pension records ordering

Address to National Archives
And Records Administration

The form used to order copies of Veterans Records is NATF Form 80 available
from the National Archives :
        General Reference Branch (NNRG-P)
        National Archives and Records Administration
        7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
        Washington, DC   20408

The types of records that can be ordered with this form include:
        Pension Application Files
        Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files
        Military Service Records

They describe each type of file:
        Pension Application Files, based of Federal (not State) service
before World War I, usually include an official statement of the veteran's
military service, as well as information of a personal nature.  Pensions
based on military service for the Confederate States of America were
authorized by some Southern States but not by the Federal Government until
1959.  Inquiries about State Pensions should be addressed to the State
Archives or equivalent agency at the capital of the veteran's State of
residence after the war.

        Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files  are based on Federal (not
State) service before 1856.  Documents in a bounty-land warrant application
file are similar to those in a pension application file.  In addition, these
files usually give the veteran's age and place of residence at the time the
application was made.

        Military Service Records are based on service the UNITED STATES ARMY
(officers who served before June 30, 1917, and enlisted men who served
before October 31, 1912); NAVY (officers who served before 1902 and enlisted
men who served before 1886); MARINE CORPS (officers who served before 1896
and enlisted men who served before 1905); and CONFEDERATE ARMED FORCES
(officers and enlisted men, 1861-1865).  In addition to persons who served
in regular forces raised by the Federal Government, volunteers fought in
various wars chiefly in the Federal Government's interest from the
Revolutionary War through the Phillippine Insurrection, 1775-1902.

In my application for records for my GGGrandfather, I was able to include a
photocopy of the page where his name was included in the Eleventh Census of
the United States - Special Schedule - Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and
Marines, and Widows, etc.  enumerated in June 1890  and  also a photocopy of
an index card with his name, service information (the company he served with
in the Civil War) the date of filing for pension and the certificate number.
These two documents were on microfilm at the National Archives in Seattle.
When I was able to find him on both sets of records, a very enthusiastic
aide at the N/A who also is very interested in Military information,
encouraged me to request the files.  He said when you find who you are
looking for on both, you are guaranteed to get some good information.  It
was on his recommendation that I made the initial application.

The minimum required information that you have to include in order for a
search to be made include:
        Veteran (give last, first and middle names)
        Branch of service in which he served - Army, Navy, Marine Corps
        State from which he served
        War in which, or dats between which, he served
        If service was Civil War,  Union or Confederate
Additional Information, if known:
        Unit in which he served - Name of regiment or number, company, etc., 
                name of ship
        If service was army, arm in which he served - Infantry, Cavalry,
        Rank - Officer, Enlisted
        Kind of Service - Volunteers, Regulars
        Pension/Bounty-Land File NO.
        If Veteran lived in a home for soldiers, give location, city and state
        Places Veteran lived after service
        Date of Birth
        Place of Birth
        Date of Death
        Place of Death
        Name of Widow or other claimant

I was able to find out the regiment information on the internet, by checking
in the files for Illinois where he volunteered from. I was then fairly
certain when I found him on the microfiche that I had the right person.  I
already had birth and death dates.

I think my file cost $40.00 just because of the number of pages and a little
more for postage because it will be mailed to Canada.
I hope this information helps some of you...
Bev Allen
Langley, B.C.
This Page Placed Here By:
Mary A. Hudson
On September 28th, 1998