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Norfolk County Virginia Marriage Licenses
1850-1899 (white only) Volume I by Sharon Rea Gable and Truitt M. Bonney
is available for FREE LOOK UPS........................

The book contains the white marriage licenses from the vertical files in
the Chesapeake Courthouse which are not arranged by date.There are 4003
actual marriage licenses/returns listed as well as 1196 marriages from
the "index cards" which are the lost marriage returns for that time
period.  40% of the males who listed a place of birth were born in
Norfolk County, city of Norfolk or city of Portsmouth, while the figure
for females was 54%.  I'm sorry we didn't have time or energy to extract
all marriages, but it has taken us over a year to extract this much.  As
indicated by the title we are still extracting marriages from those
files.  Also note that the book is sorted by grooms, but the brides and
both set of parents are indexed which really helps in finding widows who
have remarried.

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I just wanted to let folks know that Volume II Norfolk County VA
Marriage Licenses 1900-1935 (white only) is now available. 

You can purchase the book for $50 from either author (Sharon Gable or
Truitt Bonney) or from the Family Research Society of Northeastern NC
(sites.rootsweb.com/~ncfrsnnc ).  This second volume contains 6292
marriage licenses and 540 marriages where the license/return has been
lost.  Combined with Volume I, this only represents 38% of the marriages
in those vertical files at the Chesapeake Courthouse which was issued
between 1850 and 1935.  The second volume is larger than the first at
534 pages which include 165 pages of index.

Volume III Marriage Licenses for non-whites between 1850 and 1899 is in
the works but not getting into print anytime soon --- we need a

I will of course do lookups in the book for you if Kristina will be so
kind as to add this volume to the entry she has for Norfolk County
marriages on the Norfolk County web site.  I think I've answered
everyone's look-ups to date, but if I missed yours please email me.

While you're reading..please come to the NCGS/FRS Genealogy Fair on 24
March in Elizabeth City (details at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~ncfrsnnc/ )
and / or the VA Beach Genealogy Fair on 31 March in Virginia Beach
(details at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~vavbgs/ ).  My book will be
available at both locations.

The third Volume of the Norfolk County VA Marriage Licenses is now
available at the Family Research Society of Northeastern NC
(https://sites.rootsweb.com/~ncfrsnnc/ ).  The book covers 1850 - 1899 and
is for non-white marriages.  It has 5735 marriage license/returns as
well as 59 "index cards" where the actual license has been lost.  Races
include African-American, Indian and "mixed blood" or "mixed blood of
Indian descent" to use the terminology of that day.  The book, like the
2 previous volumes, is sorted by groom with the brides and both sets of
parents being indexed.

The society sells the books for $50 plus shipping (and tax if delivered
to NC address) or you can purchase the book from one of the authors
(Sharon Gable or Tim Bonney).  The society accepts Purchase Orders from

I will do look-ups in this book if desired.  Just email me at home or at

Sharon Gable
Sharon Gable CG
CG and Certified Genealogist are Service Marks of the Board for
Certification of Genealogists used under license after periodic
evaluations by the Board.