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Bible record of Nathaniel Adams ,copied by Elizabeth Adams Haythe (Mrs. R.W.) daughter of Jabez & Nancy Emmerson Adams.

Greenwood Adams* (no dates) *Greenwood was the father of Nathaniel Adams, and although it did not appear in the Bible records, he was born May 241792, married June 15 1812 to Nancy Thomas, and died Dec 8 1857, PittsylvaniaCounty

Nathaniel Adams was born November 11 1820

Elizabeth Emerson was born December 14 1816

Nathaniel Adams & Elizabeth Emerson were married November 18, 1841

Jabez A. Adams was born October 16 1846

John W. Adams was born January 12 1848 by second wife (not named) (This isn't in the Bible records, but his second wife was Julia E. Warren andthey were married June 20 1867, Pitts. Co)

Laura S. Adams was born November 28 1870

Mary J. Adams was born July 25 1869 General Luther Adams was born March 30 1873


John W Adams died April 16 1848** (Note: Jabez Adams had no whole brothers or sisters. His only brother died just an infant).

Elizabeth Emerson Adams died November 28 1866

Nathaniel Adams died April 6 1874

THIS IS NOT PART OF BIBLE RECORDS: but may be of interest. Jabez A. Adams, son of Nathan and Elizabeth Adams and Edney M. Hutcherson, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Hutcherson were married March the 2nd, 1865.
Jabez A. Adams and Nancy P. Emerson, daughter of William Emerson weremarried Sept. the 5th, 1876.
By the 2nd wife: Lawson J. Adams was born Sept the 4, 1877
Elizabeth J. Adams was born May the 11 1880
Anderson P Adams was born April the 4th 1882
Millie W. Adams was born April the 6th, 1886
Jabez A. Adams, the son of Nathan and Elizabeth and husband of NancyP.Adams died October the 23rd, 1903 at 15m. to 3 o'clock in the morning.Age57 years and 8 days.
Children of Jabez and Nancy Emmerson Adams: Lawson J. Adams born 9/4/1877 Pitts Co married Irene Hendricks, and died 3/10/1967.
Elizabeth J. Adams married Robert W. Haythe. She died March 9 1963
Anderson P Adams married Betty Emerson
Millie W Adams married T.P. Burnette
Submitted by C.C. Adams

Adams Family of Pittsylvania County, Notes from Virginia State Library, Acc 26990, Bible printed 1830, includes period 1812-1934. Unfortunately so many of the dates are missing and itis unclear at times which children were born to which parents.

Whitmell T. Adams, born Apr 14 1838
Danvane W. Adams, born Nov 18 1839
Moses Thomas Adams married Florence Allison, no date given
Murial A Adams and Thomas Allison Adams were born to them, no dategiven.

John Daniel Adams and Lea were married, no date given; and John Daniel Jr. was born, no date given; Barry was born, no date given.
Franklin Lee Adams married Henrietta Maude, no date given.
Henrietta Maude Adams married Trent B. Kyle.
Their children, but doesn't give dates: Harry Franklin Kyle, RosalieKyle, Helen Adams Kyle.

Edward J. Adams and Lucy W. Blanks married Jul 1 1896
Herbert Clyde Adams, born Aug 1 1897
Berkeley Earl? Adams, born Dec 7 1899
Edward Jackson Adams, born Nov 17 1904
Virginia Sudie Adams, born 1909
Hugh Dan Adams, born 1909
Grace Maude Adams born Oct 14 1899
Winifred Hazel Adams, born Nov 24 1904
Mary Franklin and Ann Josephine born Feb 18 1908 (twins?)
William Robert Adams, born Mar 15 1910
Roland Woodrow Adams, born July 24 1913
Frankl Logan Adams, born June 5 1915

John B. Allen, brother of Mary Adams, Cabell H., Mollie O.M. Dec 7 1898
Cabell Harry Adams, born Dec 20 1899

Janna Maude Adams, born May 20 1902
Frances Elizabeth Adams, born July 15 1904
William James Adams, born Oct 16 1907
Moses Adams, born in Dec, no year given, died Mar 21 1812
Mary Adams, born Aug 16 1819
John B. Allen, born Jan 13 1821
Whitmell T. Adams, born Apr 14 1838

Danvane W. Adams, born Nov 18 1839
John H. Adams born July 3 1841
Christopher C. Adams, born Dec 17 1842
William James Adams, born Feb 7 1845
Moses Adams, born Dec 25 1840
Redmond Adams, born Jan 24 1849
William F. Adams and Harriett F. Owen married Feb 16 1868
First born of William Grand was Edward J. born Nov 9 1868
William Adams, born Feb 1845 and Harriet F. Adams born Jan 1842
Harriett F. Adams, died age 50?
W. J. Adams, died Aug 6 1934, age 89
Franklin Lee Adams, born Nov 28 187?

Lula Ellen Adams, first daughter of Harriet and L. ??
W. J. Adams born March 1 1873
Mary Oney Adams, born Aug 16 1874
Henrietta Maude Adams, born Jan 22 1877
Moses Thomas Adams, born Mar 7 1879
John Daniel Adams, born Sep 24 1881

Submitted by Carol Adams.

Colbert-Keesee Bible Records

Here are two sets of Bible Records. Thefirst is that of Thomas Colbert and Sarah "Sallie" Keesee as written exceptformost parentesis, some are original such as "Joe"-- "The Holy BiblecontainingOld and New Testatmmentstranslatedoutof the originalandwiththe former Translations Diglently comparedand revised with Canne'sMarginalNotes and References- The Text onfoamable to the Original Editon of theyear of our Lord 1610And the American bible Society's Original StardardEdition of 1610? PhiladelphiaJesper Harding & Son 1859. (Long Title)Marriages: Thomas Colbert andSallie Keesee 1847

Ginnie (Virginia Thomas) T. colbert and Oliver G. Givson was MarriedNov19th 1868

AuvilleT. Colbert and Mollie B. Scruggs 1894

Births; 1. Jane thomas Colbert borned 26 of Septerber 1848

2. Minerva C. Colbert borned 8 Jan 1850

3.William H. ColbetBorned 13 September 1851

4. Harriett M. Colbert Bonened 15 Sept 1853

6. Auville T. Colbert borned 23 Octover 1855

7. George W. Colbert borned 15 July 1857 (all in same script)

William D.Givson born March the 1st 1870

Sallie A. Mattox bornNov30 1902

Nannie Mattox Born Jan 25 1908

John David Hutcheson borned 1 Mar 1875

Narsa A.Hutcheson Born Sept 15 1877

Walter J. Hutcheson born May 25 1881


Martha A.Meadows borned Mar 22 1880

Ollie M. Cobert son of A. T. Colbert was born Oct 28 1895

Russell D. Colbert was born Dec 17 1897

Ernest C. Colbert ("Joe") was born Mrch 16 1900

Bessie F. George borned June 17 1903

Guey Lanier Colbert borned Mar 1 1905

Floyd D. Colbert ws born Aug 2, 1908

Elsie Kate Colbert was born Mar 28, 1911 (all same hand writing)

Deaths: Nathan C. Colbert did July 10th 1863 "Age31")same as first script- believe that of Sallie Keesee Colbert)

David C.Colbert Died June the 9th 1865

Sally Colbert (Keesee) Died July the 6th 1871(hand writing the same-)

Johney Hutcheson Died August the 18th 1882

Narsa AHutcheson Did September the 6th 1882

Walter I Hutcheson died September 20th 1882

William H. Colbert Died April 30th 1889

Susie colbert (his wife) died June the 18th 1900

Thomas Colbert Born 1807 Died mar. 20 19802

Mrs. M.C.Meadows Died July 13th 1911

Bryant J.MadowsDied July the 31 1880

(Various handwriting but probably Mollie Scruggs Colbert)

Auville Colbert Died June 4, 1939

MollieS. Colbert, wife DiedMarch 3, 1963

Bessie F. George (Colbert) Did Nov. 20, 1966

Guy Colbert Died 1965

(Joe) Earnest Colbert Died July 27, 1962

Doris Jackson Colbert, wife Born March 19, 19806 Died May 10 1969

Floyd Douglas Colbert Oct 25, 1982

Russell D. Colbert Nov 15, 1983

(*All writen by Elsie Kate Colbert Yeatts who died June 5, 1996)

Bible currently in possession of Anita Colbert, wife of Jim Colbertwho sent the following pages of the Bible of George Colbert.

This note accompanied pages sent to me by Anita Colbert)

"The following Pages are copied from pages of the George WashingtonColbert and Mollie B. Colbert family Bible. The pages were remvoed fromthe Biblean found in an old Trunk at H.H. Colbert's SR. home by my husband,JamesE. Colbert Sr., a son of H. H. Colbert, sr, who was a son of GeorgeW. Colvert.the pages were too torn, worn and dicolored to photocopy. Iam also attachingthe names of the H. H. colvert, but do nothave complete dates,etc. Sallie and Nancy are still living and might supplymore family information"(Anita Colbert) Bonds of Holy Matriomony ThisCertifies that George W. Colbertof Virgina and Mollie B. Colbert of Virginiawere united by me in the Bondsof Holy Matrimony at Home on the 28th dayof Dec. in the year of our Lord1877. IN the presence of _____ signed Wm.Jones, Willie Shelton, and PastorPettie.

Family Record;

Geo. W. Colbert Sr. Born July 15, 1857

Mollie B.Colbert Born Dec. 24, 1858 - Married Dec 28, 1877, Died Sept28, 1927

Acie T. Colbert Born Dec. 20 1878, Married Dec ___1900, Died Aug. 19,1940

George W. Colbert Jr. Born May 16 1880 Married Aug 16, 1905, Died april 14 1907

Jessie W. Colbert Born Oct 1 1881, Married Nov 16, 1901

Walter D.Colvert Born July 20, 1883 Married Mar 8, 1905, Died Aug 201933

Charlie E. Colbert Born Feb 1, 1885, Married Dec 23 1903

A. Sue P. Colbert born Apr. 10, 1887, Mrried Sept, 1907, Died Sept 12, 1918

Henry H. Colbert, born feb 18, 1889, Married June 28 1908 Died may 51970

Willie L. (Lester) Colbert Born Aug 30 1890

Sallie K. Colvert Born ___18, 1892, Married July 28, 1917, Died Sept12, 19--.

Nathan E. Colvert Born June 10 1895, died Feb 10 1965

Auville F.Colbert Born Nov 24, 1894, Died June 11, 1980

Oliver V. Colbert Born March 11, 1897, Married March 17, 1914, DiedMay 2, 1950

Mary B.Colvert Born June 22, 1899 Died Dec. 2, 1904 (All of above born in Pittsylvania Co, Va_ Note- some numbers were unclear and required some guessing)

Family of Henry Hartwell Colbert Sr.-Born Feb 18 1889, Married DellaBrown Colvert (Born Dec 17, 1887) on June 28 1908

Mary Ellen Colbert, Born Aug 26, 1909 (Married Thomas Jackson) MaryColbert Jackson died Jan 1994.

Sallie Kate Colbert born Mar. 16, 1912

Mildred Louise Colbert born June 30, 1913 Died March 29, 1989

Lilly Madeline Born July 28, 1915, Died at 8 or 9 years of age

Henry Hartewell Colbert Jr., Born Aug 20 1920 Died in 1988/89

James Early Colbert born June 25, 1923, married Anita McClimon Colbert on Dec 22, 1957, Died July 15, 1993

Nancy Colbert born Nov 24, 1924 Married Emmitt Godsey

James E. Colbert Jr. Born Dec. 19, 1961 Ann Colbert Born Feb 10 1965

I have a ton of other Colbert info, but not in Bible form. Actually,Iam not sure the information on H. H. Colbert's family is from a Bibleorjust a family record, although the George W. Colbert information isdefinetlyfrom that Bible as is the Thomas Colbert and Sallie Keesee information.Thomaswas the son of Lemuel and Phebe Blankenship, and the brother ofWilliam.He married first Stacy Rowland in 1831, and had 5 children, twoof whichappear in Bible record as Nathan and David Colbert, who died induring theCivil War. The other three children of Stacy and Thomas whodo not appearhere, probably as they died after Sallie Colbert and beforeMollie ScruggsColbert took over recording. They were Hester Ann Colbert(1832-1924) (m.James C. Yeatts) and Parthenia Colbert (b. 1840) and SusanColbert(b. 1836),neither of whom married.

have some Keesee records from the Bible of Mamie Cheatham, deceased,although they are hand copied and the Bible is lost. I have a "certified"copy andthe statement of the person who copied them in 1967. Submittedby Karen Wood.

The Family Bible of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Poindexter.

Owned by their daughter, Mrs. James Boiseau Williams the former MissLillie Poindexter (now deceased).

Francis (Frank) J. Poindexter was born January 7, 1832.

Catherine W. Swann was born December 9, 1833.

Francis Poindexter and Catherine Swann was married December 7, 1855.

James W. Poindexter was born September 19, 1856.

Frances C. Poindexter was born March 1, 1858.

Emma S. Poindexter was born November 13, 1859.

Sarah F. Poindexter was born September 3, 1861.

Martha J. Poindexter was born October 11, 1862.

G.M. Howardton was born June 15, 1897.

Francis C. Poindexter died June 12, 1859.

Francis J. Poindexter died August 4, 1862.

James Swann departed this life December 1872.

Sally Swann, wife of James Swann, departed this life April 6, 1873.

Matilda J. Alverson departed this life June 23, 1897.

John W. Alverson departed this life November 14, 1897.

Pencelia H. Smith departed this life June 28, 1901.

Sallie M. Carter departed this life June 30, 1903.

Emma (illegible)

Martha J. (illegible)

Emma J. Poindexter was married February 12, 1878.

William D. McKinney was born april 1, 1873.

Albert P. McKinney was born January 23, 1879.

Fannie J. McKinney was born May 22, 1880.

The Infant was born September 22, 1887.

Nannie W. Carter was born December 20, 1884.

Sallie M. Carter was born August 30, 1887.

M.E. Howerton was born December 28, 1894.

Sibmitted by Gail Adkins

Thomas Bible Records

THE WILLIAM THOMAS FAMILY BIBLE by Elijah T. Sutherlin, Danville, VA 8/29/63 This Bible apparently was first owned by William Thomas Sr of Pitts. Co, Va. (I am omitting the rest of the description of theBible). Near the end of the Old Testament, appears to have been writtenaround 1860 or earlier: Nathaniel P. Thomas was born 24th day of August1798, Nathaniel P. Thomas departed this life May 18th, 1851. The followingwriting is inpencil, a more recent hand, which Mrs. George P. Hall statedthat she wrotepersonally: Joyce (Maggie) Thomas Hall was born Aug 23,1917 daughter ofGeorge Pat Hall and his wife Martha Thomas Hall. Writtenby her mother MarthaHall when she was 62 years old in 1951". This itemwas repeated twice moreat different places in this Bible but was not copiedherein. On the oppositepage is written with ink now turned brown: Theages of William Thomas andJoyce Thomas' children: Philip Thomas was bornAugust 16, 1757 NathanielThomas was born July 2, 1759 William Thomas wasborn February 16th, 1761Asa Thomas was born December 13th, 1762 PeytonThomas was born February17th 1765 Jacob Thomas was born February 3d, 1767John Watkins Thomas wasborn October 20th, 1768 George Thomas was bornMarch 15th, 1771 IchabodThomas was born June 13th, 1773 and departed thislife Novr. 26, 1777 WilliamThomas Sr. departed this life December 22nd 179-(1795 or 1799) the lastfigure is illegible), in the 75 year of hisage. William Thomas, Jr. departedthis April 30th, 1799 Nathaniel Thomasdeparted this life May 1 1799 GeorgeThomas departed this life Oct 19 1799John W. Thomas departed this lifeMay (day illegible) 180l Jacob Thomasdeparted this life May 7 1803 AsaThomas departed this life April 11 1813

The next record is in apparently a little later writing and possiblyby another person. Allen M. Thomas was born September 20th, 1826 JoyceThomas, wife of William Thomas, Senior, departed this life 3 of March,1829, age99 years, 8 months and twenty days. At the end of the Apocrypha,the following record appears: William Thomas, Junr. was born July 17 1796.Araminta Thomas, wife of W.P. T. was born May 17 1806

DEATHS; Wm P Thomas was killed at Drewes Bluff on the 10th of May, 1864. Brought home 20th of June & entered 22 of June 15 minutes after 2 ocin afternoon & was 27 years 11 months & 20 days old when he waskilled.

DEATH: Sarah E. Tanner, daughter of W.P. Thomas, his wife departed this life on the 10th of November 1866, died in Texas 39 years 6 months &16 days old. (Note by Mr. Sutherlin) Here is interwritten, in a paler handwhat appears to be "Pocohontas A. Thomas, and some other letters whichare illegible now. Also interwritten: "This the 24th of Sept. 1862" andunder this: "William N. P. Thomas"

Again some pencil writing appears: Here is a repetition of the notation by Mrs. Martha Hall regarding her daughter, Joyce (Maggie) Thomas Hall.The next items appear on the opposite page of the Bible. Joyce Thomas herBook. god give her Grace therein to look not only to she reads) Look Butto understand (What." I pray good reader be so kind, If I am lost and youme find, Thatyou restore me to my master and he'' respect you ever after.For you mayknow I am his own, For me he gave four crowns. The next itemis apparentlyin a different hand, ink and by person. Elsie M. Thomas wasBorn 7 day ofApril 1873 Joyce Thomas was born 1730 September the 5th andwrote thesein the year 1802, September the 20th and departed this lifethe 3rd of March1829 in the 99th year of age. Allen M. Thomas was bornSeptember 20, 1826Sarah E. Thomas was born in the year of our Lord 1828,April 24 Here againappears a different hand, different ink and possiblyanother person's writing.Joseph L. Thomas was born Apl 14 1830 MaryannP. Thomas was born Agst 29,1831 Araminta I. Thomas was born June 20th1833 Wm P. Thomas was born July21 1837 Martha An I. (?) Thomas was bornJune 1 1840 Creed Tanner Thomaswas born Agst 14 1842. (This 14 is veryplain but has been written or re-writtenover something else,--note byMr. Sutherlin) Pocohontas A. Thomas was bornJune 11 1846 (11th also written or rewritten over) Emily (Here are apparentlytwo letters but they areilligible). Thomas was born Sept. 11th, 1848. (Herea big "1" appears tohave been written between the 4 and the 8 in the 1848)The above is thenames and ages of Wm Thomas & Araminta his wife Thomaschildren. Onthe back of the center fly leaf or the leaf at the beginningof the NewTestament the following records appear. June 15th day 1806, W.Peyton Thomasleft his native place to go to Louisannia. (No doubt Louisana).Note byMr. Sutherlin. Allen Motley Thomas was married to Miss Mary T. (Hereishole in the page about 3/8 of an inch wife and long). Lumpkin, Decr.the20 day 1870 Elsa M. Thomas was born the 7 day of April five after eleveno'clockin the year 1873 Creed T. Thomas was married to Miss Mary E. Gravleythe18 day Dec 1872 Miss Mary T. Thomas, wife of A . M. Thomas was bornthe30 day of June 1835 Allen M. Thomas was born the 20 day of Sept. 1826Rote this in the 46 year of his age.

To be best of my knowledge and belief the foregoing record is a trueand accurate copy of the Bible mentioned therein. Elijah T. Sutherlin,Danville, VA Aug 29 1963

Submittted by Carol Adams

This Bible belonged to the household of W. D.“Billy”Williamsand his wife ElizaAnn Blair. They carried it from PittsylvaniaCounty, VA, to Texas in 1859 and diedwithin months of each other in 1861.After their deaths, recordings in theBible were made by their son, JohnFletcher Williams, through the time ofhis first wife’s death in 1878.

For clarification or more information, e-mail Rusty Williams,

of our
Translated Out Of
And With The
Former Translations Diligently Compared
and Revised
New York: American Bible Society
Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI



William D. Williams, Son of James & Elizabeth Williams, born the12th of December 1817

Eliza Ann, the wife of William D. Williams born the 27th of July 1828


Births of the children of William D.& Eliza Ann Williams

Elizabeth Christian born October 25th 1845

John Fletcher born the 23rd of June 1848

James Sidney born the 10th of July 1850

Mary Ellen born Sept. 9th 1852

Nancy Witcher born Nov 25th 1854

William Henry born February 2nd 1857

Benjamin Franklin born May 29th 1859 in the State of Texas


Angeline wife of James Sidney Williams born August 16th 1856

Elizabeth wife of Jno F. Williams born August 14th 1856


Births of the Children of Jno. F. and Elizabeth Williams

John A. Williams born October 6th 1874

Mary Henrietta born August 17th 1876

Elizabeth born September the 24th 1878



William D. Williams


to Eliza Ann Blair by Rev. S. J. Spotts on the 18th of June 1844


Marriages of the children of W. D. and Eliza A. Williams

Mary Ellen married to J. B. [E?] Dickenson 187_

James Sidney married to Angeline Houston Sept. 14th 1873

John Fletcher married to Elizabeth Love January 1st 1874



Wm. D. Williams diied August 11th 1861

Eliza Ann Williams died April 12th 1862

Eliza Keen, Infant Daughter of W. D. & E. A. Williams died October 1861

Elizabeth C, Daughter of W. D. & E. A. Williams died December 18th 1863

Nannie W. daughter of W. D. & E. A. Williams died December 6t 1871

John Alexander infamt son of Jno. F. and Elizabeth Williams Died Novr15th 1874

Elizabeth Williams, wife of J. F. Williams Died September the 24th 1878. --------------------

This is to certify that this is a true and exact copy of the originalpapers.

[Signature] Florence Dodd, Notary Public Walker County Texas

August 22, 1961

This document was handwritten sometime between 1941 and 1945 by HenryA. Williams, great-great grandson of John H. Blair. All four of his grandparents (as well as a number of great-uncles and aunts) had made the trip fromnear Danville and Chatham, VA, to Grayson County, TX in 1859, and mostwere still living during Henry A. Williams’ adulthood.

(The handwritten document was transcribed on typewriter (accurately)by Mrs. G.C. Neaves of Norman, OK, in 1963, and I scanned the typewrittendocument into a .doc file in 1996. I proofed the computer file againstthe original handwritten document. I retained original spellings and sentencestructure, but in some minor cases substituted the typewritten punctuationfor thehandwritten punctuation.)

The families involved are BLAIR, WILLIAMS, KEEN and TURNER .Many of the Blairs later settled in Fannin County and elsewhere in Texas. Some of the Williams stayed in Grayson County, some moved to Tishomingo,OK, and some moved to Coleman County, TX. The Turner family stayed, inthe main, in Grayson and neighboring Fannin Counties.

For questions (or to provide additional annotation), e-mail me at

Rusty Williams -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


We date back to 1250, or near that time, and are descended from William De Blair, Baron of Scotland, and it is thought that the Duke of Atholenow lives in the Blair Castle in Perthshire, Scotland. Of course, therearemany branches from this main trunk and many "Coats of Arms.”In theearly days of Cromwell's reign, many Scotch families moved [to] thenorthpart of Ireland and established Scotch Colonies--always retained religionsandpolitical views, and, so to speak, stuck together--did not and intermarrywiththe Irish--and from there and Scotland our ancestors have migratedhereat different times. Our direct line came over in 1765 or near thattime.

Our immigrant ancestor, William Blair, married Sarah Suter, daughterof George Suter of York, Yorke County, Pennsylvania. William Blair wasverypatriotic and saw much service in the Revolution. He came to the UnitedStateswith two brothers, one of whom, James Blair, settled in Charlotte,NorthCarolina, Nothing is known, so far, of the other one,


John Francis Blair was a large land and slave owner in PittsylvaniaCounty, Virginia. He lived on a large tobacco farm, raised nothing buttobacco and cured and manufactured it on the place, with the aid of hisnumerous slaves. His old home, and a lot of the negro cabins with theirold pot-racks still in place, are still standing.

In 1859, as a number of his friends had come to Texas and landed inGrayson County and with the Civil War at hand, John F. Blair and familydecidedto come also--expecting to buy large plantations and "grow up withthe country." So on November 15, 1859, the journey was begun in wagons.Uncle George said, "We left Virginia in wagons, and they were covered allright, but were drawn by mules and horses instead of oxen, and to thatextent our coming may have been irregular. We came over a good road asfar as Knoxville, Tennessee,where we boarded a steamboat for Gaines' Landing,Arkansas. Disembarkingat Gaines' Landing , we again took the road, orrather resumed our wagons,for there were no roads, and headed for Texas.We arrived in Grayson County,January 15, 1860. We were seventy days makingthe journey--one of our airplaneboys could cover the distance in the courseof an afternoon. From Gaines'Landing we drove across Arkansas and crossedRed River at Texarkana." WithJohn F. came his 8 sons and 2 daughters--therewere 33 or 34 in the familythen, including sons-in-law, daughters-in-lawand children, among them 4babies, Tom, son of Keen and Lucy Blair, Peter,son of Charles and Pat Blair,Nanny , daughter of Peter and Emaline Turner,and Will Henry , son of ElizaAnn and W. D. (Billy) Williams. There werealso ten Negroes, 8 of John F.Blair’s and 2 of Peter Turner’s, son-in-lawof JohnF. Blair.

The party camped near Bonham , December 31, 1859, when a big northerand snow-storm struck them. John F., who had a carriage and driver, droveonto Rev. S. J. Spotts' home near Bells, Grayson County, The rest of thebunchdrove on in the wagons to Old Warren where they spent the night inCol.Bradford's home. Peter Turner and family went to the home of the Pritchetts,whomthey had known in Virginia.

Two other Virginia families came with the Blairs--those of Ben Williams (brother of Billy) , and Capt. Brooks--there were 17 in these twofamilies. All told, there were about 60 people in the Blair caravan. Therewere 43of the Blair family in their caravan of five wagons--Charles Blairhad 1horse; Billy Williams had 1 horse; Peter Turner had 2 mulesand 1horse; and John F. Blair had 4 mules and 2 horses.

John F. Blair traded a Negro girl, 16 or 17 years old, for a sectionof land, and bought a section that adjoined it. This made 1280 acres ,whichhe intended making into a plantation with quarters for his slaves.He diedbefore he completed his home having been there less than a year--hediedof Typhoid and is buried on this farm. His son, John Henry, died thesameday of the same malady and they were buried at the same time. At thistimeKeen Blair was hovering near death's door of Typhoid, and when friendswentfor burial out-fits for the other two, they brought clothes for himtoo,thinking that he would be gone when they returned; but Keen recovered.

One Negro boy about 15 or 16 years old was sold at a sale--all the other slaves were freed, except one woman, Suse, who died and was buried at one corner of the Blair burial plot. John F. Blair's Negroes were named Peteand his wife Lucy, Cornelius, Suse, Letcha, Henry, Lunn, and Jim. Petewho was John F.'s carriage driver, was a free Negro and a cripple; hiswife Lucywas a slave and the cook in the Blair family. Pete and Lucy werethe oldestof the bunch.

Christian (Kittie) Blair died in August, 1861 of congestion. W.D. (Billie) Williams died in 1861 and his baby died soon after in 1861. Eliza Ann Williams, broken in mind and body, following so much grief and shock, died in 1862. They are all buried in the family plot on the Blair farm. Charles, George , Tom, and Wesley Blair served in the Civil War. Tom was killed in Altoona, Ga.

The Bible of Mrs. James Boisseau Williams the former Miss Lillie Poindexter. Now owned by their great-granddaughter, Mrs. Gail Wiles Adkins.

James Boisseau Williams was born in Pittsylvania County June 15, 1878.

Lillie Poindexter Williams was born Rockingham County, NC November 30, 1883.

James Hunter Williams was born in Caswell County, NC December 29, 1905.

Willie Graham Williams was born in Caswell County, NC May 7, 1907.

Darna Graves Williams was born in Pittsylvania County, Va January 23,1910.

Virginia Empress Williams was born in Pittsylvania County, VA January22, 1911.

Jessie Garland Williams was born in Pittsylvania County, Va December30, 1916.

Eugene Nelson Williams was born in Pittsylvania County, Va January 6,1918.

Frank Benton Williams was born in Pittsylvania County, Va October 14,1922.

Alma Francis Williams was born in Pittsylvania County, Va June 5, 1925.

Lilian Eunice Williams was born in Pittsylvania County, Va August 9,1927.

Ada J.Poindexter died March 9, 1918.

James W. Poindexter died February 7, 1937.

James B. Williams died August 7, 1955.

Eugene Williams died September 22, 1972.


This Poindexter/Williams family lived on the state line of Pittsylvania Co, Va and Caswell County, NC. They moved from one house to another located just a couple doors up the road and they had moved from NC to Va! All basically stayed in the Pittsylvania County area.

Submitted by: Gail WilesAdkins ofPittsylvania County, Virginia

Daniel Webster Love Family Bible

The Love Family lived in Sycamore, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Title Page



Information on back of front cover

four or five lines of handwritten text which is unreadable due to fading.

E. L. Love

Harriet Love her Book font[?] in the 18

William D. Love 1828 1846 In Nl 5 1828


On the back of an illustration following page 40 is a badly faded notation

Elizabeth Hodges departed this life ... January 1823

Between pages 188 and 189 is a lock of hair

The Family record Section appears at the end of the Old Testament.




Marriages Daniel W. Love was Married to Harriett Hawkins on Feb. 8th1821

D. W. Love wore Mariad to Nancy Jain Hodges June the 21 1847

Edward Livenston Love Married




Daniel W Love was born on the 7th of July 1797

Harriett Hawkins was born on the 25th Jany 1804

Sarah Jane Love Daughter of Daniel W Love
+ Harriet was born on th 29th of April 1822

Martha A. Love Daughter of Daniel W Love
+ Harriet was born on the 5th April 1824

James Madison Love Son of Daniel W Love
+ Harriet Love was born on the 8th September 1825

Wm L Love Son of D. + Harriet Love was born June 5th 1828 35" after10o'clock A. M

Thomas J. Samuel Love was Born on the 25st day of May 1831. 25 min.after 6 o'clock A. M.

Ciderella Love was born on the 8th Nov. 1833 35 M. after 10 P.M.

Harriet Elizabeth Love was born on the 28th of May 1835 at 8 O'clockA. M.

Maria Louisa Love was born on the 26th Aug 1837 at 21 minutes after9O'clock P. M.

John Calhoun Love Son of D. + Harriet Love was born on the 21st May1844 9 O'clock A. M.

O. G. Rowles was born December 31s 1900




Edward Levinston Love Son of D W Love and N J Love was Born on 23thofAril [sic] 1849 at 50 minet after 6 O'clock P. M.

Mary Ann Va was born 15th of Oct 1849 20 minutes after 6 O'clock A.M.

Mary Ann Virginia Love was born 15th of Oct 1850. 20 minutes after 6O'clock A. M.

Harriett E. Love a dater [sic] of D. W. Love + N J Love ware Born on7th of June 36 Minutes after 7 O'Clock PM 1861 1851

Franklin P. Love son of D W + J Love was born Nov 24 twity seven mintafter 2 O'ck 1852 P. M.

James Jefferson Hodges ware born on the 8th day March 1830

Juley C. Hodges ware Born the 3 day of March 1836 at 12 P.M.

Martha E [?] Hodges was born 12 obt [sic] 1828

Nancy Jane Hodges was born on the 3 day of Octr 1821

Nancy Catherine Love Dautor of D. W. Love + Nancy J Love wore Born July the 21 35 minutes after a 11 O'clock in the morning 1854

Susan Elviry a Douter of D W Love + Nancy J Love ware born Jinuary [sic] 23th 1856 at 4 in the morning.



Martha A Love departed this life on the 8th day of July 1824

Harriet Elizabeth Love departed this life on the 2nd of July 1837

Harrit Love departed the lif on the 15 day of May 1846

Nancy Ann Virginia Love departed this life on the 27 day of Octr 1856at half past 2 in th eving beaing 7 years and 12 days old.

Nancy Catherine Love Departed this life on the 2 day of Sept 1861

Susson Elviria Love departed this life on the 6 day of Octber 1861

Charles Monroe Love departed this life on the 16 day of October 1861

Daniel W Love departed this lif the 22 of December 1862

Rady M. Dalton Died March 7th 1900


Sheet following the family record

Joseph M Love son of Daniel W Love + Nancy his wife was born 26th April 1858

Charles M Love Son of D. W. Love Nancy his wife was born 18 September1860 at 4 O'clock in the morning

Martha E Love was of Daughter of d w Love + Nancy J Love was born 3thof September eigt Hunred am Sixty too 1862

Following is in Pencil

Martha E. Love Daughter of D W Love + Nancy J Love was born 3rd September 1862

Submitted by Larry Munden


                         printed in 1857
                         New York American Bible Society
                         Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI

         Orginial owner Richard Henry COUSINS and Mary Harris FULLER
  COUSINS both born and raised and married  in PITTSYLVANIA  county
Virginia . Second owner Richard Oliver COUSINS and Pattie F. CLIBOURNE
 COUSINS, Third owner Marion Henry COUSINS and Clara COOPER COUSINS.
 Present owner Clara Cooper COUSINS and  to go to her daughterJoyce
 Cousins Huseman.1993
          TranscribedByLinda June COUSINS Winslager

 Page 1
left side of page                                                               right side of page
                                                                                      Mary H FULLER was born
                                                                                      April 19 1830
                                                                                      d. Aug 21 1914

Lorenzo R COUSINS                                                   Samuel A COUSINS
died Dec 3rd 1855                                                        was born August 2

Richard O COUSINS                                                   Henry Clay COUSINS
and Pattie F CLIBOURNE                                           was born Sept 1 1852
was married Nov 3 1889
                                                                                    Lorenzo Royall COUSINS
                                                                                     was born        1854

                                                                                Columbus Lafayette COUSINS
                                                                                 was born Oct 23rd 1856

                                                                                Nancy Eliza COUSINS
                                                                                was born Feb 28 1861
                                                                               Willis Green COUSINS
                                                                               was born       1858

                                                                               R O COUSINS was born
                                                                               March 29 1863

 (Trancsribers note;Coments: The above names are in thehandwriting of
 Richard Henry COUSINS with the exception of the names Mary HFULLERand
 RO COUSINS and the marriage of Richard O COUSINS to Pattie FCLIBOURNE.
 Mary H FULLER wrote her own name and date of birth. Richard Osameas
 R O COUSINS wrote his own birth as his father was gone off totheCivil
 war  and never returned for he was killed June 3 1864. Ihavematch the
 hand writing with other documents signed by these owners.)

 (Transribers note
 The following is in the hand writing of Clara COOPER COUSINSwho
 now has the Bible and obtained ownership when Pattie died in1938
 STILL on page 1.
 and the following are the children of Richard Oliver COUSINSand

 was born July 27 1896

 Johnnie Hubert COUSINS
 was born July 18 1894

 born Feb 23 1898

 Walter Oliver COUSINS
 born Feb 20 1905
 died June 30 1905

 Marion Henry COUSINS
 born Feb 21 1906

 Page 2

 Willie I COUSINS                                Richard H. COUSINS
 was born July                                        was born Feb 16 1827
 27th 1890                                             Mary H Cousins
                                                              was born April 19 1830

 Florence OSBORN COUSINS                 Richard H COUSINS
 born Aug 27 1891                                was born in Pyttizlvania
 Willie COUSINS and                              co VA was married to
 Florence OSBORNE                                Mary Harris FULLER October 2 1848
 married Aug 18 1912
 John COUSINS and                                Marion Henry COUSINS
 Mary CHAMBLEE was                               born 21 Feb 1906
 married Nov 29 1917                             died May 19 1981
 Dick COUSINS and                                Marion Henry COUSINS
 Betha YOUNG was                         and CLARA Elizabeth ?COOPER
 married Dec 14 1919                             were married Sept 4 1926 in Crawford

 J O COUSINS born April 13 1921                Joyce LaVerne COUSINS born
 Linda June COUSINS born Nov 19 1944           June 9 1931 Tuesday in Hewitt
 to James Oliver COUSINS and
 Dorracre E.(McCULLERs)

                                         Mary Jane CHAMBLEE
                                         Married to Johnnie Hurbert COUSINS
                                             Nov 29 1917
                                              died Sept 8 fri pm 1961
 Katherine Irene COUSINS
 borned Sept 26 1919
 died July 14 1928 in Crawford TEX
 Mr Richard Oliver COUSINS
 born March 29 1863
 died July 21 1936 in McGregor Tex
 Mrs Pattie Francis CLIBOURNE
 COUSINS (wife of Richard Oliver
 COUSINS) born Oct 26 1866 in
 Farmsville VA. Died April 29th
 Delon Rex COUSINS son
 born May 15 1943
 in Bakersfield Calif.
 died March 18 1952
 in FT Worth Texas, buried
 in Laureland Cemetary
 J.O. COUSINS born April 13
 1921 son of D. C. COUSINS
 died June 20 1952 buried
 in Laureland Cemt. FW TEX

 Transcriber Linda June Cousins Winslager   6709 Gillis Johnson St Fort Worth,Texas
home page

Vandola, VA (Pittsylvania County)
Presented to Lula Harvey by W. R. Harvey, January 1, 1887
This certifies that William R. Harvey of Vandola, Virginia and Mary Lula Hines of Whitmill, Virginia were joined together by me in the bonds of Holy Matrimony at Henry Hines' on the 8th day of April in theyear of our Lord 1884. (signed) James S. Dameron


William Richard Harvey born December 10, 1859
Mary Lula (Hines) Harvey born May 31, 1865
Bernard Shields Harvey born June 16, 1885
Edna George Harvey born July 14, 1886
Willie Evelyn Harvey born December 19, 1887
Leon Lester Harvey born October 11, 1889
Olive Harvey born November 12, 1891
Ester L. Harvey born December 30, 1893
Marion Harvey born February 20, 1897


Daniel F. Cooke and Mary L. Harvey were married December 12, 1900
William Addison Blair and Willie Evelyn Harvey were married December5,1906
Thomas Belt Fulton and Edna George Harvey were married December 9,1908
Olive Katheryne Harvey and Robert Lee Clanton were married October4,1911
Leon Lester Harvey and Harriet Mary Tramell were married October 26,1913
Marion L. Harvey and Ewell Ashby Brugh were married October 15, 1918
Ester L. Harvey and Robert Richard Oliver, Jr. were married December19,1918


Bernard Shields Harvey died February 17, 1886
William Richard Harvey died November 3, 1898
Mary Lula Hines died April 21, 1927
Leon Lester Harvey died September 15, 1947
Infant son of William Richard and Mary Lula Harvey died April 10, 1899

(Listed on a separate page) Henry David Hines born in year 1822 nearWhitmill, Virginia, married 1852, died 19th of January, 1891

Submitted by Susan Clanton Simpson

This is the Thomas Price that came to Pittsylvania County in 1779.  Sarah had died by then and he had married Mary (last name unknown- LucillePayne
The Price Bible
The 25th of Sepr. 1752
This is to Certify that Thos.
Price & Sarah Baldin were
Faithfully Married by me
                         Will.m Kay
Esther Price was born
Novr. 3d. 1753
Rees Price was born
Nov 25th 1755
Martha Price was born
April 14th  1758
Sarah Price was born
April 7th  1760
John Price was born
June 9th 1762
Thomas Price was born
March 12th  1768
Isaac Price was born
Jany 22nd 1771
                                                                            William Baulden Price was
                                                                             Son to Thos. Price & Sarah
                                                                             his Wife Was born April
                                                                             29th 1773
                                                                             Elizabeth Baker Price Daugh
                                                                             ter to Thos. Price & Sarah his
                                                                             wife was born June 22d
                                                                             My Wife Sarah Price Dyed
                                                                             the 30th June 1777
                                                                                                 T. Price

                                                                           Fountain price was born
                                                                           the 7 of January 1779
                                                                           Philip brumly price
                                                                           was born in the year
                                                                           of our Lord 1780 June
                                                                          Dicey Price was born March
                                                                          the 15th 1782
                                                                          Abel Price was born
                                                                          the 15th: of Octobr 1784
                                                                          Liddy was Born July
                                                                          July 3:1798

                                                                             Booker price born 30th Novembr.
                                                                         Reoley price born 2th April
                                                                         Stephen price born th26 Septembr.
                                                                         Nathaniel price was born
                                                                         September 5th Day 1790
                                                                         Thomas price Deceased this
                                                                        Life April 10th Day 1792
                                                                       Thomas price        was Born April
                                                                                                 20th Day 1792
                                                                       Thomas price the son of Thomas
                                                                       price Deceasd was born April
                                                                       20th Day 1792

Submitted by Lucille Payne

Carter Bible Records

Jesse L. Carter was born the 27th day of March 1828

Rebecca S. Townes was born the 5th day of March 1835 and was married on the 12th day of February 1851

 Reuben E. Carter son on Jesse and Rebecca Carter was born the 28th of April 1853

David Coleman and Stephen Coleman sons of the above were born the 29th of January 1855 and died the 23 ofFebruary following.

William Daniel son of Jesse and Rebecca Carter was born the 7 of March 1856.

George Townes son of Jesse and Rebecca Carter was born the 30 August 1858

 Mary Jessie daughter of Jesse and Rebecca Carter was born the 17 of March 1861

 Jesse Lawson (illegible)

 Rebecca Catharine was born the 3 day of May 1867

Robert Thomas Carter was born the   ---------- February-----

 Halcott Townes Carter was born the 6" July 1870

 Mertle ? Carter Daughter of William an B H ? was born the 24 of July 1876

Submitted by Gayle Austin

Reynolds Bible Records-ActualCopies




Submitted by Gilmer Evans Reynolds, Jr.


I've placed the HOLLAND-STANDROD Bible (Trigg Co., KY) online. John A.
HOLLAND's parents - Richard HOLLAND &Rebecca D. INGE, from Pittsylvania
Co., VA - are listed. Richard movedhisfamily to Trigg Co. in 1835 and
died ~6 months after purchasing land that remains in the Hollandfamily
today. Click on the address below

Submitted by  Rose-Anne Cunningham <>

Sikes/Sykes Bible

My great-great grandfather was Captain James Parrish Sykes of Pittsylvania
county, VA.  Way back in 1987 my Uncle James Stephens (Memphis,TN)  shared
this information with me.  From James' note:  "The sourceofthis
information is the Bible that belonged to Joab Sikes' book. Note- Joab
died Aug. 2, 1837."

1.  Joab Sikes
     A. Born                        Died  Aug 2,1837
     B. Married    Sarah Stuart    (Died apr. 21, 1863)   July 29,1806
     C. Their Children
          1. Lucinda,Born May 20, 1807,
                              Married  James Ashby     Dec 20, 1828,    Son
          2. RichardF.  Born 3 - 9 - 1809,      Died Dec 25,1855
          3. Mary Susan:   born 1-25-1811,  Died 6-28-1851
          4. HenrySmith:  born 2-11-1813, died 9-2-1869
                                     married Permby Bateman 11-8-1837
                                     children:  Gilbert  1-4-39
                                                     Anneliza 7-1-40
                                                     James T.   11-31-42
                                                     Sarah H. 1-29-46
                                                      Elizabeth  Ann 10-5-47
                                                      Wiliam H.  10-31-49
                                                      Miles  2-3-50
                                                      Caroline  6-7-53
                                                      Mary Shields  8-16-54(?)
          5. Mary Elizabeth:  born 3-22-1815  Died 1-28-1860
                                      Married Absolem Shackleford 11-24-1840
                                                   Daughter   Virginia Ann Born -24-1842
          6. JamesParrsh:  born 4-19-1817    Died 11-13-70
                                       Married  1)  Mary Ann Baugh 2-4-1846,  daughter of
Arthur and Frances Baugh. by Rev. J.L. Prichard.   MaryAnndied 6-1-1851
                                                      2) Elizabeth Ann Terry 11-29-1855,  daughter of Obediah and MarthaS. Terry  by Wm. H Plunkett.  Died 1914
                                                           Children:  Alice Sykes Married William Moore

Children: Stuart Annie






Nanie Wilmoth    (Never married)

Judson Maria      (Never Married)

   I have copied these records as they were given to me.  I do not have the
date the Bible was published plus it is interesting that informationwas
added to the Bible after Joab Sikes had died.   Also interesting is that
Joab spelled his last name with and "i"  Sikes,  and laterin the Bible
notations he spelled his children's names with a "y"  Sykes.

I hope this information will help others in searching this branchof the
Sykes (Sikes) family.  I know I am interested in more information and being
in Texas I haven't had the chance to visit Danville and do someresearch.

Contributed by Mary Stephens Scrudder

Snow Family Bible

     Family Record:


Vincent Snow was born September 2, 1782
Mary Snow his wife was born May 22, 1784
Richard son of Vincent and Mary Snow was born Nov. 29 1804
Martha D. Snow Daughter of  Vincent and Mary Snow was bornApr.1st 1804
Barilla Snow was born September the 28th 1807
Thomas Snow son of Vincent and Mary Snow was born March 6th 1809
Elizabeth Snow Daughter of Vincent and Mary Snow was born Nov. 10?1810
Terry Snow son of V. and Mary Snow was born Aug. 20 1812
Cary Snow Daughter of Vincent and Mary Snow was born Apl. 5 1815
Abner  Snow son of V and Mary Snow was born Apl. 5 1817
Jehu Snow son of  (ineligible) b. December 19, 1819
Jabez Snow The youngest child of V. and Mary Snow was born August12th1821
Vincent Snow died first day of Jan 1829
Mary Snow wife of Vincent died the 9th of Jan. 1852
Richard Snow died Dec. 7th 1864
Mary Snow wife of Richard Snow died May 9, 1870
Jehu Snow died the 27th Feb. 1876

New Page:

J. T.  Adams and Kate C. Snow married 6th April 1892
D.R. Snow Jr., Bessie Mower married Nov 12th 1895
A. J.  Snow and Dollie Radford married July 22, 1898
Victor Snow and Carrie Snyder "March 7, 1904
John H. Snow and Bessie Smith "      "Feb9th 1909
Howard E. Price and Inez Douglas Snow Mch. 1911
Nunnalee Snow and Lucile Truthhart? Oct 12 1912

New Page:

Richard Snow was born 29 November 1804
Mary Snow his wife was born 4th July 1808
Hester Ann Snow was born 28  December 1828
Ansalem T. Snow was born  7th September 1831
Emily C. Snow was born the 20 August 1834
David R. Snow was born the 5th November 1836
Mary F. Snow was born February 1865
Martha Elizabeth Snow was born (ineligible) day Aug. 16th 1876
George Beechham Snow was born Friday March 15th 1878
Victor Adams Snow was born October 16th Thursday 1879
John Henry .....Snow was born March Friday 4th 1881
Ramonia?  Lione Snow was born Dec 31 Sunday 1882

New Page:
Family Record:

D.R. Snow and Mary C. Stone were married Sept 23rd 1863
D.R. Snow and Rada E. Nunnelee were married July 24th 1875
J. T.  Adams and Kate C. Snow were married April 6th 1892
D.R. Snow Jr., Bessie Mowry were married Nov 11th 1895
A. J.  Snow and Dollie Radford were married July 22nd. 1898

Richard Snow was born the 29th of November 1804
Mary wife of Richard Snow was born the 4th day of July 1808
Hester Ann Snow was born the 28th December 1828
Ansalem Snow was born the 7th of September 1831
Emily C. Snow was born the 20th of August 1834
David R. Snow was born the 5th November 1835
Mary F. Snow was born February 1865

Records below inedible
Hester Ann Snow Daughter of Richard and Mary Snow Departed thislife23 March
Catherine Snow daughter of (inedible) died February 18th 1836
New Page:
Children Names:
Mary F. Snow was born Feb. 10th 1865
Kate C.  Snow "           " Aug 6th 1867
David R. Snow "           "  Sept 26 1869
Ansalem J. Snow "       "  Aug13thWednesday 1874
Lizzie M. Snow was born Aug 16th 1876
George Beecham Snow was born Mch 15th 1878
John H. Snow "             " Mch. Friday 4th 1881
Sammie S. Snow "        " Dec31 1882
Victor A. Snow "             "  Oct 16 1879
Fannie Ellen Snow was born Oct 26 1884
I. Douglas Snow was born Feb 5 1889
M. Nunnalee Snow was born Nov 19 1886

New Page:
Mary C. Snow wife of D R Snow died Feb 23rd 1871
Mary F. Snow their daughter died January 16th 1885
Fannie Ellen Snow died Aug 2nd 1885
J.T. Adams died Dec 15 (inedible)
Bessie Snow wife of John H. Snow died Wednesday Oct 22nd. in Mealister, Okla.
D R Snow Jr., Thursday Feb 12th 1914
Records taken from University of Charlottesville Accession No. ofCollection
Box Number CF
Folder Heading Snow Family
Submitted by Katherine Snow

Rodenhizer-Hudgins Bible

I have copies of pages from the Bible of Mrs. Emily Rodenhizer (Emily
Sternberger Hudgins Rodenhizer) of Danville, VA.  Some of itisa little
hard to read, because of the handwriting, but here is what I have.  By the
way, the Bible is now in the possession of Harry E. Rodenhizer ofDurham,
North Carolina, grandson of Emily Rodenhizer.

Joseph Hudgins         June3, 1875
Billie (?) Hudgins              Nov. 4, 1877
Solomon Hudgins        April29, 1880
Twins not named        Dec. 12,1881
William Henry Hudgins, Jr.      August5,1883
Casper N. Rodenhizer    May 4, 1888
Harry E. Rodenhizer             May 9, 1892
William Leonard Hudgins October 22, 1909

Billie (?) Hudgins              June 22, 1880
Twins without names died.  The boy dies on the 12th day Dec.1881twelve
hours after birth.  Girl died Dec. 16, 1881, four days, 15hoursold.
William H. Hudgins departed this life April 29, 1884.
Mary E. Sternberger died Feb. 19, 1880
J.M. Hudgins died 11 of January, 1904

William Henry Hudgins born July 8, 1850
E.C. Sternberger born Nov. 10, 1858
Napoleon C. Rodenhizer died June 1, 1884
D.K. Rodenhizer died September 25, 1901
Mary H. Rodenhizer died April 14, 1902, age 76.

William Henry Hudgins and E.C. Sternberger  May 21, 1874
D.B. Rodenhizer and Mrs. E.C. Sternberger June 10, 1885

Submitted by Sheila Rodenhizer Heath in Blacksburg, Virginia

  Family Bible of [JamesSOYARS and] Jane [OAKES] SOYARS of Pittsylvania Co VA

Transcribed by Lin Van Buren <>

[Revolutionary War soldier Corporal James SOYARS (c1760-1838) of
Pittsylvania Co VA left a widow, Jane (OAKES) SOYARS, who successfully
applied for a widow's pension, File W.6,140, also B. L. Wt. 387-100and B.
L. Wt. 240-60-55. In her pension application file is an actual page,front
and back, taken from her Family Bible, with the following depositionby her
son Thomas O. SOYARS which explains how this page came to be inthisfile.]

State of Virginia Pittsylvania County to wit

        On this 3rd day of July1844 personally appeared before me a Justice of
the Peace in and for the County aforesaid Thomas O. Soyars a residentof
the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia aged 34 years whobeing
first duly sworn according to Law Doth on his oath state that theleaf
attached to this Deposition was cut by him out of the family BibleofJane
Soyars the widow of James Soyars, that he is living in the familyofthe
said Jane Soyars and that there is no family record of the marriageofthe
said James Soyars to Jane Oaks [*] now the widow of the said JamesSoyars
nor is is [sic] there any record of the birth of the oldest childofJames
Soyars & Jane Soyars whose name was Isaac.

                [Signed] Thomas O. Soyars

Sworn and subscribed to this day and year above written before me.

                [Signed] Jeduthan Carter J. P.

[* Perhaps the deponent knew of no "family record" of the marriageof his
parents, but there is a marriage bond, dated 16 December 1793, Pittsylvania
Co VA; bondsman was Siller Stokes.]

[Verbatim Bible transcription, one sheet of paper with the birthson one
side and the marriages on the other side of the same sheet, in several



Major Soyars Was born [Note: "Major" was his forename.]
April the 10, 1795

Salley Williams Soyars
Was Born September
the 5, 1797

Pleasant Soyars Was
Born May the 30, 1799

Judith Soyars was born
December the 18, 1800

Elizabeth King Soyars
Was Born June the 19

Francis Soyars was born
December the 2 1803

John Soyars Was born
November the 23 - 1805

Alexander Brown
Soyars Was Born
February the 23 - 1807

Thomas Oakes Soyars
And Martha Jane Soyars
Was Born March the
9 - 1810

Isaac Oakes Soyars
Was Born December the
16 - 1812 -



Major Soyars was
Marred November

Sarah W. Soyars was
marred Febuary 24th

James Soyars was
marred October
        5th 1820

Judith Soyars was
married March 28th 1822

Pleasant Soyars was
Married October 17th 1822

Frances Soyars was
Married Nov 18th
Frances Soyars

Elisabeth K. Soyars
Was maried July
21st, 1825

Alexander B.
Soyars was maried
22 Sept 1830

Martha Soyars
was married 22d of ---ember

John Soyars was married
the 26th Sept 1832

[Elsewhere in the pension file it is stated that the soldier JamesSoyars
was the father of 17 children in total.]
Submitted by Lin Van Buren

of Pittsylvania Co. DAR Records, Ga. State Archives
John Lewis m. Mildred Shelton, Pittsylvania Co., Va. 9/26/1793

Lucinda Lewis 7/24/1794 Chloe Spencer Lewis 1/12/1810
Charles Woodson Lewis 8/21/1796 Temple Lewis 1/23/1812
James Mansfield Lewis 2/22/1799 Thos. Anderson Lewis 6/12/1814 JohnMarshall Lewis 3/19/1801 Elizabeth P. Lewis 6/23/1816 William Lewis 7/23/1803Augustine Lewis 3/10/1818
David Pannill Lewis 9/25/1805 Arch Stewart Lewis 5/2/1820
Nancy Grasty Lewis 11/29/1807 Chrisehana Caroline Lewis 7/7/1822
Contributed by Sallie Hurt

Parsons Bible

"Donna Price" <>
      The Bible record is in the possessionofdescendants.  They kindly shared a

Benjamin Parsons was the son of Joseph and Margaret Griffith Parsonsof
Pittsylvania County Virginia.  He and his wife, Sarah Burton Parsons,
daughter of Elisha and Eliz. Chamberlain Burton, traveled to
Rockcastle/Lincoln County, KY with his brother, Samuel, and the familyof
Peter James Bailey.  Benjamin and Sarah were married December20,1790 in
Pittsylvania County, VA.

Samuel's wife was the daughter of Peter James Bailey.  Benjaminremained in
KY and his brother Samuel lived for a short time in Logan County, KYand
then finally settled in Pike County, MO.

THE ORIGINAL GREEK and with the former translations diligently compared and


BENJAMIN PARSONS The son of Joseph Parsons was bornd the 9 of March 1772
Being the register of the following familey
Saly Parsons the wife of the above was borned the 18 November 1774
Harrison Parsons the son of the above was bornd the 13 of January1792
Obadiah Parsons was bornd December the 21 1793
David Parsons was bornd the 7 of December 1795
Polley Parsons was bornd 24 of April 1797
Ephriam Parsons was bornd the 4 of January 1800
Elizabeth Parsons was bornd the 25 of March 1802
Solomon Parsons was bornd the 25 of August 1804
Elisha Parsons was bornd the 4 of November 1807
Joseph B. Parsons was bornd the 5 of Febuary 1809
Samuel Parsons was bornd the 5 of August 1811
Susanner Parsons was bornd 18 of March 1814
Ephriam Parsons Deceasd the 21 of March 1821
Salley Parsons the wife of Benjamin Parsons Deceast the 5 of September 1825
Benjaminin Parsons Deceast June the 26 1837
Elisha Parsons Deceast the 26 June 1854
Joseph B. Parsons died Decmbr 19 1871 being Sixty Two years Tenmonths
Fourteen days old
Samuel Parsons died August the 26th 1874
Susanna Parsons died July 26 1885
Elizabeth Parsons died August 8th 1885
To the care and keeping of one whom I trust will duly appreciateitsworth
this book is confidentially Commended (by James Hix)

Contributed by "Donna Price" <>

Shelton Family Bible
The following info was taken from the Shelton family bible in
 My great-grandmother was Nellie Ellen Shelton:

 John P. Shelton and Judia A. Motley
 Married at Samuel Motleys 23 Dec. 1873.  Witness JohnMotley and
 Shelton. (Judia was Nellies Mother)

 1.  John P. Shelton B. 11/23/1851, Married 12/23/1873,Died 5/7/1924
 2.  Judia A. Motley B 7/13/1852, Married 12/23/1873,died4/17/1936
 3.  Nellie E. Shelton B 12/20/1874 Married 12/21/1892,died
 4.  Promis R. Shelton Born 4/14/1876
 Married 11/22/1899 Died 3/18/1952
 5.  Flossie M. Shelton Born 5/17/1878
 Married 6/17/1895, died 7/14/1925
 6.  George P. Shelton born 3/18/1881
 Married 7/19/1903
 7.  Fitz Lee Shelton born 1/5/1883
 Married 2/16/1916
 8.  Bright A. Shelton born 11/8/1885
 9.  Frank M. Shelton born 10/15/1889
 10.  Cora Lee Shelton born 4/20/1895,
 Married 7/9/1917

 Children of Promis Rest Shelton
 a.  Archer William Shelton B. 7/29/1901
 b.  Roy Hiett Shelton B 4/4/1905
 Gladys Alberta Shelton B. 4/21/1905
 c.  John Willoughby Shelton B. 4/21/1905
 d.  Mary Elizabeth Shelton B. 1/15/1913
 e.  Raymond Carter Shelton B. 2/18/1915
 f.  Promis Ashworth Shelton B. 4/4/1917

 Cora Sheltons Father, and his brothers and sisters.
 1. Father Allen M. Shelton B 4/25/1808
 2.  Mother Patsy Shelton B. 5/29/1816
 Married 10/28/1835
 3.  Joanne Lutzy Shelton B. 12/4/1836, died Jan 1848
 4.  Mary Anne Shelton b. 12/18/1838
 5.  George Jefferson Shelton B 4/3/1841
 6.  James Saton Shelton B. 4/27/1843
 7.  Elizabeth Susan Shelton B. 3/10/1845
 8.  Samuel Harten Shelton B. 6/30/1847
 9.  Matildea Francis Shelton b. 6/11/1849
 10.  John Preston Shelton B. 11/21/1851
 11.  William Tunstal Shelton B. 1/12/1854
 12.  Danuel Wicker Shelton B. 3/16/1856
 13.  Abrum Fox Shelton b.  1/4/1861
Contributed by Dean

The only
problem is the entry in the bible that says "Coras father and his
brothers and sisters"  Laura Irby doesn't think that the infoonCora
is correct, but that's what was in the bible. I havn't had timeto
really look into it

Hamlett Family Bible

From a Hamlett Family Bible.  The Bible is believed to havebeen published in 1824.

Given to Gary Eichhorst by Lucy Hamlett Davis in the late 1970s.  Lucy had lived in Danville, VA

(Alger) M. Pruitt was born Dec 12 1880
Nannie B. Pruitt was born Dec (?) 1882
Fannie B. Pruitt was born Sept 17, 1885

Jno Hobson and Rachel P. Hardy was married the 17 day of December1845

William T. Pruitt and Mary. A.P. Hobson was married January the 31st, 1866

Marshall L. Hamlett and Fannie E. Pruitt were married May 20, 1892

Lillie D. Hamlett was born March 19, 1903

Marshall F. Hamlett was born May 7, 1906

William R. Hughes and Rachel Hobson was married May the 15, 1855

Taylor Pruitt and Fannie (?) Hobson was married July 21st 1870

Lula M. Hamlett the first daughter of M.L. and F (?) was borned Nov 5, 1892

Helen L. Hamlett the second daughter was born May 5, 1895

Lottie J. Hamlett the third daughter was Sept 15, 1898

Lucy L. Hamlett was born March 19, 1901

Henry Hobson born

John Hobson son of Henry Hobson and Mary Hobson was born Jan 1st178(0?)

Rachel P. Hobson was born January the 11th 1823

Maryann Pate. Hobson first daughter of John & Rachel Hobson was born November 27th 1847 at 5 oclock A.M. Saturday

Frances Henry. Hobson Secd daughter of John & Rachel Hobson,was born Tuesday 4th September 1949 one oclock PM

Sally Thomas Hobson 3d daughter born 18th day July 4 oclock PM 1851

Fannie E. Pruitt the first daughter of William & Mary Pruittwas born December the 13th 1866 at 7 oclock PM Thursday

John W.T. Prewitt the first son was born October the 3rd 1868 athalf past 11 oclock PM

Edward A. Prewitt (?) son was born June 18th 1870 Saturday at 10oclock PM

Samuel T. Pruitt third son was born August the 5 &ndash; 1872Monday at11 oclock PM

Ester G. Pruitt was born July 24, 1871

Oscar O. Pruitt was born March 30, 1882

Rachell P. Hobson was born September 30, 1862

George (?) Hobson was born May the 27, 1864

Wiley (?) J. Hobson was born May 9th (?), 1866

Fannie L.(?) was born April 9, 1868

Edward Hobson

Matthew M. Hobson

Elijah (?) Hobson

John Hobson

Berth nigar

Partheney Ann was born the 26 of November 1840

Catharinia was born the 15 day January 1843

Sallaratus (?) was born September 30th day 1844

Nancy was born July the 25th 1846

Tabitha was born Febury 15 day 1848

Samual H. Hopson was born November the 19th 1857 (?)

Mary E.F.T. (?) Hobson was born 24th of December the year 1860

John W. T. Pruitt dide Sept the 12th 1875

Mary E. Pruitt dide Sept the 9th 1876

Fannie (?) died July 20, 1899 (0)

Mary P. Pruitt Dide May 25th, 1889

Sallie T. Burgess Died Dec 4 (14) 1889

W. T. Parrett Died June 10, 1899

Mary Brown died 18th March 1838

Samuel Pate Juner died April 27 1845

John Hobson departed this life March the 23rd 1852 (?)

Rachel P. Hughes departed this life Aug 25th, 1888

W.R. Hugh departed this life Sept 7  1898 at 15 minutes pastseven oclock PM

There is more information that is written in pencil and faded beyond recognition

Contributed by Gary Eichhorst


owned by Caleb Moore, Chatham, VA(when I took it to Va

State Library about 20 years ago)

First Page:

The Holy Bible
  Containing the
Old and New Testaments;
   Translated out of
The Original Tongues, 
    And with
The former translations diligently compared and revised.

New York:
American Bible Society
  Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI


Page 1:

Daniel Motley & Mary Parsons was married the 6 day of November 1839

Elizabeth Mildred the daughter of Daniel Motley &  Mary his wife was born 
November 15(?) 1840

Emily Frances was borned the 14th of November 1842

James Pendleton was borned April 18th day 1845

Joseph Richard was borned the 11th day of September 1847

Milton Hays was borned Nov the 4th day 1849

Letitia Missouri was borned June 24th day 1851

John Rice was borned January the 20 day 1855

Sallie Ann was borned September 5th day 1858

Page 2:

Richard B. Parsons and Letty Yeatts was married November the 19(?)th day 1819

Mary Parsons daughter of Richard B. Parson & Letty, his wife, was born 
November 9th, 1821

Daniel Motley was born May 29th day 1818

James P. Motley and Mollie B. Scales was married Oct the 1st day 1866

Samuel B. Blair and Emily Motley was married 18th of December 1866

Jno E Nuckolds and Elizabeth M. Motley was married February 8th 1870

Joseph R Motley and Lettie D Scales was married Oct  2nd day 1871

Milton H Motley and June Watson was married 15th December 187?

Asa I Aron and J. Letitia (?) Motley was married 23rd October 1874

Page 3:

Susan Motley wife of Jas Motley and daughter of Rich B.. Parson & Letitia his 
wife departed this life November 28th day 1846

Tempa (?) Yeattes wife of D. T. Yeatts departed this life February ?? day 1857

Letitia Parsons wife of Richard B Parsons departed this life 22nd day of 
January 185?

James R Parsons departed this life August 1858

Richard B Parsons departed this life the 5 day Sept 1865(?)

Page 4:

James E. Shelton son of A. M. Shelton departed this life the 15th day of 
November 1861 at Manassas who volunteered in the defense of country the 15th 
of June 1861 and his corpse was brought home to his relations & friends and 
was burried the 19th of the same month

Mary Motley, wife of Joseph Motley,decd, departed this life January 29th day 

Joseph Motley departed this life in October 1839

Milly Hall daughter of Richard B Parsons & Letty ??? departed this life the 
5th day of April 1876

>From Back of the 1857 Motley bible owned by Caleb Moore (may be clearer on 
the Library of Virginia copy):

Calla Motley daughter of Joseph R Motley & Letty his wife was born the  ??  
of  July 1873

W?lter Aron son of A G Aron and Letitia his wife was born the 17th(?) of 
September 1875

Nalla H Motley daughter of M H Motley was born June 9th 18??

Louisa A Motley daughter of Mrs R M Motley was born January 16th 1881

Joel Scales Motley the son of James P (?) Motley & Mollie his wife was borned 
August 1?th 1867

James Suter(?) Blair the son of Samuel B Blair and Emily his wife was borned 
March ??th 1868

Daniel Edward Nuckols son of John E. Nuckols and Elizabeth M. his wife was 
borned the 30th day of March 1871
1857 Motley Bible Loose papers
in the possession of Caleb Moore, Pittsylvania County, VA.
A copy of this record is in the VA State Library.
Pittsylvania County,
Callands District
John R. Motley
Teacher of Public School
For 2 month, ending 26th Oct, 1877

On Page 2 is a list of the students and ages, boys first.  There are also the 
number of days  each is present and the subjects each is taking, which I did 
not include.

Akkins, T. D.-11
Blair, Sam'l R. -5
Brumfield, C. F. -5
Brumfield, J. T. -6
Craddock, Ja's M. -7
Chism, George M. -9
Grubb, Jno. B. -10
Grubb, Jesse T. -8
Grubb, W. C. -6
Jones, W. L. -9
Motley, Joel S. -10
McGee, John -8
Mitchell, Thomas -9
Odineal, David -11
Parrish, Wm. P. -10
Reynolds, David -6
Reynolds, Jno. V. -6
Toler, Ja's K. -10
Toler, Walker -10
White, Geo. Wm. -8
Yeatts, C. T. -11?
Yeatts, Ja's A. -13
Aron, Annie --?
Aron, Luella -8
Blair, M. E. -7
Brynfuekdm H, C, --8
Brumfield, L. A. -11
Brumfield, M. S. -10
Craddock, M. F. -5
Chism, M. B. -6
Chism, L. E. -11
Grubb, G. A. -17
Grubb, M. L. -12
Hubbard, I?. M. -13
Hastin, L. C. -10
Hastin, M. M. -12
Mills, D. F. -9
Mitchell, P?. W. -11
Mitchell, Bettie -16
McGee, B. A. -6
McGee, Ida? --7
McGee, Alice A. -13
Odineal, M. E. -14
Odineal, A. A. -9
Parrish, ?. C -8
Parsons, ?. A. -7
Reynolds, Maggie -8
Toler, Virginia -10
White, A. C. -9
Names of Pupils from other districts.:
Motley, Joel S. -Chatham
White, Geo. Wm. -Chatham
White, A. C. -Chatham
 D. B. Yeatts
 D. T. Yeatts
 Thomas Parrish
 F. J. Foust
 Thomas Aaron
 J. E. Edwards.
      B. O. Foust
OBITUARY -LOOSE PAPERS WITH 1857 Motley Bible.  No newspaper name or date.  A
copy is in the VA State Library.
Meads Echols
Dies At Home
In Sutherlin
    Meads M. Echols died at his home Sutherlin Rt. 1, yesterday afternoon at 
4 o'clock after a decline in health for several years.
    Born in Pittsylvania County on Feb. 11, 1872, he was the son of James S. 
Echols and Elvira Cabell McGregor Echols.  Most of his life was spent in 
Pittsylvania County where he was a well-known farmer. 
Mr. Echols was a member of St. Paul Episcopal Church at Peytonsburg.  His 
wife, Mrs Mattie K. Shaw Echols, died July 11, 1958.
    Surviving are the following children:  Noel S. Echols and James M. 
Echols, both of Sutherlin; John S. Echols of Ceredo, W.Va.; Mrs A. W. Henry 
Sr. Of Vernon Hills; and Mrs. Thornton Shaw of Danville.  He also leaves two 
brothers, Pearl Echols of Sutherlin and Joe Echols of Staunton; three 
sisters, Mr. Mollie Barksdale of Java, Mrs. Vergie Early of Blairs, Mrs. 
Lizzie Wyatt of Danville; and a number of grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
    The body is resting at Townes Funeral Home pending completion of funeral
Submited by Carolyn Aldredge

20th Century Edition
owned by Carolyn Wood Aldredge, Richmond, VA
Copies of these pages are in the Virginia State Library.
.. . . 
.. . ..
.. . . 

D.E. NUCKOLS AND SADIE HUBBARD were united . . . in the Bonds of Holy 
Matrimony at Weal, Va on the 23rd day of July in the year of our Lord 1907.

PAGE 2 (This "Family Record" is on two pages; all were born in Pittsylvania 
Co., VA.  All are now deceased.)

D.E. Nuckols, b. Mch 31st, 1871; d. July 29., 1942
Sadie Hubbard, b. Aug 13th; 1876; m. July 23, 1907; d. July 1, 1953
Randolph Winfred Nuckols; b. January 17, 1898; m. May 23, 1925
Gertrude Nuckols, b. October 17, 1899; m. June 31, 1917; d. Nov. 11, 1971
Gladys Nuckols, b. December 14, 1900; m. October 12, 1935
Daniel Hubert Nuckols, b. June 18, 1902; d. Jan. 22, 1907
Cathleen Nuckols, b. May 17, 1904
Rhoda Elizabeth Nuckols, b. Mch 26, 1906; m. Dec. 23, 1924
Daniel Edward Nuckols, Jr., b. Mch 8, 1908; m. Dec. 24, 1929; d. Apr. 3, 1964
Annie Ross Nuckols, b. Sept. 26, 1909; m. Sept. 4, 1935
Sadie Aileen Nuckols, b. Jan. 24, 1911; m. June 16, 1939
John Roland Nuckols, b. Feb. 23, 1915; m. Dec. 27, 1944; d. Dec, 1971
William Bryan Nuckols, b. Sept. 15, 1917; m. July 6, 1940





PAGE 5 - Tombstone record on back page:
"Copied from tombstones in family cemetary on the farm of the Nuckols estate, 
where Joe Webb now lives-owned now widow of William Randolph Nuckols"

John Nuckols-Jan 1783-died Mar 18, 1876 was married to
Brinthy Grubb -Born Aug 18, 1802. Died Dec. 17, 1876

John Nuckols-born 1836 -died 1918 married 
Elizabeth Motley -Nov 12, 1840, died July 10, 1905 -had yellow jaundice.

(The following person is not buried in the family cemetery but in the 
cemetery of Hollywood Baptist Church, Pittsylvania, Co., VA.  Note by Carolyn 
Daniel Edward Nuckols, born Mar 31, 1871; died July 29, 1942

PAGE 6 The following newspaper obituaries were included with the Bible; 
doesn't say what paper:

Chatham, Va. January 23,--(Special.)-Mrs. Rhoda Nuckols, wife of D. E. 
Nuckols, of the county, near Rondo, died at her home Tuesday morning after an 
illness of short duration from a complication of diseases.  Her death was 
preceded three hours by that of her 4-year-old son, from grippe and 
pneumonia, after a very short illness.  Mrs. Nuckols was a Miss Reynolds 
before her marriage.  She is survived by her husband and five children.  The 
interment was in the family cemetery Wednesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. 
Aylor, of the Baptist church of this place.

Note by Carolyn Aldredge-the family cemetery mentioned in the above obituary 
is at Honey Hill, the D. E. Nuckols home.

Funeral services for Daniel Edward Nuckols, 71-year-old farmer of 
Pittsylvania County, whose death occurred at 9:45 Wednesday at his home near 
Chatham as the result of a stroke of paralysis, which he suffered Sunday, 
will be held Friday afternoon from the Hollywood Baptist church.  The rites 
will be conducted by the pastor, the Rev. W. L. Naff, and interment will be 
in the church cemetery.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Motley Nuckols (this is the wrong 
name; she was Sadie Hubbard Nuckols. Elizabeth Motley Nuckols was Daniel's 
mother. CA); four sons, Winfred Nuckols of Richmond, Daniel E. Nuckols of 
Gretna, and Roland and Bryan Nuckols of Chatham; and six daughters, Mrs. 
Gladys Wood of Waynesboro, Mrs Allene Brumfield of Trenton, N. J., Mrs. Annie 
Ross Anderson of Baton Rouge, La., and Mrs. Gertrude Hubbard, Mrs. Betsy 
Easley and Miss Kathleen Nuckols of Chatham.  He also leaves a brother, John 
Nuckols of Marion, and two sisters, mrs. Lemma Goggin and Mrs. Woodruth 
Towler, both of Chatham.
Submited by Carolyn Aldredge

owned by Mrs. Samuel Hayden
Pittsylvania County, VA
A copy of this is in the VA State Library.
of our
translated out of
and with 
instituted in the year MDCCCXVI.



The following two marriage records were written at top of page 1:

Bennie G. Giles and Fannie E. Motley were married Sept 8, 1921
Edgar G. Motley and Lina Cunningham were married June 221, 1927.
Page 1:
Callie Hester Motley and Gilbert W. East were married Feb. 2, 1898
Marion Martin Motley and Gracie Jervey were married 1906. Gracie died 1917.
Marion and Ella Walsh were married 19___
Curtis E. Motley and Ruth Compton were married April ___1917
Lola Sue Motley and I. J. McAdams were married March 1917
Lemma E. Motley and Halcott Riddle were married April 26, 1911.
Hugh M. Motley and Annie Maddox were married June 11, 1921.
Page 2:
Lettie Scates Motley born April 28, 1856.  Died Jan 6, 1920
Joseph Richard Motley born Sept 11, 1847.  Died April 4, 1926.
Lettie Dina Scates and Joseph Richard Motley were married Sept 5, 1871

    Page 3
Fannie Elizabeth Motley born 23 of May 1893
Hugh Miller Motley born August 20, 1891
         Page 4
Edgar G. Motley was born July 20, 1878
Callie Hester Motley born July 29, 1973
Lola Sue Motley born July 28, 1881
Marion Martin Motley born Sept 27, 1883
Lemma Echols Motley born June 3, 1885
Curtis Embry Motley June 14, 1888

       Page 1  Note "This information was compiled by Otey B. East.  He was 
the son of Gilbert W. and Callie Motley East.  This information was started 
about 1930.  He had opportunity to talk to some very old people."  (signed) 
Lillian East Hayden  July 18, 1979

       Page 2 This doesn't say "married"; names are just on same lines; from 
other information they were married.

Joseph Motley (mother was Pendleton)
Miss Jones
Jack Motley (Mother was Watson)  Joanna Watson
Samuel            Anne Doss
Joseph Motley  Betsy Haden
Daniel Motley   Mary Elizabeth Motley
William Motley   (Susan Motley) Martha Payne
Jim Motley (Susan Parson) Martha Shackleford
Patsy Motley (Madison Shelton
Betsy Motley  (Jones??)

         Page 3
Daniel Motley and Mary Elizabeth Parsons were married 1839 - Nov.
Daniel Motley born May 30, 1818 - died Feb 17, 1899
Mary Elizabeth Parsons Motley born Nov 6, 1820  Died Nov. 1891
Elizabeth Mildred Motley born Nov. 1841 - died -June
Emily Frances Motley born Nov.  1843

       Page 4
James Pendleton Motley - Born April 17, 1845 - died Mar. 1920
Joseph Richard Motley (Sept. 11, 1847   April 4, 1926)
Letitia Missouri Motley born June______
Milton Hays Motley Oct 4 ______
John Rice Miller Motley
Sallie Anne Motley, born Sept. 5, 1858
     Page 5:
Lettie Dinah Scates Born April 20, 1856  Died Jan 6, 1920
    Page 6
Zebulon B. Scates Born April 11, 1774
Letty Petty Born Nov. 16, 1778
    Were married Feb. 14, 1799
These are the names of their children
Joseph Scates Born March 25, 1800
Zebedee Scates Born Dec 30 1804
Albert Scates Born Dec 12 1808
Elice Scates Born Apr. 6 1811
Grief. David Scates Born May 25, 1815
  and died Feb. 17, 1856
Grief. D. Scates and Susan S. Echols daughter of David and Dinah Echols (born 
Oct 1, 1830  decd June 20 1865) were married March 1, 1842
These are names of their children
Harriet Francis Scates born Dec. 18, 1842
Joel Henry Scates Feb. 15, 1845 and died at Point Lookout, MD. April 23, 1865 
Mollie Bettie Scates Born Nov. 28, 1850 Died March 29, 1909
Moses Grief Scates Born Feb. 19, 1854
Lettie Dinah Scates, Born April 20, 1856

OBITUARY NOTICE (newspaper not identified)

     Died of pneumonia, at her home near Chatham, on January 6th, Mrs. Lettie 
Skates Motley, wife of Richard Motley.  She was a little past middle life.  
She leaves a husband, eight children and one brother, Moses Skates, of Henry 
County, to morn their loss.
     Mrs. Motley had a bright, happy disposition which, together with many 
deeds of kindness and acts of love, won for her a host of friends.  Indeed, 
all who knew her loved her.  She was familiarly known as "Aunt Let."  Above 
all she was a devout Christian.  She manifested her religion by her daily 
walk and conversation.  She was one of the charter members of Marion Baptist 
Church, having been a member of old Banister Church from early girlhood.  
When that church was disbanded and Marion organized she joined the new 
organization, of which body she remained faithful until God called her to 
     We shall miss her so much but know that our loss has been her gain, and 
we bow in humble submission to God's will knowing He doeth all things well.
Mrs. N. A. Hall
Submited by Carolyn Aldredge

property of
Mrs. David W. Blair (Virginia Goggin)
Chatham, Pittsylvania County, VA
A copy of this record is in the VA State Library. 


This Bible was bought July the 5th day 1873.
And was presented to Elizabeth M. Nuckols by Daniel Motley, her Father.



John E. Nuckols and Elizabeth M. Motley was married the 8th of February 1870
Lois M. Goggin and Cecil Tuck were married Jan. 24, 1939
Va Belle Goggin and Dave Blair was married Nov 19, 1938
Sammie B. Goggin and Vicky Minter? Were married April 25th, 1945
Samuel M. Goggin and Lemma M. Nuckols was married December, 14th, 1905.
William R. Nuckols and Lena Thomas was married January 23, 1907.
Lois Motley Goggin was married Jan 21, 1939. To Cecil Tuck.

PAGE 3   

Daniel Edward Nuckols, son of John E. Nuckols and Elizabeth M his wife, was 
born March the 30th, 1871
John Hays Nuckols, son of John E. Nuckols and Elizabeth M. his wife, was born 
December the 2nd, 1872
James Lee Nuckols, son of John E. Nuckols and Elizabeth M his wife was born 
May the 8th, 1875
Lemma M. Nuckols was born the 25 day of November, 1877 daughter of the same
Woodruth Nuckols daughter of J.E. and E. M. Nuckols was born 6th June, 1880
William R. Nuckols, son of J. E. & E. M. Nuckols was born 15 January of 1883

PAGE 4 (some duplicates here)

Lemma M. Nuckols, daughter of J. E. & E. M. Nuckols was born 5th November, 
Wm Ryland Nuckols, son of J. E. & E. M. Nuckols was born January 15th, 1883
Samuel M. Goggin born Mar. 1880
Louise Elizabeth Goggin was born Nov 26th, 1907
Lois Motley Goggin was born April 18th, 1910
Virginia Belle Goggin was born Jan 1st, 1912.
Samuel Bennett Goggin was born Jan. 25, 1915


Mother? died July the 10th, 1904 (I think this is Elizabeth Motley Nuckols. 
Born Nov. 13, 1840

Father? died August 1918  (I think this is John E Nuckols. CA)
Samuel M. Goggin died Dec 13th, 1932 Tues Nite about 10 o'clock
William? died July 26, 1900
Lemma N. Goggin died July 20, 1965 at 2 A.M.
Louise Elizabeth Goggin died June 23rd 1909 age 1 yr 6 mo & 27 days
Daniel Nuckols died July 29, 1942
Jim? Nuckols died May 24, 1941
Lois Goggin Tuck died Sept. 9, 1955 at 5:45 P.M. at Sandy Level, VA
David W. Blair, husband of Virginia Belle Goggin Blair died Dec. 29,
Submited by Carolyn Aldredge

The Reynolds Bible

This is the Reynolds family of Rhoda Reynolds Nuckols who is listed in the
Nuckols Bible, 20th Century edition.  Her children are the ones born before
1907, when she died and Daniel Edward Nuckols married Sadie Hubbard; Daniel
and Sadie had 5 more children.  Carolyn Aldredge

(owned by Mrs. Robert J. Hubbard, Chatham, VA.)

(Copy of this record in VA State Library)

This Page in margins:
Booker Jabe Reynolds and Orey(?) May Allen married July 4, 1944 in Danville,

Rodney L. Wells and Teresa Ann Mattox married August 25, 1956 at Sharon
Church 5 P.M. Saturday, Danville, VA.

Marriage Certificate
This Certifies
John B. Reynolds and Talitha C. Mahan
Were solemnly united by me in the
Holy Bonds of Matrimony
At David Mahans house on Thursday 8th day
Of January, 1867 in the year of our Lord one Thousand
Eight Hundred and Sixty-seven
Conformably to the
Ordinance of God
And the laws of the state.
Signed: By Rev. M. Hagood

Page 3:
Marriages (but it is births)
John B. Reynolds was born March 5th Day, 1842
Talitha C. Mahan was born July 8th, 1841
Maggie O. Reynolds was born Monday, 4 A.M., June 21st, 1869
David Reynolds was born Thursday 11 ½ P.M., August 4th, 1870
John V. Reynolds was born 5 A.M., Friday February 23rd, 1872
Rody C. Reynolds was born 3 !/2 A.M., Friday March 18th, 1874
William A. Reynolds was born 10 ½ P.M., Thursday, July 9th, 1875
James L. Reynolds was Born at noon, Sunday, Feb. 3rd, 1878
Sallie C. Reynolds was born 6 A.M., Sept. the 9th, 1879
Booker J. Reynolds was born Monday 5 A.M. Oct 9th, 1882
Robert L. Reynolds was born 1st day of Feb. 15 minutes to one A. M., 1884

Page 4:
J. V. Reynolds died Feb 16/98 (presume 1898 since this was copied long before
Rodia C. Reynolds died Jan. 22, 1907
J. B. Reynolds died June 2nd, 1913
Sallie C. Reynolds died Apr. 13th, 1918
Mrs. J. B. Reynolds died July 7, 1930 at 3:25 P.M. was buried on her
birthday, July 8.
Maggie R. Grubb died Jan. 14, 1937
David C. Reynolds died June 2, 1946
Wm. A. Reynolds died March 21, 1947
Robert L. Reynolds died May 9, 1949
James L. Reynolds died March 24, 1954
Booker J. Reynolds died Tues, 2 a.m., Nov. 15, 1957.

Last Page of Bible:  lists horses and cows, they are not people; Library
copied anyway.

Submited by Carolyn Aldredge

Sydnor C. Giles Family Bible

William B. Giles died May 23rd, 1883 (William Bascom Giles  was born around 1815 - 1819 and married Sally Ann Ferguson 3 Jan 1848 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  She died 29 Nov. 1860 in  Pittsylvania County, Virginia,  the mother of eight children. Only one son lived to adulthood. All children of this family, except the one son, were born and died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia)

  Sydnor C. Giles, son  was borned May 20th 1849 (Son of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson )
Son - nameless was borned June 1st 1851- died 20 June 1851 (Son of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson )
Mary E. Giles was borned Dec 8th, 1852 - died 14 Oct 1868 - (Daughter of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson )
Son - nameless was borned May 11th 1854 - died May 1854 - (Son of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson )
Charles M. Giles was borned June 4th 1855 - (son of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson  who died 15 Nov 1860) 
Elizabeth E. Giles was borned April 17th, 1858 (Daughter of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson who died Aug 1858)
Susan A. Giles was borned Sept 4th, 1859 (Daughter of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson who died 1 Aug 1860)
James A. Giles was borned Sept 4th, 1860 (Son of William Bascom Giles and Sally Ann Ferguson who died 14 Aug 1868)
Submitted by Fred Hatton, great-great grandson of William Bascom Giles.These are Bible records of the William Bascom Giles family and his son, Sydnor Coleman Giles. William Bascom Giles, I believe, is the son of Thomas Giles and Lucy Easley.
Franklin-Adams-Vaughan Bible

From the Library of Virginia, Archives/Manuscripts Collection:

The following records were copied November 19, 1936, by Juliet Fauntleroy, from a Bible owned by Mrs. W. A. Withers, of Hurt, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. On the title page-of the Bible is the
Stereotyped by James Connor, New York.
Published By
The Brattleboro’ Bible Company
Peck, Steen & Co. Agents
Thomas Franklin and Judith E. Anderson was married December 26th 1832.
John W. Adams and Ann Mary Franklin was married Feb. 22, 1855.
Raleigh Vaughan and Ann Mary Adams was married Dec. 13, 1865.
R.T. Jackson and Sarah Judith Adams married Dec. 24, 1878.
Thomas C. Green and Mary Eddie Adams married Aug. 27th 1890.
Joel T. Adams and Kate A. Snow married Apr. 6th 1892.
W. H. Vaughan and Emma H. Hughes married Nov. 4th 1891 Morton D. Vaughan and Anna Gettle married Apr. 8th 1903.
Sallie B. Vaughan and W. A. Withers were married Nov. 3d 1909.
Thomas Franklin and Martha F. Hundley was married June 18th 1877.

Sarah C. Franklin was born August 29th 1834.
Ann Mary Franklin was born July 18th 1836.
Henry C. Franklin was born 2nd October, 1840.
Abner E. Franklin was born 7th August 1843.
Edward J. Franklin was born Apr. 8th 1878.
John J. Franklin was born Dec. 10th 1879.
Bettie R. Franklin Died in 1888. (Written in pencil - J. F.) R. T. Vaughan born Oct. 7, 1829.
Judith E. Anderson was born the 8th February 1802.
Thomas Franklin Born Oct. 1st 1808.
Martha F. Hundley was born Feb. 3rd 1844.
William Henry Vaughan Born Feb. 2nd 1867.
James R. Vaughan Born March 13th 1869.
Emma Franklin Vaughan Born Nov. 13, 1872.
Sallie B. Vaughan Born Sep. 20th 1874.
Morton David Vaughan Born Nov. 27th 1876.
John W. Adams born Aug. 23 1833.
Ann Mary Franklin born July 18- 1836.
Sarah Judith Adams born Dec. 20- 1858.
Joel Thomas Adams born Mar. 12, 1861.
Mary Eddie Adams born Apr. 25, 1863.
Sarah C. Franklin died the 11 May 1857.
Henry C. Franklin died the 7 March 1861.
Judith E. Franklin died April the 7, 1862.
Thomas Franklin Departed this Life July 20th 1887.
S. J. Franklin died Aug. 25, 1902.
Joel. T. Adams died Dec. 15, 1907.
John W. Adams was killed June 18th 1864.
Edward J. Franklin Died Feb. 13th 1913.
R. T. Vaughan died Apr. 16, 1924.
Ann Mary Vaughan died July 13- 1927.
Emma Hughes Vaughan died May 27, 1926.
Eddie Adams Green died Aug. 11- 1928.
M. D. Vaughan died May 3, 1917.

Dinwiddie Co. Va.
(Copied by me-probably the only time-ever-crumbling at the time) 
  Ms. Gerry Hill-Albany Ga

1758-Joseph Tucker Bible

Copied with permission of Rare Book Dealer Jerry M. McConald 701 Morrow Ind Blvd. Apr. 12 C

Jonesboro, Ga 30236 owned by Sidney Kinsaul Thomaston, Ga. left in a tenant shack by the

departarting tenants. Front Cover is missing-

(Earliest date - 1688)
Martha Collson [or Coleson] the daughter of Isaac Collson and Winnifrett his wife was the 13 day of

November 1688
Joseph Tucker son of Joseph was Born October the 28th 1707
Winifrid Tucker was Born the 20th of September 1710
Martha Tucker was Born the 29?d of September 1716
Isaac Tucker was Born the 25th of March 1718
Robert Tucker was Born the 3d of October 1720
John Tucker was Born the 26th of December 1724
Wood Tucker was Born the 29th May 1726
_avid Tucker was Born the 2_ of November 1729
Benjamin Tucker was Born 20 of December 1734
Charles Connally was Born ye 22d of August ____
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Jermima? Williamson was born in August in the year of our Lord Christ 1734 Daughter of John

Joseph Williamson was born in August 13 Day in the year of 1732
Wood Tucker was born May 28th Day 1726
Ben Tucker his Book in the year 1758

Richard Tucker July the 22D.
Elisabeth MarShel her ___ ___ per 1759
Elisabeth Marshel her hand and pen?
Richd. Tucker & Elizabeth his wife was marrie the 16 Day March 1769 & She Depart. this Life __ 21

Day of August 1772
Polley Tucker ___ Daughter of Richd. & Elizabeth was born the the ye 11 Day of May 1770
Malichi Tucker was born January ye 5 day 1772? & Departed this Life July the 20th 1772
Benjamin Clements Tucker was born the five Day of January 1772
Arthur Biggins
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Joseph Tucker Junr was married to Lucretia_ Wynne the third day of Novm in ye 1728
Joseph Tucker Junr was Married to Lucreatia Wynne the third Day of November in the year 1728

Wood Tucker and Milley T _arper was _arried the 27th Day of Janry 1743/4
David Tucker was born 24 of November 1729
Winifrid Goodwyn Departed ______ the 4 Day of may 1758
[Torn] ________ Tucker and Goodwyn Tucker
[Torn] Tucker Departed this
[Torn] _758
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Martha Tucker the Wife of Joseph Tucker Departed this Life the 28?th of August 1747. The Moon

Setting that Night 2 of minists past 8 Clock By Charles Connally
Joseph Tucker Senr. Departed this Life the 22 Day of May 1768
Ben Tucker
[Torn] married
[Torn] n Marshall the 3? day of
[Torn] _y 1755
[Torn] _erry Tucker his
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Joseph Tucker Son of Joseph was born the 28th of Octbr. 1707
Winifret Tucker was born the 20th of September 1710
Martha Tucker was born the 22 day of September 1716
Isaac Tucker was born the ___ March 1718
Jno Tucker was born December the 26 172_
Wood Tucker was born May the 28th 1726
_avid Tucker was born 24 of Novembr 1730?
__njamin Tucker was born December the 20th __ the year 1734/5
___ Tucker was born in the year the 6 of September ___
[torn] ______ Tucker was born

(torn] _ly the 2d Day 1738>
[torn] born August
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Wood Tucker was born the 10th Day of May in the year 1751 [written over 1751 is date 1773; also

under 1751 is line then 22]

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John Tucker
Joseph Tucker Jr. was born Octber the 2_ day 1707
Richard Tucker was born ye 10 Day of April 1747
Lucy Tucker
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Mary B. Tucker was born August ----------- 1801?
Ann C. Tucker was born ___ 1796?

Martha C. Tucker was born April 23 1803
Frances W. Tucker was born march 23rd 1806
Elizer P. Tucker was born November 5 ____

Mary B. Tucker was born August ____
Martha P. Whitehead was born Sept. 1820?
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Ann C. Tucker was born Sept 14th 1796
Martha C. Tucker was born April 23rd 1803
Frances W. Tucker was born March 23 1806
Elizer P. Tucker was born Novr. 5th 1809
Mary W. Tucker was born August 5th 1814
Martha P. Whitehead was born Sept. 13 1820
Elizabeth B. Whitehead was born 4th ____ 1823
Frances W. Whitehead was born February 15th 1827
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Friday 27th 1810 Benjamin Tucker Senr. Departed this Life in his 79 year of Age
Littlebery Tucker Departed this Life the 19 of November 1846 in his 78 year
___________ Tucker was born November __ 1807
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Edmon was born Decr 25th 1820?
Jesse was born October 1 1823
Thomas was born February the 16 1826

Washington & Biggins was born Dec. 23rd 1831 (or 1837 or 39)
Harris was born [ink spot] 1834
Nancy was born [ink spot]_uary ____
Willis was born 1827

(Published add in Family Puzzlers by Mary Warren and seen by E.V. Knight Jr. Apr. 13, 1995. I had it,

but did not note the Tucker mention.)

See Historical Southern Families Vol II by John Bennett Boddie For Proof of

next two generations. Article Tucker of Essex and Tucker of Prince George

Page 258-262.

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