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Lookup Volunteers for Patrick County VA.

Updated Feb. 24, 2006

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Current Lookup Offers

My Mom and I have Inscribed CEMETERIES in PATRICK COUNTY, VA.
I am willing to do lookups from the Cemetery records I have available
For a look at the list click CEMETERY LIST

Marriages of Patrick County, Virginia 1791-1850 - Taylor Whisonant

New Virginia Resource Book, Virginia Military Institute 1839 - 1950 Cheryl Hawley
This book about Virginia Military Institute list all cadets since inception in 1839 to the 1950's. It lists the cadets name and city when enrolling, occupation, military assignments and address and date of death.Please refer to VMI Cadets in your e-mail.

Thanks to you all for these very generous offers!!!

Rules for Lookup Requests

1. Mention the name of the book in your message.
Our volunteers aren't mind-readers &
they may not remember which books they volunteered for.

2. Make your requests for lookup limited in scope.
"Tell me everything about the Smiths" is probably too broad.

3. Researchers should not ask, nor may lookup volunteers offer, to violate copyright laws in responding to requests for lookups in any copyrighted material.

One such place is

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