Bobbitt Family Genealogy

Excerpts from deeds in the Clerk's Office of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Grantor Deeds-
                                                                                Vol             pg.
1770 Mar 24   (drawn Sept.1,1769)   B & S              1            421-423
          William & Nancy Bobbit of the Co. Pittsl.
          To David Ross of the Co. of Goochland xx ? ichland
           1 acres on Frying Pan Creek for 15 pound C.M.
           tract known as Bobbitts Mill Seat   xxxxx Pittsylv. Co.

          Witness- Jonathaon Jenning                   William Bobbitt S S
           DavidWalker                                                   her
           John Bobbit                                            Nancy X Bobbitt S S
           Jos. XLaw       Acknowledged                       mark
                      Xx Recorded-            Teste- Will Tunstall CLK

1775 Jan 26       D.4,p.96-97
                                   Benjamin Laweford & John Jenning> of Fincastle Co.
          John Bobbitt & others of the County of Pittsylvania
          To David Ross of the County of Dinwiddie xxx 160 acres
          On Pigg River xxxfor 150 pounds current money of Va.
           No witnesses
                                                                  John Bobbett   seal
                                                                  Jonathan Jennings  seal

                        Recorded          Teste- Will Tunstall  CLK

1775 Aug 26  D.4,p.164-165
         Sept. 26 recorded

          Indenture between William Bobbett of the County of
          Fincastle of one  part and David Ross of the County of
          Dinwiddie of the other part xxx for 160 pounds c.m. xx
          xx 87 acres on the south side of Pigg River on Frying
          Pan Creek xxxx
        No witnesses-                                   William Bobbitt S S

           Acknowledged by William Bobbitt to be his several acts
          And deed xxxAnn,wife of said William relinquishes
          Her right ofdower  xxxxx
                             Recorded Sept. 26, 1775
                                                                    Teste- Will Tunstall CLK
* ( State Historic Markers of Virginia-
  Seat of Fincastle County, which embraced south-western
    Virginia, including Kentucky- 1772-1776.

1788 May 19  John Bobbitt to Samuel Calland-Mtg.  D.8,p.226-227
Written  1787-Oct 7.         Dept of 40 pounds c.m.    (Trust)
 stock, crop & household furniture   Recorded-Teste-Will Tunstall

1794 Feb 17  John & James Bobbitt to John Smith Mtg  D.9   p.508
{James Bobbit of  Grayson Co. & John Bobbet of Pittsy Co.Defty
 For 115 p. 2s & 2 p.  c.m.Va.. Deed of Trust on 100 ac on Pigg R. where sd. John Bobbit now lives  & cattle stock furniture   James Bobbett  John Bobbett
No Witnesses Recorded

1785 July 18 John Bobbitt to Harmon Cook  Mtg   D. 7   p. 629-631
Deed of Trust for debt 32 p.c.w. on 100 ac on Pigg R.         John Bobbett S S
Recorded witness- Thos Gyor.   Mllner, Anthony Reposen

1810Apr 16   John & James Bobbitt to Nath. Kerby   D.17  p. 43-44-4
Both of Co. Pitts.- 100 ac. on Pigg Rv. For 172 p. c.m. Together
With a fish trap called Bobbitts & the Island xx on Little Hungry
Camp Br
Witness- Jno. Smith, Archd. Young               James Bobbitt Seal
John Allen, Ralph Smith                                John Bobbitt
              Recorded 16 Apr. 1810 – Teste Will Tunstall clk

Grantee Deeds- Excerpts

1783 Sept. 16  John Bobbitt from George Peek B & S 7     114-11?
100 ac. For 100 P. c.m.  on Little Hungry Camp Br. Of Pigg River
                             George Peek Ls.  Teste Will Tunstall

1785 June 20  James Bobbett from John Bobbett B & S   7   p.450
         John Bobbett of theCoof Pittsyl. of one
       part to his son, James BobbettofCo. Pitt. Xx tract of 100 acres for 10 p
          in aforesaid county on Hugrey Camp branch
           on Pigg River xx with all buildings xxxx
           No witnesses-                                        John Bobbett S S
                         Recorded-xx(above date)

1803  Apr. 18  Randolph Bobbett from David Vance Both of Pitt Co      B&S-13    p.248-249
           86 acres for 20 pounds xx on Cedar Creek   Pitt Co.
. Witness: Peyton L??uer, Chas. Atkinson, Charles X Bobbett, Henry Atkinson Recorded - ??

1824  Aug 18  Cockran to Bobbitt  (Gift)     26        p.409-410

          Louisa Cockran of the County of Pittsylvania
          In considerationof the natural love & affection
          Which I haveto  Judith Bobbitt alias Jacobs
          William Bobbitt Sophia Bobbitt Terry Bobbit
           CalvinBobbitt-children & lawful heirs of my beloved
          Nephew Charles W.Bobbitt of the County of Pittsy.
         Xxx who I authorize as guardian with respect to
         Property hereby conveyed xx (lists Negroes)     her
         To the above namedxx                            Louisa  X  Cothran
      Recorded-    Teste- Will Tunstall

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: next 2 lines were struck out-
Next deed was 1887 from Mildred Bobbett
     18??       David

Revolutionary War Service- Pittsylvania County, Virginia
1776 to 1783 Nov. 26   DAR

1778  Sept. 24      Court Order Book 4,p.156

          September Court

          John Bobbit producing a commission appointing him
          second Lieutenantin the Militia in this County
          took the oath by Law prescribed.

1781  March Court      C.O.4,p.359

           Randolph Bobit producing a commission appointing
           him Ensign in the Militia of this County took the
           oath prescribed by Law.

1782 May Court  C.O.4,p.400

Randolph Bobit is appointed first and Bowker Smith
Second Lieutenants to Captain Robert Daltons
Company of Militia.
1767 List of Tithables for Pittsylvania County, Virginia

 List of John Donelson  (p.11)

 John Bobbitt     1

 William Bobbitt and James Bobbitt  2       do

 Elizth. Bobbit and Negro Joe          1

 Lunenburg County, Virginia Land Book- 1737 to 1770
   (Halifax was formed from Lunenburd in 1752 and Pittsylvania
    from Halifax in 1767).

1769 June 22  (p.455)

Jno. Bobet 400 ac. adjoining Wm. Bobets & Jos Waldress
Lines on frying pan Cr. beg. at a small R. Oak near
Bobets line thence each way.

1777- Oath of Allegiance  (In back of the Muster Roll Book)
p.275 (This page was badly faded)
List of William Witcher 1777
Randal Bobit   (23rd name on the list)

First Census of the United State-1790- Heads of
      Families in Virginia-  Pittsylvania County-

1782   John Bobbitt        6 white souls     1 black   (p.41)

1785   John Bobbitt        7 white souls-1 dwelling-  3 other buildings.  (p.98)

1782-  Randolph Bobbitt  4 white souls    (p.41)

Excerpts from Court Orders of Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Bobbett, John
      Plaintiff                                    Defendant                                vol              pg.
      Alexander Speirs against John Bobbett-   trespass                     1               103

1803- Mar 24
      Cocke & Crawford & CO. vs John Bobbett, Sr.                         10               271
      Plaintiff to take deposition of Jonoth. Christian.

1802)Plaintiff ordered to pay Jonothan Christian $3.86
         for 2 days attendanc & travelling 52 mi. as wit
         ness for him xxxx sui tof Martin Hamersley                             10              289
                             assigne of Irby Boyd xx
         Ordered that Cocke,Crawford & Co. pay Jonothan
         Christian $5.06 for two days attendance & once
         Travelling 50 miles coming and same returning as
         Witness for them against John Bobbett, Senr.                         10            348

1804- Mar. 21
           Plaintiff                         Defendant

1803-  Harmon Cook           vs      John Bobbett, Senr.                               10           346
- continued-  (trespass)
                     Harmon Cook          vs      John Bobbett, Sr.                         10           374
                     (Ordered continued & a survey made of land.)

                     Ordered that Harmon Cook pay Milton Young fifty
                     Cents for one days attendance for him against
                     John Bobbett, Senr.                                                               10            431

                     Harmon Cook          vs      John Bobbett, Senr.                     11              32
                                           (trespass continued)

1804 March Court

Harmon Cook, Plaintiff against John Bobbett, Senr.
Defendant- In trespass- xx Jury named xxxxx who
says the defendant is guilty xxxx access damages
of $75.00 and costs  A new trial overruled
xxxxxxxxxxx                                                                                     11              110

(also spelled Bobit
Bobet, Bobbitt)

Marriage Register of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
1767 to 1862

1815- Dec. 9   p. 57
 Thomas Bobbitt to Milley Dalton    Bondsman- Lewis Dalton
                                             X                   Minister- Shadrack Musteen
1827 Feb. 6 p.87
 William Bobbett to Nancy Rice     Bondsman-McCager Bennett
                  Signer- Charles Bobet & Benjamin Rice
                                                 Minister- Shadrack Mustain

1835 Jan. 19 p.108
 Terry Bobbitt to Anny Towler     Bondsman-Christopher Towler, Jr.
 Signer- Christopher Towler, Jr.   Minister- Joel T.Adams

1839 Oct. 28 p.119
 David Bobbitt to Matilda Parker   Bondsman- Lewis Bobbitt
 Father- John Parker   Minister- J. T. Adams

1840 Jan. 20  p.121
 Lewis Bobbitt to Catharine Crider  Bondsman- Andrew Crider
                           X              Minister- Joel T. Adams

           Bobbett Marriages- female

1803 Dec 29  p. 34
 Peter Bennett to Mourning Bobbett  Bondsman- Charles
 Bobbett       X             Minister- David Nowlin

1810 Nov 19  p.49
 Barsdell Pickrell to Lucy Bobbett  Bondsman- Richard
 Pickrell  Father- Randolph Bobbett  By Joseph Hatchett

1817 Dec 13  p.62
 William Bennett to Mildred Bobbett  Bondsman- Peter
 Bennett         X         Minister-Shadrack Musteen

1855 Jan 25 p.159
 Vincent H. Brumfield to Mildred Bobbett  Signer-father
 & mother-Isaac & Leticia Brumfield and Thomas Bobbett
 & Mildred Bobbett       Minister- Saml. F. Shelton


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: (handwritten note) I took this from census in 35? National Archives here in Wash.

The U. S. Government has taken a census of the population every 10 years since 1790. Much of the census taken in 1790 was destroyed in the War of1812 by the British.  However much of it has been gathered togetherandpublished by the Government Printing Office and private interested parties.

What is interesting about the 1790 census is that it lists Bobbitts who were head of households at that time.  All the Bobbitts who we have records of are here listed.


John Bobbitt, 7 white souls, 1 dwelling, 3 other buildings and 1 black man. Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Randolph Bobbitt, 4 white souls, 0 black.

North Carolina:

Hallifax District, Warren County, North Carolina, 1790

Drury Bobbitt,  2 males  3 females 9 slaves
John Bobbitt,  1 male  0 females 2 slaves
John Bobbett,  2 males  1 females 8 slaves
Joshua Bobbet,  2 males  1 females 2 slaves
Randolph Bobbit 3 males  1 females 0 slaves
Stephen Bobbet 6 males  3 females 4 slaves
Lewis Bobbit,  5 males  4 females 1 slave
Miles Bobbit,  3 males  6 females 0 slaves

Hallifax District, Franklin County, North Carolina, 1790

Turner Bobbit,  2 males  2 females 2 slaves
William Bobbit,  5 males  2 females 1 slave
Wm. Bobbitt,  2 males  2 females 0 slaves
John Bobbitt,  3 males  1 female          12 slaves

Fayette District, Sampson County, North Carolina, 1790

John Bobbit,  not readable
David Bobbit,  not readable

Hallifax District, Hallifax County, North Carolina, 1790

Sherret Bobbitt,  4 males  1 female 0 slaves
Sihon Bobbit  1 male  ------------ ------------

Hillsborough District, Granville County, North Carolina, 1790

William Bobbitt  ----------- ------------ ------------

No Bobbitts listed for South Carolina
No Bobbitts listed for Georgia
None listed of these states, Tennessee, Delaware, Kentucky, Vermont,Pennsylvania, Rhoda Island, New York or Connecticut.
John W. Bobbitt
2502 I Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037

January 1971


 The Bobbitt name is spelled in a number of different ways in the early records of the family.  The spelling most commonly used was Bobbett, but Bobet, Bobbett, Bobit, Bobbert, Babbitt, and Bobbitt were also common and frequently spelled in different ways by the same man in records and letters that contained his name.  All Bobbitts today are familiar with the common misunderstanding and misspelling of the name because of the simularity

 The origin of the Bobbitt name is a subject of much debate by scholars who have done early family research.  Some believe it is of Dutch Origin, others believe it can be trace to France. Others believe it is pure English and England today has many Bobbetts in the areas that our present American Bobbitts came from.

 Bobbitts in American came from Glamorganshire Wales and Somersetshire England.  These two counties are across the Bristol Channel from each other.

 The first Bobbitt of record in America was from Taunton Massachusetts.  (Taunton Massachusetts was named for Taunton, which is the seat of government in Somersetshire England) Edward Bobet, considered the founder of Bobbitts and Babbits in Massachusetts lived in Taunton, died and was buried there.  The first menton of Edward Bobets name was on a record at Plymouth Massachusetts in 1643.  In 1652 Edward Bobet bought his first land in Taunton,  His descendants in New England are well documented in a book by William Bradford Browne, Title  The Babbitt Family History 1643   1900

 There was another family, probably a relative of Edward, by the name of Erasmus Bobet who married in 1700, Thamazine Harris, widow of David Harris, and daughter of William Elsen.  Thamazine Bobet died in 1721and is buried in the Granary Burying ground in Boston.  Erasmus seems to have married several times and to one of his wives he had a son  John born in 1681.  He is recorded on Charleston records as having been born in Plymouth, England.  He married first, Abigail Beresford in Boston,May 25, 1702.  She died at 36, in 1709.  Secondly hemarried Mary  Hett, November 28, 1710 who outlived John.

 John Bobet died in 1728 aged 47.  His children were Mary, b. 1704  John, b. 1706   & Joseph b. _________ Thisfamily doubtless all died early as they disappear from all accessible records, although it is possible that John who was born in 1706 may have gone to North Carolina and is the founder of the numerous Bobbett family now there.

 Many scholars and members of the family have for several years tried to find the connections between the Massachusetts Bobbitts and the Southern Bobbitts of Virginia and North Carolina.  No one has been able to make this connection through records in America.  The families can undoubtedly be connected at their sources in Wales and England. Much of the research today is still searching for this connection.

 Allen Wade Mount, Sr. a Bobbitt descendent from North Carolina,and a scholar of our family history, who is at this time still working on the family history writes the following which is of interest to all Southern Bobbbits.

The Bobbitt name is of Dutch Origin.  The name Bobbert  was brought into England by the Dutch during those very early years of movment from the continent.  Over the years in England the name became Bobbit or Bobbitt as we know it today.

 There were two early immigrations of Bobbitts to America. First, there was the arrival of Bobbitts in the Plymouth Colony, and they became the ancestors of the large northern branch of our family.  A few years later William Bobbitt arrived in the Virginia colony and he is the eponymous ancestor of the large southern branch of our far-flung Bobbitt family.

  There is little doubt but that all came from the Glamorganshire area of Wales.  It is a matter of record that a Bobbitt of South Caroilna, a fifth generation removed from William Bobbitt, had documents by which he was able to trace his forefathers to Wales.  Altho they came from Wales much of their English heritage was never lost.

 From William Bobbitt of the Virginia Colony the family spread westward in Virginia.  In 1750 one branch moved into the area that is now Warren County, North Carolina, and James Bobbitt moved in to what is now Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  His son, William Bobbitt,moved into Montgomery County, Virginia.

 Most of the Bobbitts in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, W. Virginia, Illinois, Oklahoma,and Florida share ancestors from the Virginia colony.  By searching census records, war records, deed, and birth, death and marriage records,many facts are uncovered which when shared with other Bobbitts and compared  with legends, begins to write a very interesting and comprehensive history of this famous family with a rather uncommon name.

 Allen Wade Mount, Sr., Lucy Bobbitt Holding, Dr. O.H.Bobbitt,Robert Lee Bobbitt, Robert McDaniel Bobbitt and myself are today workingon finding the missing gaps and the various branches and twigs of this family. From charts we an often fit you in or nlet you know who your particular ancestors were if we know your name, your grandfathers name and when possible your great-grandfathers name.  The names of their wives helps to identify a man more exactly than any other information you can give.


(This legend was written by George Gibson Bobbitt, son of Reverend John Houston Bobbitt, son of Gibson Bobbitt, son of John Bobbitt, son of John Bobbitt*who fought in the Revolutionary War.  Gibson Bobbitt married Elizabeth Burdett.  This story was related to John Houston Bobbitt by Jackson Burdett, a relative of Elizabeth, in approximately the year1874. Jackson Burdett was described as an  aged relative .These Bobbitts are all Virginia Bobbitts from Pittsylvania County Virginia originally. *Not certain of this relationship.)

 The Bobbitt family is of pure English stock and descendants of the English family who lived in Cornwallshire, England.  The forebears of the present family left England in the early days of Virginia history and emigrated to America with others in search of wealth and adventure.  The opportunity of securing wealth and the life of adventure led many ofthe English to leave their native land and embark upon a career in a new land where life would be more attractive, as England at that time had become a land  full of people with empty titles and only a privileged few could enjoy high social standing and gifts from the English crown.

 It was during this period of history, sometime after the first permament English settlement was made at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, that the BOBBITTS, the HENRYS and the HILLS left England in a sail vessel bound  for America,and arrived on the coast of Virginina, in which colony they settled and becamd active in building this colony into the great state of Virignia These three families were said to be blood relatives. Patrick Henry, the Tongue of the American Revolution, which freed the colonies from British rule,was a descendant of the Henrys who came with the Bobbitts and Hills.

 It is our understanding that this expedition was financed by the Gordon Company, which was active in transporting early settlers to America, and especially to the coast of Virginia where disease and Indians hampered their efforts of colonization.  When the Revolutionary War came these three families were still living in Virginia, and all three families sided with the Colonists against the Crown.  Many of them gave their lives in battles for freedom, which our country now prizes so highly

 These three families continued after the close of the Revolution to reside in Virginia where they became very numerous; and began to scatter out, some located in North Carolina where their desendants can be found at this time.  The writer (George Gibson Bobbitt) met some of these folks in the City of Richmond, Virginia while a patient in a hospital inthe year 1912.  Others remained in Virginia where they continued to reside until a period of time previous to the Civil War.

 Beginning with the French and Indian Wars and ending with WorldWar II, he name can be found on every important battlefield.

 (Much of this legend can be substantiated by records to be found in Archives of Virginia Counties and various Libraries.)  1971.

Southern Bobbitts who fought in the Revolutionary War, 1776

John Bobbitt, born 174?, Virginia Military Revolutionary War recordsof Virginia, page 72.
                      John Bobbitt served as a private under Captain George Walls Company, Fourth
                      Virginia Regiment.  His first company pay roll card is dated April1to May 1, 1777.
                      Last payroll record is dated 1778.  He applied for the balance ofhis full pay on
                      November 8, 1784.  Wounded in battle.

Isham Bobbitt,  born March 3, 1754, died 1836, wife Elizabeth.  Served as a Sargeant.  In the
                      1790 Census he is listed int eh 96 District, Spartanburgh County, NorthCarolina.
                      His household consisted of 2 males over 16, 5 males under 16, 5 femalesand 0
                      Slaves.  W.24709

Lewis Bobbitt, and wife Mary, applied for pension in North Carolina after January 16, 1816

William Bobbitt, wife Susannah, North Carolina, W. 9740.

Sherwood Bobbitt, wife Sarah, North Carolina, W. 17328.

William Bobbitt, Virginia R. 979, applied for pension on September 1826, Monroe County
                      Georgia.  William (X) Bobbitt, declares he was a private in the 6th Virginia
                      Regiment of Col. Grey Jenkins and in the battles of Brandywone, Germantown
                      And Trenton, besides numerous skirmishes.  He served three years and six
                      Weeks and was discharged near Brulington in the fall of 1779 or 1780.  His
                      Discharge was given in the same instrument of writing with that of his brother
                       And was left with his Brother John Bobbitt in Virginia about forty yearsago
                       (1786).  He will be aged 72 on 28 October 1826. (b.1754).  He is a cripple in
                       consequence of having his leg broken and his ankle is out of place.  His family
                       His family consists of his wife, aged about 57, and one daughter aged 23 In all
                       Probability this was the only child still at home.  Virginia Pension Applications
                       Volume 8, by John Frederick Dorman 1963.

William Bobbitt, Corporal, Montgomery County Military Recrods, Virginia of March 4, 1778.
                       Once was in command of part of Trigg's Company.  From  Virginians in the
                       Revolution , by John H. Gwathmey.

John Bobbitt,  Montgomery County Virginia, Sargent.  No pension application or land grant.
                       Also recordsed by the above John H. Gwathmey.  (This could well be  the same
                      John Bobbitt above mentioned.  He is difficult to exactly identify since his wife is
                      Not mentioned.)
February 9, 1971

Reverend Bailey F. Davis
Amherst, Virginia 24521

Dear Reverend Davis:

 The office of Mr. William E. Sandidge has recommended you as a possible aid in doing some genealogical searching for me in Amherst County.

 I am interested in any records of Bobbitts in the County up tothe year 1850.  My great great grandfather John Bobbitt married Emelia (Parmelia, Amelia) Hill in Amherst County.  Their first child was born in 1800 and their last of 12 children was born in 1828.  We havea record that one of their children, Oregon Bobbitt was born in Amherst County in 1817.  John Bobbitt was from Pittsylvania County and was believed to have been born there.  This is the extent of our information. I would like to know the names of Emelia Hills parents if possible but am not otherwise interested in the Hills.  Enclosed is a list of the children some of whom were born in Rockbridge County and others we do not know where they were born.

 Please let me know if this work interests you, your fee, and what advance payment is required.


the son of William back in the Virginia Colony.

Your picture would be something like this.

William Bobbitt, Virginia Colony 1710
James Bobbitt, Hallifax, Virginia 1730
John Bobbitt, Hallifax, Virginia 1749
John Bobbitt, Pittsylvania, Virginia 1782
Tillman Bobbitt, Monroe, Virginia 1806
Capt. James Tolliver, Monroe, Va. 1836
Joseph Alderson Bobbitt, Nicholas, Va. 1859
James Ficklin Bobbitt, Hill, Texas 1904

Do you have any sons?

My picture is the same down to Tillman.

Rufus Bobbitt, Rockbridge, Virginia 1826
Elijah Bobbitt, Nicholas, Virginia 1855
Samuel McClung Bobbitt, Nicholas, West Va. 1889
John William Bobbitt, Kanawha, West Va. 1922

The above is fun, but what is important is making the connections with the history of the past.

Our Revolutionary War pictures are going to be very interesting as soon as I can get them assembled and polished.

We are direct descendants of

Sgt. James Hill and John Bobbitt.

It is beginning to look like William and Randolph were brothers of Johns and both were in the Revolutionary War.

Notice in my copy of letter from Mrs. Fitzgerald that she refers toJohn Bobbitt as an Officer   in the Revolutionary War.

From the copies of all the material I have enclosed you will see how the picture is shaping.  I am sure that you feel as I do that future generations will appreciate the work we are doing and will at least havethe pleasure of knowing that it has been done.

 Do please let me know how many children you have and something about them.  I would like to have a list of your husbands brothers and sisters and who they married.

 I like the pictures, please send me all that you can.  You know what I am after and I am very careful and prompt.  It takes me about10 days to have them copied, but I have a very reliable source.

 I have had the same difficulties about Monroe Greebrier and Rockbridge Counties Virginia.  At one time they were all Rockbridge County Virginia, then they were Monroe County Virginia, and then Greenbrier was taken from Monroe.

Chatham, Virginia 24531
February 14, 1971-P.O. 370

Mr. John W. Bobbitt
Washington, D. C. 20037

Dear Mr. Bobbitt:

In reply to your letter of February 9th, my fee for research from Court records, typed with references and signed with a sworn statement is $2.50 an hour- $5.00 in advance.  I am a member of the Virginia Genealogical Society and am presently serving as genealogist of the William Pitt Chapter, D. A. R.

The name Bobbitt is also spelled, Bobit, Bobbett and Bobet in the records here.  In 1769 Jno. Bobet had a land grant in the area adjoining William Bobet’s line.  Between 1769 and 1803 numerous Court orders were recordedinvolving John, James and Randolph Bobit.  John Bobbitt waslistedas head of a family of six whites in 1782 Census of Pittsylvania Co.,Va Randolph Babbitt was the only other Babbit here at that time.

The only grantee deed for John Bobbit was in 1783.  He sold landfrom 1785 until 1810.  John Bobbett, Sent. Was defendant in suitsin 1803& 1804, indicating that there was a John Bobbett, Jr. of ageat that timebut I have not found him listed as such in deeds or Cour tOrders.  Inmany cases Junior was not used after the death of Senior,as you know.

There are no early Bobbitt wills and the name is not listed in Accounts Current.  I checked marriage bonds and found four male and three female Bobbitts- no John mentioned.

The Revolutionary War service of John Bobbit as an officer is recorded here as is the service of Randolph Bobbit.  The children of CharlesW. Babbett were listed in an 1824 deed.  Bobbett deeds were recordeduntil 1870.

I have spent four hours on the above research.  It will take from four to six hours to copy the land grant, the census listing, the Rev.War service, the list of tithables and take excerpts from the Court orderslisting John Bobbitt, Senr.  This with the proof that he was headof a family in 1782 should be sufficient proof that the John Bobbitt, who/was married was 1800 was his son
                                                               Most sincerely,

                                                               Mrs. Madalene V. Fitzgerald

Transcribed  by Tina Hall
From the notes of Mrs. Madalene Fitzgerald, Dec'd


Chatham, Virginia-24531

February 25, 1971-P.O. 370

Mr. John W. Bobbitt
Washington, D.C. 20037

Dear Mr. Bobbitt:

The property of John Bobbitt on Frying Pan Creek and Pigg River
 was approximately fifteen miles north-west of  Chatham,Va.Near
Smith Mountain Lake-a very picturesque area.
I have included excerpts from all deeds of John Bobbitt and several of
William Bobbitt, showing he was from Fincastle Co.  and the name of
his wife. (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary gives Nancy and Ann as the
same name).  A deed was recorded here in 1824 for Randolph Bobbitt and
wife, Fanny and one in 1840 for Thomas Bobbitt and wife, Mildred.
More than thirty court orders were recorded for John Bobbitt (Bobbett,
Bobit, Bobet) between 1769 and 1789.  Those I have read involved
property lines (trespass)-(John as defendant).  John Bobbitt was
plaintiff in four suits-1770-1803.
I doubt if these suits include information of value.  There are
numerous deeds involving James, William, Thomas, David and Lewis
I have enjoyed reading the history of the family.  Shall I return  it?
I wish I knew of someone in Halifax who could be prevailed on to do
research.  I have spent several days in the clerk's office there,but
mileage plus my fee makes it expensive. (Seventy miles round trip),
and I am quite busy now.
If I can be of further assistance, let me know.  You have paidinfull
to date.  I am always delighted when I can prove Revolutionary War
Service-especially of an officer..

       Most Sincerely

       Mrs. Madalene V. Fitzgerald

                                                    John W. Bobbitt
                                                     Washington, D.C.

                                                         Feb 17, 1971

Mrs. Madalene Fitzgerald
P.O. Box 370
Chatham, Virginia 24531

Dear Mrs. Fitzgerald:

     Your letter is very interesting.  I have enclosed my check for
$25.00 for the work you have done to date and the records that you
mention which I would like copies of.  I am interested in Bobbitts in
general and would like the marriage bonds of the four male Bobbitts
and three female Bobbitts you have found.
     Your mention of a service record for Randolph Bobbitt is the
first time I have seen any reference to a service record for Randolph,
I would like this record also.
     Enclosed are copies of some of our Bobbitt history and some
information that may be helpful not only In searching for my interests
but in your work with the Daughters of the American Revolution.
     I should like to know the present day location of the area the
Bobbitts lived in if this is convenient.
     Since Bobbitts came from Hallifax Virginia into Pittsylvania
County and we believe John Bobbitt Sr. was the son of a James Bobbitt,
perhaps you can recommend a colleague in Hallifax County that coulddo
some searching for the early Bobbitts in that area.
Absolutely everything concerning Bobbitts with the various spellings
in your county interests me.  You may be assured of prompt payment for
any additional billing required.
     I have great respect for the DAR and therefore every confidence
in your work.

       With much appreciation

        John William Bobbitt

                                            John W. Bobbitt
                                         Washington D.C. 20037

March 1 1971

Mrs. Madalene V. Fitzgerald
Chatham, Virginia, 24531

Dear Mrs. Fitzgerald:

     Thank you for a prompt and excellent report, my only
disappointment was that there was no mention of John Bobbitts wife in
all these legal transactions.  I am aware that wives are seldom
mentioned in early records of this country and it certainly is
discouraging to anyone researching in genealogy.
     You may keep all the papers I sent you. Ihope that you will
keep me in mind when you are working in various areas and should you
have the time or should you stumble on to our name again, you will let
me know.  I will always compensate you for any trouble and expense you
have in doing this for me.

      With best wishes and much appreciation
       John W. Bobbitt
Dear Mrs. Guy:

     I have your letter of July 10 asking for some of the Bobbitt
family information.  I note that your grandfather was James Tolliver.
I don't seem to have any information as to whom he married or any of
his children.  I would be very glad to have you give me this
information, as it will help to fill in the gap.  Neither do I have
any information on the children of Ishem Bobbitt, but if you have any
of It I would be glad to have it also.
     My grandfather was Gibson Bobbitt, a brother of Tolliver Bobbitt.
I am sending you a copy of the early history of the Bobbitt family as
related by Jackson Burdett.  I can just remember him; he died when I
was quite young.  My grandmother was a Burdett, but I do now know what
relation she was to Jackson Burdette.  I am sure you will find this
part of the Bobbitt history very interesting.
I am sending you also a copy of the Gibson Bobbitt family reunion
August 1929.  You may enjoy reading this, together with a copy of
Bobbitt history and other information sent to me by Robert Lee
Bobbitt, who is associated with the law firm of Bobbitt, Brite and
Bobbitt, South Texas Building, San Antonio 5, Texas.  I think he got
most of this information from Aunt Susan Perry of Houston Texas. I am
sending Robert a copy of this letter asking him to get in touch with
you, as I am sure the two of you can produce some Bobbitt information
that we do not have.  I'm sure you will enjoy reading his letters;  he
and his wife are very fine people.  Mrs. Bobbitt and myself spent a
few days with them during the first part of last December and we've
never been so highly entertained in our lives.  It seemed they could
not do enough for us.  Robert has been Attorney General of the State
of Texas,  chairman of Highway Commission and I think spends most of
his time handling matters for the State of Texas before the Supreme
Court in Washington.  I'm asking him also to do what he can to help
you get the necessary information you need to join the DAR.  I'm
sending him your letter, asking him to return it when he is through
with it, as I do not have time to make a  copy of it.
     I wish I had received your letter before Mrs.Bobbitt and myself
made our trip west the latter part of November.  We could have very
easily stopped to see you when we went through Kansas.  If you should
come this way, stop and visit with us.  At least, I am in hopes our
paths will cross sometime in the future.  Please let us hear from  you
again soon.

  Walter B. Bobbitt

Cc: Robert Lee Bobbitt
       Dr. O.H. Bobbitt

    James Hill*        Ann  (Overton)
                             From Amherst County Marriage Records:

(a) John Hill    M.     Ginny Watts  1793
(b) Mary Folly Hill     M.    WilliamWatts
©   Ann (Nancy) Hill   M.     Robert Robinson (1st)
Archelaus Crews (2nd)
(d) Parmelia Hill   M.    John Bobbitt
(e) Tabitha (Judith) Hill  M.    Ambrose Plunkett   Jan 13, 1801
(f)  Susanna Hill   M.    James Norvell           Dec 18, 1799
(g)  James Hill Jr.    M.    Elizabeth Lively       Jan 31, 1801
(h)  Samuel Hill            Not given
(I)   Frances Hill   M.    ArchelausCox          Jan9 1806
(j)  Sarah (Sally) Hill  b. 1785          M.     Richard Garrett
Jul 26 1806
(k)  Thomas D. Hill   M.     SusanB....
(l)    Lucy Overton Hill  M.   William Garvin Jan 18, 1813
(m)  Elizabeth Hill   M.     ....Anderson

   *James Hill Died June 1831
     Rev. Soldier Burgesses:
     Virginia Soldiers of 1776 :   p.1247

     The marriage of James Hill Jr. and Elizabeth Lively, Amherst
County Marriage Bonds, on page 149.  The bond was dated Jan. 31,1801,
and stated that both the parties were of Lexington Parish.  Security
and Witness were John Hill and W.L.

Children of Stephen Whipkey and Mathilda Jane Bobbitt

Rev. Stephen-D.D.-at Louisville, Kentucky,-Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary.
Born-July 9, 1853, Murphysboro, Ill, Jackson County; on farm given as
a land grant by President Chester A. Arthur, family has the original
Died-April 26, 1925, Pawhuska, Okla. Cemetery.
Married July 7, 1861, Hillsboro, Texas by Rev. Booth to Mathilda Jane
Born Feb 19, 1863, Monroe County, West Virginia on her grandfather's
farm (Albert Gallarton Alderson).  Her father Capt. J.T. Bobbitt did
not see her until she was 2 years old, as the Civil War, or War of
State's Rights was being fought.
Died-Feb 20, 1942, Pawhuska, Okla. Cemetery.

1.  Zula-Born 1883, died when 4 years old, diptheria
2. Isodel -Born Dec. 21 1885, resides at 200 East First St. Pawhuska,
Okla. Teacher,
3.  Mary-Born Feb 14, 1887-died Aug. 19,1909, trained nurse-unmarried.
4.  Rubeth Catherine, born May 6, 1889, died.  Married JohnT.
5.  Emma Ruth, born May 31, 1892, Taylor Texas, died
   Married Ray William Guy, Sept. 20, 1891
6.  James Stephen, born Oct. 24, 1894, died
7.  Anna Hearne, Oct .29 1896 died
  Married Turner Diggins-Divorced
 8.  Derrill Aughn Born July 4, 1899, died
                    Married Laura Pigg
 9.  Ollyn Mathilda, born Nov. 15, 1901 died
  Married Earl Turner
10.  Carey Campbell, Born Jan 11, 1904, died July 25, 1948.
  Married Helen Irene Sage, 1934
11.  Albert Alderson, born April 23, 1906, died
                        Married Beatrice

(1) Emma Ruth Whipkey Guy-
      Resident of Newton, Kansas
      Born May 31, 1892-Married Sept. 20,1913,Wife of Ray William
      Herein applies for membership from JamesHill, Virginia, born
3/5/1736, died-
      Virginia, services French and IndianWars;
      Also-James Hill (son) born--1758, died1831-Services to the
State of Virginia
I.  Born Taylor-Williamson-Texas
     1.  Daughter of Rev. Stephen Whipkey D.D., late resident of
Pawhuska, Okla.
      Born Murphysboro, Jackson Co. Illinois,7/9/1853-died Pawhuska,
       Married 7/7/1881-Hill County,Texasto
       Mathilda Jane Bobbitt, born 2/19/1863,-Monroe County, Va. -now
       Virginia-died 2/20/19xx(1) Pawhuska, Okla.

II.  The said Mathilda Jane Bobbitt is the daughter of Capt. James
Tolliver Bobbitt,
      Born 3/10/18xx(1) Greeenbriar Co. Va.,died 6/6/1928, Austin ,
       Married 12/31/1857-place-Monroe Co.,Va.
       Malinda Catherine Alderson, born1/12/1836, died 2/7/1917, Hill
Co. Texas.

III.  Capt. James Tolliver Bobbitt, son of Jane Hill, born 1813,
Monroe County,
        Va. Died.  Married1/30/1830, place Monroe County, Va. To
Tillman Bobbitt, born 4/22/1806-died April 22, 1892, Chicago, Ill-GraveSection L
         Grave no. xx(1)

IV.  The said Jane Hill-daughter of James Hill, Jr. born 1779, Amherst
Co., Va.,
       Died 1842, Monroe, Co. -Married1/31/1801, place Amherst Co.,
Va. To
       Elizabeth Lively, born-died Monroe,Co. New, West Virginia.

V.  The said James Hill Jr. -son of Sergeant James Hill-born 1758,
Amherst Co.,
       Va., died 1831 Amherst Co., Va.-married-date 1791 place
        To Ann  Overton, -born      died.

VI.  James Hill     of
        James Hill, Born March 5,1736, Baptized May 11

VII.  James Hill son of James Hill and wife-Joyce

I.  D.A.R. no 401783-Birth Certificate, Marriage Liscense.
II. Afffidavit of Mathilda Jane Whipkey/1/20/1942-Marriage Record
III.  Marriage bond file 4 page 3002, Monroe County, Va. Jan.A.D.
IV.  Amherst Co., Marriage Bond page 149,-Jan 31, 1801, Lexington
V.  Sergeant James Hill, Rev. War record , service Ref. War document,
      4,215,216 War. D.C.
      Journal of the House of Burgesses ofVirginia 1773-1776, Page
12-Sat. the
      6th of March.
VI.  James Hill-New Kent, Virginia Vestry Book and Register ofSt.
Peters Parish,
    Page 527 William and Mary College Quarterly, IV15-page 162-In
Kent, Mr. James Hill, near Williamsburg.  Sale of Land. W&M16 W (1) 203 Marriage Bonds in Amelia County, Va.
Copy hildren of James Hill, (John, Mary (Polly) etc.

Authorities proving services of ancestor, with details Copy of -Services to State
List of Colonial Soldiers of Virginia, Ekehrode 1917, page 48

Virginia Troops in French and Indian War
A Roll of Captain Henry Harrison's Company, July 13, 1756, James Hill,wher Coppersmith Co. New Eng'd  Age 26, size 5' 5 1/2"
John Hill-Sergeant-National No. 401783 admitted June 7, 1951

Hill, Sgt., James Bobbitt
Date enlisted. Mar 1, 1777 for 3 years
Born 1758-Amherst County, Va.
Married Anne Overton-died 1831, Amherst Co., Va.
Residence, Amherst County, Va.
Service Rev War Document 4,215,216 War Dept. Wash D.C.

Children:  Thomas              Nat. no. 139314
                   Pamilia                     m.  John Bobbitt
                    James Jr. 1779-1843 m. Elizabeth L. Lively

Member Descendent-
   Olivo Cottle Burdette-Nat. no. 139314 Chapter Princess
   Aricoma(2) Logan W. Va.
   Writs-Va. State Library Richmond
    Number documents   see above
  Ann Overton descend from Wm . Overton
  Newcastle3) County, Va. 90 people formed county.

Transcribers notes: (1)(2)(3)  Copy of original document. Namesnot

                                                   John W. Bobbitt

                                            Washington, D.C. 20037

John Bobbitt, born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Emelia Hill, born in Amherst County, Virginia

John married Emelia in Amherst County and they raised 12 children as

Greenville Bobbitt                 b. 1800    d. 1873  married Nancy
Tilman Bobbitt                      b. 1806    d. 1892  married Jane
Gibson Bobbitt           b. 1813    d. 1877  married Elizabeth Burdett
Gibson born in Rockbridge County, Virginia
Oregon Bobbit                       b. 1817    d.           married
Lucy Ann Hill
Oregon Bobbitt born in Amherst County, Virginia
Second wife
married Malinda J. Burdett
Third wife             married Margaret Brown
Rufus Bobbitt            b. 1826      d. 1872  married Mary E.
Rufus Bobbitt born in Rockbridge Count, Virginia
James Hill Bobbitt               b. 1828      d. 1907   married Ruth
Sabina Beard
Toliver Bobbitt            b. ___        d. ____   married ________
Issac M. Bobbitt                  b. ____      d._____
Sarah Bobbitt                      b._____     d.______ married
Nancy Bobbitt                     b._____     d.______ married John
Amelia Bobbitt                    b._____    d._______
Mary Frances                      b._____    d._______ married Eli

Some of the girls in the family must have been born between 1800 and
1806 and 1813 in other counties of Virginia.  Some of the girls were
also probably born between 1717(*1) and 1826 probably in Rockbridge
County or Greenbrier County, Virginia.
A family legend is repeated that John Bobbitt fought in the
Revolutionary War.
There is a record of a John Bobbitt who fought in the Revolutionary
War, but if he is related he must have been the father of the above
John Bobbitt.

Transcribers Note:  (*1)  The copy says 1717, but he must have meant

Address of man who sent marriage  bond of Tillman Bobbitt see
for Rufus to H.B. McDonald clerk, Union W. Va.  Enclosed $1.00 copy of
Mrs. J.H.Mesiner (1)
1113 Lee St.
Charleston, West Va.  (in on James Hill Line)
For Emma send paper about (2) Bobbitt more about Parmella Hill &John
Bobbitt, see Bobbitt family bibles.
Virginia Register
John Bobbitt 4CL, 4th Con. Line, 4th Virginia Regular Infantry
First listing of tithables of Pittsylvania Co. yr. 1767.
John Bobbitt 1767, land holders collection for churches, Virginia
Vol. 23-303 page.
Mrs. Olivo Cottle Burditt wife of (3) Lyle Burdette

Transcribed by Dean Ab-Hugh
From notes of Mrs. Anderson, Dec'd