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Submitted by Gayle Austin

Bessie Morris born April 10, 1896 daughter of Charles and Bettie Morris

Charles W. Morris born June 18, 1877 son of Thomas F. and Sarah J. Morris

Emma J. Morris born May 22, 1861 daughter of A.J. and Elizabeth Morris

Mary Morris born October 1853 daughter of John and Elizabeth Morris

Aurelia Blankenship born March 27, 1853, Mother Ann

Jns W. Blankenship born April 14 Father William M. Blankenship, Mother Ann W. Blankenship page 38

Jno. J. Blankenship born July 11, 1866 son of Jno T. and Elizabeth Blankenship

Martha A. Blankenship born January 10, 1876 daughter of Jno W. and Alice C. Blankenship

Georgianna Blankenship born October 9, 1867 daughter of Archer F. and Cathrine Blankenship

Emma Blankenship born June 11, 1868 daughter of Jno T. and Bettie M. Blankenship

Martha Blankenship born October 3, 1868 daughter of Archer F. and Catherine Blankenship

Aurelia Blankenship born March 27, 1853 daughter of Wm M. and Ann Blankenship

Claude Blankenship born May 15, 1896 son of W. J. and Sallie Blankenship

Eliza Blankenship born May 1857 daughter of George and Sarah Blankenship

Jno. J. Blankenship born July 11, 1866 son of Jno. T. and Elizabeth Blankenship

Jno W. Blankenship born April 14, 1855 son of William and Ann W. Blankenship

Daniel A. Gauldin born May 14, 1882, parents were Thomas and Sally Gauldin, Recorded July 1883 Page 633, Line 84

Birth records: Gaulding:

John O. born April 10, 1860

Anjaline S. born September 14, 1860

George S. born February 1860

James W. born June 15, 1882 to James and Bettie

Daniel A. born May 14, 1882 to Thomas and Sallie

Monroe born September 4, 1882 to John H. and Sarah

William W. born May 20, 1881 to Thomas and Sallie

Nannie born October 11, 1880 to Nash and Nannie

Green S. born November 5, 1862 to John W. and Mary

James S. born August 15, 1862 Thomas and M.A.

Submitted by Linda Lewis Lepow

Submitted by Patricia C. Denney

Pittsylvania Co., VA Births 1853-96


East 1891 F Illegitimate Sarah East

East 20Apr1885 M R.T. East Isabelle East

East, Angeline Oct1861 F Thomas East Martha East

East, Charlie B. 1May1884 M W.T. East Mary L. East

East, Emma 17Nov1876 F Rich'd East Isabella East

East, Emma Aug1891 F Tancy East R. East

East, Geo L. 5Jun1877 M D.A. East Rebecca T. East

East, George F. 1Jun1858 M John O. East Mary East

East, Granville 2Oct1875 M J.M. East Mary East

East, Isaac D. 21Jun1853 M Joseph East Elizabeth East

East, John B. 13Apr1896 M S.W. East F.V. East

East, Joseph 1Aug1885 M unknown Agnes East

East, Mandy H. 1Nov1858 F John O. East Nancy East

East, Martha J. 11May1896 F Y.B. East Leodora East

East, Mary J. 29Jan1858 F William East Sarah J. East

East, Nath'l H. 12Nov1862 M John O. East Nancy East

East, Obediah J. 29Nov1853 M Henry East no name listed

East, Robert M. 3Jul1856 M Thomas East Elizabeth East

East, Sarah 19Oct1858 F no name given Elizabeth East

East, Tomasia 18Apr1856 F John O. East Nancy East

East, Victory L. 13Aug1861 F John O. East Nancy East

East, Walter J. 29Jun1875 M Wm F. East Mary Lu East

East, Walter P. 29May 1877 M Wm T. East Mary Lee East

Easte, David A. 21Mar1854 M John O. Easste Nancy A. East


West, Jesse W. 31Jul1856 M John West Sally A. West

West, Jno K. 24May1857 M Cairy West Mary West

West, John M. 4May1856 M John A. West California West

West, Majorie F. 10Sep1896 F Wm West Sally West

West, Martha E. Apr1858 F Winston West Delila West

West, Mary J. 15Aug1885 F R.G. West Mariah E. West

West, Mary S. 26Sep1856 F Winston West Delila West

West, Samuel 24May1857 M Cairy West Mary West

West, Victoria Feb1857 F John West Calfernia West

West, Warren 15Jan1891 M Thomas West Alice West

West, Wm A. 28Mar1869 M Wm West Mary E. West

William Strong Book of Common Prayer submitted by James R. Rolff

Mary Strong was born 10th day of Dec 1733

John Strong was born the 2nd day of Nov 1734

William Strong was born the 10th day of March 1736

Thomas Strong was born the 16th day of Dec 1739

Sary Strong was born the 24th of July 1742

Elizabeth Strong was born the 21 of July 1744

James Strong was born March 7th 1746

(These Strong children of William lived in Pittsylvania Co.(Halifax before 1767) from about 1759, with the exception of William Jr. and Mary who remained in Hanover Co. There are also entries for the Colley and Bishop families of later years)

Submitted by James R. Rolff, 152 Pine Knoll Dr., Battle Creek, Mi. 49014,

Submitted by Davidson

George Washington Burruss 29JUN1891 son of Daniel and Eula Reeves?
Burruss.   (Born Danville, Pittsylvania Co, PA)

Sumitted by Shalane J. Sheley

Lucy Betterton born Jan 21, 1811, Pittsylvania, CO VA, daughter of Mary West and Joshua Betterton

Mary West born Dec 28, 1788, Pittsylvania, Co, VA, daughter of Owen West and Elizabeth Martin

Submitted by Adams Beth
        Adams Beth                 adamsb@M1.IRS.GOV

I found the following information in one of my husband's old family

William N. ADAMS b. March 29, 1825 in Nelson Co., Va.  d. Sept 23, 1906. Married Ann Eliza Giles who was born on February 9, 1833 in Nelson Co.,Va. d. July 31, 1906.  Following are the children of William and Ann:

William Robert b. February 16, 1851 in Nelson Co., Va.
John Quincy b. August 11, 1852 in Nelson Co., Va.
George Sutton b. May 29, 1854 in Nelson Co., Va.
Millard Fillmore b. October 12, 1856 in Nelson Co., Va.
Charles Lewis and James Nelson (Twins) b. January 21, 1859 in Nelson
Co., Va.
Lucy Elizabeth b. January 7, 1863 in Pittsylvania Co., Va.
Thomas Skidmore b. March 8, 1865 in Pittsylvania Co., Va.
Howard b. July 7, 1866
Henry Fletcher b. August 12, 1868
Bruce Lee b. January 19, 1873 in Germantown, Bath Co., Va.

John Quincy ADAMS married Cassie Hudson.  One of their children, Wiley Sherwood ADAMS b. March 17, 1904 d. August 17, 1990 married Else May Rodenhizer b. May 1, 1904 on November 10, 1927.

Submitted by

Jordan Lacy was born - Dec. 10, 1803......parents were John Lacy and Elizabeth Griffith

Submitted by Silla

Birth: Abner Waller Sr.  b. 1799  Virginia
         married Sarah Hall, daughter of John Hall 1815

Birth: Abner Waller Jr.   b. 1824    Pittsylvania County Virginia
         parents Abner Waller Sr and Sarah Hall

(moved to Tenn approx 1840 and then Northern Alabama by 1860).

Barksdale Births:

12 Dec 1866 child (W) born alive, no sex, no name, to Wm. P. & Cordelia S.
09 Jun 1866 Geo. C. Barksdale (W) born to M.S. & Mary A. Barksdale
04 Aug 1867 (W) female child born to Jno. J. & Elizabeth Barksdale
20 Sep 1875 David R. Barksdale (C) born to Randon & Emily Barksdale
28 Jun 1875 Lydia Barksdale (C) born to Wm. & Rachael Barksdale
Jun 1876 Chesley Barksdale (C) born to Rich'd .& Emma Barksdale
Dec 1876 Rob't. Barksdale (C) born to Rob't. & Harriet Barksdale
02 Aug 1876 James Tilden Barksdale (W) born to Wm. E. & Lucy J. Barksdale
Oct 1876 Lelia Barksdale (C) born to Wm. & Nora Barksdale
28 Feb 1876 Wm. R. Barksdale (W) born to William R. & Mary E. Barksdale;
information given by grandfather Wm. D. Terry
Feb 1877 Clay Barksdale (C) – female – born to David & Sallie Barksdale
05 Oct 1877 (W) male born to Randall & Emily Barksdale
09 Feb 1877 Clem Barksdale (C) born to Dave & Sallie Barksdale; information
given by J. P. Wadlington, neighbor
25 Sep 1877 Wm. F. Barksdale (C) born to Wm. & Rachael Barksdale
10 Feb 1877 male (C) born to Wm. Barksdale & Signora Barksdale
09 May 1877 John W. Barksdale (W) born to John I. & Minerva Barksdale
Mar 1884 Sallie Barksdale (C) born to Jennings & Ella Barksdale
10 Sep 1885 Bettie Barksdale (C) born to Jac  & Pat Barksdale – at Kentuck
02 May 1885 G. Barksdale (C) - male – born to J. & S. Barksdale – at
02 Jun 1885 L. B. Barksdale (W)– female – born to Wm. & Rachel Barksdale –
at Kentuck
08 Dec 1885 Wm. Barksdale (C) born to Jno. & Hattie Barksdale – at Laurel
12 Oct 1885 Virgia Barksdale (C) born to A. &  L. Barksdale
08 Jun 1885 Randall Barksdale (C) born to Ben & Emma Barksdale

Submitted by Virginia Baxter

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Chilton was born in Pittsylvania
12-20-1800. He married Elizabeth Harriet Epperson who was also born in
Pittsylvania co. on 5-3-1807. I know this information to be true and accurate.
They weree married in Pittsylvania County on 10-16-1827. Their first child
William was born their and they later moved to Christian County, Kentucky

William Chilton b. July 5,1770 in Pittsylvania Co. Va.. William fought in the
War of 1812 with Company C, Green's Regiment, Mounted Infantry, Virginia

Sally Holloway  b. 1775-1780  (The two were married), Born to them were;

Frances A. M. Chilton b. ?
John Chilton- Sent you
Rachel Chilton     b.1802  Pittsylvania Co.
Mollie Chilton       b. September 16, 1807 Pittsylvania Co.
Major Chilton        b. bfr 1812  Va.?
William Cchilton   b. May 19,1820  Va.?
Alfred CHilton       b. No. Carolina
William B. Chilton  Va.
Submitted by Michael James Chilton.

        Submitted by Dale Dickerson

        Dale Dickerson <"">

Clementine L. Hubbard born October 9, 1877 Mother: Harriet Hubbard,
Father: Abram
Lovell R. Carter born September 19, 1873

Children Born to Clementine and Lovell
Katie Carter 1895
Bessie Carter 1897
William Henry Carter 1899
Rhoda Carter 1901
Lena Carter 1903
Florence Carter 1905
Sarah Jane Carter June 18, 1909
John Luther Carter 1912
Lillie Carter 1920

My ancestors:

Jonas Bridgewater WALLER married Mary Polly MADDING in 1793 in Pittsylvania
County, Virginia.

Their Children born in Pittsylvania County:

Abner WALLER Sr. born 1799

David George WALLER born Feb. 20, 1803

Jonas Memory WALLER born Dec. 19, 1803

Tabitha Leona WALLER born abt. 1804

Frances (Fanny) WALLER born 1796

William Dennis WALLER born 1810

Sarah E. Sally WALLER born 1805

I have the descendants of Abner, David and Fanny. Would like to find the
descendants of the other children.
Contributed by Silla

BENNETT, William Henry Harrison - born December 26, 1816 in Pittsylvania
County, VA.- Died in New Athens, IL January 12, 1861.
Contributed by "Francis Eaton" <>

      Children born to:  Charlie Lyndsay Bowe and Neisha Ann Frances Lester were:
William Henry Bowe, 1906; Charlie Lee Bowe, September 27, 1915 died September
1, 1989; John H. Bowe, June 3, 1908; and Eddie Bowe, September 7, 1918 died
November 11, 1987 in PA.  The couple also had a daughter (unknown).
Information taken from the 1920 census report.
  LEdw755374 <>

James B.  Nov. 1, 1818
his children:
William M.  b. Sept. 9, 1844
Sarah A.  b. Oct. 30, 1848
Elizabeth H.  b. May 31, 1851
Thomas Edward  b.  May 25, 1854
Thomas Edward Cumbey's children:
Arlie S.  b. Sept. 29, 1874
William Thomas  b. May 31, 1875
James Franklin  b. Mar. 8, 1877
Etta Madora  b. April 17, 1879
John Marion  b. Oct. 28, 1886
Samuel R.   b. Sept. 29, 1888
Mattie   b. ?
Pearl   b. ?
Radford   b. ?
Contributed by Julie Ward
316 N. Sycamore St.
Fairmount, IN  46928
Oscar Davis
born July 25, 1889 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Father:  Jeff Davis
Mother:  Mary Davis
Filed September 5, 1890
Submitted by

John F. Hill, born 1823/1824, Pittsylvania Co. VA.  I believe his parents to have been Nathaniel and Nancy (Anna) Hill.  He was my great-great grandfather.  He listed his place of birth in his application to his son's Civil War Pension Papers from Washington D.C. 
Victoria Sills []


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