Cemeteries - King William County, VA

King William County, Virginia


If you have information you would like to share, pertaining to the cemeteries of King William County, please send your information to  

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  Desired are addresses and locations of cemeteries, both public and private family cemeteries. Also for cemetery records, date the cemetery was established, and interesting features of the cemetery.


Name of Cemetery Location
Acquinton Church Cemetery Rt. 629
Aspen Grove Cemetery  
Auburn Cemetery Rt. 629
Bethany Cemetery  
Beulah Church Cemetery  
Broadneck Cemetery Rt. 618
Burlington Cemetery Rt. 600
Chelsea Cemetery  
Cherry Grove Cemetery  
Cool Spring Cemetery  
Dabney Family Cemetery Off Rt. 628, C. A. Baldwin property
Edgehill Cemetery  
Elsing Green Cemetery  
Epworth Methodist Church Cemetery  
Fairfield Cemetery Aylett Family  
Ferry Farm Cemetery  
Flotbeck Cemetery  
Forkland Cemetery  
Forkland Cemetery  
Fork Quarter Cemetery  
Frenchtown Cemetery  
Goldman Family Cemetery  
Gouldman Family Cemetery  
Green Level Cemetery  
The Grove Cemetery  
Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery  
Horn Quarter Cemetery  
Horselanding Court Family Cemetery This is a historic African American cemetery that borders the Mattaponi River. One of the oldest graves there dates back to Pre Civil war times. It is the grave of Alexander Hill who was born into slavery but died a freed man.
Jerusalem Christian Church Cemetery  
Lanesville Cemetery  
Langbourne Cemetery  
Liberty Hall Cemetery  
Lilly Point Cemetery  
Longwood Farm Cemetery  
Luther Cemetery  
Marlboro Cemetery  
Marl Hill Cemetery  
The Meadow Cemetery  
MeKendree Methodist Church Cemetery Rt. 605
The Messer Tract Cemetery  
Moncuin Cemetery  
Montrose Cemetery  
Moran Family Cemetery J.E. Jones property
Morrison Family Cemetery  
Mount Airy Cemetery  
Mount Columbia Cemetery  
Mount Pleasant Farm Cemetery  
Mount Zoar Cemetery  
North Hornquarter Cemetery  
Oak Hill Cemetery  
Oak Spring Farm Cemetery  
Old Town Farm Cemetery  
Piping Tree Cemetery  
Pleasant Green Cemetery  
Retreat Cemetery  
River Hill Farm Cemetery  
Romancoke Cemetery  
Roseville Farm Cemetery  
Roseville Farm Cemetery  
Rumford Academy Cemetery  
Rutledge Farm Cemetery  
Seven Springs Cemetery  
Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery  
Shooting Box Cemetery  
Sloe Grove Cemetery  
Smith's Ferry Farm Cemetery  
Smyrna Cemetery  
Spiller Family Cemetery  
Springfield Cemetery  
St. James Presbyterian Church Cemetery  
St. John's Church Cemetery  
St. Theresa's Cemetery  
Sunny Slope Cemetery  
Sweet Hall Cemetery  
Sweet Hall Cemetery  
Tuckoman Farm Cemetery  
Union Farm Cemetery  
Walker Property  
Walnut Grove Farm Cemetery  
White Bank Cemetery  
Winchester Memorial Cemetery  
Windsor Shades Cemetery  


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