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Thanks for coming by for a visit. This pageischanging constantly and I invite you to submit your Bible Records, Deeds,Wills,Marriages, etc to me for other genealogists to share. My name is Gayle Beverley Austin and I was born and raised in Pittsylvania County, but live in Orlando, Florida now.

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1782 Land Tax of Pittsylvania County

1783 Alterations to Pittsylvania County Land Tax

1784 Alterations to Pittsylvania County Land Tax

1785 Alterations to Pittsylvania County Land Tax



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1850 Pittsylvania County Census

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Pittsylvania County History

Time Line of Pittsylvania CountyCheck here for your ancestors,  Infomation added Often!

DEATH RECORDS OF PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY.  These are a great resource in your research.  I  personally have transcribed these records and they cannot be copied for profit.






1858-Microfilm Only

1858-Court House


1859-Part 2


Definitions of Diseases Used in the Death Records 

History of Pittsylvania County -Check here for your ancestors.  Information added Often

Importations and Naturalizations From Order Books of  Brunswick and  Lunenburg Counties. (Pittsylvania County was part of Brunswick and Lunenburg.)

RevolutionaryWar Soldiers and Patriots Add information on your Ancestor

Civil War in Pittsylvania County

Pittsylvania County and Danville War Casualties

Virginia Parishes  1607-1785


Pittsylvania County Primary Records

Early Virginia Religious Petitions-Pittsylvania

Copies of Original  Marriage Bonds of Pittsylvania County

Oaths of Allegiance-1777 Pittsylvania County, VA

Pittsylvania County Marriages 1700-1799

First List of Tithables of Pittsylvania County, Year 1767

Heads of Household of Pittsylvania County, Year 1782

Pittsylvania County Mixed Probate Names

Customer's at Hugh Weir's Store-1835

Pittsylvania County 1850 Census

Pension Applicants - Act of 1888, 1900, and 1902

Pittsylvania County Muster Rolls 1861

Exerts from Minutes of Broad Run Baptist Church-Many members moved to the Halifax-Pittsylvania area.


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Pittsylvania County Clerk of the Court- Includes information on what documents are available at the Clerk's Office and how to obtain them.

Pittsylvania County Historical Society

Pittsylvania County Public Library- Includes what is available including family histories

VA-NC Piedmont Genealogical Sociey-

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Maps of Pittsylvania County and MAPS TO ORDER (INEXPENSIVE)

Family Newsletters with Pittsylvania County Surnames Are there others?

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Pittsylvania County Special Records- Not complete, waiting for your contributions! Please send your contributions to me!  They can help other people!!

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 Please send me any records you may have!  They must be records of people who are deceased. We do not put information up if someone is still living.


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Historic Chatham, Virginia

Danville Register and Bee Newspaper on Line

Pittsylvania County, Virginia

The John and James Booker Civil War Letters

SouthsideVirginia Families-World Connect Project

Clement Genealogy

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Newsletters of Pittsylvania County Surnames



Doss Family

Keen Family



VIRGINIA MAP ORDER- Prepayment Required
Remittance payable to:Treasurer of Viginia

Mail to Virginia Department ofTransportation
               Administrative Services-Information Desk-Old Building
                1401 East Broad Street
                 Richmond, Virginia  23219
                 Phone (804) 786-2838  or 786-2801

Add 4.5%  State Sales Tax to Purchase Total

General Highway Maps -FoldedB/W    $00.50 each         19" x 28"    1"=2 miles
(Available for each County)

Official State Transportation Map-Folded   FREE   39 1/2" x 26 3/4"    Full Color

Virginia Scenic Roads Map -Folded FREE  18" x 36"  Full Color

Genealogical Treasuresat the Clerk's Office by Herman Melton and Henry Mitchell

This article enumerates some of the most important records found at the Clerk's Office, and was compiled with the asssistance of Clerk's Office staff member Ann Roach This list includes materials most used bygenealogical researchers, but is by no means a complete inventory of theClerk's Office contents. These valuable documents and services are availableto genealogical researchers in the office of Pittsylvania County Clerkof Court, locatedon the first floor of the courthouse in Chatham.

Marriage Register (an index to marriage licenses and ministers' returns) 1767 to present, indexed by males and females,byfirst letter of last name and by date. For entries prior to 1913, licensesor ministers' returns must be copied by the staff of the clerk's office(theoriginals are not available to the public)

General Index to Wills, 1767 to present, indexed by last name of the deceased.

Will Books, 1767 to present.

General Index to Accounts, Current Inventories, Etc. (accountsofestate executors), 1767 to present, indexed by last name of the deceased.

 Inventories, Etc
, 1767 to present.

Grantor and Grantee Indexes to Deeds, Trust Deeds, Liens, 1767-1889 (andtopresent in a different area of the Clerk's Office). indexed by grantororgrantee's name.

Deed Books, 1767-1889 (and to present in a different area of the Clerk's Office).

Pittsylvania County Land Books (tax records), 1793 to present, more than 200 volumes.

Claims for Supplies, Revolutionary War Soldiers, Pittsylvania County, 1782.

(Partial) Muster Roll, 1861-1865, Pittsylvania County.

Book of Estrays, 1773-1782.

Old Surveys, Books 1 and 2, 1746-1796.

Entry Record Book 1737-1770 (one volume).

Causes, Issues and Proceedings 1774-1805 (one volume).

Register of Free Negroes, 1807-1865.

Militia Bonds 1860-1861, Pittsylvania County.

Vestry Book, Camden Parish, 1787-1852.

Tithables, 1767-1785, and Miscellaneous Lists 1782-1784-1785.

Veterans Records, Revolutionary War

Plaintiffs and Defendants Index to Court Orders, 1767-1904 (andtopresent in a a different area of the Clerk's Office), indexed by first letter of plaintiffs' and defendants' last names.

Plaintiffs and Defendants Index to Common Law Orders, 1831-1936.

Register of Deaths, 1853-1896, 3 vols., compiled by Mrs. Lonnie Crosby: (1)Whites; (2) Slaves; (3) Emancipated blacks.

(Partial) Register of Births, 1853-1896.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Births 1853-1896, partialregistercompiled and alphabetized by Mike K. Williams and Mary L. Boisseau.

1880 Census Index of Pittsylvania County and Danville, compiled by the Virginia-North Carolina Piedmont Genealogical Society. This is analphabetizedlistings of "heads of dwelling."

Visiting hours for those wishing to research records in the Clerk's Office are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except forpublic holidays. A visit to this well-organized and hospitable records repository is certain to be a rewarding experience.

For those who wish to avail themselves of the information found at the Clerk's Office without a personal visit, the address of theClerk of the Court is:

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pittsylvania County, P. O. Drawer 31, Chatham, Virginia 24531-0031, Attn: H.F. Haymore,Jr.(804) 432 7887

The Clerk of Court will honor specific requests for copyingdocuments(an item or two, no research involved, if book and page numberare suppliedby requester). Marriage certificates are provided (certified copies) at$3.00 each; all other copies are provided at $1.00 per page.(An individual making copies without staff assistance may use the copierin the officefor $0.25 per page.)

If an individual lacks specific book and page number information,andcannot go to th Clerk's Office in person to do the research needed,it issuggested by the Clerk of Court that one of the following professional genealogists be contacted.

Mary L. Boisseau,3240 Drury Lane, Danville, Virginia 24540(804836-5435 after 5 p.m.)

Mrs. Lonnie Crosby, Rt. 4, Box 289, Gretna, Va. 34557 (804-656-2109)

Steven B. Harris, Rt. 4m Box 341, Gretna, Va. 24557 (804-656-1814after5 p.m.)




The Pittsylvania County Library
PO Box 1049, Center Street
Chatham, Virginia 24531
Hours: 9A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday through Thursday and 9 P.M. to 5 P.M. on Friday plus 10 A.M. through 12 Noon on Saturday.

The library has the histories of a number of local families on file. Some are circulating and some are not. Those that are non-circulating require personal or hired research since the library has no staff available at any time to reproduce these documents for patrons. In other words, unless one comes to the library and performs the search,it will be necessary to hire a genealogist or private researcher. The following family records are stored in acid free boxes and are non-circulating. For the most part, they are in typed manuscript form and range in size from twenty to 150 pages. Included are those from the following families: William Lewis, George William Henson, The Dalton Genealogy, Whitehead, Tredway, Watson, Hunt, Edward Tatum, Robertson and related families, Yates, Drewry and Whittle.

The following are hard cover bound books of varying sizes. Some are circulating and some are not since they are listed as reference books. They include the names of the following families: Hamblen, Wingfield, Nelson, Hubbard, Sours, Keesee, Cabell, Rives and Shelton.



Glossary of Occupations

 Accomptant            Accountant
 Almoner                Giver of charity to the needy
 Amanuensis            Secretary or stenographer
 Artificer                 A soldier mechanic who does repairs
 Bailie                     Bailiff
 Baxter                    Baker
 Bluestocking          Female writer
 Boniface              Keeper of an inn
 Brazier                  One who works with brass
 Brewster                Beer manufacturer
 Brightsmith           Metal Worker
 Burgonmaster        Mayor
 Caulker                 One who filled up cracks (in ships or windows)
or seems to make them watertight by using tar or oakum-hemp fiber
produced by taking old ropes apart
 Chaisemaker         Carriage maker
 Chandler               Dealer or trader; one who makes or sells candles; retailer of groceries
 Chiffonnier           Wig maker
 Clark                    Clerk
 Clerk                    Clergyman, cleric
 Clicker                  The servant of a salesman who stood at the door to invite customers; onewho received the matter in the galley from the compositors and arrangedit indue form ready for printing;  one who makes eyelet holes inboots usinga machine which clicked.
 Cohen                 Priest
 Collier                  Coal miner
 Colporteur            Peddler of books
 Cooper                 One who makes or repairs vessels made of staves & hoops, such as casks, barrels, tubs, etc.
 Cordwainer            Shoemaker, originally any leather worker using leather from Cordova/Cordoba in Spain
 Costermonger          Peddler of fruits and vegetables
 Crocker                  Potter
 Crowner                  Coroner
 Currier                   One who dresses the coat of a horse with a curry
comb; one who tanned leather by incorporating oilorgrease
 Docker                Stevedore, dock worker who loads and unloads cargo
 Dowser                One who finds water using a rod or witching stick
 Draper                A dealer in dry goods
 Drayman               One who drives a long strong cart without fixed sides for carrying heavyloads
 Dresser               A surgeon's assistant in a hospital
 Drover                One who drives cattle, sheep, etc. to market; a dealer in cattle
 Duffer                Peddler
 Factor                Agent, commission merchant;  one who acts or transacts business foranother; Scottish steward or bailiff of an estate
 Farrier               A blacksmith, one who shoes horses
 Faulkner              Falconer
 Fell monger           One who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making
 Fletcher              One who made bows and arrows
 Fuller                One who fulls cloth;one who shrinks and thickens woolen cloth by moistening, heating, and pressing; one who cleans and finishes cloth
 Gaoler                A keeper of the goal, a jailer
 Glazier               Window glassman
 Hacker                Maker of hoes
 Hatcheler             One who combed out or carded flax
 Haymonger             Dealer in hay
 Hayward               Keeper of fences
 Higgler               Itinerant peddler
 Hillier               Roof tiler
 Hind                  A farm laborer
 Hoslter               A groom who took care of horses, often at an inn
 Hooker                Reaper
 Hooper                One who made hoops for casks and barrels
 Huckster              Sells small wares
 Husbandman            A farmer who cultivated the land
 Jagger                Fish peddler
 Journeyman            One who had served his apprenticeship and mastered his craft,  notbound to serve a master, but hired by the day
 Joyner/Joiner         A skilled carpenter
 Keeler                Bargeman
 Kempster              Wool comber
 Lardner               Keeper of the cupboard
 Lavender              Washer woman
 Lederer               Leather maker
 Leech                 Physician
 Longshoreman          Stevedore
 Lormer                Maker of horse gear
 Malender              Farmer
 Maltster              Brewer
 Manciple              A steward
 Mason                 Bricklayer
 Mintmaster            One who issued local currency
 Monger                Seller of goods (ale, fish)
 Muleskinner           Teamster
 Neatherder            Herds cows
 Ordinary Keeper       Innkeeper with fixed prices
 Pattern Maker         A maker of a clog shod with an iron ring. A clog was a wooden pole withapattern cut into the end
 Peregrinator          Itinerant wanderer
 Peruker               A wig maker
 Pettifogger           A shyster lawyer
 Pigman                Crockery dealer
 Plumber               One who applied sheet lead for roofing and set lead frames for plain orstained glass windows.
 Porter                Door keeper
 Puddler               Wrought iron worker
 Quarrier              Quarry worker
 Rigger                Hoist tackle worker
 Ripper                Seller of fish
 Roper                 Maker of rope or nets
 Saddler               One who makes, repairs or sells saddles or other frnishings for horses
 Sawbones              Physician
 Sawyer                One who saws; carpenter
 Schumacker            Shoemaker
 Scribler              A minor or worthless author
 Scrivener             Professional or public copyist or writer; notary public
 Scrutiner             Election judge
 Shrieve               Sheriff
 Slater                Roofer
 Slopseller            Seller of ready-made clothes in a slop shop
 Snobscat/Snob         One who repaired shoes
 Sorter                Tailor
 Spinster              A woman who spins or an unmarried woman
 Spurrer               Maker of spurs
 Squire               Country gentleman; farm owner; justice of peace
 Stuff gown            Junior barrister
 Stuff gownsman        Junior barrister
 Supercargo            Officer on merchant ship who is in charge of cargo and the commercial concerns of the ship
 Tanner               One who tans (cures) animal hides into leather
 Tapley                One who puts the tap in an ale cask
 Tasker                Reaper
 Teamster              One who drives a team for hauling
 Thatcher              Roofer
 Tide waiter           Customs inspector
 Tinker               An itinerant tin pot and pan seller and repairman
 Tipstaff              Policeman
 Travers               Toll bridge collection
 Tucker                Cleaner of cloth goods
 Turner                A person who turns wood on a lathe into spindles
 Victualer             A tavern keeper, or one who provides an army, navy, or ship with food supplies
 Vulcan                Blacksmith
 Wagoner               Teamster not for hire
 Wainwright            Wagon maker
 Waiter                Customs officer or tide waiter; one who waited on the tide to collect duty on goods brought in
 Waterman              Boatman who plies for hire
 Webster               Operator of looms
 Wharfinger            Owner of a wharf
 Wheelwright           One who made or repaired wheels; wheeled carriages, etc.
 Whitesmith            Tinsmith; worker of iron who finishes or polishes the work
 Whitewing             Street sweeper
 Whitster              Bleach of cloth
 Wright                Workman, especially a construction worker
 Yeoman                Farmer who owns his own land


Virginia Parishes  1607-1785

        Here is a list of theVirginia Parishes 1607-1785. These parishes served
as local units of government, as well as of religious and community
organization. In colonial Virginia,  parishes and their boundaries were
established (and altered) by act of the General Assembly. Afterthe16
January 1786 General Assembly passage of Thomas Jefferson's Billfor
Establishing Religious Freedom, parishes continued to exist, but  were no
longer official units of state government. The county is listedfirst,
followed by the parish(es) associated with that county.

Accomack - Accomack; St. George's
Albemarle - Fredericksville; St. Anne's; Tillotson
Amelia - Nottoway; Raleigh
Amherst - Amherst; Lexington
Augusta - Augusta
Bedford - Cumberland; Russell
Botetourt - Botetourt
Brunswick - Meherrin; St. Andrew's
Buckingham - Tillotson
Campbell - Russell
Caroline - Drysdale; St. Anne's; St. Asaph's; St. Margaret's; St.Mary's
Charles City - Bristol; Charles City; Chickahominy; Flowerdew Hundred;
Jordan's        Journey; Martin's Brandon; Smith's Hundred; Southampton;
Wallingford,    West and Shirley; Westover; Weyanoke; Wilmington
Charles River - Same list as York County
Charlotte - Cornwall
Chesterfield - Dale; King William; Manchester
Culpeper - Bromfield; St. Mark's
Cumberland - King William; Littleton; St. James; Southam
Dinwiddie  - Bath; Bristol
Dunmore - Beckford
Elizabeth City - Elizabeth City; Kecoughtan; Lower Parish of Elizabeth
City County;    Nutmeg Quarter; Stanley Hundred;Upper Parish of
Elizabeth City County;  Waters Creek
Essex - St. Anne's; St. George's; St. Mary's; Sittenburne; SouthFarnham
Fairfax - Cameron; Fairfax; Truro
Fauquier - Hamilton; Leeds
Fluvanna - Fluvanna
Franklin - Patrick; Russell
Frederick - Beckford; Frederick; Norborne
Gloucester - Abingdon, Kingston, Petsworth, Ware
Goochland - King William; St. James Northam; St. James's; St. James
Greensville - Meherrin; St. Andrew's
Halifax - Antrim
Hanover - St. Martin's; St. Paul's
Henrico - Bristol; Dale; Henrico or Varina; King William; St. James's
Henry - Camden; Patrick
Isle of Wight - Lower; Newport; Nottoway; Upper; Warrosquyoake
James City - Argall's Gift; Blisland; Bruton; Chickahominy; Chippokes;
Harrop; Hog     Island; James City; Lawnes Creek; Martin's Hundred;
Middle Plantation;      Middletowne; St.Peter's; Southwark;
Wallingford; Wilmington; Yorkhampton
King and Queen - Drysdale; St. John's; St. Stephen's; Stratton Major
King George - Brunswick; Hanover; Overwharton; St. Paul's Sittenburne
King William - St. David's; St. John's; St. Margaret's
Lancaster - Christ Church; Great Christ Church  or Christ Church;
Lancaster; Lower;       Piankatank;Poropotank; St. Mary's Whitechapel;
Trinity; Upper
Loudoun - Cameron; Shelburne
Louisa - Fredericksville; St. Martin's; Trinity
Lower Norfolk - Elizabeth River; Lynnhaven
Lunenburg - Cornwall; Cumberland; St. James's
Mecklenburg - St. James's
Middlesex - Christ Church
Montgomery - Montgomery
Nansemond - Chuckatuck; East; Lower; Lower Suffolk; South; Suffolk;
Upper; Upper    Suffolk; West
New Kent - Blisland; St. John's; St. Paul's; St. Peter's; St. Stephen's;
Stratton Major
New Norfolk - Elizabeth River
Norfolk - Elizabeth River; Portsmouth; St. Brides
Northampton - Hungers; Lower; Northampton; Occohannock; Upper
Northumberland - Boutracy; Chickacoan; Fairfield; Lee; Nomini; St.
Stephen's;      Wicomico
Old Rappahannock - Farnham; North Farnham; Piscataway; St. Mary's;
Sittenburne;    South Farnham
Orange- St. Mark's; St. Thomas
Pittsylvania - Camden
Powhatan - King William; St. James Southam
Prince Edward - Nottoway; St. Patrick's
Prince George - Bath; Bristol; Martin's Brandon; Westover; Weyanoke
Princess Anne - Lynnhaven
Prince William - Dettingen; Hamilton; Leeds; Truro
Richmond - Hanover; Lunenburg; North Farnham; Richmond; St. Mary's;
Rockbridge - Rockbridge
Rockingham - Rockingham
Shenandoah - Beckford
Southampton - Nottoway; St. Luke's
Spotsylvania - Berkeley; St. George's; St. Mark's
Stafford - Brunswick; Chotank; Hamilton; Lower; Overwharton; Potomac; St.
Paul's;         Stafford;Upper
Surry - Albemarle; Lawnes Creek; Southwark
Sussex - Albemarle
Upper Norfolk - East; Elizabeth River; Lower; South; Upper; West
Warrosquyoake - Warrosquyoake
Warwick - Blount Point; Denbigh; Elizabeth City; Mulberry Island;Nutmeg
Quarter;        Stanley Hundred;Warwick; Waters Creek
Warwick River - Same as Warwick County
Washington - Washington
Westmoreland - Appomattox; Chickacoan; Cople; Machodick; Nomini;Potomac;
        Washington; Westbury
York - Blisland; Bruton; Charles; Charles River; Chiskiack; Hampton;
Marston; Middle        Plantation; Middletowne; New Poquoson; York;

For the history of  Parishes, see:
"The Hornbook of Virginia History", Ed. by Salmon and Campbell,The
Library of Virginia, 1994
"Parish Lines, Diocese of Southwestern Virginia" by Charles Francis
Cocke, VA State Library  Publication No. 14, 1960, reprinted1980
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State Library Publication No. 22, 1964, reprinted 1979
"Parish Lines, Diocese of Virginia" by Charles Francis Cocke, VaState
Library Publication No. 28, 1967, reprinted 1978
Contributed by  Annette EWetzel

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