William Goodman, 65, Widowed by James M Bell  April 16, 1862 (p 4)

March 24, 1864 S. P. Boothe, 64, Widowed, b Pittsylvania Co., Farmer, and Nancy  Bohannon, 50, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co Parents:  Joe and Elizabeth Bohannon Sur:  I H Forbes  March 21, 1864 (p 6)

January 24, 1865  Benjamin Boothe, 21, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co, Tanner, and Elizabeth J Earp, 19, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co, Parents:  S. P. and Nancy Boothe and Philip and Eliza Earp. Sec:  A H Forbes  January 23, 1865 ( p 7)

May 4, 1865 Maria E Boothe, 18, Single, b. in Pittsylvania Co, and Newton R Wells, 25, Widow, Farmer b. in Lounds, Ga, Parents: H L and M J Wells and Willis and T Boothe  May 1, 1865, (p 8)

January 25, 1866 Joseph Boothe, 25, Single, Farmer, b. Pittsylvania Co and Nancy Slayton, 17, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents:  Sullivan P and Nancy Boothe and James and Polly Slayton, Sec: A H Forbes  January 23, 1866 ( p 11)

March 29, 1866 Elisha Newby, 22, Single, Farmer, b.  Pittsylvania Co and Sarah R Boothe, 18, Single, b Pittsylvania Co.  Parents:  Albert and Sarah Newby and Willis and Tabitha Boothe Sec:  J H Forbes March 28, 1866 ( p 12)

March 29, 1866 Jackson Boothe, 21, Single, Farmer, b. Pittsylvania Co and Isabella Shackleford, 19, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Willis and Tabitha Boothe and Garland and Mary Shackleford, Sur:  J H Forbes, March 28, 1866 ( p 12)

December 19, 1867  Christo S Booth, 28, Single, b. Franklin Co, Va., Merchant, and Susan E Wooding, 25, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co; Parents:  Chris A and Mary L Booth and Thos W and Eliza Wooding; Sec:  John H Lacy, December 16, 1867  (p 24)

December 27, 1868 Abram Graves, 25, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co, and Fanny Boothe, 16, Single, b Pittsylvania Co.  Parents:  Abram and Malissa Graves and Saml Hancock and Amy Keen  Sur:  George Pearcy, December 24, 1868 (p 31)

November 25, 1875 Danl T Barker, 20, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co and Docey Ann Boothe,16, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents:  Josiah and Martha Barker and A. B. Boothe, Sur:  C W Wood, November 22, 1875  (p 73)

February 13, 1878 Wiley Booth, Single, Farmer,b Pittsylvania Co and Letty Miller, 20, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents:  Tony and Judith Booth and Paul and Mary Miller, Sur:  Jno G Lee, February 8, 1878 ( p 91)

February 19, 1880  Benjamin Boothe, 36, Widow, Farmer, b in Pittsylvania Co and Eliza T Hall, 26, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents:  Sullivan P and Nancy Boothe and Henry J and Maratha A Hall, February 22, 1880 (p 107)

August 26, 1880 Jos S Booth, 24, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co and Jennie Newby, 24, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents:  Willia and T Booth and AJ and SF Newby, Sur:  E B Chaney, August 25, 1880 ( P 109)

December 12, 1883 George W Newby, 23, Single, Farmer, b in Pittsylvania Co and Mary S Booth, 18, Single, b in Pittsylvania Co, Parents:  Albert or Ashby and Sallie Newby  and William T and Mary Booth, Sur:  C W Wood, December 10, 1883 ( p 132)

December 20, 1883  W M Jennings, 21, Single, Farmer and Ida V Boothe, 14, Single, Parents:  William and Fannie Jennings and Andrew J and Isabella W Boothe, Sec:  C W Wood, December 17, 1883 ( p 133)

December 26, 1883 Henry W Boothe, 23, Single, Farmer, b Halifax Co ;and :Martha J White, 16, Single, b Pittsylvania Co Parents:  John s and Sallie Boothe and Abram and Sarah F White   Sur:  C W Wood, December 24, 1883 ( p 133)

January 14, 1885 James H Boothe, 25, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co, and Mary C V Boothe, 20, Single, b Halifax Co, Parents:  William T and Polly Boothe (James) and John S and Sallie Booth ( Mary). Sur:  C W Wood, January 12, 1885 ( p 143)

September 6, 1893 Walter C Noell, 20, Single, Bank Clerk b Pittsylvania Co. and Susie W Boothe, 18, Single, b Danville Parents:  Jesse R and Ann E Noell and CS and Sue W Boothe, Sur:  J H Lambeth, September 30, 1893
Contributed by Gayle Austin

Henry Hutson married Mary Jennie Hutcherson Nov. 5, 1885.
Ceremony was performed by Samuel P. Motley

Marriage Bond issued for Andrew Hutson and Ellen (Ellanor ,
Ellendor) Hutson April 10, 1851

Marriage Bond issued for Joshua Hutcherson and Matilda E.
Motley  Witnesses Joshua Hutcherson and William T. Motley
December 13, 1847

Henry E. Pruitt married Pauline Otts Marks April 1, 1926.
Ceremony performed by J.C. Holland

William T. Stanley married Rosa E. Stanley on November 2,
1910 Ceremony performed by Michaux R????

Marriage Bond issued for Micajah Hutson and Lucinda Turley
March 7, 1822  Witnesses Micajah Hutson and John Watson

Submitted by Brenda Pruitt Chandler     Raleigh N.C.


Isaac Sampson & Agnes Ivens- married January 15,1833. Bondsman: Plyant Mahon. Signer of certificate: Martha Ivens. Marriage Bonds Book No.1 page 105 Clerks Office of Pittsylvania County, VA. By whom married: William Blair.
Tony P. Sampson

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