Transcriptions of pension applications for the Revolutionary War veterans have been provided by C. Leon Harris, Thank you Mr. Harris.

[John Fields S8471] [Elihu Ayers R335] [Willoughby Blackard S29638] [Joel Blancit S29640]

[James Boaz S6694] [James Boyd S12269] [William and Susannah Carter W3385]

[James and Keziah Harris W11223] [James and Patte Harris W8892]

[William Harris S30458 and Lydia Renfro Harris W8893]

[Nathaniel Newman Hylton R5467] [John and Sarah Spencer W3884] [William Tinch S39521] [Joseph and Molly Varner W1762]

[Benjamin Belcher (no number; application recorded but apparently never filed)]

[Daniel Shelor S6079]

[Zachariah Hendricks S38018] [Nancy Critz W6755] [John and Mary Parsons Midkiff W3852]

[John Bowman S18323] [James Miller S38230] [Isham and Mary East W19209]

[Harvey and Elizabeth Fitzgerald W7278] [Farthing Hix S5534] [Charles and Mary Nelson Fodrell W7317]

[John and Sarah Spencer W3884] [William And Martha Carter W3773]

[Phillip Anglin R225] [Nancy Hancock Corn Widow of Jesse W909]

[John Akers S6474] [Henry H. Alvis R168]

[Jesse Hall S8666(Montgomery County)]

[Asa Hall S6945 (Montgomery County)]

[James Crawley S15790]

[ John Peter and Elizabeth Corn W5885 ] [David Keeton S2685 ] [James Taylor S281 ]

[John and Frances Sharp W4336 ] [Benjamin and Susannah Martin Hancock W5291]

[William and Mary Going W7546]

[Sarah widow of Jonathan Hanby W4687] [William Fuson S4291 ]

[William Fain R3422 ] [Stephen King S5551 ] [William and Martha Carter W3773 ]

[Joseph Terry S7701 ] [Archibald Mchone R6733] [Nathaniel Scales S18201]

[Richard D and Nancy Reynolds R8715] [Thomas Richardson S9075] [Zacharia James Keaton R5803]

[Benjamin Shinault W6867] [David Stephens R10111 ]

[Timothy and Mary Spencer W4341] [William Smith S31976] [Henry Tilley S7731]

[John Sahffer S3899] [Edward Henderson S15885]

[Daniel and Mary Hurt Conner W1235]

[Andrew and Anna Fisher McGinnis W8426] [Mary Bailey Martin widow of George Martin W4543]

[Randolph Lawson R6205] [Hall Hudson R5331]

Martel and Elizabeth Bacon Lesueur W8035

Martel's Grave marker as pictured on WDBJ7 TV on 7/6/2007

WDBJ7 News Story

If anyone has connections to the Martel and Elizabeth Bacon Lesueur family, perhaps you can help get the marker put back in the location of his grave.

Southern Campaign Pension Applications

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