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 ANDERS= 28, 53




 BALL= 29

BARNHOUSE/Bornhaus = 71




 BERRY= 36, 57

 BEST= 8







 BOYER= 24


 BRADFIELD= 13, 29, 39



 BROOKS = 72

 BROWN= 45

 BUTCHER= 30, 47




 CARR= 67



 CLEWS= 18


 COE= 56



 CONARD= 30, 40, 47



 CRAIG= 60





 DENNY= 11


 DRUMM= 35


 DUTCH= 40





 EVANS= 59





 FOOTE= 36




 FURR= 67





 GIDEON= 28,  40

 GREGG= 1820

 GRIFFITH= 18,  28


 GROVE= 58












 HESSE= 47

 HISER= 44


 HOLMES= 1860
















 KERN= 8

 KING= 10


 KREIS= 46



 LACEY= 51


 LEGG= 38

 LEWIN= 11


 LNU= 2

 LOHR= 8

LONG = 75

 LOVE= 42





 MAY= 16



 MEAD= 18

 MILLER= 4047


 MORAN= 38



 NEER= 47

 NICHOLS= 3456





 OXLEY= 54


 PAINE= 33


 POLEN= 22

 POTTS= 30,  40, 47






RASOR = 75

 REED= 53








 ROYER= 25

 RUSK= 7



 SAGER= 27











 SHRY= 49




 SMITH= 5842, 47,57, 58, 64








 SWART= 22







 TURNER= 5561






 WAUGH= 65

 WEIR= 1


 WERTS= 46




 WHITE= 18






 WINE= 68












John SHICK was on the personal property tax lists of Loudoun Co., VA from 1802 through 1811. On 18 May 1802, he married Catharine WEIR. This was recorded at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Middletown, Frederick Co., MD. The children of John and Catharine (Weir) Shick were Catharine Shick (1802- ), Elizabeth Shick (1803-1845) m. John ABLE, William Shick (1806-1894) m. Catharine SHAWVER, and Sarah Shick (1809-1905) m. Basil THOMPSON. Catharine Shick's birth was recorded at the German Reformed Church in Loudoun Co., VA and Sarah Shick's birth was recorded at the New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church at Lovettsville in Loudoun Co., VA. Catharine (Weir) Shick must have died between her daughter Sarah's birth in 1809 and her baptism in 1810 because the baptism states that Sarah's father was a widower. John Shick married Catharina SCHLOETZ/SLATES, the daughter of Frederick and Rosanna Schloetz, on 22 Aug 1811 at the New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lovettsville. John and Catharine (Slates) Shick moved to present-day Loudon Township, Carroll Co., Ohio. In 1832, John was elected a trustee at Emanuel Lutheran Church at Kilgore in Carroll Co. John's son William moved to Logan Co., Ohio. John's great-grandson wrote that John died in Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio, in 1841. George SHULTZ (1752-1827) and Elizabeth SHOEMAKER were married in 1784 at Harper's Ferry, VA. In 1810, George received a land patent in Harrison Co., Ohio. It states that he was from Loudoun Co., VA. George's will was written in 1824 and probated in 1828 in Harrison Co. , OH. The children of George and Elizabeth (Shoemaker) Shultz were Mary Elizabeth Shultz (1785-1867) who married Daniel SHAWVER, John Shultz (1787- ) m. Polly Birchfield, Jacob Shultz (1788-1845) m. Anna M. Shoemaker, Catherine Elizabeth Shultz (1794-1898) m. Michael Hoobler, Margaret Shultz (1796- ) m. Philip Miser, Susan Shultz m. Jacob Beckley, Solomon Shultz (1799-1878) m. Rachel Kenouve/Knoff, Priscilla Shultz m. William Aimes/Eams, Rachel Shultz (1807-1876) m. Jacob Grimm, Elizabeth Shultz m. Daniel Riegle, and Polly Shultz m. Benjamin Riegle.

Nancy Allen


Jeremiah Hampton Jr. (1766-1834), and wife Miney LNU (1771-1846), and family moved from Loudoun Co., VA to Warren Co., or Clinton Co., OH about 1830. His cousin Jeremiah Hampton (1794-1854) & wife Pamelia Worcester (1801-1885) moved to Licking Co., OH. They were married in Fairfax Co., VA in 1815.

Tom Luce


From HISTORY OF THE TOWNSHIPS AND VILLAGES OF COLUMBIANA COUNTY (OH). Henry Woolf, prior to his removal to Ohio, was a farmer in Loudon (sp) Co. VA....He removed to Butler in 1804. Peter Ritchie, also from Loudon (sp) Co. Va., purchased, in 1806, a part ofthe northwest quarter section 19...

Betty Rudolph
Boise Idaho


My John Bishop moved from Loudoun to Belmont co., OH in 1817 (according to an 1892 "Monroe Gazette" (Ohio) sketch of his son.

Tom G. Thomas Bishop


Andrew DERRY and his wife Catherine SMITH moved to Harrison Co., Ohio about 1812. Their daughter Mary m. in Ohio William COTTON probably from Loudoun too and their daughter Sarah m. in Ohio William HENRY who may have been from Loudoun.

Phyllis Miller


Philip KEIST/KISTE moved from Loudoun County Va to Adams Twp, Muskingum Co Ohio 1832 with his family.

Barbara Keist McClenny


According to my information, my Alfred Jones and Rosetta Gibson were married in Loudoun County, Virginia, Jan. 13, 1829, and later moved to Muskingum, then Noble county and by 1850, to Morgan county, Ohio. Rosetta Gibson Jones' sister, Rosanna Gibson married John H. States. They and their sister, Rosella Gibson Rusk, all moved to Muskingum County, Ohio. The Rusks stayed in the Zanesville area, while the other two families moved on.

Pat Grout


Time I renewed info about my wife's family tree. The family name in Loudoun County was KERN. They lived in the Waterford Area and moved to Carrol County, Ohio, about 1817 when and where they received a land grant from President Monroe. I would assume this was for either Revolutionary War or War of 1812 services, but do not have information about that. In Ohio, the family name KERN changed to KARN and then to KARNS for some reason. Those that went to Ohio Time I renewed info about my wife's family tree. The family name in Loudoun County was KERN. They lived in the Waterford area and moved to Carroll County, Ohio, about 1817 when and where they received a land grant there from President were KERN and those born in Ohio were KARNS. Family tree that we know about is as follows: Abraham Kern married Barbara - no dates. They had two sons. Adam Kern (b. 1785 - d. 9 Apr 1869) was a bachelor. David Kern (b. 20 Jul 1787/88 - d. 3 Jul 1868) married Elizabeth Smith (d. 24 Apr 1815) on 12 Mar 1812 and had two children Absalon Kern (b.4 Oct 1812 in Waterford, VA - d. 1 Mar 1880 Carroll Co, OH) and Margaret Kern (b. 6 Oct 1814) who married a Mr. Lohr. After Elizabeth died in 1815, David Kern married Jane Cunard (b. 1790 in PA - d. 21 Aug 1865 in Carroll Co., OH) and they had 8 children. This group is not part of my wife's family tree so I will not continue it, but if interested, I can provide names and some birth/death info as well as very little marriage information. In Ohio, Absalom Kern married Sarah Ann Best 17 Dec 1840. I have some info on the Best family for anyone interested. Absalon and Sarah had three children, Mary Malinda, William David, and Frederick Melvin. I have reasonably complete information on vital dates for Frederick Melvin Karns - this is my wife's grandfather - and his descendants. As I noted, the name changed to KARNS with this generation. Anyone interested in this family, send me private e-mail and I will provide what information I have. And of course we are interested in any information on the KERN family tree prior to Abraham and any siblings of his

Malcolm Agnew


I know my two Starkey's, Joseph and his brother, Isaac, were both Rev War vets, but they were not awarded land. I have records of their transferring their pension records from VA to OH before they left...Lucikly for me, we descend from a son of Joseph who stayed in the great county of Loudoun...... at least until he moved to Jackson Co, WV which is across the river from Ohio! This is a correction to info I sent earlier. Joseph Starkey left Loudoun Co. Nov. 1822 and went to Belmont Co. Oh His brother, Isaac, left Loudoun same time and went to Wayne Co. (He died in Coshcoton a few years later.)

Both gentlemen served in Rev. War

K T Starkey



1836-1838 Joseph and Anne King, their two sons, William & Newton, left Loudoun County and migrated to Belmont County, Ohio. Please note that this family is African-American.

Phyllis Yarber Hogan



John Almer LEWIN b. 7 August 1791 (Shenandoah County, VA) migrated to Pickaway County, OH with William Renick. John married Salome CLUTTER (b. 17 July 1791 Loudoun Co., VA). Salome's family were also with Mr. Renick, as were a number of other families. John and Salome's was the first marriage in Harrison Township, on 24 May 1810 by Squire James Denny. I have no other information on Salome (still trying to find her parents/siblings), except the names of her children, the date of her death ( Jan. 1854) and the place of her burial-Warren County, IA.

Ellen Lewin



My Nancy Triplett and James Burgess French were married in 1817 in Loudoun County, VA, and their son Thomas French was born in Muskingum Count, Ohio. According to family legend George W. Wheeler was born in Loudoun Co.abt 1808 migrated with some other families to Muskingum Co. Ohio. He married Hanah or Hanna (last name unknown!) They had children: Louise (my g.grandmother), Ella, Mary J., Caroline, Hanah, Charlotte, Clarissa and George .,Jr. His daughter married a son of James B. and Nancy (Triplett) French. I would like any information on him that anyone might have.

Hank Muma in Baltimore



Burr Braden & his wife, Mary D. Jenners, left Loudoun in 1828 and went as far as Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. They were travelling with Mary's mother, Deborah (Young) Jenners, and her younger brothers & sisters. The family considered staying in Dayton, but finally decided to move on to Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN where several of Mary's older siblings had already settled. These were: Martin (or Henry) Jenners, David Jenners, William M. Jenners, and Sarah (Jenners) Bradfield with her husband, Jonathan Bradfield and his family. There are indications that this earlier group also stopped in Ohio for awhile before continuing on to Lafayette, IN.

Sue Beach


My gggrandfather, William S. Wilson, was born in Hillsboro, Loudoun Cnty, VA 1813. I don't know anything about his family. In 1839 he married Minerva Jane McArtor, b. 03/09/1811 also in Hillsboro, dau of Moses Taylor McArtor, in Knox Cnty, OH. (Moses also went to Ohio). My ggrandfather, Harmon G. Wilson, b 02/12/1847 in Zanesville, Muskingum Cnty, OH. William S died in 1850 and was buried in Poplar Fork Cemetery, Licking Cnty, OH. At some point, also buried in the same cemetery are Minerva, Moses and 2 of William's Minerva's infant boys. My gggrandfather, William S. Wilson, was born in Hillsboro, Loudoun Cnty, VA in 1813. In 1839 he married my gggrandmother, Minerva Jane McArtor, in Knox County, OH. In 1843 & 1844 he buried 2 small boys, Thomas and Henry, in Poplar Fork Cemetery, Licking Cnty, OH. 02/12/1847 he had my ggrandfather, Harmon G. Wilson, in Zanesville, Muskingum Cnty, OH. In 1850 he also was buried in Poplar Fork Cemetery. Knox, Licking and Muskingum are all kind of connected to each other. I'm real interested in you alls theory. When my gggrandfather, William S. Wilson came to Ohio I don't know. I have been unable to find out anything between 1813 and 1839. Oh, I might also add that Minerva's father, Moses Taylor McArtor, also traveled from Loudoun Cnty, VA to this area of OH. Sure would like to hear from you all,

Dallas, TX


I have the Jacob CARNICLE family heading to Tuscaroy Co cir 1832 then found in Guernsey Co by 1841 and Morgan County by 1849 It appears that this family moved with several other families among whom were the FIELDS. Ultimately found their way to IA by 1854...and more or less finally set down their pioneering stakes. With all these various migrations...there is bound to emerge some sort of pattern...perhaps one ingredient may have been the movement of the Quaker faithful further west..establishing MM's along the way. My family had reputed Quaker ties...but have been unable to substantiate it as yet

Hope Freeman Carnicle


The Frantz P. May family lived in the Leesburg area and in 1836 moved to Pickaway Co., Ohio. If any one happens to have any info on this family it would be greatly appreciated. About the only thing I have is that Frantz is buried in Leesburg and that they probably moved to Loudoun Co. around 1790. I hope this still makes me eligible for Loudoun Co. families. Do let me know.



Isaac HUTCHINSON and wife Mary MAUZEY migrated from Loudoun Co., VA to Marietta, Washington Co., OH between 1787 and 1791. This according to records although Loudoun County was probably Fairfax County at that time.

Ted Harruff


Members of the Benjamin Mead and first wife, Hannah Clews and second wife, Ann Pattison(Patterson) family moved to Ohio... Samuel Mead and wife, Sarah Whitacre to Belmont Co about 1816 Christian Mead and husband, William White Asenath Mead and husband Stephen Gregg about 1812 Joseph Mead and wife (Fry or Irey) to Stillwater MM, records noted in 1831 and John Mead and wife, Mary Holmes. Most were in Belmont Co. and wherever Stillwater MM had meeting. Will be happy to exchange data. Samuel and Sarah had custody of Griffith children in addition to their own.



My gt gt grandfather William Allbritain (wife, Mary Daniel) of Loudoun County moved to Muskingum County, Ohio, between 1820 and 1830. He was also a farmer, and a few years ago I found his land in the Rich Hill District. Their Humphrey cousins also moved there. I wonder if they were all neighbors who moved together.



My wife's ancestors, the GREGGs, also migrated from Loudoun county to Ohio. Samuel GREGG, his wife Ann SINCLAIR, and six children moved to Ohio in the 1798-1802 timeframe. The Quaker GREGGs obtained a certificate for removal from the Goose Creek MM on October 30, 1797, and presented it to the Redstone (Pennsylvania) MM in 1798. On February 4, 1802, they obtained a certificate of removal from Redstone and it was accepted at the Concord MM in Harrison county, Ohio, on June 19, 1802. They apparently lived near the border of Harrison and Belmont counties. Five more children were born in Belmont county, Ohio. It is only speculation, but among the reasons for their move may have been the probable need for more land to support the large GREGG families, the harassment they may have endured during and after the Revolutionary War for their Quaker pacifist principles, and their possible disgust for the practice of slavery in Virginia. The Ordinance of 1787 had opened up the Northwest Territory for settlement and the territory of Ohio was established in 1800. In 1812 the family pushed further west to Fredericktown in Knox county, Ohio. In the mid-1830s they continued their westward migration to Alum Creek in Delaware county, Ohio. Samuel (c 1840) and Ann (c 1838) died near Zanesville in Logan county, Ohio. Their children continued the westward migration to Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa.


Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas


John Wesley Littleton m. Elizabeth Ann Tavenner 21 Mar 1829 in Loudoun Co, VA They moved to Clark Co, OH (Springfield area) (WHY?) about 1836 and John Wesley died there 6 Apr 1838 (HOW?). Elizabeth Ann then moved with their 4 kids to Hardin Co, OH (Kenton area) in 1839. (WHY?) I KNOW other Tavenners were in Clark CO earlier and I just found in John's Estate papers I got yesterday, a loan he made to Lorenzo Littleton, who is a known relative. When Lorenzo got to Clark Co is a new project. ;-) Did they go there because Littleton's or Tavenner's were already there? Looks like it, but now I have to find them. As I get new info, I'll pass it along.

Terry Littleton

N Ft Myers, FL


One of my ancestors William Polen and all his children moved to Jefferson County Ohio about 1830. He traded his land in Loudoun to Adrian Swart who had received the Ohio land originally. The Swarts had also been Loudoun residents and were settled in Loudoun as late as 1850. William followed his twin brother, Nathaniel to Ohio. Nathaniel and William and their families settled near one another . They are mentioned in the book on Columbiana County Ohio. So add,this family to the list

Susan Chiarello


Jackson Williams, born 1784 in Virginia, married Margaret Brawner, born in 1792. I believe they were married in 1815 in Loudoun county. Children were, Charles Fenton Williams born Sept. 16, 1817, Addison M. Williams born Sept. 18, 1819, Margaret-Amanda Williams, James Williams, Washington Williams and three unknown female children. Jackson was said to have made many trips moving people to Ohio and may have run a freight line. He helped move a Noah Swayne from Virginia to Ohio. Noah Swayne was appointed to the U.S.Supreme Court by Lincoln. Jackson and Margaret moved to Ohio in November 1833 with 7 or 8 children. He settled in Coshocton county, Ohio. I am sure Jackson had brothers or sisters. His sons names Fenton and Addison seem to be unique and undoubtedly named after another relative. Margaret's maiden name Brawner may also be a lead.

Ron Williams
Coshocton, Ohio


George Ater and Mary Boyer married Loudoun County 14 June 1774. George was on the Tax Roll for there 1787. His family was from Frederick MD, but they settled in area that was Harper's Ferry and ended up in WV. They left there for Ross County Ohio in 1799. David Boyer and Susannah Christman were witness at a child's baptismal at the Evangeline Lutheran Church Frederick MD.

Any info appreciated and will exchange.

Kay Ater Goeggle


Philip RICHCREEK (1763/64- 1842) married Sarah ROYER (d. 1856) Oct 13, 1787 (marriage bond posted that day) in Loudoun Co. They had many children, all born in Virginia, but most were married in Muskingum Co., Ohio. Their oldest son, Thomas, was married in Virginia and had 6 children there, with his last three or so children being born in Ohio (MuskingumCo.?). All of Philip and Sarah's children ended up in Ohio (most likely came with their parents and older brother sometime around 1820), in either Muskingum or Coshocton Counties.

Jennifer and Jeannette


My ancestor's Alexander & Dianna Willson Cordell immigrated from Leesburg to Muskingum Co., Ohio in 1828.

Louis R. Reed
1615 Orchard Drive
Ottawa, KS 66067
(785) 242-2451


Here is the information on my family that moved from Loudoun County to Jefferson County and on to Union and Marion Counties. George and Christenia (Firestone) Sager were born in Loudoun County, Virginia, and their son Benjamin was born August 12, 1800, in Loudoun County. History of Marion County, Ohio George and Christenia (Firestone) Sager emigrated with their family to New Salem, Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1803. George moved to Darby Township, Union County, in 1808 where he died in 1824, aged eighty five years. Birth: August 12, 1800, Loudoun County, Virginia Source: History of Marion County Ohio, Page 686 Emigrated to New Salem Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1803 where his Mother died in 1804. In 1808 moved to Darby Township (Union County), Ohio with his Father. Film 573776, Union County, Ohio, Marriages - 1820-1859 Benjamin Sager and Deborah Duvall were married on June 12, 1823 Benjamin was a licensed Minister in the Christian Church for four years and has been a member of the church for over 50 years. Politically, he is a democrat. After the birth of three children, he moved to Bowling Green Township, Marion County, Ohio, in February 1831 and settled in the deep forest. It was then a part of Grand Township, and he was the first settler. He purchased land of the old General Taylor military reservation in 1834, 200 acres of land in Bowling Green Township. This farm was situated two and a half miles south of what was known as the "Windfall" and was a wild tract of land. He acted as interpreter for the German settlers who formed what is known as the Kersey settlement. Sager Family was written up in the following two history books: History of Marion County, Ohio, 1883, Chicago: Leggett, Canaway, and Company, Pages 826-828 History of Marion County, Ohio, 1907, J. Wilbur Jacoby, Pages 686-688 ====================================================================
January 2, 1998 Per Tom Watson Reference: Jackson Township, North of the City of Richwood, Union County, just South of the Marion County Line - Price Cemetery listings, page 1 Sager, Benjamin 1 June 1889 88y-9m-19d Mary Ann wife of B. 21 Oct 1878 64y-4m-22d ROW 25--Sager, Deborah wife of Ben. 26 Aug 1842 44y-8m-11d ROW 12--Sager, Benjamin F. 1833-1915 Sarah C. 1834-1924 No mention of Sarah Gale Benjamin's second wife....

Nancy White


My Gideon line left Loudoun County, VA for Belmont County Ohio in the fall/winter of 1866. George W. Gideon was to of died Sept 20, 1866 and his wife Hannah Anders Gideon left shortly there after to go be with her family in Belmont County, Ohio. Hannah had 8 children ages ranging from 16 to 2 years with her on her trip to Ohio, only to make matters worse, she had her 9th child in Ohio December 12, 1866. In 1872 Hannah married George Boling and most of her children then married in Belmont county also. Several of them stayed there and most of them moved on to Kansas where there are still many of us. George W. Gideon was the son of Henry and Sarah Ernst Gideon and Hannah was the daughter of Mary Susan Rose Griffith Anders and William James Anders.

Jackie Gideon Maike


My ancestors, Rachel BRADFIELD and William BALL were married in Loudoun Countyin 1824. By 1826, they were living in Columbiana County, Ohio, where their first child was born. (Some of Rachel's relatives, the Croziers and Winders, had made the move earlier.) They made other moves before settling in Washington County, Ohio, where they both died.

Bev Houghlting


Nathan CONARD and his wife Hannah Butcher John CONARD and wife Elizabeth Potts Anthony CONARD and wife Mary Kyst/Kist -John (Conard) s Sarah, Loudon Co., VA; m 16-12-1762 at Short Hill MH, VA, Elizabeth Potts, dt David, Loudon Co; Elizabeth (wd of John), rem, gct Stillwater MM, Ohio, 27-6-1810. -Anthony Conard is listed in the Loudoun Co., VA census through 1820 and died in Licking Co., Ohio 7 July 1840. The family probably left VA in 1828 or 1829.

Judie Hines


Looking to find family of Charles T. Stephens born in Loudoun, Co, Va and moved to Akron, Ohio. His father was James A. Stephens mother was Catherine. James father was John Stephens born in Loudoun, Co ,Va Other names to connect in Ohio are John E. Stephens died 1931 Cleveland, Brownings from Cropley.



Jacob Caylor (1775 - 1848) md. Catherine Etcher (1781-1850) [Dau. Of Peter Oatyar of Loudoun Co. Va.] and moved to Fayette Co. Ohio about 1800. They are buried at the Methodist Church in Staunton, Ohio. Their son, James Caylor (d 1847 Loudoun), returned and married his cousin, Eleanor Maffett (1807-1866) [Dau. Of John Maffett and Elizabeth Etcher]. They remained in Loudoun. Another daughter of Peter Oatyar [also known as Atcher/Etcher in court records], Sophia Etcher md. James Bridwell and also went to Fayette Co. Ohio.

Ann Hennings


1) Aaron Bonham, from Loudoun to Belmont co., OH, ca. 1812 -- he 'disappears' from the Loudoun tax lists around that time and his son Aaron Jr. appears on an Ohio militia list ca. 1812. 2) William Paine, his wife Catherine, their son Jonathan, moved from Loudoun to Belmont co., OH ca. 1816. Jno got his land grant in OH in 1816 and also 'disappears' from the Loudoun tax lists around that time. 3) Thomas and John and Charles Poulton, all brothers, from Loudoun to Belmont co., OH around 1817/20.

Thanks again, Tom

G. Thomas Bishop


Jonah NICHOLS b 30 Dec 1800 in Loudoun. Died in Belmont Co per Belmont Co death records, Vol 1, 1867-1884 on 15 Aug 1863. Married Martha WILSON resided in Union Twp., Belmont Co OH with many of his NICHOLS cousins and his brothers and sisters.

Jo Anne Momburg


My husband's Drumm line came from Loudoun Co. Va. to Muskingum Co. Ohio then his line came on to Delaware Co. Indiana. this would of took place in the beginning of the 1800's. George Drumm and wife Sarah maiden name unknown. George was born Abt 1786 Near Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey. he died July 27, 1820 in Hopewell Twp. Muskingum Co. Ohio, we believe George and Sarah married in early 1780's in Loudoun Co. Virginia. Sarah nee unknown was born in Loudoun Co. Va. on December 26, 1765 she died in Hopewell twp. in Muskingum Co. Ohio on December 01, 1833. George and Sarah were the parents to a possible 14 kids.

Donata Boyle


My ancestors, Benjamin GARRETT, (son of Thomas Garrett and Margaret FOOTE GARRETT) and his wife, Mary A. BERRY GARRETT left Loudoun County, Virginia about 1800?? with some of their children to migrate "west". Family lore sez that they travelled to Kentucky first.......failed to settle there....then went north to Chillicothe, Ohio. Mary A. BERRY GARRETT stayed in Chillicothe with the children while Benjamin "scouted" for a homestead. He selected a tract of land in what is now known as Deer Creek Township, Madison County, Ohio. This land was once a part of the Virginia Military tract. According to a Madison County, Ohio history book, "Benjamin built a block house on the property to protect his family from the Indians", then travelled back to Chillicothe for them. He and his family were some of the first settlers of this region in 1804/1806.

Thanks for listening,



Jeremiah Cullison b. 1798 married Rebecca Houser, she is dau of Phillip Houser/Howser and Deliverance. They left Loudoun Co and were in Coshocton Co Oh by 1836. Jeremiah went on to Knox Co Ind and married 2nd Emily Craig Miller. Jeremiah was probably from Frederick Co Md.; his father was William Cullison.

Mary E Marth Miller


Don't forget my folks: BECKHAM, LEGG and MORAN! My BECKHAMs and LEGGs also moved to OH in the early 1820s, to Licking Co. They had friends and relatives in Muskingum and Coshocton Cos., too

Gloria in MD

Gloria Albinak


I have a Bradfield family that went from Loudon to Ohio. Any other people searching Bradfield



Gideon, George b. Loudoun Co VA m. Miller, Elizabeth moved to Champaign Co Ohio abt 1813 Gideon, Henry b. Loudoun Co VA m. Miller, Nancy Anna moved to Champaign Co OH abt 1813 Miller, Valentine m. Sarah Conard b. Loudoun Co Va moved to Champaign Co OH about 1810 (I'm not sure of the POTTS dates but they appear elsewhere in the list...Elizabeth Potts was mother of Sarah Conard) Titus is a really strange one. This is a DUTCH titus line which migrated from New Netherlands to Bucks Co PA...some of them split off (Teunis Titus) along with the Wynkoop line and ventured to Loudoun Co Va. I haven't quite figured it all out yet but later parts of the Titus Line are found in Muskingum Co OH AND several generations later this Titus line married into the aforementioned Gideon line.

Susie Martin-Rott


William Compher left Loudon Co for Harrison Co Oh 1817 Frederick Spring left Loudon Co for Harrison Co Oh 1818

B Ferrell


Thomas Noland b. 1748 Aldie, Loudoun Co, VA d. by 1811-12. He m. Eleanor Luckett. Eleanor b. 1754. Children: Lloyd Noland b. 14 Dec 1790 VA d. Nov 1875. He m. 1st Anne Whiting Powell, 2nd Eliz W. Smith Dade Noland b. 1788. He m. Caroline Frances Harding 1816. Samuel Noland d. 1828. He m. 1st Emily Peyton, 2nd Miss Hemsley. Thomas Luckett Noland b. ca 1773 d. 1835. He m. Susanna Lambert 9 Feb 1803 (SEE CH BELOW) Betsy Elizabeth Noland d. 1872 Jane Noland d. 1836. She m. Mr. Love bef 1811. ------------------------------------------------ Thomas Luckett Noland b. ca 1773 d. by 5 Sep 1835. They lived in Pickaway Co, OH. He m. Susanna Lambert. Children: Beckwith A., William, Matilda, Elijah, Thomas Luckett Jr., Samuel, & George Noland

For more info on this family contact:



I am researching Henry HISER b Nov 20, 1803 in Loudoun County, VA. He married Deborah Coffman b Rochingham County, VA. Sept 1824 in Dayton, Montgomery County, OH. They had 11 children: John; James; Sara Jane; Jacob H.; Mary E.; William Henry; Martha E.; George W.; Francis C.; Amanda C.; and John Wm. Calvin Hiser. I would like to know who Henry's parents were. Does anyone have any info on this family?

Diana Miller


My Stephen McPherson family emigrated from Loudoun County to
Knox County, OH, about 1827. Stephen had married Mary Brown in 1817
somewhere in Virginia. They had 12 children, eight born in Knox Co.
Stephen lived in Middleburg and Morris Twp of Knox Co., served as a
justice of the peace for 2 terms, and had been a member of Goose
Creek MM in VA. In Ohio he became a Methodist. Stephen moved to
Michigan in 1849 where he died the next year.



My name is Doug Kreis, I am President of the Muskingum County Genealogy Society, and I am willing to be involved in this project, with some constraint as to my time. We maintain a good library and we get a lot of questions about the Loudoun Ct, connections of peoples ancestors. I personally have Loudoun connections: mainly the Albert and Icy Blaker Francis family, Wm and Susan Blaker Shields, Joel and Harriet Blaker White, Benjamin F Saunders family, settled in Washington Twp Musk Ct, They came in the early 50's with a large group of people, who state on the census that they are from "Eastern Virginia". On my Fathers side the Keist/Kiste, Skiles came in the 30's with another group from the Lovettsville area to Adams Twp, Musk Ct, Some of these names are Vinsel, Werts, Slater, Wenner, Roller, and many more.

I will try to help in any way I can.

Doug Kreis


Hello. The following families went from Loudoun Co. VA to Ohio. CONARD, POTTS, NEER, BUTCHER. For more information on some of the individuals, and the families, John CONARD (1738 -1803) = Elizabeth POTTS Ann CONARD = Conrad NEER m. 1785 Loudoun Co., to Licking Co. OH Anthony COONARD = Mary ______ m. 1785 Loudoun Co. to Utica, Licking Co.OH Sarah CONARD = Valentine MILLER m. 1789 Loudoun Co. to Licking Co. OH John CONARD = Barbara SMITH m. 1791 Loudoun Co. Lived in Loudoun Co. Jonathan CONARD = Elizabeth ______ m. 1791 Loudoun Co. to Licking Co.OH David CONARD unmarried. Died in Loudoun Co. Samuel CONARD unmarried. Died in Loudoun Co. Nathan CONARD = Hannah BUTCHER m. 1800 Loudoun Co. to Licking Co. OH Elizabeth CONARD = John HESSE m. 1807 Loudoun Co. Lived in Loudoun Co. Joseph CONARD = Jane BUTCHER m. 1805/6 Loudoun Co. to Licking Co. OH Notes on these families: John CONARD was the son of Anthony CONARD (1706-1747) = Sarah HATFIELD (Loundon Co. VA). Anthony was born in Germantown, PA.; married Sarah 1733 in Germantown. Anthony died in Philadelphia, 1747. Sarah died/buried in Loudoun Co. VA. Anthony's brother, James CONARD = Jane HATFIELD. Their daughter, Sarah CONARD = John BUTCHER. And, their daughter, Hannah BUTCHER b. 1779 = Nathan CONARD (John, Anthony). Hannah BUTCHER's father, John BUTCHER was killed by the Indians during the American Revolutionary War. Nathan CONARD was born June 5, 1779 in Loudoun Co. VA. d. September 20, 1854, and was buried in the Conard Cemetery,[twp. Road #67, 1/2 mile South of State Rt. #62, Burlington Township, Licking Co. OH]. Hannah BUTCHER CONARD was born January 7, 1779 in Loudoun Co. VA., died January 28, 1871(buried at New Cemetery, Utica, Ohio) They came to Knox Co. OH in 1805, later to Licking Co. Joseph CONARD (John, Anthony) = (1) Jane BUTCHER. Joseph was born in Loudoun Co. VA. March 9, 1784 d. February 14, 1873. Jane BUTCHER CONARD was born in Loudoun Co. VA. February 14, 1786, and died January 30, 1831. Joseph CONARD came to Ohio in September 1805 from Loudoun Co. VA. In the fall of 1806, he was in southern Knox Co, then to Washington Township, Licking Co. He went back to Virginia to marry Jane BUTCHER. They lived near Utica, OH. Above taken from the History of Licking County, Ohio. and Conard Family History. David POTTS (b. 1700)= (1) Elizabeth LAND (2) Ann ROBERTS. The daughter of David and Ann ROBERTS POTTS, Elizabeth POTTS married John CONARD. David's brother, Jonas POTTS (b. 1714) married Mary ____. They moved to PA. The following children of Jonas and Mary POTTS moved to Ohio: Jonathan b. 1744 to Jefferson Co. OH; David b. 1757 to Chilicothe, then Marion Co. OH; Nathan to Carroll Co. OH; Joshua b. 1769 to Richland OH.

S. Howe


Would like to add the following WRIGHT family to the list of Loudon Co to Ohio: Aaron (born in Loudon Co) and Barbara (WILKINSON) WRIGHT and children: Charles W. WRIGHT born 26 Nov 1822 Loudon Co (settled in Greene Co) Wilkinson WRIGHT born 1825 Loudon Co (settled in Montgomery CO) Aaron WRIGHT born 17 Jul 1827 Loudon Co (settled in Greene Co) Lydia WRIGHT John P. WRIGHT First found in Warren County, Ohio, then neighboring counties of Greene and Montgomery. Came to Ohio late 1820s or early 1830s. Aaron was the son of Patterson and Nancy (?) WRIGHT and Grandson of Anthony and Elizabeth (HARRIS) WRIGHT. Both Father and Grandfather were born in Loudoun Co and also died there, Patterson (died bef Jun 1827) and Anthony (born abt 1725 - died bef May 1818).

Julie (Wright) Stewart


SHRY Sarah, (daughter of Jacob Shry), born 04 Jun 1793/1794 Loudon Co. VA; married in Wood Co. VA (now WV?) on 28 Aug 1817 to Thompson WOODYARD. Their first child born in Athens Co. OHIO in 1819. I don't know if any of Sarah's relatives also made the move to OHIO, but suspect that several did. WOODYARD This family from Fairfax Co. VA, went through Wood Co. VA/WV on their way to Athens Co. OHIO. May also have connections to Loudon Co. VA. NOLAN I received this info from another researcher : >>The Nolan family also comes from Loudoun Co. Va. they operated a Ferry across the Potomac river for many years and ovned a great number of slaves and at one time a request was made for the va militia to come to control them as they were operating as highwaymen along the great road this was said to have been done with Mr Nolan's knowlege. One of the Nolan children and maybe more probally went west with the Shry brothers.

Susan Fortenberry
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Michael Heckman and Catharina Schumacher Heckman to Preble County, Ohio - October 1829. Henrich Heckman and Anna Maria Sackman Heckman to Preble County, Ohio - 1832

Don Hickman


Stacy Lacey b. 1793 in Loudoun and married Mahalla Sanford in Loudoun 1817, appears in Licking Co., OH in 1834. He Mahalla came with their ten children, and her parents, Robert & Sarah Clark Sanford and purchased land in Franklin Twp., Licking Co, OH. Stacey, according to family legend was a circuit rider, never found proof on this. Stacey, Mahalla, and Robert & Sarah Sanford are buried in St John's  Lutheran Cem, Franklin Twp.

Barbara Johnson


At least one line of my Hackley family left northern Loudoun Co. (near Harper's Ferry) for Ohio. Eliza Jane Hackley (1854-ca.1893) and husband Joseph Milton Hackley (1854-1935), who were first cousins, were living in Franklin County, Ohio in February of 1892 according to a witnessed acknowledgment in Loudoun County Deed Book 7F, folio 369. They had children, Benj. Franklin, Laura R., John F., Addison, Ola, and Eugene. After Eliza's death around 1893, Joseph remarried to Florence Speeks, and had four more children by this second marriage.

Vince Hackley


If you are compiling a list of folks migrating from Loudon Co, VA to Ohio, I have a Samuel GANTT/GAUNT md Mary ANDERS in the Loudon area that migrated to Knox County, Ohio. His father was John Gaunt and his mother is unknown at this time. Mary's mother was Mary Reed but I don't lnow anything about her father. Samuel was said to have been born 21 Jul 1778 in Pumpkinville, Stafford Co, VA and married 8 Feb 1807 in Loundon Co, VA. He ans his family wind up in Knox Co, OH by 1835. I have his descendants if your interested. Have a good day

Connie Callaway


My ancestor, Jeremiah OXLEY was born in Loudoun County, VA (mother: Rachel
Oxley, grandfather: Henry Oxley). He was married in Frederick, VA and then
his eldest son Ohio OXLEY was (legend says) born on the Ohio River. Ohio
Oxley died in Coshocton County, Ohio. Others of the Oxleys settled in other
Ohio counties (Belmont, Clinton, Guernsey). Henry Oxley's children and
grandchildren married those with surnames: HOWELL, WHITE, WOOLLARD, SAUNDERS,

Eleanor McKee Fujita


My gggrandfather Craven Turner was born in Loudoun Co Va in 1819. About age >16 he moved with his family to Ohio, married Mary Crow in Hocking Co. in >1838, settled in Vinton Co where they lived until 1870 when they moved to >Kansas.

Mary Ishmael


The Coe Family of Loudoun County , Owen (Orin) Allen Coe d:1869 m:6 Sep 1821 Ruth Nichols b:1805 d:1844 Dau of Nathan Nichols Moved to Ohio and Had seven children. Of the seven I know of only the following, Nathan Nichols Coe b:1823 d:1890 Born in Loudoun County moved to Ohio.Sarah Elizabeth b:1825 d:1897 born in Loudoun county moved to Ohio and married Joseph Patten Also a Abraham Coe b: 1806 Loudoun County d:1893 went to Ohio and Married 1829 Mary T Nichols b:1813 d:1849 dau of Nathan Nichols. Owen and Abraham could have been brothers??

Gene Wagner


My ancestors, Mary(Polly) BERRY (b. 10 Mar 1792, in Loudoun Co., d. 20 Dec 1874 in Belmont Co., OH) m. 1809 in Loudoun Co. James M. SMITH (b. 27 Aug 1790, probably in Fairfax Co., d 24 Jan 1873 in Belmont Co., OH) migrated to Scotch Ridge , Bellaire, Pease TWP., Belmont Co., OH circa 1818. Mary was the daughter of William BERRY and Agnes KITCHEN. Agnes died in 1809 and William married Cynthia TRIPLETT in Loudoun Co., William and Cynthia along with children of Agnes and their own with the exception of Mary migrated to Braxton Co., VA(now WV). I am interested in William BERRY'S, Agnes KITCHEN'S ancestery.

Pam McMurray
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My John JARNAGIN b. 1748 Henry Co., VA - d. 1816 Highland Co., OH and his
wife Mary SMITH (b. abt 1758 Loudoun Co.,VA-d. abt 1816 Highland Co., OH was
the dau. of Thos. & Elizabeth Witt SMITH of Loudoun Co., VA) moved from
Loudoun Co., VA with 9 children including my Isaac JARNAGIN (b.1776 Loudoun
Co., VA-d.1834 Highland Co., OH, md Sarah Jane GROVE. Sarah Jane GROVE
(b.1778 Loudoun Co., VA-d.aft 1836 Highland Co., OH) was the dau. of John
GROVE (father Wm d.1787 in Loudoun Co., VA & his mother was Elizabeth
OMOHUNDRO) and Elizabeth Lambert STAPLETON (b.1752 VA-d.1834 Highland Co.,
OH)were of Loudoun Co., VA.

Sarah Jane GROVE and Isaac JARNAGIN 7 children and were the parents of my
Tamor JARNAGIN who md my John Henry FISHER in 1834 in Highland Co., OH.



EVANS, Adam m Sarah (Sally) KIST,KISTE 5 Oct 1826 Lovettsville Loudoun Co Va. They had two children born to them there, Josiah and Samuel. In 1833 they migrated to Goshen Twp Champaign County Ohio where they are three more children, Isaac, Elijah and Peter.

Barbara Keist McClenny


William CRAIG, son of James and Jane WETHEROW Craig, and his wife, Deborah HOLMES Craig, moved to Hanover Township, Columbiana County, OH, in August, 1806. They are known to have had at least eleven children when the move was made. None of the children were married at the time of the move. In June of 1814, William's brother, Samuel, entered into an agreement with his nephew, James (son of William), and other family members to join them in a business at Hanover, Columbiana Co., OH. In this contract, Samuel agrees to to deliver a wagon and team to Ohio early in the fall of 1814. This contract resulted in an involved Chancery Suit between Samuel and the other partners. Samuel and Mary HUGHES CRAIG left Ohio and moved to Kentucky with their family within a few years.

Would like to exchange information about these families.

Bob Craig


JAMES HAWLEY TURNER (b. 1794) was the son of FIELDING TURNER and WINIFRED HAWLEY of Loudoun Co.. James migrated to Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH in the early 1800s. His children born in Cambridge were: FIELDING (1820), ELSA(1823), SARAH (1827), MARTHA (1835), and WILLIAM (unknown date).



George WINDHAM m. Mary CARD/CORD 11 Dec 1783, St. Mary's County Maryland. Thomas Card WINDHAM b. 28 Dec. 1784, St. Mary's County, Md. William WINDHAM b. 28 Jan 1787 Louden County, Va. Harriet WINDHAM b. 18 Jan. 1789 Louden County, Mary WINDHAM b. 23 April 1791 Louden County George WINDHAM b. 23 April 1791 Louden COunty Ann WINDHAM b. 22 Jan 1794 Louden COunty Elizabeth WINDHAM b. 13 Jun 1795 Louden County Meriah WINDHAM b. 25 May 1797 Louden County Hezekiah WINDHAM b. 25 May 1797 Louden County Sarah WINDHAM b. 18 Mar 1800 Lounden County Benson WINDHAM b. 23 Nov 1804 Louden County

By 1820 this family was in Belmont COunty, Ohio and is listed in the census. I would like to know about their time in Louden COunty. Several of the children died in infancy and should be buried there. ANy leads would be helpful. I have not been able to get copies of the 1790 or 1800 Census for Virginia, the family should be listed in both... Also, I have been told that Card is an old Virginia family. Were there Cards in Louden County at this time? I have no clues as to Mary Card's ancestors.

Pam Klemm


According to information left by my g-g-grandfather, Julius Miller RICHARDSON, his paternal grandfather, George Richardson, was born in Loudoun County, Virginia. George married Mary MOREHEAD, who was from Ireland. In 1812, George and Mary moved with their family, including their son George, and possibly the Walter family, to Tuscarawas County, Ohio. George, Jr. later married Barbara WALTER in Tuscarawas County. Apparently George (I have no idea which George) was a soldier in the struggle for American Independence and was given a land grant in Ohio, signed by President Madison. This information was published in "History of Ohio", Charles B. Galbreath, American Historical Society Inc., 1925, in a vanity bio possibly written by Julius himself. Most of the information I have on the family is from after their move to Ohio, but there are a lot of gaps. I would be happy to trade/share info with anyone who knows anything about these families. Thank you,

Barbara Richardson


Mr. and Mrs. Henry SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Peter STONEBURNER, and the sons of Mr. and Mrs. William ROBINSON made the migration from Loudon to Muskingum and Morgan county in Ohio in 1820.



My husband's great-great grandfather, Cornelius Kennedy, born in 1790,
in Loundoun County settled in Ohio Townshio, Gallia County, Ohio. He
married Jane Waugh, daughter of George Waugh in Gallia County in 1811.
There is also, Rachel Kennedy, born in Loudoun County in 1792, who
settled there. She married, George W. Waugh, son fo George Waugh in
December of 1811. It seems obvious they were brother & sister. Would
like to know the names of their parents. Can anyone give us any

Norma Lockwood


Looking for info on a Shiplett,started as a Shipley born in Loudon co.1813. Two siblings Jackie a brother and Keziah a sister. Supposedly was in Ohio before 1830.Told family members he left because of family problems. Would love to find Shipley or Shiplett parents . thank you

Cyndi Simpkins.


My ancestor Jeremiah C. Furr and wife Abigail (Carr) moved from Loudoun Co., VA. to Harrison Co., OH. sometime between 1835 and 1844. Does anyone have information on these individuals?

Linnea Caproni:


In 1840 my great-great-grandfather, John Wine, brought his second wife, Elizabeth Vinsel, over the mountains in a covered wagon from Loudoun county to Salem township, Muskingum county, Ohio. His children were: Adam, Washington, Elizabeth, Caroline, George, Armstead, Amanda, Catherine, Michael, Samuel, Jackson, and John Van Buren, the first six by his first wife. All either preceded, accompanied or followed their parents to Ohio, except Adam. My great-grandfather, John Van Buren Wine, was 2 when the move was made. John Wine's 11 children in Ohio produced at least 47 grandchildren.

Gene Wine,
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George Presgraves was b. 6-nov-1812 in Loudoun Co., VA, moved to OHIO in 1813, and d. 30-Jan 1883 in Ohio. He is buried beside his wife Rebecca (Haworth) Presgrave b. 1-Nov-1818 in Philadelphia, PA d. 21-nov-1893 in Ohio. They are buried in the Washington Baptist Ceme. in Gilbert, Muskingum Co., OHIO..
Susan Ingram


Bogan/ Bogen/ Boger family: moved all around, Middletown Frederick MD, Cumberland PA, Lovettsville Loudon Co VA, Stark Co OH, Marion Co OH, (Not necessarily in that order) and finally Crawford Co OH. These ppl were all over the map! Some siblings to my Samuel Bogan (1816- 1889): Caroline and Susan were b. Loudon Co VA and christened in New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lovettsville Loudon. Other siblings, Amalia and Dorothea c. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick Co MD. Father Johann Henreich Bogan(1785-1858) christened Middletown MD. Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated!

Christopher BARNHOUSE/Bornhaus came to America from Datterode, Germany where he was born in 1757. He married Rosina Roller on Aug. 11, 1783 in Lovettsville, Loudoun Cty, VA. It is believed she was the daughter of Johan Andrus David ROLLER/Roler and Rosina ? but I have no confirmation of that. She was born June 3, 1759 in PA and died July 20, 1825 in Jefferson Cty, OH. Christopher died May 1833 in Springs Twp, Jefferson Cty OH. Their son, George III, b 1785 in Lovesttsville, Loudoun Cty, VA married Susannah FOX b 1776 in Loudoun Cty, VA on March 21, 1805 in Lovettsville. They both died in Jefferson County, OH - he in 1842 and she in 1833. They had 10 children. Therefore both the Barnhouses and the Foxes. as well as Rollers, may have made the Loudon Cty to OH migration.
Audrey Franklin


DURFLINGER/NEER TO Ross Co./ Madison Co. OHIO Daniel and Elizabeth (NEER) Durflinger moved from Loudoun Co. VA to Ross Co. OH in abt. 1803. They appear together in several Concord Township land transactions, until about 1828 when the family moved to Madison Co. OH, near West Jefferson. Known children are: Mary, m. Wesley Lilly; Philip m. Mary Lilly; Daniel, jr., m. 1) Sarah Riley 2) Rachel Fryberger 3) Martha Fryberger.* I also believe they had a daughter Eva, whose son Calvin is my gg-grandfather. Daniel sr. and jr. moved abt. 1838 to Hamilton Co. IN, near Noblesville. Daniel Sr. died there in 1844. In the 1860 census, an Elizabeth Durflinger, retired, age 88 b. VA is living in Madison Co. OH. In her household is Eva Durflinger, age 44, b. OH and Calvin, age 10, b. OH. I believe this is Elizabeth (Neer), widow of Daniel Durflinger. Daniel Durflinger b. 1773 (Loudoun Co VA) is the son of Henrich and Eva Margaret (HAMMAN) Durflinger. Two other sons of Henrich (Frederick, Thomas) went to Ohio, via Ross and Madison Co.--Thomas at same time as Daniel. Frederick a little later. *Mr. Erik Conard, now of Denver, has info from another descendent, Warren Everhart (1882-1962) that names the children of David (Daniel) and Elizabeth (NEER) DURFLINGER as: Catherine, Daniel, Eva and Barbara. According to Mr. Conard, Elizabeth Neer, b. 1782, is the daughter of Philip Neer, b. 1746 and Mary Elizabeth (POTTS).
Audrey Annable Franklin


Philip BROOKS, born 1800 in Loudun Cty, and his brother, James, born 1802 in Leesburg, Loudoun Cty removed to Morgan Cty OH. Philip married Margaret RUSSELL of VA while in OH and James married Isabel Gamble in OH. Their mother, Ann (maiden name unknown) married to John SPENCE in Loudoun Cty in 1806; therefore their father died between 1802 and 1806. I would dearly love to know who he is. Ann had at least two children by Mr. Spence: Vincent b 1811 and Hensen b. 1812. Both were born in Loudoun Cty and they, too, went to Morgan Cty OH where they ran a hat shop and were hatters. I believe John SPENCE died in Loudoun Cty about 1813.
Audrey Annable Franklin


John Benedum, son of Peter Benedum and with Nancy Anne Kurtz, born 1793 in PA, migrated with his family to Frederick Co., MD in 1805 and then to Loudoun Co. VA in 1814.  Married Mary Carr and they migrated to Leesville (now Carroll; Co.) OH.  Died 1876 in Leesville.
Susan Cunningham



Shafer, Rasor and Long. - Members of these related families emigrated from Loudoun County, Virginia to Guernsey County, Ohio.  Conrad Shafer (junior) and his family arrived in Guernsey County, Ohio in 1813.  He had served in the War of 1812 for a short time; I don't know in what state he enrolled.
Anne Sennish


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