Other Genealogical Sources

Listed below are links to genealogical resources on other webpages grouped by research category or topic. Click on the link to jump to that section.

African-American Research

African-American genealogical research presents unique challenges to the researcher. Few resources are currently available, but fortunately with growing interest in the subject, new resources are being developed. (My thanks to Bobbe Duvall who located some of the links listed below.)

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Beginners Resources

Genealogy as a hobby ranks second only to stamp-collecting in popularity and more and more individuals are beginning to trace their family history every day. The links below provide tips and guidance on how to get started with genealogical research and basic research techniques. Although these are listed as "Beginners" resources, they may also prove helpful to those wishing to "brush up" on their research skills. (My thanks to Bobbe Duvall for her collaboration in developing this section.)

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Civil War Research

One hundred thirty-plus years after its end, the Civil War continues to fascinate both genealogists and historians. Listed below are links to sites devoted to the subject.

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Native-American Research

Native-American genealogical research requires specialized research skills and a knowledge of history and the unique records generated by the government in their dealings with the various Indian tribes. A wide range of information is available as evidenced by the listings on the links below, and growing interest in the subject should result in more information being made available. (My thanks to Frank Roberts who located most of the links listed below.)

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The serious genealogist is interested in improving research skills, examining original documents to reach their own conclusions, and documenting their research. The links below offer tips, suggestions and guidance for such improvement. (My thanks to Carmen Finley who developed the idea for this section and located the wonderful links listed on her site.)

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Searchable Databases

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Other Helpful Sites

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