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Nelson County Historical Society
Lovingston, Va.
Charter:  March 1975
Action under review of Board of Directors (5)

The Nelson County Historical Society is a non-stock charitable corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, organized for literary, educational, and philanthropic purposes, including but not limited to historical research and related activities.

Its objectives are to create and promote an interest in historical education and research leading to the preservation of artifacts, documents, and written records relevant to the history of Nelson County, and the authentication, preservation,
and acquisition as feasible of historical sites and structures in Nelson County.

During the first week of May ('97), I had the pleasure of browsing through quite a few of the records in the Nelson County Historical Society's collection.  Their records are physically located at the Nelson Memorial Library in Lovingston.  In addition to their records collection, they have quite a nice collection of books.

Below is a list of just some of the categories in their records collection:

  • Cemeteries - volunteers have been recording the names of our ancestors buried in each of the cemeteries within the county including family burial sites.

  • Churches - lots of history about a number of the county's churches.

  • Communities - the history and activitives (past and present) involving a number of the communities throughout the county.

  • Families - interesting information about some of the past and present families of the county.

  • Historical Societies - information about a few of the surrounding historical societies including Albemarle Co., Amherst Co., and Lynchburg.
This is just a small sampling of the valuable and informative data the Nelson County Historical Society has on hand.  I hope this sampling will also give you a good idea of the desire and dedication felt by its members, officers and board of directors in meeting its goals.  Can you imagine the work involved in putting together a list of all the people buried in each and every cemetery within a county!
If you will be anywhere near the Lovingston area in the future, I encourage you to set aside a couple hours and stop by the Nelson Memorial Library (Hwy. 29) and browse through the NCHS's records.  I am confident you will be as pleased with what you find as I was during my recent visit.   Please be sure to sign their Guest List when you stop by...they will appreciate it.

I think it's important to mention here that everything the Society accomplishes is done through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.  All the publications, books, papers, etc. are obtained through donations.  If you have any publications involving the history of Nelson County or its families and no longer need them, I'm sure the NCHS would be most grateful if you would make a gift of them.

Officers, Meetings and Membership Information

Paul Saunders, President
Bernard McGinnis, 1st V. President
Marjorie Eggleston, 2nd V. President
Becky Norris, Secretary
Tatum Saunders, Treasurer
Bernard McGinnis - Program Chairman
Beth Goodwin
Emily Moxley
Becky Norris
Kate McGinnis
Claudia Slaughter, Chair Person

Meetings held monthly, 2nd Sunday, 2:00 PM
at the Nelson Memorial Library

Annual Membership
Annual Family Membership (husband, wife & children under 18)
Life Membership (no further dues necessary)
$  10.00
$  15.00

Make your check payable to and mail to:
Nelson County Historical Society
P O Box 474
Lovingston, Va. 22949


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