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As you can see, we need a LOT of help on this page also. If you can do lookups for us

  • Volunteers may do unlimited lookups if and only if:

    1. The lookup volunteer is the actual author and copyright holder of the publication.

    2. The lookup volunteer is using primary source documents ... whether they are treking to the courthouse or using their own xeroxed copies of public domain documents.

    3. The lookup volunteer has written permission from the author / copyright holder to use their publication for lookups

  • Volunteers may be able to make certain limited scope lookups in copyrighted publications under the "fair use" provisions of existing law.

  • Potential volunteers are encouraged to review the explanations of copyright protection, especially the "fair use" provisions, available elsewhere on the Web.

  • Rules for Lookup Requests

    Researchers should not ask, nor may lookup volunteers offer, to violate copyright laws in responding to requests for lookups in any copyrighted material.

    Melinda has the book, "HISTORY OF SOUTH NORFOLK" {1661-1963 } by RAYMOND L. HARPER.

    Dave Spriggs has a collection of Hill's Norfolk-Portsmouth City Directories, and has graciously offered to do lookups.
    These are the years for which he has directories (all 19xx): 18, 19, 20/21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 44, 53, 77, 79, 84.

    In addition, Dave has volunteered to:

    Check the comprehensive collection of Hill's Directories in the Norfolk Library (ca. 1885 to present).

    Look up obituaries in the newspaper microfilm archives at the Norfolk Library.

    Look up Norfolk County Census listings (1790 - 1930).

    Check for burials at Norfolk and Portsmouth cemeteries and provide digital images of markers.

    Frances Morrison has volunteered to do lookups in "The companion volume (Vol2)" by McIntosh, Charles Flemsing, "Brief Abstracts of Norfolk County Wills 1710-1753"
    "please put name-of-book in subj. line and include at least approx. date if at all possible - also, give variant spellings of surname?"

    Gloria Faye Hardy has volunteered to do lookups in the book, "Free Blacks in Norfolk, Virginia 1790-1860". Thank you Gloria...

    "Lower Norfolk Co. and Norfolk Co. Wills, 1637-1710" by Charles McIntosh. 

    SEE INDEX FOR 1637-1710, if you see your ancestors name then email me for details. Also see "wills" section for additional lookups.


    Susan J Lacerte has graciously offered to do lookups in 2 of her books about the city of Portsmouth. This is not for genealogy information, but historical info relating to the city of Portsmouth and does mention the names of the mayors and the past school boards etc.

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