Patrick County Marriages 1799 -1897

Patrick County, Virginia
Marriage Records 1799 - 1897


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5-22-1799 Sarah Agee d/o John Agee married John Bedwell sur. James Henderson

4-2-1802 Anna Askew d/o Daniel Askew married Joel Willis

3-27-1813 Peggy Bishop married Nathaniel Harris

10-8-1828 Fanny Archer married Henry McMillion sur. Joshua Haynes

3-16-1837 Elizabeth Agee married James Dillon sur. John Agee

8-15-1837 Sally Hatcher married William Hall sur. James Hatcher

2-26-1838 Lucy Agee d/o John Agee married William Dillon sur. James Dillon

12-29-1854 Agnes Hatcher married Benjamin Hubbard Jr. Sur. James Hatcher

10-10-1855 Nathanial Agee age 44 s/o john & Lena Agee married Sally Kelly age 28 d/o Joseph & Jane Kelly

9-12-1856 Richard L Ingram age 31 s/o Ronald H & Nancy Ingram married Ida Agee age 25 d/o Nathaniel & Mary Agee

1-3-1858 William Dillon age 20 s/o James & Elizabeth Dillon married Mahala A Agee age 20 d/o Samuel & Polly Agee

8-24-1858 James A Carter age 19 s/o Samuel & Nancy Carter married Mary E Agee age 23 d/o William & Sandy Agee

1-6-1861 Garnett Agee age 30 s/o Pleasant & Nancy Agee married Jane Tuggle age 24 d/oJames & Sarah Tuggle

1-30-1867 Edward H Agee age 23 s/o Pleasant & Nancy Agee married Emma V Craig age 16 d/o John & Elizabeth Craig of Henry Co Va.

5-5-1881 A J Agee age 21 s/o W G & Mary J Agee married Nancy A Craig age 16 d/o W G & Lucinda Craig

10-3-1889 Jesse J Agee s/o Austin & E J Agee married Iowa Washington d/o David & S A Washington.

3-2-1893 Nancy Agee d/o John & Ruth Agee married Samuel H Hooker s/o John W & Mgt. D Hooker

11-8-1896 Charles B Agee age 24 s/o J T & Mary Agee married Osie Nowlin age 16 d/o D J & Delyla Nowlin

1-10-1897 Annie Agee age 25 d/o Jane Agee married James W Brim age 26 s/o Rice O & Martha A Brim


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