Captain Sally Tompkins, C.S.A.

Captain Sally Louisa Tompkins, C.S.A.

1833 - 1916

Photograph from the
Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library
The Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia
Sally Louisa Tompkins was born at Poplar Grove in Mathews County, Virginia, November 9, 1833 and from early childhood exhibited a great love and aptitude for nursing.

Following the First Battle of Manassas, she established her own private hospital at 3rd and Main Streets in Richmond, Virginia. Later in 1861, private hospitals were no longer able to draw medical supplies from the government, and were forced to close. Because of its excellent reputation for cleanliness and highest recovery rate of any military hospital, North or South, President Jefferson Davis commissioned Sally a Captain in the Confederate Cavalry, thus allowing her to continue operating her Robertson Hospital with government supplies.
Stained glass window
St. James's Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia
"Captain Sally Louisa Tompkins, 83 years old, died yesterday of chronic nephritis at 8:45 o'clock in the morning, in the Home for Confederate Women. The funeral, with full military honors, will take place in Mathews County in the graveyard of the church which her sister, Miss Elizabeth Tompkins, helped to establish in 1841."
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